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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Finn Jim Rockford IL
1940 BM Thompson Donnie San Diego TX
1940 EM Weisemann Donald Quincy IL
1940 EN Garza Raul San Antonio TX
1940 GM Murphy Jeffrey Sweethome OR
1940 SH Pittman Willie Sacramento CA
1940 SH Wright Louis Bakersfield CA
1940 SK Centeno Ramon San Antonio TX
1946 FC Carter Ron Halltown MO
1946 SC Carter Don Bois D\'arc MO
1948 CS Graham Whitney Tacoma WA
1948 MM Harris Milburn Riverside Calif CA
1948 MM Harris Milburn Riverside Calif CA
1949 CWO Shriver John Columbus OH
1949 HM Rausch Henry Bremerton WA
1949 SN Bland Loyal Holly CO
1951 BM Lewis E. Donald St. Albans WV
1951 LT Collins William Seattle WA
1951 RM Hillman Russell Baldwin Park CA
1951 RM Jameson Dave Long Beach CA
1951 RM Johnson Orville (johnny) Olivet SD
1952 RM Durnil Allen Indianapolis IN
1952 SCPO Fagiola Bill Silverdale WA
1952 SM Seyler James Ridgeville IN
1953 BT Hyak Thomas Victoria TX
1953 EN Clark Eldridge Candler NC
1953 FT Bushey Robert Springfield MA
1953 RM Leytham Paul Theodore AL
1953 SN Gregory Carroll (gene) Binger OK
1954 BT Densmore Birmingham AL
1954 BT Roberts Bobby Burbank CA
1954 IC Edney Edward San Francisco CA
1954 ME Shurtz Ronald E. Napa CA
1954 ME Shurtz Ronald E. Napa CA
1954 MM Hutchens Robert Winston Salem NC
1954 QM Pruitt Tom Sand Springs OK
1955 MM Conover J. W. Riverside NJ
1955 MM Gross Jr Richard E. Grand Junction CO
1955 MM Grubbs Sidney Hamilton OH
1955 MM Paulus David Mt. Clemens MI
1956 MM Posey Bill Phoenix AZ
1956 SK Neighbors Patrick Detroit MI
1956 SM Skelley Daniel Pittsburgh PA
1957 CS Evans Ellis Caldwell ID
1957 CS Evans Ellis Caldwell ID
1957 EM Segars Fletcher Buchanan GA
1957 MM Tommy Sanford
1957 MM Weigt Earl Detroit MI
1957 MM Weigt Earl Detroit MI
1957 PN Dinda Gerald New Britain CT
1957 PN Dinda Gerald (jerry) CT
1957 RD Johnson Charles Chicago IL
1957 RM Delaney Charles (chuck) Salina KS
1957 YN Kirby Richard
1958 BM Evans Larry OH
1958 BM Evans Larry OH
1958 BM Irving Bill Hammett ID
1958 BT Moshier James Rolla MO
1958 BT Reid J. Paterson NJ
1958 CPO Remington Richard Warwick RI
1958 CS Drake Donald Kansas City MO
1958 EM Chidester David Murray UT
1958 GM Mitchell Burley Raleigh NC
1958 RD Boston Roger Redondo Beach CA
1958 RD Wright Jimmy Perry FL
1958 SH Garza Luis Benavides TX
1958 SN Newton Jerry La Mirada CA
1958 YN Zaring Ron Nevada MO
1959 BM Storms Walt Parma ID
1959 BT Mckay Verlon Alexander AR
1959 FN Shields George Los Angeles CA
1959 FN Shields George Los Angeles CA
1959 MM Coakley Bill Medford MA
1960 BM Jones Dale Cedar Rapids IA
1960 ET Bowhousen Doug Fond Du Lac WI
1960 LTJG Clissold Edward Wilmette IL
1960 MM Covino Frank Newton MA
1960 MR Breames Gorman E. San Diego CA
1960 MR Breames Gorman E. San Diego CA
1960 RM Watson Marvin Plainview NE
1960 SM Bussey Henry Sleeper Calumet City IL
1961 GM Hall A. D. Lordsburg NM
1961 HT Hulen """Don """"Baby""""H La Porte TX
1961 LTJG Bommer David R San Antonio TX
1961 LTJG Finnes Roger Forest Lake MN
1961 RD Crane Don Bellvile IL
1961 RM Hall Chuck Geneva OH
1962 RD Myers Warren J Casa Grande AZ
1962 RM Hall Charles \\ Geneva OH
1962 SN Stout William Spokane WA
1963 BT Goble Marion Fort Myers FL
1963 EN Saunders Jack Murfreesboro TN
1963 MM Lucas Thomas Greenwood MS
1963 SK Grant Cary Mason City IA
1964 BM Harper John Wimberley TX
1964 BM Pederson Wayne {pete} Clearbrook MN
1964 DC Bauer Daniel Dragerton UT
1964 DC Walas Wally Chicago IL
1964 EN Brack Curtis Bryan TX
1964 EN Dougherty David Youngstown OH
1964 MR Manatt Jim San Luis Obispo CA
1964 RD Van Atta Keith San Diego CA
1964 SH Baggett Mckinley Chicago IL
1964 SM Mahoney David Bridgewater MA
1964 SM Randolph Steve Stanley NC
1965 Elam Joe AL
1965 BM Harper John TX
1965 BM Jaenson Ronald West Covina CA
1965 BM Laveault Robert Portland ME
1965 EM Burns John Marshaltown IA
1965 EM Graves Stan Myrtle Creek OR
1965 EM Klaus Allan Friendship WI
1965 EM Taylor Frank Alton IL
1965 MM Dewalt Gary Norwalk OH
1965 MM Dewalt Gary Norwalk OH
1965 MM Mezzanotti Paul Fitchburg MA
1965 MM Proft Edward Milwaukee WI
1965 MM Scharnhorst John/chip Spring Valley CA
1965 QM Bushy Jerome East MN
1965 RM Wilfong Ronald Midwest City OK
1965 SM Beale John Philadelphia PA
1965 ST Caldwell Vernon Sacramento CA
1966 BT Gunther William Fairmont MN
1966 BT Sanford Lee Pope MS
1966 EN Morgan Jeff Niagara Falls NY
1966 EN Poggemiller Donald Burlington IA
1966 MM Brown Beryle Cedar Rapids IA
1966 MM Otoole Edward Minneapolis MN
1966 MM Van Guilder David Holyoke MN
1966 RM Pennington Lavell Sacramento CA
1966 SM Daigle Richard MA
1967 BM Turnbull Billy Ortonville MI
1967 BM Turnbull Billy Oxford MI
1967 BT Proft Gerald Milwaukee WI
1967 DK Costello Charles Port Elizabeth NJ
1967 SF Sample Jerry Winslow AR
1967 SN Billock John Clevland OH
1967 YN Ward Everett Wilmington NC
1968 BM Haines Reed Carnegie PA
1968 FN Stephens Vernon Chicago IL
1968 FN Watkins Michael Newark NJ
1968 FN Weeks James Philladelphia PA
1968 IC Joyce Jon Fort Worth TX
1968 MM Alfaro Manuel Orange CA
1968 MM Dwayne Breaux Lafayette LA
1968 MM Widrig Lewis Traverse City MI
1969 SN Gadbury Forrest Hazard KY





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