U.S.S. JONAS INGRAM (DD-938) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1940 -- Freeburg Edward Manchester CT
1949 Barnett Warren (Moose) Cabot VT
1949 RM Howe David Mayport FL
1956 SO Blankenship Glen TX Swanton
1956 SO Swanton Edward Havre MT Email
1957 BT Schreiber John Manheim PA
1957 IC Britten Tom Syracuse NY Email
1957 LTJG Pennington Pete Pen Argyl PA Email
1957 MM Iapalucci Patsy Crabtree PA Email
1957 PN Weiss Gary Clermont FL
1957 SH Highsmith Richard Macon GA
1957 SK Wagoner Donald Parkersburg WV Email
1957 SK Wagoner Donald Parkersburg WV Email
1958 BT Long John Detroit MI Email
1958 BT Page Alfred Olan Higbee MO Email
1958 ET Simmerson L.W. Vallejo CA
1958 FT Wojciechowski John Bellmawr NJ Email
1958 IC Gerstle Terrance Wilkes Barre PA Email
1958 MM Cressey Stanley Hyde Park MA Email
1958 RD Hazard Bill West Hartford CT Email
1958 RM Titolo Robert West Hempstead NY Email
1959 -- Lawrence Robert Jericho VT Email
1959 BT Harrelson Troy Monks Corner SC Thompson
1959 BT Thompson Richard Lansing MI Email
1959 CPO Cote Donald Wilmington DE
1959 EN Robinson David Finlayson MN Email
1959 HM Turenne Mozart Manville, Now Bristol RI Email
1959 IC Edgerton Charles Denver CO
1959 MM Hanssen Pete Bethlehem PA
1959 PVT Hines Jimmy Jonesville VA Email
1959 SM Schmidt Joe Springfield Gardens NY Email
1959 SN Page Gary Yates
1959 SN Yates Graham Morrisville NC Email
1959 SN Yates Graham Morrisville NC Email
1960 BT Carter Ronald Lexington KY
1960 BT Thompson Richard Lansing MI Email
1960 FN Zellers Bud Baltimore MD Email
1960 FT Doney Nick Indianapolis IN
1960 FT Ussery Dale Jerseyville IL
1960 HM Lee Robert E. Huntington CT
1960 QM Reily Mike Atlanta GA Email
1960 SO Madison Wesley Winterset IA Email
1961 ET Madewell Bobby Oak Ridge TN Email
1961 GM Yates Kenneth Bellmore - Long Island NY Email
1961 MM Lepage Edward Swansea MA Email
1961 RD Cowles Ron Manchester CT Email
1961 SK Ventola Pete Rockaway NJ
1961 SM Connolly George Pomeroy Oh OH Email
1961 SO Carroll Ernist Madison
1961 SO Johnson Earl Louisville KY Email
1962 ET Churchill Chuck Madison WI Email
1962 GM Wray David Pittsburg PA
1962 MM Hoeksema Leslie (les) Kalamazoo MI Email
1962 MM Hoeksema Leslie (les) Kalamazoo MI Email
1962 SF Sizemore Guy David Pickaway WV Email
1962 SK Coppenbarger Donald Bloomington IL
1962 SK Smith James Cincinnati OH
1962 SO Smith Thomas R. Falls Creek PA Email
1962 ST Brown Earl L Plainfield NJ Email
1962 ST Mccarthy Michael IL Brown
1962 YN Yohn Ed New Cumberland PA Email
1963 BM Gati Peter Staten Island NY Email
1963 BM Gati Peter Staten Island NY Email
1963 CMDR Christoph Karl San Diego CA Email
1963 EM Brown James Fairmount GA Email
1963 EM Kernan Gordon Baltimore MD Email
1963 MM Abbott Robert (Bob) Akron OH
1963 PN Campbell Thomas \ Philadelphia PA Email
1963 SN Germany Pat Waco TX Email
1964 BM Altman Elmer Lakeland FL Email
1964 BM Thomson Charlie Saugerties NY
1964 LTJG Schnier Keith (Bud) Orange Park FL
1964 MM Fettes Frank Branford CT
1964 MS Berg Ron Shelton WA Email
1964 SH Ryden Roy William Chicago IL Email
1965 BM Shearer Pat Hemet CA
1965 BT Kurtzke Charles Brooklyn NY Email
1965 BT Rogers Buddy Northern Ohio OH Thompson
1965 BT Slater Clarence(sonny) MA Thompson
1965 FT Beveridge Mike Phoenix AZ
1965 FT Heil Bob Hellertown PA Email
1965 IC Paulus John Berkeley IL Email
1965 LTJG Hill Thomas Wayne MI Email
1965 LTJG Selzer Jack Kansas City MO Email
1965 MM Coleman Stephen Belvidere IL Email
1965 MM Uriarte Pedro Ajo AZ Email
1965 RM Rhoads Bill Bowling Green KY Email
1965 SH Warren Floyd Clarksville AR Email
1965 YN Cisik, Usaf (ret) Msgt David Milford DE Email
1966 CPO Foote Harry Falls City NE
1966 CS Leblanc Kenneth Chauvin LA Email
1966 EM Blough Galen Jeromesvile OH Email
1966 EM Coudray David Minneapolis MN Email
1966 EN Kennedy Ellis /al Cleveland OH Email
1966 EN Kennedy Ellis Cleveland OH Email
1966 EN Kennedy Ellis Cleveland OH Email
1966 GM Phillips Earl Richmond KY Email
1966 SN Daum Tex WA Ryden
1966 ST Mcconnell Stephen Mccook NE
1966 YN Bizzano Robert Indianapolis IN Email
1966 YN Bizzano Robert Indianapolis IN Email
1966 YN Greene (desron14 Staff) Bob Fort Woth TX Email
1967 BT Gage Donald Harry South New Berlin NY Email
1967 BT Gage Donald South New Berlin NY Email
1967 DC Kenney Michael Quincy MA Email
1967 FN Talarczyk Francis North Branford CT Email
1967 FT Martin Richard (rick) Fort Dodge IA Email
1967 MM Blough Galen Jeromesville OH Gage
1967 MM Crum Gerry Seattle WA Email
1967 RD Costa Dane Miami FL Email
1967 RD Klaiber Thomas R. Deposit NY Email
1967 RM Fagel John Cleveland OH Email
1967 RM Reaves Larry Humboldt KS Email
1968 BT Mccracken David Meadview AZ
1968 DC Archer Richard Cleveland OH Jarvis
1968 DC Jarvis Paul Wilder VT Email
1968 ET Mcintyre Keith Miami FL Email
1968 FN Martell Richard Somerville MA Email
1968 MM Boots Robert Cincinnati OH
1968 MR Felock David Wynantskill NY Email
1968 OS Young Charles Piasa IL Email
1968 PN Lewis Edward El Paso TX
1968 SM Gallagher Charles Virginia Beach VA
1968 YN Rinehart Mike Badin NC Email
1969 BM Paolini Lawrence Queens NY Email
1969 MM Reynolds Charles Gordo AL Email
1969 RM Howe David Epping NH Email
1969 SH Avalos John Buena Park CA Email
1970 BM Andrews James Faison NC Email
1970 BM Elliott Daniel Hampton TN Email
1970 BM Estrada David Not Sure WV Elliott
1970 BM Smith Tommy Andrews
1970 CM Kleinboehl Jeff MN
1970 CS Amorella Denny Chicage IL Email
1970 CS Longobardi Glenn (longo) Braintree MA Email
1970 CS Maher Ron Hooper, NE Pending Activation
1970 EN Brinkley Curtis Rome GA Email
1970 ENS Haas Frank Springfield PA Email
1970 ET Abrahamson Carl Cranston RI Email
1970 FN Midkiff Keith Winfield WV Email
1970 FT Thornton Wayne Charleston SC Email
1970 IC Conley Ted Morrilton AR Email
1970 IC Porto Sam Buffalo NY Email
1970 LTJG Barefoot Thomas W. New Brockton AL
1970 LTJG Peterson David Granada Hills CA Email
1970 MM Eidel George Irvington NJ Email
1970 MM Eidel George Irvington NJ Email
1970 MM Palladini Joseph Franklin MA Email
1970 MM Perkins David Fayetteville NC
1970 MM Pieren Robert Grants Pass OR Email
1970 MM Ploski Dennis Detroit MI Email
1970 MR Hastler Gordon Akron OH Email
1970 OS Brule Robert Auburn MA Email
1970 RM Abernathy Harvey \\ Woodstock GA Email
1970 RM Bice William Jasper AL
1970 RM Cabannis Christopher Florence A
1970 RM Comish Jim Mobile AL Email
1970 RM Kean David Hattiesburg MS
1970 RM Reilly Joseph (Tim) San Antonio TX
1970 SH Hampson Mark Hopkinton MA Email
1970 SM Milheiser Robert West Islip NY Email
1970 SM Peek Sanford Franklin NC Email
1970 SN Steele P Norristown PA Email
1971 BM Bryant George {frank} Westpoint GA Email
1971 BT Cosgrove Steve Miami FL Email
1971 BT Oneill Thomas Hesperia MI Email
1971 CPO Connely Donald Joplin MO Email
1971 CPO Connely Donald Miami OK Email
1971 CS Baker Larry Eagle Lake TX Email
1971 EM Brown Larry Norfolk VA Email
1971 ENS Minnich John Honolulu HI Email
1971 FT Sullivan Jeff Tampa FL Email
1971 MM Lupo Benjamin Commack NY Email
1971 MM Lussier Norman Salem NH Email
1971 OS Atkins Joe Burgin KY Email
1971 PC Meisinger Pete Wanaque NJ Email
1971 SN Mccranie Edward L. Bo Eastman GA Email
1971 ST Ladd Donald Hammond IN Email
1971 ST Nelson Steve Dallas TX Email
1971 ST Raub Dave Phillipsburg NJ Email
1971 ST Robinson Robert Chattanooga TN
1972 Costigan Tom Pozorski
1972 Curry Robert Pozorski
1972 Humphrey Phil Pozorski
1972 Schroder Bob Pozorski
1972 BT Huling Al Belleville IL
1972 BT Whitenack Art Center Point IA Email
1972 CPO Sledge Thomas Baltimore MD
1972 CS Dubois Donald Cranston RI Email
1972 EN Imlay Glen Macon GA
1972 EN Imlay Glen Chicago IL Posman
1972 EN Posman Don Elmira NY Email
1972 FT Montgomery Rush Orlando FL
1972 HM Gabrielson Thomas Minneapolis MN
1972 HT Kutsch Dale Pleasant Hill CA Email
1972 LT Baczenas Bob St. Louis MO Email
1972 MM Ory Gilbert New Orleans LA Email
1972 OS George Douglas Millhall PA Email
1972 OS Haske Greg Gaylord MI Email
1972 OS Moffe Edward Elmira NY Email
1972 SN Adkins Barry Philadelphia PA Email
1972 ST Davis John Des Moines IA Email
1972 ST Pozorski Curt Green Bay WI Email
1973 BM Contreras Juan San Angelo TX Email
1973 BT Abreu Joe West New York NJ Email
1973 ET Schultz William Homestead PA RIP
1973 FT Carragher Mike Batavia NY
1973 FT Carragher Mike Batavia NY Email
1973 GM Howard Dennis Mobile, Alabama AL Email
1973 OS Marzzacco Gordon Bridgewater NJ Email
1973 QM Daugherty Ernie Primm Springs TN Email
1973 RM Roberts Robert P Topeka KS Email
1973 YN Marston Robert Dover DE Email
1974 BM Obrien James Walton KY
1974 CWO Skiba Ed Bayonne NJ Email
1974 FT Olund Rick Ulster Park NY Email
1974 LCDR Waddell John Corpus Christi TX Email
1974 LCDR Waddell Duplicate Record Need To Delete One Of Them TX Email
1974 OS Campbell David Dunedin FL
1974 SK Fritz Michael Mt. Sterling KY Email
1975 Nowiki Charles Detroit MI Horak
1975 BM Brown Michael Enterprise AL Email
1975 BT Cummings William White Sulphur OH Email
1975 BT Mahan Richard Channelview TX
1975 EM Bouquet Don Smyrna GA Email
1975 FT Hurt Thomas Tavares FL Email
1975 GS Howard Dennis Mobile AL Email
1975 HM Boos Michael Muskogee OK Email
1975 HT Horak Gary Kewaunee WI Email
1975 IC Langston Bruce Miami OK Email
1975 IC Nay Kevin Weirton WV Email
1975 MM Hutson David Denham Springs LA
1975 OS Perdue Scott Babson Park FL Email
1975 RM Hopper Stefan Dallas GA
1975 RM Shumaker George Oakhill WV Email
1975 SN Noell Raymond Hayward CA Email
1975 TM Goodman Jay Ft. Lauderdale FL Email
1976 BT Bryant Paul Gallatin TN Email
1976 BT Bryant Paul Gallatin TN Email
1976 BT Testagrossa Joseph Orlando FL Email
1976 CPO Habib Phillip Pensacola FL
1976 EM Roegner Mark St. Clair MI Email
1976 FT Aguilera Benjamin San Benito TX Email
1976 FT Dobson Richard Irving TX Email
1976 FT Ringewold Barry Holland MI Email
1976 GM Sullivan Thomas Philadelphia PA
1976 HT Nowicki Charles Dearborn Heights, Mi MI Email
1976 HT Nowicki Charles Dearborn Heights MI Email
1976 LT Mudge David Burlington NJ Email
1976 MM Anderson Mark Bossier City LA Email
1976 MM Berkenstock Terry Melborne FL Email
1976 MM Kopp Buck Houston TX Email
1976 MM Noblitt Kenneth Springfield MO Email
1976 MM Openshaw William Lake Worth FL
1976 OS Thoma Robert Akron OH
1976 PN Romano Frank Berwyn IL Email
1976 RM Chirhart Thomas St. Cloud MN
1976 RM Eaton Robert Las Cruces NM
1976 SK Reno Frank New Castle PA Email
1976 ST Carpenter Bill Gainesville FL
1976 YN Carroll Jim Northville MI Email
1977 BM Haschker Michael Charleston SC
1977 BT Barton Dan Southgate MI Email
1977 BT Cassady David Palm Bay FL Email
1977 CPO Moore John Washington NC
1977 LT Martin Greg Greenville OH Ogg
1977 LTJG Ogg Bradley Dayton OH Email
1977 MM D. Kenneth Springfield MO Email
1977 MM Fadgen William Albuquerque NM
1977 MM Hardwick Danny Athens GA Noblitt
1977 MM Noblitt Kenneth Springfield MO Email
1977 MM Openshaw William Lakeworth FL D.
1977 MN Hardwick Danny Athens GA D.
1977 RM Sites Michael Carlisle PA
1977 SH Bazzani Martin Lapeer MI Email
1977 ST Bingham Daniel Springville IN
1977 ST Miller Fred Mountain Home AR Email
1978 BM Pendley Rodney Wichita Falls TX Email
1978 BT Gadbois Joseph Riverhead NY Email
1978 CMDR Young Bruce A. Ogg
1978 EN Jimmerson Glenn Andalusia AL
1978 LTJG Bellacicco Allan SC Ogg
1978 LTJG Galindau Dan Ogg
1978 MM Hidle Derald Montgomery AL Email
1978 MM Nawn Hugh Willingboro NJ Email
1978 PC Widrow David Randolph MA Email
1978 QM Shoemaker Ogg
1978 RM Brown Stanley Meridianville AL
1978 ST Long Chuck Orange TX Email
1978 YN Krimmel Ogg
1979 ET Smith Patrick Sanford FL
1979 FT Shafer Clair Coldwater MI
1979 FT Shafer Clair Coldwater MI
1979 HT Martin Roger Columbus OH Email
1979 LT Lyons Mark Houston TX Email
1979 LT Thompson Lou Ogg
1979 LTJG Gradisher Joe MI Ogg
1979 MM Hatfield William Rushville IN Email
1979 OS Cronin Bob Germantown MD
1979 SN Brown Willard Guilford NY Email
1979 ST Anderson Lee Jacksonville FL
1979 ST Anderson Lee Jacksonville FL Krick
1979 ST Zinicola Michael Orlando FL
1980 BT Doster James Syracuse NY Email
1980 ENS Brown Michael Des Moines IA Email
1980 ET Merrill Brent Baltimore MD
1980 FT Brown Ronald L. Akron OH Email
1980 GM Eggleston Forrest Strykersville NY
1980 HT Diedrick Bob Wausau WI Email
1980 HT Porter Ken Drain OR Email
1980 HT Rickerson Willard Augusta GA
1980 IC Graves Robert Bicknell IN Email
1980 LT Wynkoop Peter Atlantic Beach FL
1980 MM Swanson Paul Manistique MI Email
1980 MM Teal Allan Janesville WI
1980 MS Velazquez Thomas Miami FL Email
1980 OS Harris Dave Fort Wayne IN
1980 OS Harvey Daniel Waycross GA
1980 SM Krick Steve Minneapolis MN Email
1980 ST Hayes Michael Fortuna MO Email
1980 TM Mocsary Greg Hammond LA Email
1981 BT Mcconnell Chuck Cleveland OH Email
1981 EW Leggett David Jacksonville FL Email
1981 FT Clark Gerden Sulphur Springs TX Email
1981 GM Taylor Ricky Jacksonville FL
1981 MM Baumann Dave Orlando FL
1981 MM Hild Scott Bradenton FL Email
1981 MM Trinch Gardner
1981 OS Kelly Tad Mclean VA
1981 SH Gardner Kenneth Indiana PA Email
1981 SH Gardner Kenneth Black Lick PA Email
1981 SN Mcclain Bill Coatesville IN Email
1981 SN Olcott Les Davenport IA
1981 ST Russell Da Whitefish MT
1982 BT Clayton Wayne Ballston Spa NY Email
1982 BT Clayton Wayne Ballston Spa NY Email
1982 BT Moore Kevin Lakeland FL Email
1982 GM Huttman George Naples FL Email
1982 GM Huttman George Naples FL Email
1982 GM Huttman George Naples FL Email
1982 GM Huttman George Naples FL Email
1982 HT Wheeler Christopher R. Lancaster NH Email
1982 MM Calhoun Robert Ohatchee AL Email
1982 RM Harris Jeff Brunswick GA
1982 ST Carlson Alton Philadelphia, Pa PA Email
1982 TM Campisano Edward Norwood MA
1983 FT Gibson Lewis Merritt Island FL Email
2000 FN Falk Thomas Houston TX