U.S.S. RICHARD E. BYRD (DDG-23) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1949 GM Fairweather Robert Apopka FL
1949 GM Sellers Mike Autryville NC
1949 MR Miller David Lexington NC
1949 SM Doliveck Joel Cleveland OH
1949 SM Doliveck Joel (Razor Blade ) Cleveland OH
1962 MM Odom Wilbert Lafayette LA
1962 SM Bruno Frank Cleveland OH Email
1963 Carroll Peter Hasbrook Hgts NJ Jackson
1963 BM Winland Jeff St. Petersburg FL Email
1963 BT Cann Albert Fortlauderdale FL Email
1963 BT Swanson Richard Bridgeport CT
1963 ET Earnest Bob Amity PA Email
1963 ET Edminster Phil (Ed) Spokane WA
1963 ET Vaughan Ronald Waltham MA
1963 FT Nye David Lawton ND Email
1963 FTM Gillispie Howard (gill) Athens GA Email
1963 GM Clarkson William William Yadkinville NC Email
1963 IC Coffelt Bill Springfield OH
1963 QM Zajkowski Vic Bklyn NY Email
1963 SK Houghtling John Corry PA Email
1963 SM Jackson Robert Montgomery WV Email
1963 SM Jackson Robert Montgomery WV Email
1963 SM Nef Larry Bronx NY Email
1963 YN Prell Bob Chicago IL Email
1964 Dye Scott NY
1964 BT Fling Roger Toledo OH Email
1964 BT Vorwald Fred Dyersville IA Email
1964 EN Kienke Robert Muskegon MI Email
1964 FT Higgins Martin Mccracken KS Email
1964 FT Syrek Gene Hackensack NJ
1964 GM Pheasant Rick Hollidaysburg PA Email
1964 GM Verville Thomas Lawrence MA Email
1964 HM Holmgren Loren Westmoreland KS Email
1964 QM Dehaan Lonnie Manteno IL Email
1964 QM Mulder Harry J Erie PA Email
1964 RD Campbell Jim Tallhassee FL Email
1964 RD Roff Charles Arkport NY Email
1964 RM Ball Clay
1964 RM Clay Paul Winnetka IL Email
1964 SN Mulder Harry J Erie PA Email
1964 ST Howard Anthony San Diego CA Email
1965 FTM Laird Willard Newark DE Email
1965 GM Maroney Ellis Medon TN
1965 LCDR Konkel Harry Jackson WY Email
1965 MM Keagle Ronald Battle Creek MI Email
1965 MM Keagle Ronald Battle Creek MI Email
1965 OS Dane Tom Ceres CA Email
1965 SF Iwanejko Ronald New Bedford PA Email
1965 SN Bradley Ronald OH
1966 Ball Joe Memphis TN
1966 Fleck Jim Jackson
1966 BM Bisbee Gary Kansas City MO Email
1966 CMDR Tutunjian Steve Trumbull CT Email
1966 DC Sheflett George Fairfax VA Email
1966 FT Capazzi John Anywhere CA
1966 FT Kemp Ed Payson AZ
1966 FTM Schweitzer Stephen Glendale CA Email
1966 MR Stiber Jerry Philadelphia PA Email
1966 SCPO Duffy Patrick Evanston IL
1966 SCPO Duffy Patrick J. Evanston IL
1966 SM Gronn Frank Chicago IL Email
1966 YN Latham Robert Mt. Carmel IL Email
1967 BT Collins William Council Bluffs IA
1967 BT Kramer William Moscow PA Email
1967 EM Marshall George Waco TX Email
1967 GM Merrill Frank Kelley
1967 HM Carter Jerry Kelley
1967 HM Kelley Howard Denver CO Email
1967 MM Baron George Bridgeport CT Email
1967 RD Niles Gene Canastota NY
1967 RD Schoenberg Don Fair Lawn NJ Email
1967 RM Chapman Rick York PA Schoenberg
1967 RM Chapman Richard Harrisburg PA Email
1967 YN Longano Anthony Cleveland OH Email
1968 CS Stockley Clayton Meriden CT Email
1968 ET Moran Jerry Syracuse NY Email
1968 GM Cunningham David L. Virginia Beach VA
1968 HM Carter Jerry Fortville IN
1968 MM Newell Gene Umatilla FL
1968 MM Washington Alex Washington Jr. Buffalo NY Email
1968 MM Welke Jerry Hanska MN Email
1968 MR Hatcher Robert Gallipolis OH Email
1968 QM Jockett Richard (bird Dog) Toledo OH Email
1969 BT Long John Ozark MO Wise
1969 BT Moser Ronald Selah WA Email
1969 BT Wise Henry G. Pensacola FL Email
1969 GM Greene Dannis Lakeland FL Email
1969 MR Miller David Dallas TX Email
1969 PN Pitman Dennis De Smet SD Email
1969 SH Temin Gerald Omaha NE Email
1970 CS George Teddy Albuquerque NM
1970 CWO Barnhill Arizona Dexter NM Email
1970 LT Steere David Panama City Beach FL
1970 RD Gartner Randy Robesonia PA Email
1970 SCPO Lewis Bill Anoka MN Email
1970 SM Meadows Steve Knightdale NC
1970 SN Tatum C.W. Bethania NC
1970 ST Haser Alvin Malta MT Email
1971 CS Glenn James Leavenworth KS Email
1971 CS Glenn James Leavenworth KS Email
1971 CS Johnson Arther Glenn
1971 CWO Furst Dave Johnstown PA
1971 EM Hoots Jan Nashville TN Email
1971 ET Gray Jack Suffolk VA
1971 GM Brunswick Robert Williamson NY
1971 GM Harris Jerry Athens OH
1971 GM Lyman Gary Philadelphia PA Email
1971 GM Wall Don Goodlettsville TN
1971 MM Ott Bruce Holland OH Email
1971 RD Prosser Robert Altoona PA
1971 RD Shaeffer David PA
1971 RM Capasso Fred North Braddock PA Email
1971 RM Duffy Thomas Parma Heights OH Email
1971 SM Schoen Henry New York NY Email
1971 ST Hyland Arthur New Castle DE Email
1971 ST Shinn Steve York PA Email
1971 TM Egan Keith Millville NJ Email
1972 CPO Rocheleau Claude Hartford CT Email
1972 CS Wagner Billy Joe Thomasville NC Email
1972 EM Boggs Barry Coeburn VA
1972 ET Alexander Mike Omaha NE Email
1972 ET Michael Bill Gainesville FL
1972 GM Brookshire David Marion NC Email
1972 GM Mcgee Steve Richmond VA
1972 HT Waldron Don Warren OH Email
1972 HT Waldron Don Warren OH Email
1972 MM Trippany Joseph Carrollton TX
1972 MM Worman Van Midland VA
1972 OS Casher Norman Duncansville PA
1972 OS Hickman Gene Lumberton NC Email
1972 RM Daniels Steve Savannah TN Email
1972 RM Devenny Robert Mars PA
1972 ST Alexander Gary Port Arthur TX Email
1972 ST Mcconnell Nacy Charlotte NC Email
1972 ST Mcconnell Nacy Charlotte NC Email
1972 TM Faulk Gary Yulee FL Email
1972 YN Farrell Bill Buffalo NY Email
1973 CPO Clark James Vaughn Beaufort NC
1973 CPO Rocheleau Rocky Hartford CT Email
1973 ET Beauparlant Mike Waterbury CT Email
1973 ET Kloc George Cass City MI Email
1973 FC Clements Jack Richmond Hill NY Email
1973 FN Crowe John Houston TX Email
1973 GM Wilkerson Jerry Hartwell GA Email
1973 HT Deadmond Gary Odin IL
1973 HT Heisterkamp James Cleveland OH Email
1973 HT Spinrad Thomas Ticonderoga NY Email
1973 HT Waldron Don Warren OH Email
1973 IC Gilbert Gary Cattaraugus NY
1973 LTJG Llewellyn David Erie PA Email
1973 PC Coleman Ray Jonesboro AR Email
1973 PN Rose Bill AR Dunaway
1973 RM Seales Owen Saginaw MI
1973 SM Curry Dennis New York NY Email
1973 SN Mcdonald Andrew Columbus GA Email
1973 YN Rose Texarkana AR
1974 BM Macintyre Dan Nashua NH Email
1974 BT Belmer Art Osage OK Email
1974 CPO Hynes Jerry Dumont NJ Email
1974 FTM Dunaway Les Burleson TX Email
1974 HT Crowe John Houston TX Email
1974 MM Jones Calvin Jacksonville FL Email
1974 SCPO Crowder Norman Dayton OH
1974 ST Gardner Daniel Cincinnati OH Email
1975 BT Bean Ronald Casper WY Email
1975 BT Nelson Larry Point Pleasant NJ Email
1975 CPO Harris Lemual Ray Parkin CA
1975 CWO Arquette Dan Belleville MI Email
1975 DK Hall Ken Hazleton PA Email
1975 EM Rideaux Raymond Houston TX Email
1975 GM Atkinson Jack Sammamish WA
1975 GM Gunderman George Indianapolis IN Email
1975 HM Petrosky Tom Levittown PA Email
1975 IC Mcerlean Tim FL
1975 MM Taylor Joe Vernon NY Email
1975 MS Petrozino Mark Saint Clair PA Email
1975 OS Radcliff Randolph Daytona FL Email
1975 RM Murphy James West Helena AR Email
1975 SK Conway Mike Baltimore MD Email
1975 SM Lopez Eddie Houston TX Email
1975 SM Molanick John Duquesne PA
1975 ST Norris Randy Uhrichsville OH Email
1975 YN Foshee Arvis Rosepine LA Email
1975 YN Samson David Panama City FL Email
1976 BT Goss Kim Johnstown PA Email
1976 BT Goss Kim Johnstown PA Email
1976 BT Robinson Robert Wellford SC Pending Activation
1976 BT Wooldridge Jeff St. Louis MO Email
1976 CMDR Bishop Ronald Drumright OK
1976 CPO Cummings Clyde Dayton OH Email
1976 EM Davidson Charles Pine Bluff AR Email
1976 EM Derr Scott Burbank CA Email
1976 ET Gitchel Michael Rockford IL Email
1976 FT Thomas Bob Potomac Falls VA
1976 FTM Grant Earl Little Rock AR Email
1976 FTM Labonte Ronald Newportville PA Email
1976 GM Mitchell Tom Birmingham AL
1976 HT Collins Bruce Osawatomie KS
1976 HT Cork Charles Houston TX Email
1976 HT Lecolst Paul Boston MA Cork
1976 IC Shawley Ronald Johsntown PA
1976 NC Snee Thomas Burke VA Email
1976 OS Hanson Paul Richfield MN Email
1976 QM Brzoska Raymond Southwick MA Email
1976 RM Murphy James West Helena AR Email
1976 ST Tormala Bob Grand Rapids MI Email
1977 BM Steigelman Tom Yonkers NY Email
1977 CWO Nance Lloyd Jacksonville FL
1977 ET Coyne Gary TX Dye
1977 ET Dye Rich Omaha NE Email
1977 EW Martinez Ken Chicago IL Email
1977 EW Martinez Ken Chicago IL Email
1977 FT Bever Daniel Orlando FL Email
1977 FTM Bazemore Mark Omaha NE Email
1977 GM Iverson Henryjoe Viersmill MD Email
1977 GM Mihm Cliffiord Bellingham WA Iverson
1977 GM Nantz Joe Milwaukee WI
1977 HT Armijo Arnold Albuquerque NM Email
1977 MM Bishop Jay Lewes DE Email
1977 MM Lamphere Charles (chuck) Dolgeville NY Email
1977 SCPO Hatherley Stephen Houston TX
1977 SH Pansacula Exequiel Mike) Philippines MD Email
1977 SN Holland Keith Bessemer City NC Email
1978 BM Asmus Scott Patchouge NY Mathias
1978 BM Dunn Charles English
1978 BM Mathias Samuel Slippery Rock PA Email
1978 BT Carter Kevin Kettering OH Email
1978 BT Oleski Ted Warren MI Email
1978 GM Smith Ray Seale AL Email
1978 IC Hines Daniel Lakeside CA Email
1978 MM Pittman Arthur Kipp Axson GA Email
1978 OS Beene Ricky Center TX Email
1978 SM Toleson Harlan Constantia NY Email
1979 BM English John Cliunton IN Email
1979 BM Sauls Stephen Chamblee GA Email
1979 BT Ebbeson Joe Yakima WA Email
1979 CPO Waller Alan Minot ND Email
1979 CT White Donald Decatur GA
1979 EW Henson Robert Woodstock IL
1979 GM Askins Monte Lexington SC
1979 GM Snyder Steven Springville NY Email
1979 MR Lemanowicz Steve Voorhees NJ Email
1979 MS Carvajal Ernesto New York NY Email
1979 MS Carvajal Ernesto New York NY Email
1979 QM Eley Leonard Milton DE
1979 SM Ohlemacher Scott Port Clinton OH Email
1979 SM Vater Jay Plymouth WI Email
1980 CPO Alexander Charles Virginia Beach VA Email
1980 FC Young Dale Crete IL Email
1980 FT Bowen Kent Acworth GA
1980 FTM Mcmicken Jim Binghamton NY Email
1980 OS Foote Vernon Newfield NJ Email
1980 RM Inskeep Tim Cincinnati OH Email
1981 BM Center Lewis Corpus Christi TX Email
1981 BT Hayward Jack Lewistown PA Email
1981 EM Jester David Anderson IN
1981 ET Fackelman Charles Toledo OH Email
1981 FT Sampson Steve Virginia Beach VA
1981 GM Thom David Sturbridge MA Email
1981 HT Long Country Statesville NC Email
1981 HT Rick Michael (rocko) Bound Brook NJ Email
1981 MM Ero Joseph Mckeesport PA Email
1981 SCPO Cox Mark Bristol TN
1981 SH Ruiz Eddie Buffalo NY Email
1981 SM Dean Gary Thomaston GA Email
1982 BM Brown Harold B Baltimore MD Email
1982 BM Brown Harold B Baltimore MD Email
1982 BT Csaplik Michael Clinton IA Email
1982 BT Longfellow John Muncie IN Email
1982 BT Tittle John Johnstown PA Email
1982 CPO Eisenberg Robert Corpus Christi TX
1982 CPO Salvador Almario Jacksonville FL Email
1982 EM Bennett Robert Leonardtown MD
1982 EM Sheehan John King Of Prussia PA
1982 EN Gavin Joe Schenectady NY Email
1982 EN Gavin Joe Schenectady NY Email
1982 EN Solomon Al Dearborn MI
1982 FT Watson Paul Salem NH Email
1982 GM Portelada Manny Ludlow MA Email
1982 GM Selby Bert English IN Email
1982 HM Mangels Thomas Howell NJ Email
1982 JO Hixenbaugh John Mishawaka IN Email
1982 MM Merkman Sherman Brooklyn NY Email
1982 MM Stenger John Georgetown OH Email
1982 PN Lister Lorne Saint John, Nb, Canada FL Email
1982 SCPO Spulick Richard Manchester CT Email
1982 YN Patterson Scott Carrollton OH
1983 BM Dare Michael Felton DE Email
1983 EN Mayhew Dave Lincoln NE Email
1983 ET Bowles Bruce Mckenney VA Email
1983 ET Braffith Earl St Croix Usvi PR Email
1983 FC Smith Britt Guthrie OK Email
1983 IC Lohmann Terry Bonner Springs KS Email
1983 MM Miller Robert (bob) Anawalt WV Email
1983 MM Miller Robert WV Stenger
1983 MM Ryan George Dallas TX Email
1983 MM Wofford Judd Schaumburg IL Email
1983 OS Henson Kevin Hillsboro OR Email
1984 BM Alston Mark Washington D.c. DC Email
1984 BM Welch Alan Florence SC Email
1984 BT Allen Tim Satsuma FL Email
1984 BT Baker James Memphis TN Lindsey
1984 BT Lyons Daniel Tampa FL Email
1984 CPO Jackson Baltimore MD
1984 EM Chrisman Tim Urbana OH Email
1984 EM Mapp Barry Chincoteague Island VA Email
1984 EW Backes Bob Winchester VA
1984 GM Soule Randy Texarkana AR Email
1984 GM Soule Randy Texarkana AR Email
1984 GM Van Dorn Michael Clinton IA Email
1984 HT Erdmann Scott Kenosha WI Email
1984 MM Johnson Richard Albany GA Email
1984 OS Hernandez Ernie Indio CA Email
1984 OS Hollenbeck Wayne Middletown CT Email
1984 OS Ortiz Edward Bronx NY Email
1984 RM Jackson Donald Atlanta GA Email
1984 SH Legrys Christopher Queens FL Email
1984 SK Bridges Fabian Atlanta GA Lindsey
1984 SK Merrick Alan Kokomo IN Email
1984 SK Robinson Thomas Sandusky OH Email
1984 SM Lindsey Aaron Fairfield CA Email
1984 SM Tanner Mike Wrightsville GA Email
1984 ST Browning Rick Yuba City CA
1985 CPO Lovett Mike Snow Hill NC
1985 ET Belieu Ronald Des Moines IA Email
1985 FC Bell David New Iberia LA
1985 FC Brown Michael Monroe LA Email
1985 FC Winchell Jason Detroit MI
1985 FC Winchell Jason Royal Oak MI Email
1985 HM Foreman Jeff Cleveland OH Email
1985 HT Little Cliff Poway CA Email
1985 OS Anderson Robin Auxvasse MO Email
1985 OS Cole Vernon (chip) Ville Platte LA Email
1985 OS Cole Vernon Shrevport LA Anderson
1985 SCPO Abram Brian Amesbury MA Email
1985 SCPO Snyder Steve Orlando FL Email
1985 SCPO Sterling Keneth Bowles
1985 SH Embry Gilbert Seattle WA
1985 SM Clark Jeffrey Daytona Beach FL Email
1985 ST Plummer Shane Springfield OH
1986 Onderdonk Laurens Scott Falls Rochester NY
1986 BM Barnum Johnny Ft.lauderdale FL Email
1986 BM Fox Wayne White Shield ND Email
1986 BM Garstka Dieter Brandon Florida FL Email
1986 BM Williams James High Point NC Email
1986 FC Eberenz Tim Warren NJ
1986 FC Winchell Darrell Royal Oak MI Email
1986 FC Winchell Jason Detroit MI Email
1986 GM Klingborg Keith Allentown PA Email
1986 GM Musante Neal Stafford VA Email
1986 MM Look Lynn Otis ME Email
1986 SK Alexander Timothy Hopkinsville KY
1986 SM Dawley Alan Lancaster SC Email
1987 BT Morgan Tim Pittsburgh PA Email
1987 FC Greene Chip Van Wert OH Email
1987 GM Mcdonald Jacob Brundidge AL Email
1987 HT Bonner James Santa Fe TX Email
1987 HT Withrow Patrick Dover DE Email
1987 LTJG Eckhoff Robert East Setauket NY Email
1987 OS Middleton David Cottonwood Point MO Email
1987 SK Humphrey Timothy Suffolk VA Email
1988 BT Verhoef Steven Covina CA Email
1988 CPO Jennings Lesley Jacksonville FL
1988 CPO Moreno Dan Santa Barbara CA
1988 GM Conway Scott New Castle IN Email
1988 PN Jereb Charles Huntington Beach CA
1988 RM Newkirk Ronald Smithfield NC Email
1988 SN Kimpel Ric Fond Du Lac WI Email
1989 FC Charland Alan Bradford VT
1989 HM Cerros Gil Edmond OK Email
1989 HM Cerros Gil Edmond OK Email
1989 OS Jordano Scott West Palm Beach FL Email