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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1949 AM Gregg Terry --
1949 AM Gregg Terry Anchorage AK
1949 AT Fairbanks Bruce Lake Charles LA
1949 AT Gore Tony Redding CT
1949 AT Rose Robert Seagoville TX
1949 LT Simpson --
1949 PH Sparks Larry Twin Falls ID
1949 PT Bourbon Bill Terlingua TX
1957 AD Riggles James T. Elmore City OK Email
1957 AD Taylor John Middletown CT Email
1959 AD Bower Michael Garland TX Email
1959 AD Bower Michael Garland TX Email
1959 AM Via Archie Blythe CA Email
1960 AD Jones William Shawnee KS Email
1960 AD Perilloux John Montz LA Email
1960 AT Brantley Charles Commerce TX Email
1960 AT Knickerbocker Thomas Depew NY Email
1960 CPO Porter Hank Hollywood MD
1960 YN Dunlap David Kingman AZ
1960 YN Dunlap David Norco CA Email
1961 AD Riggles James (jay) Elmore City OK Email
1961 AD Walsh Richard Little Egg Harbor NJ
1961 AM Bowman Charles Berino NM Email
1961 AM Cassem Larry Blue Earth MN Email
1961 PH Abbott Tom Los Angeles CA Email
1961 PH Bremner James Brooklyn, Ny NY Email
1961 PH Kough David Windber PA Email
1962 AD Griggs Kenneth Norwalk CA
1962 AE Baldwin Alden Oelwein IA
1962 AE Mitzel Don Mentor MN Email
1962 AE Stoner Darryl National City MI
1962 AM Robinson William J. Barstow CA Email
1962 AM Robinson William Barstow CA Email
1962 PH Dawson Jack Culver City CA Hug
1962 PH Hug Michael New Orleans LA Email
1962 PH Olsen Fred ? Hug
1962 PH Patterson Dave ? MO Hug
1962 PH Prohoska Ron Lawrence KS Hug
1962 PH Ringland David Boston MA
1962 PH Wegner John Los Angeles CA Hug
1962 PR Butler Carroll Quincy MA Email
1963 AE Burson James Hooks TX Email
1963 AE Rocks Jim Chicago IL Email
1963 AM Dugan Bobby Germantown PA Mitzel
1963 AM Mavrich Joe Strabane PA Email
1963 AT Herron David Chillicothe IL
1963 AT Jordan Stephen Chatsworth GA Email
1963 AT Jordan Stephen Chatsworth GA
1963 CPO Nagel Joe Denver CO Email
1963 PH Hauschild Paul Webster Groves MO Email
1963 PH Koval Emil Clark NJ Email
1963 PH Mc Allister Joseph Wellesley MA Email
1963 PR Shreve David Louisville KY Email
1964 AD Anderson Willis Reyer
1964 AD Becker Richard Seneca Falls NY Email
1964 AD Becker Richard Seneca Falls NY Email
1964 AD Brown Myron Reyer
1964 AD Hawkins James Unknown Reyer
1964 AD Miller Edward Brentwood NY Email
1964 AD Reyer Robert Riverhead L. I. NY Email
1964 AD Smith Bobby Reyer
1964 AK Anderson Gary Houma LA
1964 AM Jones Ray Boston MA Email
1964 AN Hicks James Reyer
1964 AT Becker Ronald Adrian MI Email
1964 AZ Herold Donald Unknown Reyer
1965 AD Williams Robert Key Largo FL
1965 AD Williams Robert Miami FL Email
1965 AD Williams Robert Miami FL Email
1965 AM Reid James Ladysmith WI Email
1965 AM Spurgeon Bobby Raton NM
1965 AT Wimberley John Alameda CA Email
1965 AZ Taylor Jim Bellingham WA Email
1965 MCPO Laigle P. David Torrington
1965 PH Hensel Carl Lower Burrell PA Email
1965 PH Presson Tommy Marshall TX Email
1965 PN Miley Jerome Richmond Hill NY Email
1965 PT Herzog Rob Hawesville KY
1965 YN Reynolds Fredric Russell KY Email
1966 AB Munford James Anniston AL Email
1966 AB Parker Johnson
1966 AE Gillian Arthur Beaumont TX Email
1966 AE Mcclung William Lewisburg WV
1966 AM Hanson Dennis Parshall ND Email
1966 AM Hill Leon Henry OK
1966 AM Reif Dennis NE Hanson
1966 AT Herby David Azusa CA Email
1966 AT Lauer James Los Angeles CA Email
1966 AZ Bodden Frank Groves TX Email
1966 AZ Johnson Philip Cohasset MA Email
1966 AZ Kaiser Kenny South Bend IN Email
1966 AZ Kaiser Kenny South Bend IN Email
1966 CMDR Beam David Louisville KY Email
1966 CMDR Paige Gordon Gilbert AZ
1966 CPO Rhinehart Howard Eldred PA Email
1966 LT Haga John Glendale CA Email
1966 LTJG Long Micheal Johnson
1966 PT Chaney Robert Petaluma CA Email
1966 PT Milstead William Minneapolis MO Email
1966 PT Nelson Rick Middletown OH
1967 AD Corey William Sacramento TN
1967 AD Legler Jim San Diego CA Email
1967 AD Velasquez Edward Irvine CA Email
1967 AD Williamson Michael Caryville FL Email
1967 AD Williamson Michael Apalachicola FL Email
1967 AE Higgins John Donna TX Email
1967 AK Steiner Terry Auburn WA Email
1967 AM Ingram George Gifford FL Email
1967 AM Meis Gokey
1967 AM Olsen John Algonquin IL Email
1967 AM Robinson Larry Dearborn Heights MI Email
1967 AM Robinson Larry Dearborn Heights MI Email
1967 AM Russell Howard Mountain Home AR Email
1967 AN Doiser Danny Azuza CA Jensen
1967 AN Jensen Stanley San Bernardino CA Email
1967 AS Rowlett Rudy Paso Robles CA Email
1967 AZ Dunnom Douglas Madison MN Email
1967 AZ Edwards Billy Manchester KY Email
1967 CMDR Hegret Johnson
1967 CPO Landmeier Bob Tucson AZ Email
1967 PH Hangartner Ron Tacoma WA Email
1967 SCPO Grove Don Rochester NY Email
1967 YN Blair Steve Clarkston WA Email
1968 AD Boldt Steven Los Angeles CA Email
1968 AE Barg William Norton KS Email
1968 AE Bourdage Thomas Seattle WA Email
1968 AE Tuttle Dave Hastings MN Email
1968 AK Taylor Harold Texarkana TX Email
1968 AK Telles Frank El Paso TX Email
1968 AM Capps Gary \\ Boise ID Email
1968 AM Flavell Robert Youngstown OH Email
1968 AM Isabella Artie-buzzy Saugerties NY Email
1968 AM Russell Howard Mountain Home AR Email
1968 AM Swope Teddy Taylor MI Email
1968 AM Williams Napoleon Lynchburg SC Email
1968 AO Constantine Cary Seattle WA
1968 AO Constantine Cary Seattle WA
1968 AT Fish Murland Auburn WA Email
1968 AZ Stults Lewis Lancaster CA Email
1968 JO Hahn Cary St. Charles MO Email
1968 PH Collingwood Rich Des Moines WA Email
1968 PH Hensley Carl \ Muskogee OK Email
1968 PH Hensley Carl Muskogee OK Email
1968 PH Hutchison John San Antonio TX Email
1968 PT Nolan Jerry Norfolk VA Email
1969 AB Mcwilliams Earl Redlands CA Email
1969 AD Dye James Memphis TN Email
1969 AD Harper Tom Marion OH Email
1969 AD Mcgaughy William San Diego CA Email
1969 AD Nelson Stanley Detroit MI Email
1969 AE Carnathan David Channelview TX Email
1969 AE Cremeans Glen San Diego CA Email
1969 AE Kennison Thomas Brooklyn NY Email
1969 AT Gore Tony New Canaan CT Email
1969 AT Joy Edward Uniondale NY Email
1969 AZ Mcwilliams Earl Redlands CA Email
1969 CPO Gokey Alfred Green Bay WI Email
1969 LT Van Vleck Peter St. Louis MO Email
1969 PH French Jon West Covina , CA Email
1969 PH Pfeil Doug Armstrong IA Email
1969 PT Fisher Rollie Fort Madison IA Email
1969 PT Lee Gene East Concord NY Email
1970 AD Barlar Don Lynnville TN Email
1970 AD Hafford Tom Cairo IL Email
1970 AE Dixon Phil Connersville IN Email
1970 AM Taylor, Richard Wpb FL Email
1970 CPO Cannon Benjamin Stroppe
1970 CPTN Morgan Jim Ft Worth TX Email
1970 PT Campbell Randle Norwalk CA Email
1970 PT Guerrero Victor Fremont CA
1970 PT Todd R. Scott Sublimity OR Email
1970 SCPO Govia Jerry Little Rock AR Email
1970 YN Cervelli Timothy San Jose CA Email
1971 AD Benedetto Nick Pico River CA Email
1971 AD Tyler Randall Ionia MI Email
1971 AE Lowery Raymond Anaheim CA Email
1971 AE Martin Edwin Chicago IL Email
1971 AM Avenali Mike Kane PA Email
1971 AM Avenali Mike Kane PA Todd
1971 AM Hnylanski Steve Los Angeles CA Email
1971 AM Russel Frank Aka Beans Upper Darby PA Email
1971 AM Stroppe William Long Beach CA Email
1971 AT Irwin Michael Decatur IL Email
1971 AT Marriott Tyler Marriott OR Email
1971 CPO Bremner James La Mesa CA Email
1971 PN Caulfield Mike Helena MT
1971 PT Lohnes John Los Angeles CA Email
1971 SCPO Hagedorn Roger Blue Earth MN Email
1972 AD Kelly Kenneth West Chester PA
1972 AE Zeppa John K. Tyler TX Email
1972 AM Spears Mark Dallas GA
1972 AQ Cox Wayne Columbus GA
1972 AS Mcdonald George (mac) Snowflake AZ Email
1972 AT Spofford Dave Pittsburgh PA Email
1972 AZ Page Larry Dallas TX Email
1973 AM Meek Michael Sand Springs OK Email
1973 AO Klabo David Hopkins MN Email
1973 AO Klabo Dave Waite Park MN Email
1973 AO Ozbun Kenneth Wichita KS Email
1973 AZ Scates Max Lexington TN Email
1973 PT Richards Mark Placenta CA Email
1974 AB Murphy Scott Auburn WA Email
1974 AE Winkler Jeffery Sacramento CA Email
1974 AM Condarco Dianne Nashua IA Email
1974 AM Jones Warren Detroit MI Email
1974 AM Peace Frederick San Diego CA
1974 AM Robinson George Billings MT Email
1974 AO Collins Ron Moore OK Email
1974 AO Collins Ron Moore OK Email
1974 AS Howard Burt Santa Ana CA Email
1974 CPTN Sein Larry El Paso TX Email
1974 LT Haubelt Garnett Midwest City OK Email
1974 LTJG Potter William --
1974 PH Lance Richard Pittsburgh PA
1974 PN Cathey Lavaughn Bastrop LA Email
1975 AD Palermo Carl Sullivan MO Email
1975 AK Sharp Danny Gary IN Email
1975 AM Fraser Ira Ortonville MN
1975 AM Lafara Glenn Indianapolis IN Email
1975 AM Lafara Glenn Indianapolis IN Email
1975 AN Gillispie William(Gill) --
1975 AO Beshears Joseph(Snaggs) Vacaville CA
1975 AQ Navarre Kevin Slidell LA Email
1975 AT Irvine Douglas Manhattan Beach CA Email
1975 PH Couey Bob Los Angeles CA Email
1975 PR Stewart Everett Lee Simi Valley CA Email
1975 PT Young Dick Dallas TX Email
1976 AD Killpatrick Joe Alvin TX Stewart
1976 AE Schubert Dave Pittsburg KS Email
1976 AE Schubert Dave Pittsburg KS Email
1976 AE Thomas Kelly Oakland CA Jones
1976 AM Lawrie Steve Dunkirk NY Email
1976 AM Meek Michael Sand Springs OK Email
1976 AM Stewart Harold House Springs MO Email
1976 AT Mctee Ray Hurst TX Email
1976 AT Powell Rob Sandpoint ID Email
1976 AT Ranger Phil Tacoma WA Email
1976 CMDR Dussman Tom Chicago IL Email
1976 CPO Wolf Ronald Wheeling WV Email
1976 MID3 Rathbun Kenneth Portland OR Email
1977 AB George Brian Oak Park, IL Email
1977 AD Atwell Tommy Annapolis MD Email
1977 AD Hutchins Jeff Anderson IN Email
1977 AD Kilpatrick Joe Alvin TX Email
1977 AM Fish Dale Buffalo NY Email
1977 AM Hartman Bruce Great Falls MT Email
1977 AM Mercadante Patrick Syracuse NY Email
1977 AM Parker Richard Redding CA Hutchins
1977 AM Weese Tim Ashtabula OH Email
1977 AT Ferguson John Albany GA Email
1977 AT Klaus Steven St. Louis MO Email
1977 AT Saucier David Providence RI
1977 CWO Portwood Jimmy Dallas TX
1977 LT Creps Gary Thousand Oaks CA
1977 PH Rohr John Dallas TX
1978 AD Amorella Pat (ammo) Littleton CO Email
1978 AD Davis Mark Indianapolis IN Email
1978 AD Stockard Scotty Columbia TN Email
1978 AE Mcnabb Steve East Moline IL Email
1978 AE Mcnabb Steve ( Big Mac ) East Moline IL Email
1978 AT Eyer David Jersey Shore PA Email
1978 AT Frazier Michelle Albuquerque NM Email
1978 AT Kitchens Guy Reseda CA
1978 AT Wojcik Andrew River Rouge MI Email
1978 IS Daubenschmidt John San Diego CA
1978 PR Flynn Michael Canton OH Eyer
1978 YN Jasso Manny El Paso TX Email
1978 YN Vigil Gilbert Trinidad CO Email
1979 AB Kratochvil Michael Oak Park IL Email
1979 AD Layton Robert Pauls Valley OK Email
1979 AD Pokrandt Jim Hobbs NM Email
1979 AM Dahms George Winnebago MN Email
1979 AM Diaz Dominick Queens NY Email
1979 AM Mick Michael Pomona CA
1979 AM Nabor Charles Layton UT Email
1979 AM South Lorraine Bronx NY Email
1979 AT Boubion Jorge San Diego CA Email
1979 AT Mohr Steven Windom MN Email
1979 AT Moseley Willie Dayton OH Email
1979 AT Williams Larry Fort Worth TX Email
1979 NC Cohan Steven Chicago IL Email
1979 PH Gavin Diane Vero Beach FL Email
1979 PH Mccleskey Milton(mac) Arlington TX Email
1979 YN Falabella (davis) Michele Long Island NY Email
1980 AE Arizabal Anthony Paul American Canyon CA Email
1980 AE Noonan Patrick Corona CA Email
1980 AM Cochran Sammy Adair OK Email
1980 AT Hooks Danny Atlanta GA Email
1982 AD Gergel Louis Chicago Hts. IL
1985 PN Joseph John (jack) Wilmington DE Email