U.S.S. TOM GREEN COUNTY (LST-1159) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1941 EN Labar David N.cape May NJ Email
1949 SN Gray Pat Sac CA
1949 SN Thomas Michael Oakland CA
1952 BT Cyr Herman Waterbury CT Email
1952 BT Sipple John Staten Island, NY Email
1953 EN Van Hesteren Anthony Bruce Holland MI Email
1953 EN Van Hesteren Anthony Bruce Holland MI Email
1953 GM Addington Bob Hillsboro OH Email
1953 GM Lange Ed Valley Stream NY Email
1953 GM Rollins Maurice Sangerville ME
1953 MR Paxton John Tiffin OH Van Hesteren
1953 QM Booth Donald Harper KS Email
1953 RM Miller Garland Eugene OR Email
1953 SF Richwine John Mt. Holly Springs PA Email
1953 SN Mcgrath Smiley Buffalo NY
1954 EM Fankell Lewis Grayson KY Email
1954 EM Kepenach John Manville NJ Email
1954 EN Pryor Charles Greenwood SC RIP
1955 EN Wright Anderson TX
1956 -- Porter David Lancing TN
1956 RD Beaver Wayne China Grove NC Email
1957 SD Stewart Lloyd A Summerdale AL
1958 CPO Akinson Oliver --
1958 EM Meek Leonard Pearl City HI
1958 EM Nicks Willie NV
1958 EM Runge Vernon --
1958 EM Zavala Pedro El Paso TX
1958 EN Bocek Earl ID
1958 EN Longo Leonard Tiffen OH
1958 EN Longo Leonard Tifen OH Schmidt
1958 EN Schmidt Jack Chicago IL Email
1958 GM Cooper Alvin Aka June South Webster OH Email
1958 GM Ramsey William (bill) Lyerly GA Email
1958 SN Badgett Travis Mesa AZ
1958 SN Badgett Travis Phoenix AZ Email
1959 QM Jarreau Joseph H. Oscar LA Email
1960 FT Allred Thomas Marietta GA Email
1960 QM Standl Walter Toms River NJ Email
1961 EM Clark Calvin Aka Sonny Canoga Park CA Email
1961 EM Shepherd Damon Lansing IA
1961 SK Todd Samuel Henderson NV
1961 SN Harp Jim Belmont CA Email
1962 CS Muller Eddie Abilene TX Email
1962 CS Smith Muller
1962 CS Smith Louis Baton Rouge LA Email
1962 EN Yung Bill Portland OR Email
1962 ENS Taylor Volney Portsmouth OH
1962 FN Stutz R San Lorenzo CA Email
1962 FN Stutz Raymond (ray) San Lorenzo CA Email
1962 RD Kinney Al Yoncalla OR Email
1962 RM Porter William (Lstdiv92 St Linden AL
1962 SF York Merineth ( Sam ) Mesa AZ Email
1962 SM Beam Ray Doniphan MO Email
1963 -- Meredith Denis Baltimore MD Email
1963 BM John Lowery Mcbride
1963 BM Flynn Jerry Chillicothe TX
1963 BM Ivey Jt --
1963 BM Ivey Jt Mcbride
1963 BM Mcbride Willie C Chicago, IL Email
1963 BM Mcbride Willie C. Chicago, IL Email
1963 EN Rollins Mike Hay Fork CA Email
1963 ET Aho Marvin Wright MN Email
1963 LTJG Meredith Denis Baltimore MD Email
1963 RM Jack Mcgee MI Lyell
1963 RM Mcgee Jack Detroit MI Email
1963 RM Mcgee Jack Detroit MI Mcbride
1963 SM Briggs Richard Beam
1963 SM Hamm Michael Beam
1963 SN Clinton B J Coos Bay OR
1964 John Lowery John Clark
1964 BM Budd Ken Kaufman TX
1964 EN Marez Jack Oakland CA Email
1964 FT Lafontaine Ron(Frenchy) Rockford IL
1964 GM Haack William Wisconsin Rapids WI Email
1964 RD Wilson Byron Leander TX Email
1964 RM Lyell Lewis W. Union City TN Email
1964 SM Clark Michael Plainwell MI Email
1964 SN Budd Jr Kenneth Kaufman TX
1964 SN Ken Budd Kaufman TX
1965 EM Kelly Michael New Castle PA Email
1965 EN Pinkerton Robert Kirksville MO
1965 FN Golsen Gran Lakewood CA Hixon
1965 FN Hixon Randy Long Beach CA Email
1965 FT Greene Rich Mccleary WA Email
1965 GM Tsakos Robert Brooklyn NY Email
1965 LCDR Troutman Burl Lyell
1965 LCDR Troutman Burl Lyell
1965 LT Boyle Al Sioux Falls SD Email
1965 RM Lee Ronald Cleveland OH Lyell
1965 RM Mckeone Ken Omaha NE Email
1966 EM Bogart Jerry New Haven CT Email
1966 EN Bailes Robert W Charleston WV Email
1966 EN Pinkerton Robert Kirksville MO Email
1966 RD Smith Robert Brooklyn NY Email
1966 RM Kilgore Evan San Diego CA
1966 RM Lyell Lewis Union City TN Email
1966 YN Lanham Wesley Boynton Beach FL
1966 YN Mason Robert Leroy Scaly Mountain NC Email
1967 Stebner Arthur Pierson
1967 Stebner Arthur NY
1967 BM Powers Thomas Columbus IN Email
1967 RM Mcintosh Richard Gresham OR
1967 SF Howell Rodney Gilroy CA Email
1967 SK Lloyd Willie Baltimore MD Email
1967 SK Pierson Daniel St. Louis MO Email
1967 SN Ballinger Wayne Liberty TX Email
1967 SN Downing Mickey Lancaster CA
1968 Hupp Dennis Smith
1968 BM Brown Rupert Cisco TX Email
1968 COL Curtis Barry Boston MA Email
1968 CS Cusson Bill Malden MA Email
1968 EM Bogart Jack East Haven CT
1968 EM Waddington Rex Apple Valley CA
1968 FN Pharris Charles Dequincy LA Email
1968 FT Bullock Allen Toledo OH Email
1968 GM Crossno Bob Neosho MO Email
1968 GM Maggard Kyle Fort Wayne IN
1968 GM Thomas Robert Fort Scott KS
1968 HM Johnson Roy Unknown Frerichs
1968 PN Smith Tom Seattle WA Email
1968 QM Folk William (bill) Honolulu HI Email
1968 RD Close Martin Shelby OH
1968 RM Johnson Mike Hopkins MN Email
1968 SF Vise Gene Sulphur LA
1968 SM Smith James Champaign IL Email
1968 SN Curtis Barry W Boston MA Email
1968 SN Curtis Barry Boston MA Email
1968 SN Curtis Barry Boston MA Email
1968 SN Price James LA Curtis
1968 YN Cooker Steve Cincinnati OH
1968 YN Frerichs Raymond Sioux City IA Email
1969 BM Jolly Bobby Ft.worth TX Email
1969 BM Wright Johnny Brewton AL Email
1969 ET Boggs Bill Massillon OH Email
1969 FN Spaulding Richard Portland OR Email
1969 GM Edelen Len (ace) Louisville KY Email
1969 GM Immell Jerry Hermann MO Email
1969 PN Evans Denn Mankato MN Email
1969 PN Evans Denn Mankato MN Email
1969 SF Kimber Walter Georgetown TX Email
1969 SK Merkel Wesley Everett WA Email
1969 SK Merkel Wesley Everett WA Email
1969 SK Raduenz Steve Stillwater MN Email
1969 SN Totten Les San Leandro CA Email
1969 YN Ramsey Butch Las Vegas NV Email
1970 BM Summerday Charles San Diego CA
1970 EN Tempesta Larry Glen Cove NY Pending Activation
1970 GM Koppes Robert(bob) Erie PA Email
1970 GM Macfadyen Keith Channing MI
1970 LTJG Prucha Robert Rolling Meadows IL Email
1970 LTJG Prucha Robert Rolling Meadows IL Email
1970 RM Rosser Phil Evanston WY Email
1970 RM Vancil Gerard Stockton CA Email
1970 SH Clark Milton Roanoke VA Email
1970 SK Myers Richard Wellsville PA Email
1970 SM Thomas Lee Jacksonville FL
1970 YN Leonard Michael South Saint Paul MN Email
1971 BM Hardesty Jon Evergreen CO Email
1971 BM Kozerski Joe \ Spencer NY Email
1971 CPL Pazos Jose B Spain CA Email
1971 FN Collinsworth Richard Spokane WA Email
1971 QM Bell Tom Lander WY Email
1972 CPL Lopez Celso San Diego CA Email
1972 SH Hennessy Tom (Tj) Lake Forest CA