U.S.S. FORT SNELLING (LSD-30) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1949 BM Waguespack Ronald St. Amant LA
1949 LTJG Giblin Daniel Springfield MA
1949 MM Wilkins Harry Kingsport TN
1953 SM Grasso Salvatore (sal) Philadelphia Pa. PA Email
1954 BM Hunley Edgar Centerville TN Email
1954 DK Poklemba Stephen Donora PA Email
1954 EM Davis Robert --
1954 ME Farber Leonard Hunlock Creek PA
1954 MM Mosley William Houston TX Email
1954 SK Walker Gordon Laurel MD Email
1955 BM Keim Charles Royersford PA Email
1955 IC Anderson Charles Decatur AL
1955 IC Mitchell William Newport News VA
1955 LTJG Burstein Melvin E.
1955 MM Bruner Robert Detroit MI Email
1955 MM Dixon Bill Ashland KY Email
1955 MM Normand Robert Coldwater MI
1955 MM Shoup Jack Council Grove KS Email
1955 SH Wright Leroy Dauphin PA Email
1955 SK Lamond Donald Fall River MA Email
1955 SK Walker Gordon Laural MD E.
1955 SN Doucette Robert Saugus MA Email
1955 SN Kenney Joseph Philadelphia PA E.
1956 CPL Garcia Juan L Brooklyn NY Email
1956 CPL Wagener Robert Marion IN
1956 CPL Yunginger Ronald Lancaster PA Email
1956 IC Ward R.D. Bridgeville CA
1956 SM Patterson Alfred Columbus OH Email
1957 IC Schafer Ron Indianapolis IN Email
1958 -- Williams Trent Sarasota FL
1958 MM Dennis William Germfast MI Email
1958 MM Scanlan Carl Gueydan LA
1958 SF Vey Kenneth Yonkers New York NY Email
1959 DK Yates Roger Leadville CO Email
1959 MM Todd Ray Cleveland OH Email
1959 SF Goff Ward Kalamazoo MI Email
1960 EM Berry Jim Waterbury CT
1960 EN Baker Daniel Portland TX
1960 IC Kablesh Stephen Boynton Beach FL
1960 PC Dennison David Taunton MA Email
1960 SM Cox Jon Cincinnati OH Email
1961 BM Hill Hermon Pittsburgh PA Email
1961 BM Hill Hermon Pittsburgh PA Email
1961 BM Rath Ron Steubenville OH Email
1961 BT Cox Donald Winter Springs FL
1961 EM Boyd Richard Marshall TX
1961 EM Liska James Warwick ND Email
1961 ET Boyle Dennis Willoughby OH Email
1961 HM Edwards George Aurora IL Email
1961 LT Bankes Rowland T. Garden City NY Email
1961 MM Barta John Hastings NE Email
1961 MM Hannah Freddie Marlinton WV Pending Activation
1961 RD Scannell John Sylmar, CA
1961 RD Tait Robert Detroit MI
1961 RM Lawson Ken Philadelphia PA Email
1961 SN Plouffe Eugene Warwick RI Email
1961 SN Riggi Joseph New Castle DE Email
1962 BM Hulligan William Brooklyn OH Email
1962 ENSN Wheeler Bill Middleboro MA
1962 FT Fennell Jack Manassas VA Email
1962 FT Fennell Jack Manassas VA Email
1962 MM Lay Robert (Bob) Bozeman MT
1962 RD Greenlee James C Caledonia IL Email
1962 RD Skokowski Stanley Gloucester NJ Email
1962 YN Casey Joseph Collingdale PA Email
1963 CS Waldrop Robert Columbus OH Email
1963 DC Catton Robert Detroit MI Email
1963 EM Meiners Dee Caledoina MN Email
1963 EN Vitale Philip Brentwood NY Email
1963 ET Millspaugh Brian New York City NY Email
1963 FT Stanley George Lower Merion PA Email
1963 MM Cannon Leon (lee) Land O Lakes FL Email
1963 QM Guercio Salvatore Baltimore MD Email
1963 SM Hamann Jim Dupo IL
1964 BM Lobsiger John Fort Wayne IN
1964 BT Dyson Fred Abbeville LA Email
1964 BT Mahaffey Thomas Atlanta GA Email
1964 BT Ortiz Eugene (gene) Hopkins MN Email
1964 BT Ortiz Gene Hopkins MN Email
1964 CS Berndt Thomas Walkerton IN Email
1964 DC Martinek Martin Wilmette IL Email
1964 EM Heins Herb Toms River NJ Email
1964 ET Schuler Doug Niagara Falls NY Email
1964 ET Schultz Clem Neillsville WI Email
1964 MM Petersen Gary St. Cloud MN Email
1964 MM Shaffer Lyle Pulaski NY Email
1964 SK Conti Frederick Baltimore MD Email
1964 SM Mcguigan Joseph Maple Shade NJ Email
1964 SN Hargrove Robert Atlanta GA Email
1965 BM Cole Nelson Tyler TX Email
1965 BM Dzienius Matthew Uniondale NY Email
1965 BM Dzienius Matthew Uniondale NY Email
1965 BM Thorp John Forest Lake MN Email
1965 BT Cuccaro Frank Bridgeport CT Email
1965 BT Monez Dave NY Vitale
1965 BT Trowbridge Ronald York Haven PA Email
1965 MM Bewley Jesse Pomona CA Email
1965 MM Parton John Anderson SC Email
1965 RM Maybach Gerard (gerry) Bowmansville NY Email
1965 SN Behling Michael E. Monongahela PA Email
1965 YN Ferguson Harry Beaufort SC Email
1966 BM Schipper Wayne Le Mars IA Email
1966 BM Schipper Wayne Le Mars IA Email
1966 BT Higbee Wayne Duluth MN Email
1966 CS Terry James Vicksburg MS Email
1966 CS Terry James Vicksburg MS Email
1966 CS Waldrop Robert Columbus OH Email
1966 DC Baer Albert Annapolis MD
1966 EM Stringfellow Jim Milwaukee WI
1966 FN Seaberg James Burlington IA Email
1966 FT Fenical Gary East Stroudsburg PA
1966 MM Battishill Mike Rose City MI Email
1966 MM Battishill Mike Rose City MI Email
1966 MM Hall Philip Reading PA Email
1966 QM Higgins Jr James Montgomery WV Email
1966 QM Tinsley Kenneth South Shore KY Email
1966 RM Greene Raymond \\ Indiana PA Email
1966 RM Simerson Steven Boone IA Email
1966 RM Simerson Steven Boone IA Email
1966 SF Monath William Frederick MD Email
1966 SK Garrett John Pequannock NJ Email
1966 YN Armour David MI
1966 YN Woodbery Robert Orlando FL Email
1967 BT Romsos Alan Kewaunee WI Email
1967 LCPL Beaulieu Tom Fall River MA Email
1967 MM Crowley Bill New Iberia LA
1967 RM Chavez Joe Bisbee AZ Email
1967 SH Connors Tom Orange Lake FL Email
1967 SN Edmundson John No Bergen NJ Email
1968 BM Batiato Ray Union NJ Email
1968 BM Bradley Daniel Pasadena MD Email
1968 BM Moritz George Patchogue
1968 BM Ray Batiato Union NJ
1968 BT Birkle William Petersburg KY Email
1968 BT Buttereit Ed Ronkonkoma NY Email
1968 BT Hazelett Bill Merritt Island FL
1968 DC Koffroth Dave Cuyahoga Falls OH Email
1968 EM Ricks Thomas Coulee Dam WA
1968 FT Mattheu Robert Middle River MD Email
1968 HT Pagnozzi Gene Neptune NJ
1968 PN Morrison Bill Duquoin IL Email
1968 PN Morrison Bill Anna IL Email
1968 RM Hockemeyer Dick Naples FL
1968 RM Kenyon Art Harrisburg PA Email
1968 SH Connors Tom Orange City FL Email
1968 SH Connors Tom Orange Lake FL Email
1968 SK Ortman Larry Rochester IL
1969 BM Anderson Andy Erie PA Lynch
1969 BM Lynch Joe Elizabethtown KY Email
1969 BT Price Richard West Caldwell NJ Email
1969 CS Dorsher Jerry Grand Forks ND Email
1969 EM Wood Robert Athens GA Email
1969 ET Vennell Walter Westville NJ Email
1969 RD Stelling John Chicago IL Email
1969 SF Twyman Walter Bronx NY Email
1969 SH Gilkeson Russell Chillicothe OH Email
1969 SH Gleich Roger Columbus OH Email
1969 SH Webster Bill Delmar DE Email
1970 BM Haas Harold Delta OH Email
1970 CPO Kopczyk Frank Cleveland OH Email
1970 EM Brooks Bart Hopewell NJ Email
1970 EM Tribert Gary Congers NY Email
1970 ET Carson Bear Spokane WA Email
1970 HT Mclelland Olan San Antonia TX Email
1970 MM Figueroa Adolfo (sonny) Fayetteville AR Email
1970 MM Simons Perry Ann Arbor MI Email
1970 QM Lynch Jamie Etown KY
1970 SH Barker Mike Lexington KY
1970 SH Connors Tom The Villages FL
1970 SH Wielosinski David Chicago IL Email
1971 Callaro Steve NY Arcamona
1971 Johnson Jimmy Charleston SC Smith
1971 Ridder Bill Arcamona
1971 BM Gullotto James Silver Bell AZ
1971 BM Lawrence Raymond Missoula MT Email
1971 BM Mccandless Meredith Delray Beach FL Email
1971 BM Mccandless Meredith Delray Beach FL Email
1971 BT Bosch Ronald Warwick ND Email
1971 CPO Lieurance Floyd Norfolk VA
1971 EM Hanly Charles (Bill) Martins Ferry OH
1971 EM Pondysh Dale St. Regis Falls NY Email
1971 FT Dozier James Charlotte SC Smith
1971 GM Johnson James Charleston SC Smith
1971 GM Wolf Richard Cleveland OH Email
1971 MM Bennett Johnny Summerville SC Email
1971 MM Evans Charles Pittsburgh PA Email
1971 MM Schaffer Michael Toms River NJ
1971 QM Arcamona Dominic Island Park NY Email
1972 Rosenow Michael --
1972 BM Gullotto Almund Silverbell AZ Email
1972 BT Furnace Richard --
1972 CMDR Burpo James Lawton OK
1972 CPO Lyon Douglas Abilene TX
1972 CPO Mclaughlin Don Mclaughlin VA
1972 EM Pondysh Dale St. Regis Falls NY Email
1972 EN Messa Michael Port Clinton OH
1972 GM Gonzalez Juan New York City NY Email
1972 HM Dunphy Larry North Anson ME
1972 HT Crocker Lee Ashburnham MA
1972 MM Stange Dave Lakeview OR
1972 MM Tidwell Jerry Atlanta GA Email
1972 PN Crowe Robert Pensacola FL
1972 SCPO Ritz Jack Baltimore MD
1972 SH Dunbar Michael Baltimore MD Email
1972 SH Smith Orlando Cincinnati OH Email
1972 SH Smith Orlando Cincinnati OH Email
1972 SM Gibbs Fred W. Houston TX Email
1972 SN Miller Mike Gibralter MI
1973 Good Paul OH Fleck
1973 BM Fleck Bob Springcity PA Email
1973 BM Fleck Bob Malvern PA Email
1973 BM Jordan Sam Longview TX Email
1973 BM Messa Thomas Princeton WI
1973 CPO Porter Vernon Norfolk VA Fleck
1973 EM Gordon Neal District Heights MD Email
1973 HM Ross Larry IL Fleck
1973 HT Fekete Vincent Dundalk MD Email
1973 MM Fry David Anaheim CA Email
1973 MM Fry David Anaheim CA Email
1973 MM Herr Don Fry
1973 OS Brecht Edward Lancaster PA Email
1973 PC Beckett Larry Decatur IL Email
1973 PC Beckett Larry Decatur IL Email
1973 RM Mclees Kevin Genoa WI Email
1973 YN Cadorette Daniel Wallingford VT Email
1973 YN Cellini Joseph Phillyl PA Email
1974 BM Fort Snelling Fred Duryea Lenzen
1974 BM Fort Snelling Bob Rominger Lenzen
1974 BM Lenzen Daniel Chicago IL Email
1974 BM Millard Harry (butch) Cohoes NY Email
1974 EN Cochran Walter Evergreen CO Email
1974 ET Baker Joseph West Monroe LA
1974 ET Vibert Mark Granby CT Email
1974 FT Iaquinta Michael Coshocton OH Email
1974 FT Miller Lyle Corry PA Email
1974 HT Wall Lawrence Minneapolis MN Email
1974 LTJG Simcich Mike Sound Beach, Long Island NY Email
1974 MM Herr Don PA Fry
1974 MM Lundgren Brent York PA
1974 MM Palmer Jeff Amanda OH
1974 MM Underhill David Hammond IN Email
1974 RM Ashcraft John Long Beach CA
1975 BM Manner Terry Berea OH Email
1975 BT Baeza Robert El Paso TX Email
1975 BT Zak Mike Boston MA Email
1975 CPO Bielicki Edward Camden NJ Email
1975 CPO Rehm Jeffrey Whitehall NY
1975 DK Hansen Monte Minot ND Email
1975 DK Pickard A. Allen Corbin KY Email
1975 EM Lambert David Bertha MN Email
1975 EM Pasker Bruce Frackville PA Email
1975 EM Wainwright Eric Capac MI Email
1975 ET Park John Burleson TX
1975 GM Gross William (ricky) Blue Ridge VA Email
1975 HT Akers Clive --
1975 HT Geiger Mike Parkersburg WV
1975 MID3 Steele James Norwalk CA Email
1975 MM Evancho Santino Buffalo NY Email
1975 MM Gorgon Adam Detroit MI Email
1975 MM Selja Robert Jefferson Valley NY Email
1975 PN Evett Grady Scottsboro AL
1975 QM Campbell Gary Charlotte NC Email
1975 SCPO Chamberlain Richard Levittown PA Email
1975 SK Makowski David Duglas MA Matta
1975 SK Matta Victor San Antonio TX Email
1975 SM Wiles Michael Framingham MA
1976 Lamb Robert Flint MI
1976 BM Bruggers Clark Perrysburg OH Email
1976 BM Mcgill Michael Williamstown MA Email
1976 CPO Cegelis Richard Port St Joe FL
1976 EM Krueger Bob Long Grove IL Email
1976 FT Weimar Norman South Orange NJ Email
1976 GM Phillips Wayne E. Wrightstown NJ
1976 HT Bonello Jimmy Detroit MI Email
1976 HT Debeamont Derek PA
1976 HT Geiger Mike Parkersburg WV Bruggers
1976 HT Groth Jim Deluth MN
1976 HT Lamb Robert (rob) Lewiston NM Email
1976 HT Lamb Robert (rob) Lewiston MI Email
1976 HT Laugginger Harald Mascoutah IL Email
1976 HT Leutchman Pigpen MO
1976 MM Henretta Hugh St. Clair Shores MI Email
1976 MM Robinson Rick Ballston Spa NY Email
1976 MS Coursen Charlie Newfoundland NJ Email
1976 MS Reeves Bill Butler PA Email
1976 OS Gray Larry Opelika AL Email
1976 QM Smith Curt New Haven CT Email
1976 SK Ness Glenn York PA Email
1977 BM Roe Terry Decatur IL Email
1977 BT Butler Michael Haverhill MA Email
1977 CPO Pannell Gary Memphis TN Email
1977 EM Swanson Steve Jamestown NY Email
1977 GM Bates David Graig CO Email
1977 HT Morris Raymond H.(pete) Hartly DE Email
1977 HT Wilson Dennis VA
1977 LCPL Rabner Donald San Diego CA Email
1977 LT Cruser Tom Mansfield MA
1977 MM Lyder Patrick Fishkill MI Email
1977 MR Joers Harold Saugerties NY Email
1977 QM Burmester Dale Red Bud IL Email
1977 RM Shaffer Steve Baltimore MD Email
1977 YN Zoppi Philip Stamford CT Email
1978 BM Davis Randal Keith Tucson AZ Email
1978 DK Law Ralph Pittsburgh PA Davis
1978 DK Pathiakis Nickolas Rangeley ME Email
1978 HT Newlon Keith Somerset OH Email
1978 YN Ulishney Peter Latrobe PA Email
1979 BM Langley Rich California CA Davis
1979 BM Phillippe Sheldon Vincennes IN Email
1979 BM Phillippe Sheldon Vincennes IN Email
1979 BT Hoskins Douglas Morgantown Wv WV Email
1979 BT Webster Daniel Waupaca WI
1979 BT Woods Joseph Charleston NC Email
1979 CPO Darke William A Stuart Town ME Email
1979 EN Allen Keith Oshkosh WI Email
1979 LTJG Harton John Scott AR Email
1979 MM Bryan Lloyd Bronx NY Email
1979 MM Carbone Bruce Saugus MA Email
1979 MM Serfoss Steven Tampa FL Email
1979 MM Suydam Matthew Clarks Summit PA Email
1979 SK Cordero Francisco Philadelphia PA Email
1979 SM Hayward Robert Salisbury MD Email
1980 BM Long Ronald Covington OH Email
1980 BM Vaughn Mike Concord CA Email
1980 BT Woods Joseph Charleston WV Email
1980 EM Verona Doug Rockford IL Email
1980 EN Newell Chris North Palm Beach FL Email
1980 EN Obrien John Skaneateles NY Email
1980 GM Gray Keith Newton NH Email
1980 LTJG Myers Larry Houston TX Email
1980 MM Hernandez Roland San Jose CA Email
1980 MR Sermeno Marcos Flint MI Email
1980 MS Mahoney Kevin Cincinnati OH Email
1980 MS Mclellan John Lowell MA Email
1980 OS Hernandez Ernie Indio CA Email
1980 PC Pritchard Tom Gretna NE Pending Activation
1980 PC Pritchard Tom Gretna NE Email
1980 RM Huff James De Land FL Email
1980 SK Harwood Robert Cordero
1981 BM Agee Willie Birmingham AL Email
1981 BM Vance Jason Saint Louis MO Email
1981 EN Alvarez John Colonia NJ Email
1981 ET Willuams Julian Philadelphia PA Email
1981 GM Zebra Robert Pittsburgh PA Email
1981 HM Eminger John Spokane WA
1981 HT Stein Cort Cincinnati OH
1981 IC Eminger John Spokane WA
1981 MM Pettitt Michael Point Of Rocks MD Email
1981 QM Goetzinger Glenn Baltimore MD Email
1981 RM Martin Rob Bay City MI Email
1981 RM Spatz David Lorain OH
1981 SH Blachly Fred Long Beach CA Email
1981 SM Linton Steve Claremore OK
1982 BM Vance Jason Saint Louis MO Email
1982 ET Gogan Michael Auburn NY
1982 FN Gillingham Dwayne Chillicothe OH Email
1982 GM Rogers Lewis Va Beach VA
1982 HT Rosecrans Dion Rupert ID Email
1982 HT Smith Calvin Philadelphia PA Email
1982 LCPL Brand Edward Warrington PA Email
1982 MM Coffey Marc Hicksville NY Email
1982 MM Decoteau Kenny Newlennox IL Email
1982 MM Depace Ben NY
1982 MM Lowen Ken Waterford MI
1982 MM Lowen Kenny MI Decoteau
1982 MM Zanto Jeffrey Madison WI Email
1982 MR Stopka Gary Rochester MA Email
1982 MS Stafelli John NJ
1982 SN Belew J. Cincinnati OH Email
1983 MM Mcmillian Jeff Saintjoseph MO