U.S.S. REQUIN (SS-481) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1944 SF Bach Larry Norwalk CT
1945 AB Stath Skeeter San Antonio TX Email
1945 EM Delviscio Joseph Philadelphia PA Email
1945 RM Krautstrunk Robert Chicago IL Email
1946 EN Lyon Richard Brooklyn NY Email
1948 YN Girouard Arthur (Gerry) Hartford CT
1949 EM Deberry Robert West Haven CT Email
1949 EN Donnelly John Clairton PA
1949 QM Pyatte Devere Pyatte NC Email
1950 EN Platt Charles Yucca Valley CA
1955 EM Bradshaw Leonard Poplar Bluff MO Email
1955 RM Hendershot Clinton Waterford CA Email
1955 YN Martin Mike Deming NM
1956 CS Vancott Ted Glenwood Landing NY Email
1956 EN Wisenall Jacob York PA Email
1957 EM Satterfield Ben Cartersville GA Email
1957 EN Ladrie Bruce Hollywood FL Email
1957 QM Savage Russell Loudon TN
1957 RD Kudsk Mike Denver CO Email
1957 YN Obryan Boyce Port St Lucie FL
1958 CPO Swartz Charlie Kudsk
1958 RD Forinash Billy Irondale MO
1959 EM Hull David Macomb Township MI
1959 EM Zoldak Ronald Hopelawn NJ Email
1959 GS Schmitz Matt Newburgh NY
1959 GS Wolfe Leonard Hereford MD Email
1960 EM Hermanson Joe Madison WI Email
1961 EM Brotherton Kenneth L. Millersport OH Email
1961 EM Stawikey Stan Chesapeake City MD Email
1961 IC Rigas John Kingston PA Email
1961 MM Stewart John Altoona PA Email
1962 EN Webb John Cumbola PA
1962 ET Ormsby Thomas Albuquerque NM
1962 MM Carver Wesley Spartanburg SC Email
1962 MT Rosas Joseph Kansas City KS Email
1962 RM Casciola Vittorio Brooklyn NY Email
1963 Gallagher Scannell
1963 AX Fellows Jim MI Gaines
1963 EM Mcfeters Tom New Brighton MN Email
1963 EM Stawicki Jack Chesapeake City MD Email
1963 FT Dyer Charles Albuquerque NM Email
1963 MM Ellis-brown Sheridan Maitland FL Email
1963 OM Hendrickson Steve TN Gaines
1963 QM Gaines Lawton Canton MA Email
1963 QM Scannell Thomas Boston MA Email
1965 CPO Hettel Thomas Trenton NJ Email
1965 CPO Tolbert Charles Hickory NC
1965 EM Cantwell Tim Detroit MI Email
1965 QM Thomas John West Palm Beach FL Email
1966 EM Brock David Arlington VA Email
1966 EM Cantwell Dennis Detroit MI Email
1966 EM Fulton Rick Johnstown PA Email
1966 ET Crouse Terry Harrisburg PA Email
1966 FT Lloyd John Wilmington DE Email
1966 IC Nixon Charles Mt. Holly NC Brock
1966 IC Nixon Charles (nick) Mt. Holly NC Email
1966 TM Olivera / Vonrabenau Paris (von) Minneapolis MN Email
1967 TM Moore Robert Easley SC Email
1968 EN Louden James La Harpe IL Email
1968 ST Obrien Thomas Wheaton MD Email
2000 RD Forinash Billy Irondale MO