U.S.S. TINGEY (DD-539) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1941 RM Mackey Lawrence Negaunee MI Email
1942 BM Marcott Francis Grand Forks ND Email
1942 CS Lighter Donald Pekin IL Email
1943 -- Eames George San Anselmo CA
1943 ENSN Johnson Boyd Provo UT
1943 FT Jurewicz Edwin Wayne NJ Email
1943 GM Caviness Robert \ Coulee Dam WA Email
1943 MM Hunt Keith Indian Trail NC
1943 SK Hall Delbert Marshallville OH
1943 TM Dixon Robert C Richwood OH
1950 ET Tomlinson Richard Kerrville TX Email
1950 FN Smither Noel F Midway KY Email
1950 MM Behner Louis Jacksonville FL
1950 MM Brugman Keith Sioux Rapids IA
1950 MM Filip Leon Thompson Ridge NY Email
1950 MM Johnson Thomas Unk --
1951 LTJG Wright Ralph Bountiful UT
1951 MM Daniels Clarence (dan) Dean IA Email
1951 MM Seelie Louis Gilroy CA
1951 SM Adams Keith Santa Monica CA Email
1951 SO Omorrissey William Blauvelt NY
1952 BM Seney Clifton Redford NY
1952 BM Seney Clifton Redford NY
1952 LCDR Richards Bobzin
1952 LTJG Bobzin Don Orange CA Email
1952 MM Smith R. L. Lowry City MO
1952 MR Campbell Albert Saltlake City UT
1952 SK Germain Jack Richmond VA Email
1952 SM Detlefsen David Amityville NY Email
1952 SO Mason George Trinidad CO Email
1952 SO Thompson Harold --
1953 GM Brewer Charles Clemson SC
1954 BM Koury Peter Pottsville PA Email
1954 CS Digh John Lincolnton Nc 28092 NC Email
1954 GM Bender Keith Sylvan Grove KS
1954 GM Lindley Jack L Shawnee OK
1954 QM Wing Joe Mitchell SD Email
1955 EM White George Pioneertown CA Email
1955 MM Abney Richard Gillespie IL Email
1955 MM Plumridge Gerald (jerry) Detroit MI Email
1955 PN Cavanaugh Ron Hopkins MN Email
1955 SF Chaffin Herbert Ontario CA Email
1956 FT Steinmetz Jack Compton CA Email
1956 FT Stephenson Thomas Redondo Beach CA Email
1956 RM Mushin Al New Haven CT Email
1956 SM Mcwhirter Brian Houston TX Email
1956 YN Hamner Kenneth El Reno OK
1957 BT Hamilton Carl Townsend GA Email
1957 MM Anderson Norman Andy Santa Cruz CA Email
1957 MM Minor Travis Woodsboro TX Email
1957 MR Simmons Charles San Diego CA Email
1957 RD Pintaudi Ross Fontana CA Email
1958 SN Corralez Harry Los Angeles. CA
1959 BT Fisher Gary Gilbert AZ Email
1959 FN Spohn William Bakersfield CA Email
1959 FT Martin Gordon Orrville OH Email
1959 GM Sanders Eddie Burbank CA Email
1959 MM Reamer Ernest Bellingham WA Email
1960 BT Sparks Carmen Camden TN Email
1960 BT Sparks Carmen Camden TN Email
1960 LTJG Cloud Stanley Los Angeles CA
1960 QM Degregg Steve Seattle WA Email
1960 QM Holden Roy Ft. Pierce FL
1960 RD Mason Hugh Astoria OR Email
1960 RD Porter J C Duncan OK Email
1961 BT Giddens David Mart TX Email
1961 FT Schardin Roy San Diego CA Email
1961 RD De La Garza Rodolfo (rudy) Mission TX Email
1961 RM Meers Wayne Lafayette GA Email
1961 SM Underwood Ralph Smithville TN Email
1961 SO Walker Earl San Diego CA Email
1961 TM Grayson Gilbert San Diego CA Email
1962 LTJG Melander Errol Bowdoinham ME
1962 MM Langley Ronnie Smackover AR
1962 RM Wright Arvin Jefferson TX Email
1963 DK Hanson Gary Hollywood CA Email
1965 PN Lingenfelter Daniel San Diego CA Email