U.S.S. SHELTON (DD-790) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1946 -- Sheridan Robert Sturgis KY
1946 SC Stark Richard Lodi NJ Email
1947 FC Marino Gerard Bronx NY
1948 BT Mancuso Angelo Port Arthur (groves) TX Email
1948 SN Hobbs John Dallas TX Email
1949 Person Lester Valejo CA Mancuso
1949 BT Frohman Fredrick Ny NY Mancuso
1949 CPO Rodd Jim Scranton ND
1949 CPO Wilhelm --
1949 ET Jordan Lee Corpus Christi TX
1949 FN Parrilla Jesse San Antonio TX
1949 HM Fatzinger Franklin Templeton CA
1949 SCPO Markowsky Vincent Syracuse NY
1949 ST Slaughter Gerald (Jerry) Minden NV
1950 DK Di Muro Joseph Chicago IL
1950 SK Hoffman L. E. Jack Shenandoah IA Email
1950 SO Thomas Harold Montesano WA Email
1951 ET Millen Ernest Coos Bay OR
1951 FT Smith Jack Normal IL
1951 LTJG Louviere Frenchy Bella Vista AR
1951 LTJG Mcarthur James Newton KS
1951 LTJG Mcarthur James Woodland Park CO
1951 MM Brown Al Boyd WI Email
1951 MM Herring Dan Rocky Mount NC Email
1952 BM Drake Richard Shelbyville IN
1952 BM Drale Richard Shelbyville IN
1952 EM Weatherford Roland (sonny) Kinder LA Email
1952 EN Harvey Dan Hannibal MO
1952 GM Calderwood William Chicago IL
1952 GM Falck Harlan Minneapolis MN Email
1953 ET Oliver Ronald Norwalk WI
1953 FT Gregoire Lionel (pete) Dayton ME Email
1953 QM Petrowich Richard Ramsey IL Email
1954 FN Chaffin Herbert (youngpup) Ontario CA Email
1954 MM Mcleran Leonard Wellborn FL Email
1954 MM Teagardner Fred MO Mcleran
1954 SO Pittman Howard Texarkana TX Email
1955 BT Hand Lorenzo E. Alma GA Email
1955 FC Meadors Danny Waco TX Email
1955 FT Aas James Moorhead MN
1955 FT Goodrum Edward` Sacramento CA Email
1956 BM Groom George Brooklyn NY
1956 DC Chamberlain Eugene Trenton NJ
1956 EM Scalzo William (bill) North Hollywood CA Email
1956 MM Teegarden Fred Excelsior Springs MO
1956 RD Humphrey Bobby Memphis TN Email
1957 BM Shirley Jerry D. Kerrville TX
1957 FT Stivers William Long Beach CA Email
1957 MM Haun Frank Philadelphia PA Email
1957 MM Hesslen Jerry Nowata OK Email
1957 QM Bishop Henry K Columbia SC
1957 RM Inge Charles --
1958 BT Dagnan James Paoina CO Email
1958 BT Ray Morris Pflugerville TX
1958 BT Smith Glenn MS
1958 BT Willhite Paul Detroit MI Email
1958 CPO Hall Freeman Tifton GA
1958 CS Waite James Nibley UT Email
1958 FT Dahl Roy Coeur D Alene ID Email
1958 MM Carden Kenneth Sadler TX
1958 MM Chandler James Harrisburg AR
1958 SF Charles Hilger Ravenna TX
1958 SK Sewell Larry Lyons KS Email
1958 SM Ver Joe San Dimas CA Email
1958 SO Price Stephen Los Angeles CA
1960 BM Hijar Fernando El Paso TX
1960 FT Gallob Thomas Eagle Rock CA Email
1960 MM Perry Raymond Albuquerque NM Email
1960 MM Resner Robert Russell KS Email
1960 RM Fleming Dave Jersey City NJ RIP
1960 SK Robinson Donald Mentone,ca CA Email
1960 SM Kearney John Union City NJ Email
1960 SO Golden Joe Eunice NM
1961 BT Shepherd Eddie Lufkin TX Email
1961 DC Dillon Harry (speed) San Rafael, Ca CA Email
1961 ET Dunaway Clifford Birmingham AL
1961 LTJG Ansley James Oglethorpe GA Email
1961 LTJG Griffith Richard Philadelphia PA Email
1961 MCPO Taylor James G. Wilmington DE
1961 MM Smith Ray Worthington MN
1961 RD Burd John Chicago IL Email
1961 RD Kennedy Jack Huntsville AL Email
1961 RD Robertson Bill Crisfield MD Email
1961 RM Campbell Howard San Antonio TX Email
1961 RM Romero Arthur Albuquerque NM Email
1961 TM Mangold Vernon G, San Antonio TX
1961 TM Mangold Vernon G, San Antonio TX
1962 BT Gilpin Richard Mt. Pleasant MI Pending Activation
1962 BT Lambert Paul Eastport/ Deer Island N B ME Email
1962 GM Battenfield Gary Chouteau OK Email
1962 MM Campbell Donald Sumter SC Email
1962 SM Ferguson Milton Rockmart GA Email
1962 YN Sullivan Gerald (jerry) Santa Cruz CA Email
1962 YN Sullivan Gerald Santa Cruz CA Email
1963 LTJG Westberg De Witt (dewey) Seattle WA Email
1963 YN Gibson Daniel Delavan WI
1964 BM Boughey Thomas Toledo OH Email
1964 BM Boughey Thomas Toledo OH Email
1964 BT Skaar Gary Battle Ground WA Email
1964 EM Beard F. Neal Wichita KS Email
1964 ET White Gerald Salem OR Email
1964 LT Johnson, Lt 1st Div. ? ? Hudson
1964 RM Mueller Gerald (jerry) Moorhead MN Email
1964 SM Hudson Richard Coos Bay OR Email
1965 BT Smith Paul Chattanooga TN Email
1965 CS Wells Earl Killeen TX Email
1965 ET Adams Russ Eagle Rock CA Email
1965 ET Jackson Phil Tulsa OK Email
1965 ET Overy Paul Superior WY Email
1965 FT Weyland Anthony Mchenry IL Email
1965 MM Tonielli Joseph Earlville IL
1965 QM Johnston Richard Great Falls MT Email
1965 QM Richard Bob East Providence RI Email
1965 QM Smothers Steve Paragould AR Email
1965 RD Fowler Roy Canyon TX
1965 RD Mccomas Chip San Diego CA Email
1965 RD Vance William Mt. Sterling IL Email
1965 SF Gladstone Jerry Naugatuck CT
1965 ST Husted Richard Tacoma WA Email
1966 -- Gort Mike Marshall MN
1966 BM Groom George Brooklyn NY
1966 BT Shaffer Darell Irving TX Email
1966 BT Wray Charles Harwood MO Email
1966 GM Emrick Donald Dayton OH Email
1966 HT Mclellan Mac Gordon Brooklyn NY
1966 RD Gort Mike Marshall MN
1966 RD Reinking David Milford IL Email
1966 RM Burton Phil Great Falls MT Email
1966 RM Jenkins Nathan Mueller
1966 RM Long Delbert Hillsboro OR Email
1966 SF Camis Thomas Chicago IL Email
1966 SF Cox Walter LA
1966 SH Carmicheal Jessie Smithville GA Email
1966 SH Taylor Jesse Lee Leesburg VA Carmicheal
1966 SM Wheaton James Muskegon MI Email
1966 ST Snyder Earl Indianapolis IN Email
1966 ST Wilson Roger Elkland PA
1966 YN Mullins Richard Schuylkill Haven PA Email
1967 BT Bennett Tom Sullivan IL Email
1967 BT Wright James Conneaut OH Email
1967 CPO Hildebrand Gary Pendleton OR
1967 CS Shirley Robert Garden Grove CA Email
1967 ET Matson Kenny Rutland OH Email
1967 ET Wanner Robert Ogden UT Email
1967 HT Holden John Flagstaff AZ Carmicheal
1967 MM Gulbranson Ronald Coleharbor ND
1967 OS Glen James Tacoma WA Email
1967 PC Garland Lynden Richmond VA Email
1967 RD Harbison Thomas --
1967 RD Pulver Harold P. Canaan NY
1967 RD Steinbock Richard Easthampton MA
1967 RM Nesmith Briggs Lubbock TX Email
1967 RM Stepler Howard Louisville KY Email
1967 YN Dixon Rich Sacramento CA Email
1967 YN Nyhus Dwane Wadena MN Email
1968 BM Beasley Jaimes
1968 BM Noel Gordon Rio Linda CA Email
1968 BM Schmitt Glen Quincy IL Email
1968 BM Valerio San Diego TX Jaimes
1968 BT Carey James Springfield PA Email
1968 GM Johnson Dennis Kennett MO Email
1968 IC Gossman Edward Port Huron MI Email
1968 MM Hensley Larry Kingsport TN Email
1968 PC Holland Clifford Seattle WA Jaimes
1968 RD Cheek Mike Crawfordsville AR Email
1968 RM Hamilton Michael Wichita Falls TX Email
1968 RM Kearns Jack D Waterloo IA Email
1968 SN Jaimes Lorenzo Carpinteria CA Email
1969 Pinkston OH Phillips
1969 BM Phillips Samuel Spiro OK Email
1969 BM Phillips Samuel Spiro OK Email
1969 FT Hindsley Rick New Madison OH Email
1969 FT Rambo Newell Corpus Christi TX Email
1969 QM Kreider Mike Dixon IL Email
1970 -- Rankin Otis San Antonio TX Email
1970 BT Franklin Freeman Warren PA Email
1970 CS Muller Walter Laplace LA
1970 EN King Charles Rosman NC Email
1970 FN Becker Robert Great Falls MT Email
1970 FN Betzig Robert Everrette WA Becker
1970 GM Shaw Harold Redwood City CA Email
1970 MM Martinez Reuben L. Waaco TX Email
1970 RM Alu Robert Hamilton NJ Email
1970 RM Lovecchio Michael La Puente CA Email
1970 RM Zdarko Damien Titusville PA Email
1970 SF Smith Walter Raymond WA Email
1970 SK Winkler Eugene Temple TX Email
1970 SN Bevan Patrick Edina MN Email
1971 BT Beese Kent Spokane WA Email
1971 BT Beese Kent Spokane WA Email
1971 EN Gibson Marc Wilsonville OR Email
1971 FT Williamson Harold Hoquiam WA
1971 GM Marble Ronald Ogden UT Email
1971 GM Rivera Victor Rochester NY Email
1971 GM Rivera Victor Rochester NY Thompson
1971 GM Stahl Charles Seattle WA Email
1971 LTJG Watkins John Hilliard OH Email
1971 MM Davis Al Hamburg MI Email
1971 MM Sanders Calvin Atoka OK Email
1971 MM Sanders Ernest Atoka OK Email
1971 MM Weir Andy Claremont CA Farris
1971 RM Exford David Achorage AK Email
1971 RM Rodgers David Marblehead MA Email
1971 RM Roth John Lodi, California CA Email
1971 RM Waters Michael New Orleans LA
1971 SK Huff Kevin Santee CA
1971 SN Kozlik Michael Northfield OH Email
1971 ST May Jeffrey Forest Grove OR Email
1972 BT Johnson Joe Alton IL
1972 MM Farris Larry Excelcior Springs MO Email
1972 PN Thompson Samuel Patagonia AZ Email
1972 QM Pierce Duane Des Moines IA Email
1972 SGT Halterman Larry Columbus OH Email
1972 SH Leuters Bill Philadelphia PA Email
1972 SH Miller Glenn Detroit MI Email
1972 ST Goodwin Chris Riverside CA Email
1972 ST Houts Tim Galva IA Email
1972 TM Wrolson Ron Tacoma WA Email