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U.S.S. DECATUR (DDG-31) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1940 FT Petzold Charles Hiddenite NC
1949 BM Otis John Kinsley KS
1949 QM Sniezak Joe Chicopee MA
1949 SN Avezzano Michael Elmsford NY
1949 SN Mcgovern Todd San Diego CA
1957 EM Hill Alan South Williamsport PA
1966 Hale Curtis Bronx NY
1966 BM Copeland John Yelm WA
1966 BM Folk Tom TX
1966 BT Allison Roy Brownwood TX Email
1966 BT Martinez Barney Los Angeles CA Email
1966 BT Stewart Jim Decatur TX Email
1966 BT Terrell William Bethel KS Email
1966 CPO Powers Edward Medford MA
1966 CS Badaracco Jon Pacifica CA Email
1966 CS Badaracco Jon Pacifica CA Email
1966 DK Schultz Dennis Woodsboro TX Email
1966 EM Spilva Fred NH
1966 ET Berst William Snohomish WA Email
1966 ET Serafine Albert San Antonio TX Email
1966 ET West Ed West Point CA
1966 FT Gratza William La Grange IL Email
1966 FT Kincaid Elihu (Eli) Lusby MD
1966 FT Tyler William Louisville KY Email
1966 FT Willis Richard Providence RI
1966 FTM Burnz Robert Koloa HI Email
1966 FTM Lawrence Joseph The Dalles OR Email
1966 FTM Linardi Anthony Harrisburg PA Email
1966 GM Brooks John Tacoma WA
1966 GM Kraft Ed San Jose CA Email
1966 IC Cameron Thomas Macomb Edwardsville IL Email
1966 LT Gneckow Gerald Golonda
1966 LT Taylor Marc Pittsfield IL Email
1966 LTJG Morris Tom Silver Spring MD Email
1966 MM Burnett Leslie Dallas TX Email
1966 MM Crouch Dennis Van Nuys CA Email
1966 MR Baker Ron Altadena CA
1966 MS Cooper Larry Rising Fawn GA Email
1966 QM West James Tucson AZ
1966 RD Baughn Kenneth Brevard NC Email
1966 RD West Tony Laurel MD Email
1966 SH Mccarthy John --
1966 SH West Henry --
1966 SK Boehlke Joe Coeymans NY
1966 SN Mowrer Frank Mission Viejo CA
1966 TM Indvik Larry Bottineau ND Email
1967 BT Bond Alfred Louisville KY Email
1967 BT Schmidt Ken Geneva OH
1967 IC Faber Christopher Pueblo NV Email
1967 MM Hurtado Jose Amarillo TX Email
1967 MM Millar John Virginia Beach VA
1967 QM Haynes Henry Long Beach CA Email
1967 RD Rhonemus Terry Greenfeild OH Email
1967 SK Hihn Gerald San Diego CA Email
1967 SM Sullivan Brian Compton CA Email
1967 ST Laney Tyson Marion NC Email
1967 YN Marticorena Billy Temple City CA Email
1968 Cunningham Dennis Omaha NE
1968 BM Didion Dale Erie PA Email
1968 BM Mcroberts Harold (micky) Cincinnati OH Email
1968 BM Wilson Richard Hillsboro OR Email
1968 BT Balko David Wilkes-barre PA Email
1968 BT Balko David Wilkes-barre PA Email
1968 BT Johnsen John Rockton IL Email
1968 BT Johnsen John Rockton IL Email
1968 BT Rudd Luther Knoxville TN
1968 BT Wing Paul Bakersfield CA Lindquist
1968 CPO Williams Hervey Bellingham WA
1968 EM Bowser Tom Denver CO Email
1968 ET Flanagan Bill Mill Creek WA
1968 FT Opitz Johann Sanjose CA
1968 GM Smith Jeffery Battle Creek MI Email
1968 LTJG Mcclellan Rick Glenwood Springs CO Email
1968 MM Estep Stephen Wabash IN
1968 MM Fleet Ron Philadelphia PA Huntoon
1968 MM Spade Vincent Boyertown PA
1968 QM Jennison Robert Los Angeles CA
1968 RD Falcon Steve Spring TX Email
1968 RD Scheu Don Lancaster VA
1968 RM Johnson Edward Mike Seattle WA Email
1968 RM Johnson Edward Mike Seattle WA Email
1968 RM Murray Louis St. Louis, Mo CA Email
1968 SF Audi Arthur Albany NY
1968 SH Curtis Mike El Paso TX Email
1968 SK Randy Manisfield OH Curtis
1968 SK Malone Jerry Greeneville TN Email
1968 SK Rozycki Len Chicago IL Email
1968 SN Garrett Patrick Hood River OR Wilson
1968 YN Carter Gary Bullsgap TN Tritschler
1968 YN Laws Matt Greeneville TN Email
1968 YN Tritschler George Enid OK Email
1969 BM Otis John Agra KS Email
1969 BM Thorbjornsen Richard Escanaba MI Email
1969 BM Willis Raymond Nah Unto GA Email
1969 BT Brooks David Mannington WV Email
1969 BT Ganus James Richmond CA Email
1969 BT Ganus James Richmond CA Email
1969 BT Hembree Cliff Middletown OH Email
1969 BT Whetstone Joe Millersburg OH Email
1969 BT Whetstone Joseph Millersburg OH Email
1969 BT Wing Paul Bakersfield CA Lindquist
1969 DK Hudson Richard Murphysboro IL Email
1969 DK Jahnke Monte Detroit MI Email
1969 FT Sechrist Ron Vanderbilt PA Email
1969 FTM White Donald New Milford NJ Email
1969 RD Kirkwood Terry Des Moines IA Email
1969 RM Been James Sparta IL Email
1969 RM Been James Sparta IL Email
1969 RM Harrison Carl Atlanta GA Email
1969 SN Mcgovern Todd Bronx NY Email
1969 SN Schafer Nick Colorado Springs CO Email
1969 SN Touchstone Phil Anaheim CA Email
1970 EN Kluchar Jerry Youngstown OH Email
1970 GM Drost Ronald Delavan WI
1970 GM Houck J.T. Estes Park CO
1970 LTJG Kurth Jeff Hicksville NY Email
1970 MCPO Hause William Columbus OH Email
1970 MM Huntoon Stuart Fort Worth TX Email
1970 PC Leszuk Steve Farmington CT
1970 RM Gallion Daniel (moose) Indianapolis IN Email
1970 SD Andrews Paul PA
1970 SN Ferrato Mike Anaheim, CA Email
1970 SN Nix Rodney Porterville CA Email
1971 Sherill John Mcpherson
1971 BM Leiser James Chicago IL Pending Activation
1971 BT Lindquist Joseph Roscoe IL Email
1971 BT Rigsby Jamesmichael Indianapolis IN
1971 CS Boon Dirk Artesia CA Email
1971 CS Morris Randy Montrose CO
1971 EN Burns Dennis Omaha NE
1971 FT Wise Paul Erie PA Email
1971 GM Clark Lou Long Beach, Ca 90815 CA Email
1971 GM Henney Ralph Medford OR
1971 GM Roussel Allyn Rocky New Orleans LA
1971 GM Stille John Mcpherson
1971 HM Hauck Jt Mcpherson
1971 MM Morris Roy Montrose CO
1971 MM Noe Charles Mitchell IN Email
1971 OS Punashot John Leetsdale PA Email
1971 OS Voss Stanley La Puente CA Email
1971 SF Mitchell Douglas Butte MT
1971 SK Gabriel Leonard Earlimart CA Email
1971 SK Parker James Long Beach CA Email
1971 TM Copeland Dennis Pasadena CA
1971 YN Fox Jay Baltimore MD Email
1972 BT Ames Kenneth Griffin GA Email
1972 BT Lindquist Joseph Roscoe IL Email
1972 BT Sealey Larry Marlette MI Email
1972 BT Wing Paul Tahlequah OK Email
1972 FT Heneghan Shawn Manchester CT Email
1972 GM Mabey Gerald Nampa ID Email
1972 GM Mcpherson Gary Atascadero CA Email
1972 GM Mcpherson Gary Atown CA Email
1972 MM Olin Melton Center ND Email
1972 SH Standriff Robert Lawrenceburg IN Email
1972 SK Kosel Jerry St Paul MN Email
1972 SN Smith Joe Shreveport LA Email
1973 BT Waterhout Blake Saint Louis MO Email
1973 ET Ravert Brian Binghamton NY
1973 EW Goldammer Michael Fountain Valley CA Email
1973 FN Gilbert Rick Houston TX
1973 GM Dominguez Lee Round Rock Tv TX Email
1973 HT Barger Joe Berwyn IL Email
1973 IC Grabowski Mathew Arcadia CA
1973 IC Mora Mark Merced CA
1973 MM Henscheid Gilbert Grovespring MO Email
1973 OS Woodcock Rodney Oneida NY Email
1973 RM Skillings Everett El Paso TX
1973 SGT Leviston David Dartmouth OR Email
1973 SGT Leviston David Dartmouth OR Email
1973 SGT Leviston David Dartmouth OR Email
1973 SH Peterson Craig Ogden UT Email
1973 SK James Barry Pensacola FL
1973 ST Phipps Randy Bakersfield CA Email
1973 TM Houtz Michael Spenard AK Email
1974 BT Costa Timothy Auburn CA Email
1974 BT Mcdougle Jim Stcloud MN
1974 BT Nielsen Terry Concord CA
1974 CS Christian Wayne (chris) Palestine TX Email
1974 EM Shields Thomas Covina CA Email
1974 EN Baker Daniel Proctor VT Email
1974 EN Haney David Tarriffville CT Email
1974 ET Yant David Bay City MI Email
1974 GM Elwell Michael Santee CA
1974 HT Barger Jerry Berwyn IL Email
1974 HT Broussard Larry Huttig AR Email
1974 HT Johnson Daniel San Bruno CA Email
1974 MM Baugh Steve Tulsa OK
1974 MM Holland Rj Jane MO Email
1974 MM Isaacs Bob Wenatchee WA Email
1974 MM Webb Don Dallas TX Email
1974 SK Plenty John Bay Head NJ Email
1974 SN Evans Ernest E Houston TX Email
1974 YN Bowden Neil Longview TX Email
1975 BM Wamsley Paul Denver CO
1975 CPO Anderson Steve Tallahassee FL
1975 CPO Johnson William E Los Angeles CA
1975 CPO Lightwine Howard Moundville MO
1975 ET Sneed John Pontiac MI Email
1975 GM Denault Alfred Tucson AZ Email
1975 IC Garig Scott Sepulveda CA Email
1975 MM Meeks Dale Trenton MO Email
1975 OS Sharp Doug Lansing MI
1975 SH Chappa Jerry San Angelo TX Email
1975 SH Quinene Ramon Spring Valley CA Email
1975 SM Bass Patrick Audie Zwolle LA Email
1975 SM Crum Ray San Diego CA Email
1976 BT Dawley Gary Garden City MN Email
1976 BT Kutcher Robert Canton OH
1976 BT Rose Bryan Redondo Beach CA Email
1976 EM Finley Richard Roberts
1976 HT Halbeck David Port Orchard WA Email
1976 IC Knott Robert Alexandria VA
1976 MM Dye Dave Richland MO Email
1976 OS Francis David Parkersburg WV Email
1976 RM Kallio Phillip Montebello CA Email
1976 ST Long Fred Naples FL
1977 BT Scott (scotty) Dennis Cottonwood AL Email
1977 BT Weeks Charlie Blythe CA
1977 EM Roberts John Marquette WI Email
1977 ET Roberts John Marquette WI
1977 FT Sturgill Homer Jacksboro TN
1977 GM Knievel Bill West Point NE Email
1977 HT Powers Gene Reed City MI
1977 IC Cassler Philip Chicago IL Garig
1977 MM Coffelt Phillip Sacramento CA Email
1977 MM Shuck Michael Riverside CA Email
1977 MM Tuel Brian West Chester PA Email
1977 MM Viehmann Mike Seattle WA Email
1977 OS Thurman Richard Lake Brownwood TX
1977 RM Chatman Maurice Chicago IL Email
1977 SCPO Wilson John Orlando FL Email
1977 SK Hildenbrandt Robert Rockville MD Email
1977 SM Hauff Dave Rapid City SD
1977 SN Lojek Rick Kenmore NY Email
1978 BT Kessler Carson Stony Point NY
1978 CPO Bryant Bantu K New Orleans LA Email
1978 FT Wright Rich Yankton SD Email
1978 GM Allen Dean Weed CA Email
1978 HT Johnson Dale Astoria OR Email
1978 HT Trapp Jim Loomis CA
1978 MM Bryant Bantu K New Orleans LA Email
1978 MM Grady Ken Lowell MA Email
1978 OS Brunt Raymond Lebanon NJ
1978 ST Norris Mike San Diego CA
1979 BT Hayes Isadore Trenton NJ Email
1979 HT Trapp James Sacramento, Ca CA Email
1979 MS Greene Michael Boston MA Email
1979 OS Felix Rick Tucson AZ
1979 ST Dubuque Rod Cambridge Springs PA Email
1980 BT Chapman Scott St. Albans WV Email
1980 BT Jackson Allan Corning IA Email
1980 BT Lauch Eric Beaver Falls PA Email
1980 BT Oden Rick Tyler TX
1980 BT Rebel John Las Animas CO
1980 BT Thomson Rodney North Bend OR Email
1980 BT Williams Jason TX
1980 EM Lomas Kevin Valparaiso IN Email
1980 HT Seider Carl Cincinnati OH
1980 HT Tscherteu Erich Fort Myers FL
1980 HT Williams Calvin Plains MT Email
1980 MM Baker Dave Thompson OH
1980 OS Deering Tim Miami CA
1980 OS Putas Shaune Olympia WA Email
1980 RM Mason Reginald Baltimore MD
1980 RM Reeves Clifton Dallas TX
1980 SCPO Oneal Ira Roswell NM Email
1981 BT Benti Dan Valdez AK Jackson
1981 BT Grieshaber Erich San Jose CA Email
1981 BT Mack Emory Plains GA
1981 BT Nichols Gregory Seattle WA Email
1981 CPO Huffine Thomas Evansville IN
1981 CPO Noland Lee Santee CA Email
1981 CPO Pytlak Joseph Temecula CA Email
1981 ET Benham Keith Houston TX Email
1981 EW Cunningham Chris Jackson MS
1981 HT Gremillion Steve Boulder CO Email
1981 IC Daniel Cecil Glenn Saint Francisville LA Email
1981 LTJG Clemson James Mililani HI Email
1981 LTJG Rivera Carlos Coronado CA
1981 MM Croach Robert Hammond IN Email
1981 OS Burns Robert Akron OH
1981 OS Deering Tim FL
1981 OS Gallego Johnny Tucson AZ Email
1981 OS Robert Burns Akron OH
1981 OS Urtz Matt Ilion NY
1981 PN Green Dennis Sutherlin OR Email
1981 SM Mize William Kansas City MO
1981 SM Sheehan Andrew Burlington VT
1982 BM Scott Leland Sacramento CA Email
1982 EM Lockwood David Bisbee AZ Email
1982 FTM Bland Joe Brunswick OH Email
1982 HT Bogacz Mike Roseville CA
1982 MM Melegi John Taylor MI Email
1982 OS Gallego Johnny Tucson AZ
1982 RM Mcmullen James Helena AR Email
1982 RM Mcmullen James Helena AR Email
1982 SN Evans Greg Mission TX Email
1983 HT Seider Carl Cincinnati OH
1983 SN Johnson Stanley San Diego CA Email