DDG-43 Record Update

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1960 LT Ryan Bernard Harrisburg PA


If you are Bernard Ryan,




Hullnumber.com was founded in 1999 and was active until late 2003. During 2003 the code that I had written in 1999 was gradually becoming unstable. At that time, being a one man operation, I could not teach my self a new programming language and update the site. As an ex-Hull Tech, I'm much better with a cutting torch and a sledge, than I am with BITS and BYTES!


In early 2006 I started nipping at learning the new language and got the 8,700+ ship, sub and air squadron rosters posted. Since I've been "plugging and chugging" on the code and researching privacy and security issues


My orginal aim is the same:


  • Provide a FREE means for US Navy shipmates to get back in contact


I believe if an OLD, Old Salt wants to get in touch with a Navy buddy, he shouldn't have to pay.


  • Have continually up to date Security and Privacy Systems


  • Listen to the crew's suggestions thru the "Comments" links


You are listed on the DDG-43 Roster becase you either Registered previously or a Ship Mate of yours "Remembered" you.


I invite you to update your record, by clicking on the link below.


Best wishes to you and yours!


Dave Schultz


ex-HT, USS Newport (LST-1179)