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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1945 EM Willson (deceased) Lawerence Little York IL
1945 RD Bagwell Gene Carterville IL
1948 EN Jones Donald ( Speedy Griffin GA
1948 EN Jones Donald ( Speedy Griffin GA
1948 EN O Riley Robert Nashville TN
1950 BM Houston Joe Oak Ridge TN
1950 LTJG Mason Eugene Marblehead MA
1950 ME Feuer Robert North Holltwood CA
1954 DC Byland Richard Mt Vernon WA
1954 LTJG Lajoie John Springfield MA
1955 EN Berger Ernie Yakima WA
1955 EN Lee Donald Oklahoma City OK
1955 YN Quijano Oscar Manila Philippines CA
1956 BM Osterberg Don
1957 EM Costa Manuel San Diego CA
1957 EM Costs Manuel San Diego CA
1959 EN Steele Jack Louisville KY
1959 YN Ashlock Jess Humansville MO
1960 FN Hazard Dennis (denny) Clarksville IN
1960 IC Thompson (deceased) Ronald Neal San Antonio TX
1960 MR Dollarhide Frank Lewiston ID
1961 RM Graves Gerald Victoria TX
1962 EN Oncale Eugene Napoleonville LA
1962 ET Legrand Clarence Dubuque IA
1962 IC Roach William (dave) Pontotoc OK
1962 SM Simpson Bill Hitchcock TX
1963 SM Geldert Dale Inglewood CA
1963 SN Griffin David East Jordan MI
1964 Diver Nielsen Dee Gunnison UT
1965 EM Hoadley Stephen Cheyenne WY
1965 FN Third Danny Odenville AL
1965 LTJG Blackledge Thomas Ray Laurel MS
1965 QM Goscinski Paul Brooklyn NY
1965 RM Rosander Cisco Copalis Crossing WA
1966 BM Erdmann Bryan Ellingson SD
1966 BM Guillen Nick Santa Fe NM
1966 BM Guillen Nick Santa Fe NM
1966 EM Taylor James Coquille OR
1966 YN Brosnihan Bernie Omaha NE
1967 CS Beckman David Council Bluffs IA
1967 ET Starck Thomas Evanston IL
1967 SF Chavez George Visalia CA
1968 EM Leary Don Millbrae CA
1968 EN Dutton Alan Niles MI
1968 EN Nakamoto Wally Kona HI
1968 EN Thompson James Denver CO
1968 YN Esping Wayne Randolph KS
1969 BM Alfonso George Pueblo CO
1969 Diver Paddock Bill Juneau AK
1969 Diver Richardson James Glendale CA
1969 Diver Rosier
1969 Diver Syngisen
1969 Diver Thomas \
1969 GM Lucido Tony Detroit MI
1969 OS Clark Michael Philadelphia PA
1969 RM Brockman James Mcdonald PA
1969 SM Wan Delken Edward Fruitland Park FL
1970 Diver Brown Glenn (mickey) Independence OR
1970 Diver Eckert Allen Stockton CA
1970 IC Eckert Allen Stockton CA
1970 IC Eckert Allen Stockton CA
1970 RM Armstrong Daniel Coos Bay OR
1970 RM Obrien Daniel Union Beach NJ
1970 RM Phillips Ronald Orange City FL
1970 SK Gill Robert Lynwood CA
1971 EN Tempesta Larry Glen Cove NY
1972 EN Davis Romondo St. Louis MO
1972 EN Mcdonald Duncan Brich Run MI
1974 BM Lash Leland Oklahoma City OK
1974 QM Watchous Joseph Eureka KS
1974 SCPO Hower Dale Bloomsburg PA
1975 CMDR Blankenship Billy Corpus Christi TX
1975 EN Cosper Robert Arvada CO
1975 EN Cosper Robert Arvada CO
1975 IC Oman Timothy Fridley MN
1976 EM Foulks David Woodlawn KY
1977 CPO Modica Samuel Norristown PA
1977 Diver Newkirk Kenneth Sanford FL
1977 EM Dewey George Kearny AZ
1977 EM Sanders Clay Waverly OH
1977 EN Newkirk Kenneth Sanford FL
1977 EN Newkirk Kenneth Sanford FL
1977 QM Robertson Scott Fraser MI
1977 SN Tacardon Eddie Pahala HI
1978 EM Gonzales Paul Las Vegas NV
1978 EM Hubbel Dennis Bonner Springs KS
1978 GM Cummings Louis Ocalawaha FL
1979 CPO Hoover Bob Lewistown MT
1979 Diver Mcgeorge Kirk Roanoke VA
1979 EM Magallon Jesus Hayward CA
1979 EM Schlotzhauer Gary Olathe KS
1979 EN Mungarro Carlos San Bernardino CA
1979 EN Waranius Jonathan Chicago IL
1979 GM Lendrum Clayton Tacoma WA
1979 HT Easton Alan Lemon Grove CA
1979 HT Webb Tim Paris MI
1979 RM Hocker Roger Columbus OH
1979 SK Whitehead William (ken) Spokane WA
1980 CPO Mckenzie Dolphus \ Monroe LA
1980 ENS Raulerson Steven Scott Miami FL
1980 HT Mestas Thomas Whittier CA
1981 EM Flagg Kenneth Cocoa Beach FL
1981 EN Kesler Darren Oklahoma City OK
1981 RM Andreasen Harlan ( Bud) Ellsworth KS
1982 BM Cottle Ken Aurora OH
1982 EM Cloutier Dale Niagara Falls NY
1982 GM Carlson Keith Shawano WI
1982 RM Powers Tim Abingdon VA
1983 BM Westbay Pete Marion MA
1984 ET Stapleford Rick St Georges DE
1984 OS Hagwood Allen Raleigh NC
1985 Diver Eubanks John Alexandria VA
1985 EN Chambers Kenneth Red Bluff CA
1987 SH Kimble Alphonso Inglewood CA
1990 MR Engel James Rapid City SD
1990 RM John Lemasters Shelbyville IN
1990 RM Stevens Fred Canton OH
1991 HT Dykes James Montezuma GA
1991 QM Kirkpatrick James Valdez AK
1992 CPO Almon James Phoenix AZ





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