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U.S.S. TREPANG (SSN-674) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1940 Cox Terry Poestenkill NY
1942 CPO Bailey James Marina Del Ray CA Email
1949 CPO Rabbitt Edward Wentzville MO
1949 HM Bonner Gene North Fort Myers FL
1949 TM Patenaude George Ledyard CT
1960 SN Kumler Richard Las Vegas NV
1968 ET Cope Leslie Great Falls MT Email
1969 CS Theriault Gary Rumford ME Email
1969 ET Haerle John St. Cloud MN Email
1969 IC Klika John Green Bay WI Email
1969 LT Sheldon Jerry Staten Island NY Email
1969 MM Browning Ronald Orlando FL Email
1969 MM Dunn Roy Coatesville PA Email
1969 MM Gibbons James Detroit MI Email
1969 MM Searls Thomas Jay Matawan NJ Email
1969 MM Searls Thomas Jay Matawan NJ Email
1969 MM Siegler Karl Portland OR Email
1969 MM Way Larry Fort Lauderdale FL Email
1969 MM Whitehead Chuck Portland CT Email
1969 MM Whitehead Chuck Portland OR Email
1969 SK Beeman Steven Cumberland MD Email
1969 SK Beeman Steven Cumberland MD Email
1969 ST Bergamini Tom Bellmore NY Email
1969 ST Terell Ron CT Way
1969 ST Tyrrell Ronald Southington CT Email
1970 CT Benbow Andrew Oak Ridge NC
1970 ET Turner Tylo Indianapolis IN Swenson
1970 FT Camerrer Terry Wichita KS Email
1970 FT Camerrer Terry Wichita KS Email
1970 MM Monfort Sonny Atlanta GA Email
1970 ST Ewell Burl Phippsburg ME
1970 TM Anglisano Frank Hicksville NY Email
1970 TM Nettles Robert Groton CT Email
1971 EM Carlberg Henry East Providence RI Email
1971 EM Pelka Bill Lancaster NY Email
1971 EM Sanaker Bob Detroit Lakes MN Email
1971 ET Macek Robert (pup) Sandusky OH Email
1971 ET Reeves Lester Hackberry LA
1971 MM Stifel Bill West Des Moines IA Email
1971 RM Breedlove Stan Boca Raton FL
1971 RM Lancaster Bob Nixa MO
1971 SN Manley Daniel Lackawanna NY Email
1971 TM Dunning James Scranton PA Email
1972 Diver Lent Mike Pinehurst ID Email
1972 ET Swenson Eric Clifton TX Email
1972 ET Tasset Gerry Denver CO Email
1972 MM Berendes Tom Norwalk WI Email
1972 MM Bradley Mark West Covina CA Email
1972 MS Estes Kearn Oakland ME Email
1972 MS Spillane Bob (crazy) Stoughton MA Email
1972 QM Meyers Bob Pittsburgh PA Email
1972 SK Knutson Joe. (zap) Des Moines IA Email
1972 SN Colwell Pat Humboldt IA Email
1972 ST Haraldsen John Houston TX
1972 TM Gearhart Mark Columbus OH Email
1973 EM Wilson Michael Tulsa OK
1973 ET Bevans Sidney Watsonville CA Email
1973 ET Minear Arnold Wheatland WY
1973 ET Pratt Steve IL
1973 ET Pratt Steve IL
1973 ET Zannelli Bob Providence RI Email
1973 FT Keown Steve Chicago IL
1973 IC Breedlove Michael Phoenix AZ Email
1973 LCDR Wagner Dennis Ft Dodge IA Email
1973 LT Griffiths Gary Los Altos Hills CA Email
1973 LT Valentine Stephen New Canaan CT Email
1973 MM Clusman Russell East Brunswick NJ Email
1973 MM Clusman Russell East Brunswick NJ Email
1973 MM Mcclellan Bill Custer SD Email
1973 QM Beisel Gottfried Groton CT
1973 ST Sharpe Bob Utica NY Email
1973 TM Cole Robert New York NY Email
1973 TM Dick Rickey Albertville AL Email
1974 CPO Cox Tommy Caribou ME
1974 EM Betts Dean Leaming
1974 EM Mc Ewen David Mountain Home AR Email
1974 EM Mckelroy David Freeport TX Email
1974 ET Derouin Edward Altamonte Springs FL
1974 ET Kernen Jeff Madison IN Email
1974 ET Murray Rodney Sierra Vista AZ Email
1974 ET Reed Frank Bay City TX
1974 LT Sanden Gary Lake Mills IA Email
1974 MM Osden Daryl Los Alamos NM Email
1974 MM Woolford Louis Dover DE Email
1974 MM Woolford Louis Dover DE Email
1974 SK Rao Steve New Orleans LA Email
1974 TM Huffman Steve Ft. Worth TX
1975 CPO Monahan James South River NJ Email
1975 ET Kline Charles Sayre PA Email
1975 ET Reidinger Timothy Silverdale WA
1975 FT Anderson Dave Clay Center NE Email
1975 MM Ames Steve Hackensack NJ Email
1975 MM Johnston John Mt.Holly NJ
1975 MM Johnston John Burlington NJ Email
1975 MM Leaming Jack Philadelphia PA Email
1975 MM Mayer Brian Novi MI
1975 MM Miller Mark Cuyahoga Falls OH Email
1975 MM Potts Chuck Lancaster PA Email
1975 MS Cote Robert South Hadley MA Email
1975 MS Small James NJ Cote
1975 QM Beisel Gottfried Montville CT
1975 SK Young Robert Indianapolis IN Email
1975 SM Waite Robert Central Point OR Cote
1975 TM Huffman Steve Aledo TX
1975 YN Chiappazzi (chip) Gerald Erie PA Email
1976 EM Hubbard Rick Lebo KS
1976 ET Davidson William Ludlow MA Email
1976 LT Steele Daniel Onalaska WA Email
1976 RM Becher Robert Cromwell CT
1976 SCPO Peterson Jerry Taylor MI Email
1976 ST Froburg Thomas Andover MA Email
1976 TM Gosser Major Great Bend KS Email
1976 TM Taylor Bruce Holyoke MA Cote
1977 EM Austin James Colts Neck NJ
1977 FT Greenwood Mark Hampden ME Email
1977 MM Haselberger Mike Decatur MI Email
1977 MM Mcdonaugh Mike Philadelphia PA
1977 RM Ryan Kevin Missoula MT Email
1977 SK Wilson Clay Grand Rapids MI
1977 ST Klemm Mark Baltimore MD Email
1977 TM Glass Furman Eastpoint FL Email
1977 YN Bigras Steven Barre VT Email
1978 CPO Cox William Brooklyn NY Email
1978 EM Martin Steve Grand Rapids MI Email
1978 ET Centek Don Herndon VA
1978 ET Dickson Brian New London CT
1978 FT Gage Ii Norman Cary NC
1978 LTJG Ryan Dan San Francisco CA Email
1978 YN Bigras Steve Burlington VT Martin
1979 LT Mayes Frederick Lacey WA Email
1979 LT Mcclutchy Thomas Hull MA
1979 MM Hegarty Michael Westerly RI Email
1979 MM Lorenzen Karl Northport NY Email
1979 SK Graves David Monmouth IA Email
1980 Latella Dominick Branford CT
1980 CMDR Jones Raymond Winter Springs FL Email
1980 CPO Brandmeir Jim Grand Junction CO Email
1980 CPO Rowley Terry Danville IL Email
1980 DS Palumbo Giacomo Coventry RI Email
1980 EM Field Hurl Somerset OH Email
1980 EM Kolbe William Mentor OH Email
1980 EM Schorr Harold Scranton PA Email
1980 EO Dietrich Andrew Madison OH
1980 EO Walker Ward Winter Park FL Email
1980 ET Van Wyen Thomas New Providence PA Email
1980 LT Schreiber Mark Pittsburgh PA Email
1980 MS Walton Mickey Tower Hill IL Email
1980 SK Bosselman Chris Hampton Bays NY Email
1980 ST Mckeag John Kingston OK
1980 TM Camp Robert Point Pleasant NJ Email
1981 DS Lord Thomas Melrose MA Email
1981 EM Gravelle Ken Houlton ME Email
1981 FT Tucci Charles Port Chester NY Email
1981 MCPO Santos Bert Mystic CT Email
1981 MM Kremer Dennis Dubuque IA Email
1981 MM Lundsten Robert Huntington NY
1981 MM Rousell Mike Webster NY
1981 YN Rutowski Dennis Toledo OH Email
1982 LCDR Stronach Kurt Boston MA Email
1982 MM Hanney Rich Verplanck NY Email
1982 MM Norcom Joe Charlotte NC
1982 TM Bailey Michael Pembroke Pines FL Email
1982 TM Sullivan Kevin Whitman MA Email
1983 EM Shannon Tom Burlington MA Email
1983 MM Fries Fuzzy Pembroke MA Email
1983 ST Stephenson Donald Hope Valley RI Email
1984 FT Antone George Westbrook CT Email
1984 IC Paternoster Mark Harrisburg PA Email
1984 MM Graber Bruce Alfred ME Email
1984 ST Damico Frank Bronx NY Email
1984 TM Purvis Thomas Hondo TX
1985 EM Partridge Alex Millington TN
1985 ET Conway Kevin Joliet IL
1985 ET Potash Chester Pittsfield MA Email
1985 ET Ward Jeff Murfreesboro TN Email
1985 IC Warrick Alan Holbrook PA Email
1985 MM Randolph Buddy Cincinnati OH Email
1985 RM Sabljak John El Paso TX Email
1985 SCPO Linard Edwin Rupert ID Email
1985 SCPO Penner Hank Plentywood MT Email
1985 SN Longo Tim Atlantic Highlands NJ Email
1986 ET Roethlisberger Dennis Charlottesville VA
1986 MM Bird David Jacksonville CT Email
1986 MM Inglis Hal Fox River Grove IL Email
1986 MM Smith Mark Russell Springs KY Email
1986 QM Mcadoo Kenneth Knowlesville NY Email
1986 RM Wallace Donald Philadelphia PA Email
1986 SCPO Gihlstrom Ron Monroe WA Email
1986 ST Davison Harold Perdido AL Email
1987 EM Gosselin Daniel Colebrook NH Email
1987 ET Beneliezer Joseph Tel-Aviv IL
1987 ET Pakidis Bob Staten Island NY Email
1987 HM Harris Donald Fairborn OH Email
1987 MM Tobias Corey Elsberry MO
1987 TM Baur Jeff Pittsburgh PA
1987 TM Minter Stacy Travelers Rest SC Email
1988 ST Ley Rick Madison WI Email
1988 ST Montgomery Tony Moulton AL
1988 TM Howe Monty Norwich CT Email
1989 MCPO Haselberger Joseph Decatur MI
1989 MCPO Haselberger Mike Decatur MI Email
1989 MM King Michael A (Andy) Burgaw NC
1989 SN Carroll Zack Rock Island IL
1989 SN Carroll Zack Rock Island IL
1990 EM Mathison Todd Thousand Oaks CA
1990 ET Arredondo Fabin Dodson TX Email
1990 FT Byers Richard Warren MI Email
1990 LCDR Porrazzo Joseph Fallon NV
1990 ST Nelms Todd Jacksonville FL Email
1991 CS Lacy Vernon Fayette MS Email
1991 IC Hasbrouck Zarak Bronx NY Email
1991 MM Duke Jeffrey Panama City Beach FL Email
1991 MM Smith Jesse Seattle WA Email
1991 MM Stroder John O Fallon MO Email
1991 MM Stuart Nathan Dearborn MI Email
1991 RM Mcswain Rick Mystic CT
1991 RM Vanlanen Lloyd Malvern OH Email
1991 ST Billings Savine Oklahoma City OK
1991 ST Schemel John Waterford MI
1992 ET Waters David Elberton GA Email
1992 ET Webb Jack Atmore FL Email
1992 MCPO Weaver Royal Des Moines IA Email
1992 MM Brooks Brian Elizabethtown KY Email
1992 RM Vanlanen Lloyd Lisbon CT
1992 SCPO To Francis Rising Sun MD
1993 CPO Michell James Groton CT
1993 ET Wagner Travis Waldron AR
1993 FT Myrick Marlon Dayton OH
1993 QM Mcmichael Tim Salisbury MD Email
1993 RM Torresin Robert Waukegan IL Email
1993 ST Ritchie James Rio Rancho NM
1994 EM Musgrove Jason Pikeville KY Email
1994 EM Willis Tim Pensacola MS Email
1994 ET Bateman Chris Detroit MI
1994 MM Stewart Jon Trenton OH Email
1994 QM Nicholas Mark St. Marys GA
1994 RM Cupp Casey Huntington Beach CA Email
1994 RM Sturkie Sammy Camden SC Email
1994 SK Goshorn Jason OH
1994 SK Hill Brian Silo OK Email
1994 TM Wheeler Ben Oakland CA Email
1995 EM Malcom Joey Fyetteville NC
1995 MM Elliott Scott Algonquin IL Email
1995 MM Magurno Brent Fishkill NY
1995 MM Smith Ingemar Atlanta GA
1995 MM Sullivan Brian San Diego CA
1995 MM Thibault Richard Southampton MA
1995 RM Dand Kirk Pembroke MA Email
1995 SK Decaprio John Bronx NY
1995 ST Hays Brain Lewisville TX
1995 ST Wakelee Kieth Rome NY Email
1995 TM Force Paul Elmira NY
1996 ET Burden Charles Groton CT
1996 ET Steiner Robert Chelsea MI Email
1996 MM Goss Clay Union Point GA Email
1996 MM Goss Clay Union Point GA Email
1996 MM Kelley Shaun Columbia MO
1996 MM Marshall Ross Grand Haven MI
1996 MM Newton Rob Waterboro ME Email
1996 MM Tausch Don Cuyahoga Falls OH Email
1996 SCPO Solarek Chuck Clearwater FL Email
1996 SCPO Woitas Robert Minnesota Lake MN Email
1996 ST Phillips Steven Saltville VA Email
1996 ST Snyder Gregory Sacramento CA Email
1996 ST Wagner Darin West Salem WI
1996 TM Justice Nathan Utica OH Email
1997 ET Boyle Montgomery MO Steiner
1997 MM Rose Paul Vero Beach FL
1997 MS Bessette Mike Sarasota FL Email
1997 MS Simmons Michael Charleston WV
1997 MS Stratouly Donn Beverly MA Email
1997 ST Dickson Terry Virginia Beach VA
1998 MM Prazak Kerry Gladewater TX Email
1998 MM Prazak Kerry Gladewater TX Email
1998 MM Sloan Cory Helena MT
1998 SCPO Maleche Doyle Poulsbo WA
1999 YN Casasola Oscar Pharr TX