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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 SN Guy Art --
1940 SN Robb Charles Henrico VA
1940 SN Scully NY
1942 SM Talley William Raymond Tecumseh OK
1942 YN Samek Richard New Brighton PA
1943 CS Esparza Rodger Little Rock AR
1943 CS Esparza Rodger Little Rock AR
1943 MM Kendall James C. Cheyenne OK
1943 RM Bennett Karl San Antonio TX
1943 SF Goddard Edward Chicago IL
1943 SGT Collins Claire Colbert OK
1944 MM Osborn John Bartlesville OK
1944 PFC O Neil Jack Eugene Washington CA
1944 RM Thompson Robert Lexington, Al. AL
1944 SN Fornes Julius Grantsboro NC
1949 FN Keltner Clint Lawrenceville GA
1949 FN Parks Richard Wayland NY
1950 EM Gohranson Donald San Francisco CA
1950 SK Berry William Graniteville SC
1951 James Orris Norfolk VA
1951 SM Arthur Delanda Cleavland OH
1951 SM Richardson Clifford Detroit MI
1952 EM Barnes Jimmie Homosassa FL
1952 EM Barnes Jimmie Hammond IN
1952 RM Cannon James High Point NC
1952 SM Hogan Clarence Rockford IL
1953 ET Bolen Ed Lynchburg VA
1953 FTM Miller Ladean Flint MI
1953 QM Staples Bill Muskegon MI
1953 SN Castano Alfredo Detroit MI
1954 MM Brown Joe Magnolia NJ
1954 MM Brown Joseph Magnolia NJ
1955 BT Gorby Larry Proctorville OH
1955 SM Thomas John Rochester NY
1956 CWO Kruczek Bernard C. (us Army) Cleveland OH
1956 DC Lee Harold Decorah IA
1956 EM Baker Frank New Castle PA
1956 MM Vaught John S. Cincinnati OH
1957 Walters William Robert Walte Pittsburg Pa. PA
1957 AN Garvin Kenneth Garland TX
1957 DK Cook Donald Philadelphia PA
1957 FT Russell William Jonesville VA
1960 MM Hughes James Newark OH
1960 MM Redden Gordon Cincinnati OH
1961 ET House Leland TX
1961 ET Seely David Jamestown NY
1961 LCDR Mirkin Howard West Hartford CT
1961 MM Dort Frank Columbia SC
1961 MM Hermann Lindall Laramie WY
1961 MM Higgins Howard Springfield MO
1961 MM Hughes James S. Newark OH
1961 MM Mckeon Michael Hillside NJ
1961 MM Redden Gordon Cincinnati OH
1961 QM Webb Glenn South Point OH
1961 SN Orsburn David Evansville IN
1961 YN Gillispie Jim Kansas City KS
1962 CPO Bachmann Ron Rahway NJ
1962 ENS Lloyd James Indianapolis IN
1962 ENS Lloyd James Indianapolis IN
1962 MM Fore Thomas TX
1962 MM Hughes James S. Newark OH
1962 MM Lujan Arthur San Antonio TX
1962 MM Luty Stephen Wappingers Falls NY
1962 MM Redden Gordon Cincinnati OH
1962 RD Price Donald Lebanon TN
1962 SF Meyer Charles Sparta WI
1963 BM Langster Bm-1 --
1963 BM Richardson Ronnie Dinwiddie VA
1963 BT Lessner Louis Union City NJ
1963 EM Reeves Randy Auburn NH
1963 ET Vaughn George St. Louis MO
1963 MM Thole Roger Milwaukee WI
1963 SF Mckeon Michael Lehigh Acres FL
1963 SM Bachan Robert East Chicago IN
1963 SM Goode Jonathan New London CT
1963 SM Streetman William Youngstown FL
1963 SN Apollo Frank Long Island NY
1963 SN Melvin Raymond Mechanicsville MD
1964 EM Landry Roger MA
1964 MM Reier James Recordville, MD
1964 RM Lucero Sam San Luis CO
1964 SN Mcinvale Charles Warner Robins GA
1965 Law William Baltimore MD
1965 EM Lynch Rick Eastchester NY
1965 EN Davis Ron Mesa AZ
1965 ET Tanner Frank Blackshear GA
1965 FT Leuthner John Yonkers NY
1965 HM Mosby St. Elmo Richmond VA
1965 LT Rowe Harvey F. Nahant MA
1965 LTJG Klesa Mike Stow OH
1965 MM Backhaus Charles Elmhurst IL
1965 MM Burton Prinest Ypsinanti MI
1965 MM Gurton Will Tullahoma TN
1965 MR Lee Gene Jonesville NY
1965 PN Stacy Paul Boston MA
1966 BM Calamita Bill Joppatowne MD
1966 DC Knapp Glenn St. Cloud FL
1966 EM Hall David East Hickory PA
1966 FT Sperbeck David St Paul MN
1966 LT Warmington Allen South Euclid OH
1966 SN Case William Lake Worth FL
1966 SN Hanna Bill (William?) ??? Mountain Area TX
1966 SN Phillips Charles Nitro WV
1966 YN Mcmaster Michael Beatrice NE
1967 EM Bollinger Michael Hampshire IL
1967 GM Zonderwyk Bob Philadelphia PA
1967 MM Hackney Thomas Louisville KY
1967 MR Aparicio Omar Mercedes TX
1967 PN Jette Steve Sanbornville NH
1967 RD Stelling John Chicago IL
1967 RM Carroll John Marysville WA
1967 SH Jones Roger Forest City AR
1967 SH Prewitt Glenn Vicksburg MS
1967 SN Angelica Robert Paterson NJ
1967 YN Boulton David Stratford CT
1968 BM Dutra Robert Revere MA
1968 BM Hutchinson Daniel Tennessee --
1968 BM Hutchinson Daniel Tennessee --
1968 BM Northouse Bob Grand Rapids MI
1968 BT Sciarrone Anthony Bellwood IL
1968 DC Sansing Paul Birmingham AL
1968 EM Kern Charles Baltimore OH
1968 EN Barnes Paul Fresno CA
1968 LTJG Bagwell Bill Orlando FL
1968 PN Wistow Bob --
1968 RM Briere Roland Belchertown MA
1968 RM Fertik Edward Bayside NY
1968 SK Robinson Simon Tulsa OK
1968 SN Baker Eddie Enid OK
1968 SN Rogers David Amarillo TX
1968 SN Schaivone Nicholas New Haven CT
1968 YN Obryan Donald Beaufort SC
1969 FN Uchrin Philip Holiday FL
1969 SN Morrison Bruce Melrose MA





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