U.S.S. MEMPHIS (SSN-691) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1940 RM Thompson --
1974 MM Binning Kirk Los Alamos NM
1975 MM Cash Jack Allentown NJ Email
1975 MM Fowler (plank Owner) Howard (skip) Starbuck WA Email
1975 MM Lane Randolph Jackson MI Email
1975 MM Sorensen Larry Brooklyn Center MN Email
1975 SK Class John Parkville MD Email
1976 ET Benham Gerald Homer MI Email
1976 IC Carver Eddie Nacadoches TX Email
1976 IC Farris Bob Causey NM Email
1976 IC Kerin George Farris
1976 IC Williams Steve Arlington TX Email
1976 LCDR France Tim New Orleans LA Email
1976 MCPO Flanagan Mike Bridgeport WV Email
1976 MM Kahl Ed Greenfield IL Email
1976 MS Maitland Bill Chester PA Email
1976 RM Santomauro Richard Lyndhurst NJ Email
1976 RM Wedgwood (thomas) Steve Houston TX Email
1976 ST Brazzle Bill WA
1976 ST Craig Tony Santa Barbara CA
1977 ST Kehoe Tim Albuquerque NM Email
1978 EM Green Thomas Gastonia NC Email
1978 ET Chiarizia Lou Windsor Locks CT Email
1978 MM Bradley Robert Manchester NH
1978 MM Jank James San Antonio TX Email
1979 MM Dunn Gregory Georgetown OH
1979 MM Sarver Dennis Bedford PA
1979 MM Tannehill Bob Eldon MO Email
1979 MM Todaro Paul Tulsa OK Email
1979 TM Fields Paul Hollywood FL Email
1979 TM Hammond Edward Live Oak Florida FL Email
1980 Mc Kewen Kenny Turton
1980 CMDR Davis James Turton
1980 ET Mason Mike Machias ME Turton
1980 ET Mc Kewen Kenny Turton
1980 ET Taylor Darryl Turton
1980 ET Turton Jeff Dallas TX Email
1980 MM Stiles Randal Saint Francisville LA
1980 ST Hodge Jeffrey Seguin TX Email
1980 ST Tornbom Mark Reno NV Email
1981 IC Colbert Mike Rockwall TX
1981 MCPO Reade Barry Lake Worth FL Email
1981 MM Benson Scott Pittsburgh PA
1981 MM Klein Bob East Petersburg PA Email
1981 MM Yount Joseph Cincinnati OH Email
1981 MS Sierra Valentin Philadelphia PA Email
1981 RM Ronningen David Anaheim CA Email
1981 RM Turner Harold ME Turton
1981 TM Howard Jeffrey Alexandria VA
1982 CMDR Davis John Turton
1982 CPO Doyne Barry Turton
1982 CPO Snyder Michael Tampa FL Email
1982 ET Boyle Steve Turton
1982 ET Holzer Francis Belmont WI Email
1982 ET Larson John Huntington IN
1982 IC Willis James Memphis TN Email
1982 LT Grosicki Gary Turton
1982 LT Leider Robert Spring Valley NY Email
1982 TM Coder John Langhorne PA
1983 CMDR Norris William Turton
1983 CPO Elliott Thomas Muskegon MI Email
1983 EM Walston Jimmy Or Jim Blindt
1983 ET Hazard John Keller TX
1983 MM Blindt Steve West Point IA Email
1983 MM Rugerri Steve Blindt
1983 MM Skroblus Bruce Streator IL Email
1983 MM Young Chris Boston MA Blindt
1984 EM Pickell Michael Asbury Park NJ Email
1984 IC Mccann Bill TX Williams
1984 MM Williams Steve Tull AR Email
1984 ST Lytle Mark Shamokin PA Email
1984 ST Worthy Mark Buchanan GA Email
1985 CPO Hanafin Bob Boston MA Email
1985 EM Butler Karl Lakewood CA Email
1985 EM Griffing Rodney Winona MN Email
1985 ET Perez Larry Pico Rivera CA
1985 ET Schreiner Mike Suffolk VA
1985 MM Pratt Samuel \\ Essex Jct VT Email
1986 CPO Ford Phil Aberdeen MS
1986 EM Harding Randy Germantown OH Email
1986 MM Hickey Patrick Kelso WA
1986 MM Hickey Patrick Kelso WA Email
1986 MM Holdman James St. Louis MO
1986 RM Landreville John New Smyrna Beach FL
1986 ST Wickham Brad Saint Joseph MO Email
1987 IC Werkheiser Paul East Hartford CT Email
1988 ET Bowen Jeffery Lyons GA Email
1988 ET Henkle Chip Bowen
1988 FT Mulligan Jason Columbia MO Email
1988 IC Hausch David Downingtown PA
1988 MM Niziolek John Chicago IL Email
1989 CPO Jumbelick James Schwenksville PA Email
1989 CPO Jumbelick James Schwenksville PA Email
1989 DK Clifton Gary Mcpherson KS Email
1989 IC Andrews Rich Rock Falls IL Email
1989 LT Newhart Thomas Clintondale NY Email
1989 MM Fergen Richard So.sioux City NE Email
1989 MM Gardner Scott Coventry RI
1989 MM Heiserman Michael Va VA Email
1989 QM Beauregard Richard Mansfield MA Email
1989 ST Mcjoynt John Cincinnati OH
1990 CPO Jennings Ralph Carlsbad NM
1990 ET Miller Leroy Middletown OH
1990 ET Ridall Stephen Berwick PA Email
1990 ET Short Timothy Wellsboro PA
1990 FT Fairley William Dale City VA Email
1990 MM Wittbrodt Andrew Ann Arbor MI
1990 RM Cockram Ted Franklin Park NJ
1991 LT Knight Jay Piney Grove GA Email
1992 ET Mckinney Steve Canonsburg PA Email
1992 MM Dennison Matthew New Albany IN Email
1992 ST Boothe Donald Mobile AL Email
1992 ST Mossell Henry Frankfort IL
1993 MM Barnes Kenny Terre Haute IN Email
1993 SK Lewis Paul Charleston SC Email
1993 SK Tettemer Glenn Ewing NJ
1994 ET Gennrich Robert Mineapolis MN Email
1994 QM Berard Bruce Biddeford ME Email
1995 ET Mclaughlin Joseph Northbridge MA
1995 MM Schlimgen Keith Groton CT
1995 MS Viggiano (vigg) Donald Burbank IL Email
1995 RM Williams Alex Flowery Branch GA
1996 EM Tsardakas James Waterville NY Email
1996 FT Hakenjos Wayne Bellingham MA Email
1996 MCPO Tufu Ace American Samoa HI Email
1996 MM Riddle Greg Proctor WV Email
1996 MS Mckeever John Monongahela PA
1996 YN Pitts Mark Mt Pleasant MI
1997 ET Mellon Ronald Talladega AL Email
1997 ET Rossiter Brian Edgewater FL Email
1997 LT Chin Michael Astoria Q
1998 CPO Batson Mike Ledyard CT
1998 CPO Mitchell James Groton CT
1998 EM Brooke Steve Montoursville PA
1998 ET Jackson Jeremiah Middleboro MA
1998 FT Roberts Philip Fulton NY
1998 MCPO Muller Lee Sioux Falls SD Email
1998 SK Emmens Phil St. Petersburg FL
1999 IC Thompson Patrick Cabot VT
1999 MM Garciga Leonel Miami FL
1999 ST Clark Christopher New Boston TX Email
2000 EM Johnson Jeremy Big Lake MN Email
2000 ET Hulbert Ken Cicero NY Email
2000 ET Snyder Matthew Bedford OH
2000 MM Antol Kyle Canton OH Email
2000 MM Record Robert Chehalis WA
2001 FT Appio Michael Columbia MO Email
2001 FT Clement Patrick Okc OK
2002 MM Gross Ken Sioux Falls SD Email
2004 CS Dipaola Michael Rochester NY Email
2005 FT Wagner Jason Colorado Springs CO Email
2005 MM Barr Christopher Chambersburg PA Email
2009 MM Ignacio Valencia El Paso TX Email