DDG-43 Record Update

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1988 MM Fisher Tony --


If you are Tony Fisher,




Hullnumber.com was founded in 1999 and was active until late 2003. During 2003 the code that I had written in 1999 was gradually becoming unstable. At that time, being a one man operation, I could not teach my self a new programming language and update the site. As an ex-Hull Tech, I'm much better with a cutting torch and a sledge, than I am with BITS and BYTES!


In early 2006 I started nipping at learning the new language and got the 8,700+ ship, sub and air squadron rosters posted. Since I've been "plugging and chugging" on the code and researching privacy and security issues


My orginal aim is the same:


  • Provide a FREE means for US Navy shipmates to get back in contact


I believe if an OLD, Old Salt wants to get in touch with a Navy buddy, he shouldn't have to pay.


  • Have continually up to date Security and Privacy Systems


  • Listen to the crew's suggestions thru the "Comments" links


You are listed on the DDG-43 Roster becase you either Registered previously or a Ship Mate of yours "Remembered" you.


I invite you to update your record, by clicking on the link below.


Best wishes to you and yours!


Dave Schultz


ex-HT, USS Newport (LST-1179)