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U.S.S. CARL VINSON (CVN-70) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1940 Reyes Robert Texas CA
1940 Reyes Robert San Diego CA
1940 CPTN Borchers Doyle --
1940 IC Storm Raymond Wisconsin --
1940 IM Kanne Bryan Brainerd MN
1978 LTJG Coleman Donald --
1979 EM Sickler Vic Silverdale WA
1979 ET Edwin Hall Fulton MO
1979 SK Ritualo Samuel Philippines CA Email
1980 Smart Danny Havana FL Harris
1980 Smart Danny Havana FL Harris
1980 AB Bolling Desi Jacksonville FL Email
1980 AB Puca Tj Hamilton Square NJ
1980 AG Barry Mike Boston MA
1980 AG Davis Roy Lyman ME
1980 AG Hayes Mickey Goose Creek NC
1980 BM Burke Ken Montgomery AL Email
1980 BM Lowery John R. Easton MD Email
1980 CPO Little Jimmy Memphis TN
1980 DS Beverly Richard Cattaraugus NY Email
1980 EM Carpentier Mark Holbrook NY Email
1980 EM Langley Nka: Smith Jeffory Savannah GA Email
1980 EM Reichert Jim College Point NY Email
1980 GM Gombos Tim Buffalo NY Email
1980 GM Northrup Shaun Pittsfield MA
1980 HT Bellows Steven Whittemore MI Email
1980 HT Carley Greg Kalamazoo MI Email
1980 HT Cunningham David New Albany IN Email
1980 HT Muckey Dale Desoto MO
1980 HT Stokely Jimmie Miramar FL
1980 HT Wall Larry Minneaplois MN Email
1980 LT Clay Scott Vicksburg MS
1980 LT Henkler Ed Westminster MD Email
1980 MCPO Bell Gerald W. Saint Ignace MI
1980 MM Blasone Joseph Brooklyn NY Harris
1980 MM Buchanan John Waycross GA Email
1980 MM Clemon Charles Havana FL Harris
1980 MM Dennis Td Point Pleasant WV Email
1980 MM Dennis Td Point Pleasant WV Email
1980 MM Dougherty Clint Flint MI Oliverius
1980 MM Harris Curtis Havana FL Email
1980 MM Holman Leon Harris
1980 MM Mitchell Terry Weatherford TX Email
1980 MM Moore Justin Al AL Email
1980 MM Moore Justin Hueytown AL Email
1980 MM Oliverius Douglas Las Vegas NV Email
1980 MM Osborn Emmitt Petaluma CA Email
1980 MM Smith Duane Saracuse NY Harris
1980 MM Wilson Ta Tim Jonesborough TN
1980 OS Brown Curtis Aurora CO Email
1980 PN Chavez Pedro Tipton OK Email
1980 PN Moquin James Midland MI Email
1980 PN Perez Luis Pr Weiler
1980 PN Weiler Don Ashland OH Email
1980 QM Fowler Joseph Gregory Atlanta GA Email
1980 RM Kirk Jay Leavenworth KS Email
1980 RM Laboy Julie Norfolk VA Email
1980 RM Laboy Edwin E Patillas PR Email
1980 RM Laboy Edwin Patillas Laboy
1980 RM Ross Willie AR
1980 RM Ross Willie AR
1980 SK Holmes Dean Pittsfield NY Email
1980 SK Lucas, Bailey, Shaw, Soltis,brad Holmes
1980 YN Smith Mark Louisville KY Email
1980 YN Spallone Tom Hillsdale NJ Email
1981 AB Borowski Stan Swansboro NC
1981 AB Brown Steven Marion OH Email
1981 AB Dougherty Daniel Streator IL Email
1981 AB Fragapane James Brooklyn NY Email
1981 AB Lee Louis Prairie City OR Email
1981 AB Lehoux Phillip Belmont MA Email
1981 AB Mohler Gary Monticello IN Email
1981 AB Montanez Ernie Eunice NM Email
1981 AB Partain Ronald Anderson IN Email
1981 AB Reed Daryl Rogers AR
1981 AB Reeve Jesse Arlington VA Email
1981 AB Savetz Kurt St. Louis MO Email
1981 AB Sepulveda Juan Toa Baja PR Email
1981 AC Ballard Gary Berthoud CO
1981 AC Hemphill Wesley Beeville TX
1981 AK Barnum Richard Syracuse NY Email
1981 AK Bell Robert Rochester NY
1981 AM Gaut Anthony Dandridge,tennessee TN Email
1981 AM Gaut Anthony Dandridge TN Email
1981 AO Sullivan Bob Williamsport PA
1981 AS Malagon John East Los Angeles CA Email
1981 AT Michaud Robert Chelmsford MA
1981 AZ Brown Reginald New York NY
1981 BM Ball Joe Leaf River IL
1981 BM Bish Richard Detroit MI Email
1981 BM Collins Michael Portsmouth VA Email
1981 BM Wilker Thomas Dearborn Heights MI Email
1981 CPO Baardsgaard Terrell Virginia Beach VA
1981 CPO Plocar Mike Atlanta GA
1981 CPO Thomas John L. Port Orchard WA
1981 DS Parsons James Battle Creek MI Email
1981 DS Thomas Steven Wiscasset ME Email
1981 DT Wade Shark Augusta GA
1981 EM Vincent Stephen G. Rochester KY Email
1981 FC Kluss Mitchell Clarion IA
1981 FT Heckman Michael Toledo OH Mason
1981 FT Mason Gary Euclid OH Email
1981 HT Joel NC Caton
1981 HT Caton Ron South San Fransisco CA Email
1981 HT Traynom Roger Harrisburg AR Email
1981 LCDR Malec Ronald Charletson SC
1981 LI Willingham Michael Brandon FL Email
1981 LT Andies Robert Warwick RI
1981 MCPO Lamy Robert Pensacola FL
1981 MM Campbell Chuck Dyersburg TN Email
1981 MM Coon Warren Burton MI Email
1981 MM Ellis John Burgess VA Email
1981 MR Johnson Joesph A. Morgantown KY Vincent
1981 MS Leiberg Jamie Battle Creek MI Email
1981 MS Wheaton Pierre Pittsburgh PA Email
1981 PH Mcgrath Dan Bossier City LA
1981 PH Wynn Tom --
1981 PN Draper Andy Los Angeles CA Email
1981 PN Hillberry Andrew Seattle WA Email
1981 SCPO Brown Michael Jacksonville FL
1981 SH Devonde Jeff Charlotte NC Email
1981 SH Wilkes Vincent Chicago IL Email
1981 SN Decker Walter Fort Lauderdale FL Email
1981 WT Gray Christopher M El Paso TX Email
1982 AB Belote Ron Monticello GA Email
1982 AB Dorpinghaus Dutch Degraff MN Email
1982 AB Gillis Stuart Lompoc CA
1982 AB Lewis Fred Phoenix AZ Email
1982 AB Moore William San Francisco CA Email
1982 AB Orsino Chris NJ
1982 AD Benton Wayne Montgomery AL Email
1982 AE Hett Donald Albany GA Email
1982 AG Barrett Don Virginia Beach VA
1982 AG Peterson William MA
1982 AK Lown Eric Lynn Haven FL Email
1982 AN Navarrete Joe Los Angeles CA
1982 AN Vinsonhaler Kevin Vancouver WA Email
1982 AO Olive William Pennsauken NJ Email
1982 AT Landry David Elkin NC
1982 BM Femia John Ft. Walton Beach FL
1982 BM Harding Barry Medina OH Email
1982 BM Walker James Newark NJ Email
1982 CPO Poe Dale Poe CA Email
1982 DS Smith Dale San Antonio TX Email
1982 EM Antellas Christopher Nokesville VA Email
1982 ENS Macdonald Scott Waterbury CT
1982 EW Fox Thomas Mobile AL
1982 HT Kelley Kevin Plattsburgh NY
1982 HT Varney Carl Bellevue OH
1982 LT Hanson Alvin Minneapolis MN Email
1982 MCPO Calistro Harry Honolulu HI Email
1982 MM Brown Tim Southpoint OH
1982 MM Rice Mark Phoenix AZ
1982 MM Stutzman John Raymore MO Email
1982 MS Lopez Gilbert San Jose CA Email
1982 OS Mills James Newport Beach CA Email
1982 OS White Gary Blakely GA Email
1982 RM Morris Clif Jackson MS Email
1982 SGT Lynn Mike San Diego CA
1982 SK Ritualo Samuel Philippines CA Email
1982 SM Adams Carter Walker
1982 SM Walker George Brooklyn NY Email
1982 SN Werkmeister Stacey Evansville IN Email
1983 -- Wegenke Kent Horseshoe Bend AR Email
1983 AB Byrd Jesse New Orleans LA Email
1983 AB Hardy Walter Baltimore MD Email
1983 AB Monn Stan --
1983 AD Blessing Brian --
1983 AD Liccioni Brian Houston TX
1983 AM Chambers Chris Chicago IL Email
1983 AM Rushton Daniel Burt MI Email
1983 AO Ferruggia Carmine Brooklyn NY Email
1983 AT Sotelo Reymundo Mission TX Email
1983 AZ Rubel Dave Knoxville TN
1983 BM Blessing Bryan Lake Charles LA
1983 CMDR Baldwin Cliff San Diego CA Email
1983 CPL Burns David Siloam Springs AR Email
1983 CPO Maucher William Sarasota FL Email
1983 CPTN Borchers Doyle Clifton TX
1983 DP Zachmeyer Charles Katy TX
1983 EM Horton Jeffrey Sacramento CA
1983 EM Porter Mark West Covina CA Email
1983 ET Asher Clint Farmers Lake MI Email
1983 ET Gwynne Jon Battle Creek MI Email
1983 GM Harmon Michael Oklahoma City OK Email
1983 GM Pryor Leeroy Denver CO
1983 HM Goldsborough George Wilmington DE Email
1983 HM Moore Perry Kansas City MO Goldsborough
1983 HM Shaw Carl North Augusta SC Goldsborough
1983 HT Sauer Jeffrey Brainerd MN Email
1983 HT Sharkey Terry Toledo Ohio CA
1983 MM Hines Gary Arcadia FL
1983 MM Langdon Eric Pleasant Valley NY Email
1983 MS Holmeyer Rodger Barstow CA
1983 MS Wright John Escondido CA Email
1983 MS Wyatt Mark Camden NJ Email
1983 OS Achterberg Richard Seattle WA Email
1983 RM Morris
1983 RM Burnside David Sycamore OH
1983 RM Schwanke David Parkville MD Email
1983 RM Wolfe Kevin Akron OH Email
1983 SCPO Williams Michael Jacobson MN
1984 AB Montileaux Wesley Cedar River MI Email
1984 AB Simms Trace Pemberton NJ Email
1984 AE Cline Robert Havelock NC Email
1984 AE Ellis Delman Columbia TN Email
1984 AE Fournier Mark MN Walker
1984 AE Williams Scott Richmond VA Email
1984 AK Overton Robin Vincennes IN Email
1984 AN Stine Michael Northridge CA Email
1984 AS Corsi Todd Etna WY
1984 AS Taylor Charlton Indianapolis IN Email
1984 AT Bennett John Southern Pines NC Email
1984 CPO Corsi Todd Etna WY
1984 CPTN Cantin Jr (Pit Bull) Minneapolis MN
1984 CWO Labampa Jesus Subic Bay GU Email
1984 DS Brushway Thomas Northampton MA
1984 EM Thorndycraft Tom Appleton WI Email
1984 EW Shelton Terry Peculiar MO Email
1984 HT Baylor Maury Rolla MO Wegenke
1984 HT Griffen Scott Hannibal MO Email
1984 HT Wegenke Kent Horseshoe Bend AR Email
1984 HT Wegenke Kent Horseshoe Bend AR Email
1984 LCDR Brundage Donald Atlanta GA Email
1984 LCDR Brundage Joe Atlanta GA
1984 LI Smythe Pierre New York DE Email
1984 MCPO Mcenerney William Kingston WA
1984 MCPO Valdez Anthony Colorado Springs CO
1984 MR Haynes Bill Cleveland OH Email
1984 MS Corey David Caribou ME Email
1984 MS Scott Robert Alameda UT Email
1984 PN Gargano Vincent New Haven CT Email
1984 PN Gargano Vincent New Haven CT Hardrick
1984 RM Dillinger Scott Carbondale IL Email
1984 RM Hughes Earl Milwaukee WI Email
1984 RM Mullen Rob Cincinnati OH
1985 AB Duggan Jim Milford CT Email
1985 AE Walker (mack) Doug Garrison TX Email
1985 AE Walker (mack) Doug Garrison TX Email
1985 AE Womack Durwood MI Walker
1985 AO Windrick Robert Petaluma CA Email
1985 AQ Laboy Jim New Haven CT Email
1985 AS Calabrese Peter Buffalo NY Email
1985 AS Douglas Jeffrey Tawas City MI
1985 AW Barak David Lakewood CA
1985 AZ De La Vega Roberto Los Angeles CA Email
1985 BM Olan Alcides Bridgeport CT Email
1985 CPO Biagioni Steven Sacramento CA Email
1985 CPO Chapman Terry Susanville CA Email
1985 CPO Nalangan Efren San Jose CA
1985 EM Bongner Michael St. Louis MO Email
1985 GM Adams Danny Chapmanville WV Email
1985 HM Ford Mark Baltimore MD Email
1985 HM Leroy Jeff San Diego CA
1985 IS Stockham Bradley Jackson MI Email
1985 MA Donaldson Emmanuel Sacremento CA Email
1985 MM Ziegler James Harmony PA Email
1985 MS King Carl Ten Mile TN Email
1985 OS Donaldson Emmanuel Sac CA Email
1985 OS Gore Greg Cave City KY Email
1985 PFC Walker Keith Oakland CA Email
1985 PN Hardrick Ray San Jose CA Email
1985 PN Stansbury Ronald Modesto CA Email
1985 YN Adams Tony Daly City CA Email
1986 21 Connally Mike Marianna FL
1986 AB Dixon Jeff South Roxana IL Email
1986 AB Galbreath Barry Hettinger ND
1986 AB Hale Steven Stockton CA Email
1986 AB Ruppert George Philadelphia PA Email
1986 AB Schmidgall Michael Port Orchard WA
1986 AB Tallman Gene Syracuse NY Email
1986 AB Todd Richard Modesto CA Email
1986 AB Trammell Gary Springtown TX
1986 AB Vaughn David Bessemer AL Email
1986 AB White Michaael Mt Vernon MO Email
1986 AD Von-roretz Matthew Atlanta GA Email
1986 AE Boone Mark OK Walker
1986 AE Flet Joseph Morenci AZ Email
1986 AE Mize Robert Spokane WA
1986 AE Sacks Robert Rolfe
1986 AM Rolfe Dean Springfield OR Email
1986 AO Costanzo Thomas Reno NV
1986 AO Keichel Edward Newtriopili PA
1986 AO Oliver Keith Riverhead NY Email
1986 AO Wood William Fairfield OH
1986 AS Calabrese Peter Buffalo NY Email
1986 AS Hulin Greg Council ID Email
1986 AS Meeks Billy Oak Harbor WA Calabrese
1986 CPL Miller William Lakewood CA Email
1986 CPO Runyan Daniel (Rudy) Ajo AZ
1986 CWO Rountree Roy Rochester NY Email
1986 DS Mozingo Bill Granbury TX
1986 DS Rowley George Ardmore OK Email
1986 FC Flatt Ken Del City OK
1986 GS Respess James Plymouth NC
1986 HM Mcclanahan Michael Katy TX Email
1986 HT Gray Richard Denver CO
1986 HT Sharp Dennis Raton NM
1986 IS Potter David --
1986 MM Donald John O. Lewisburg TN Email
1986 MM Haight Brien Vicksburg MI Email
1986 MS Marsh Paul Fallon NV
1986 OS Race Robert Oakland CA
1986 OS Tindal Toby TX
1986 QM Davis Eric Turlock CA
1986 RP Kennedy Edward Twentynine Palms CA
1986 SK Cortes Benny L. San Francisco CA Email
1986 SK Sheppard Vincent New York NY Email
1986 WT Chastain Stuart Indianapolis IN Email
1987 AB Greer George Lincoln CA Email
1987 AB Osborn Joe Grand Junction CO
1987 AD Robinson Thomas (tom) Phenix City AL Email
1987 AD Robinson Thomas (tom) Phenix City AL Email
1987 AE Miller Roger Schirmer
1987 AE Postel Mike Joliet IL Email
1987 AE Schirmer Chris Glenellyn IL Email
1987 AO Martinez Juan Harlingen TX Email
1987 AO Vaughan Donald Bismarck AR
1987 AS Bailey Franklin New Albany IN Email
1987 AS Muntz Thomas Farmington IA
1987 AT Tadlock Steve San Diego CA Email
1987 DP Prisendorf Tim Sedalia MO
1987 DT Trebing Michael St. Louis MO Email
1987 ET Wheaton Marty ID
1987 HM Hill Robert Wawarsing NY
1987 HM Morrison Xavier San Diego CA
1987 HT Goodwin Randy Ray Brownsburg IN Email
1987 LCPL Hartman Bruce Sutherland IA Email
1987 LT Winkowski David San Diego CA Email
1987 MM Mcgarr William Glens Falls NY
1987 OS Bipes Jeffery San Francisco CA Email
1987 OS Bockiaro (buckaroo) Peter Monroe CT Email
1987 OS Wells Michael Salt Lake City UT
1988 AB Banet John New Haven IN Email
1988 AB Bradley (Brad Man) Michael A. Los Angeles CA
1988 AB Bruns Jason Westgate IA Email
1988 AE Lang David Queens NY Email
1988 AM Miller Tracy OK
1988 AM Petti J Ny NY
1988 AN Young Richard San Antonio TX Email
1988 AO Gremillion Kevin New Orleans LA
1988 AO Kenyon Robert Payette ID Email
1988 AO Kostecki Daniel Denver CO
1988 AT George Dan Birmingham AL Email
1988 AT Grabowski Alan Milwaukee WI Email
1988 AT Sansom Mark Wayne WV
1988 DC Kittle Michael Detroit MI
1988 DK Farrell Gregory Sacramento CA
1988 ET Katterjohn Michael Waynesboro VA Email
1988 HM Stansbury Richard Colorado Springs CO
1988 HT Hallock Don G. Idaho Falls ID
1988 IC Griggs Mark Evans CO
1988 IC Vestal Michael Antioch CA
1988 IC Weech John Rome GA
1988 MM Turley Timothy Kokomo IN Email
1988 MM Wood Mark Hubbardston MI Email
1988 MS Green Perry Chicago IL Email
1988 MS Stagg Monroe Green
1988 OS Barrett Josh Shawnee OK Email
1988 SCPO Chapman Don Seattle WA
1989 AB Gassman Glen Dubuque IA Email
1989 AB Jarvis Steven St Cloud FL
1989 AB Morgan Michael Tyler TX
1989 AB Snyder Ray York PA
1989 AB Ward Buddy Dayton OH
1989 AE Herrera Eddie Denver CO
1989 AK Cleveland Hal Burleson TX
1989 AM Farrar Brian Kearney NE
1989 AO Bretzke Clint New Braunfels TX Email
1989 AQ Sawyer Anton (tom) Omaha NE Email
1989 AT Culp David Santa Cruz CA
1989 AT Culp David Santa Cruz CA
1989 AZ Espinoza Les(art) Aztec NM Email
1989 BM Wojciechowski Thomas Bremerton WA Email
1989 CPO Von Querner Russ San Francisco CA Email
1989 DC Davis Tracy Houston TX
1989 DC Ramer Brandon Littleton CO Email
1989 DC Struckoff Dean Reno NV Email
1989 DC White Fred Sargent NE Email
1989 DP Barban David Fairfield CA
1989 DP Black James North Vernon IN Email
1989 DP Delorenzo Ronald Johnstown NY Email
1989 DS Clark Gregory Detroit MI Email
1989 ET Allen Randy Allegany NY
1989 ET Kobb Carl Mishawaka IN Email
1989 ET Wilkins William Detroit MI
1989 ET Wilkins William Detroit MI Email
1989 EW Hubbard J. Ryan Chillicothe IL Email
1989 IS Walters Scott Livingston TX
1989 IS Walters Scott Livingston TX
1989 MM Reed Mike Reno NV
1989 MM Van Scyoc Lyle Merizo WA
1989 OS Wilson Rob Topeka KS Email
1989 PVT Shanley Paul Hartford CT Shanley
1989 PVT Shanley Paul Hartford CT Email
1989 RM Sparks Paul Chicago IL Email
1989 SK Strom Michael Eugene OR Email
1989 SM Frye David Riverside CA Email
1989 WT Burbridge Adam Auburn WA Email
1989 YN Brammer Joe Marion OH Email
1990 Haskell Bobby HI Ramer
1990 AB Baker Cecil Jackson,Ms WA
1990 AB Gunter David Memphis TN Email
1990 AK Barker Roger Pensacola FL
1990 AO Harkins Chris Darlington MD
1990 AO Lanenga Scott (bull) Carrington ND Email
1990 AQ Haney Michael Davenport IA Email
1990 AT Baker Elden Flint MI Email
1990 AT Bass John Debary FL Email
1990 AT Evenson Christopher Santa Barbara CA
1990 BM Baer Nathan Blow
1990 DP Walton Mark Renton WA
1990 EM Satchell Ellis Chicago IL Email
1990 EW Gonzalez Carlos Cullman AL Bass
1990 HT Cochran Kevin Sacramento CA Email
1990 MCPO Bay Ron Luverne MN Email
1990 MM Marsden Jesse El Paso TX
1990 MS Blow William Chesapeake VA Email
1990 MS Witt Steven Charleoi PA
1990 SCPO Oliver Bob Saratoga CA Email
1990 WT Mccomas William Bloomington IL
1991 AB Teeters James Albion MI
1991 AD Jenkins David Kansas City KS Email
1991 AK Bacon Aaron Portland OR
1991 AO Wood Frederick Columbiana AL
1991 EM Baker Adam Round Rock TX Email
1991 ET Glandon Tim Olalla WA Email
1991 ET Holmes Todd Curtice OH Email
1991 FC Swing Dennis Auburndale FL
1991 MM Kuhn Scott Havre MT Email
1991 MM Washburn Art Pioche NV
1991 OS Stiles Robin Kansas City MO Email
1991 RM Fox Fred Yonkers NY Email
1991 RM Naglich Edward Etters PA Email
1991 SH Lazzaretti Pete Seattle WA
1991 SM Doucet David Jennings LA
1991 SM Doucet David Jennings LA
1991 SM Gilson Jerrold Chicago IL Email
1991 WT Bullock John Dallas TX Email
1991 WT Erickson Patrick Minong WI Email
1992 Fundenburgh Andy Mt. Veron OR
1992 AB Aruther Long Island NY Merrill
1992 AB Clarke Arthur Long Island NY
1992 AB Davis Mike Mt. Veron OR
1992 AB Gonsalves Cory Fall River MA Email
1992 AB Hall Rick Salt Lake City UT
1992 AB Johannik Patrick Chaparral NM Email
1992 AB Madrigal Javier San Antonio TX
1992 AB Markley Bryan Rowland NC Email
1992 AB Merrill Patrick Ignacio CO Email
1992 AB Stone Jerry Tucson AZ Email
1992 AB White Steven C Port Neches TX
1992 AC Batiste Gable Port Arthur TX Email
1992 AC Pastirik Nicholas Cleveland OH
1992 AE Chamberlain Joshua Salisbury VT Email
1992 AK Chandler Glenn Nashville TN Email
1992 AM Gulotta James Plaquemine LA Email
1992 AO Douthit David Oro Grande CA
1992 AO Weiss Peter Las Vegas NV
1992 AZ Deal Robert Salt Lake City UT
1992 BM Johannes Donald Park Hall MD Email
1992 CPO Morrill Mike Reno NV
1992 CPO Young , Reservest Michael Omaha NE Email
1992 CWO Spikes Herbert Locust Grove GA Email
1992 DC Sprock Colin George IA Email
1992 DS Fagan Robert Austintown OH Email
1992 EM Ottman James Ellsworth WI
1992 EN Bair Brian Greenwood IN Email
1992 ET Mclean Brett OR
1992 EW Norton Antonio Tacoma WA Email
1992 GM Wood Jerry Florence MS Email
1992 HT Pastor Daniel Cleveland OH Email
1992 HT Robbins Donald Green Ridge MO Email
1992 HT Wilson David San Antonio TX
1992 LCDR Roder Neil Garden MI Email
1992 MM Bitney Rick St. Louis Park MN
1992 MM Dressler David Hubbard NE
1992 MM Jolley John Perry MI Email
1992 MM Payne Jeffrey Detroit MI Email
1992 MM Treloar Jess A Puyallup WA Email
1992 PH Sewell Jeff Paducah KY
1992 RM Cooper Jack Athens AL
1992 RM Harber Danny Sealy TX Email
1992 SCPO Williams Thomas Needville TX
1992 SH Overmeyer John Mobile AL Email
1992 SN Gallatin Scott St. Paul MN Email
1992 WT Amantea Bryan Meriden CT
1992 YN Mckenzie John Eureka MT Email
1992 YN Mckenzie John Eureka MT Email
1992 YN Rader Fred Butte MT
1993 Harry Zach Lutz
1993 AB Drueschler Erik East Aurora NY Email
1993 AB Hamaker Wally Youngstown OH
1993 AB Schnitzer Tim San Angleo TX
1993 AE Cassell Creig ? --
1993 AE Klages David Islip NY
1993 AO Hunt Chad Anniston AL Email
1993 AO Mendez Freddie San Antonio TX Email
1993 AO Rutledge James Auburn WA Email
1993 AS Johnson Bradford Houston TX Email
1993 AS Overpeck Christopher South Bend IN
1993 AT Liebold James Oxnard SD
1993 AT Soles James ? --
1993 BM Brown Chris Grain Valley MO
1993 CPO Shriner Jerry New London CT Email
1993 CPO Wilson Daniel Millville NJ
1993 GM Hall Tracy Blountstown FL
1993 GM Pawlak Mark Crestwood IL
1993 HT Powers Aaron Muscatine IA Email
1993 LCDR Dinobile Steven (Steve) Detroit MI
1993 LI Rhoades David Augusta GA
1993 MCPO Hasse Jeff Alameda CA
1993 MM Fineanganofo Mitch San Bruno CA
1993 MM Fonger David Kenosha WI
1993 MM Koob Aaron Anderson IN
1993 MM Wise Scott Sioux City IA Email
1993 NC Newman Dennis Leesburg FL
1993 SCPO Smetana Richard Riverside CA Email
1993 YN Phillips John San Antonio TX
1994 Smith Reggie D GA
1994 AB Babel Micheal CA
1994 AB Flecha Herminio Chicago IL Email
1994 AB Fritz Rodney Gillespie IL Email
1994 AB Lutz Sean Jupiter FL Email
1994 AN Wilkie Christopher Fruita CO
1994 AO Dvorak --
1994 AO Mccloughan Bryan Susanville CA Email
1994 AS Hebert Raymond Green Island NY Email
1994 AT Doten Chris ? --
1994 AT Lay Mike Waco TX
1994 AT Lloyd Davidson Jacksonville FL
1994 AT Smith Bryan Battle Creek MI
1994 BM Miller Dustin East Stroudsburg PA Email
1994 CPO Gussman Rick San Jose CA Email
1994 CPO Rodriguez William Suisun CA Email
1994 CPO Veach Gerald Sioux City IA
1994 DC Gerding Scott Superior WI Email
1994 DT Escobar Luis Castroville CA Email
1994 DT Mccray Douglas Baltimore MD Email
1994 EM Skidmore John Santa Clarita CA Email
1994 LI Brown Kristopher Austin TX Email
1994 LT Schlag Kenneth Baltimore MD
1994 MCPO Beecher Derek (Sandy) Hardin TX
1994 MCPO Mckee Mike Kansas City MO Email
1994 MS Strickland Rick Columbus OH Email
1994 OS Glaeser Greg Orland Park IL Email
1994 OS Karlson Erik Sanfy Hook CT Email
1994 PR Wood James San Mateo CA Email
1994 SCPO Gonzales Oscar American Canyon CA
1994 SK Salter Stephen Stacy NC Email
1995 AB Scholl Jeremy Portland ME Email
1995 AN Justiniano John Middle Island NY Email
1995 AO Noah Richard Indianapolis IN Email
1995 AZ Saccoccia --
1995 BM Machcinski Joseph Dayton TX Email
1995 CPO Holland John (Jj) Mobile AL
1995 CPO Komulaine Jeff Cypress CA Email
1995 CPO Pajarin Ernest San Diego CA Email
1995 EM Bradford Danny Blossom TX
1995 ET Komulaine Jeff Round Lake NY
1995 IC Clayborn Carl E St Louis IL
1995 MCPO Nissen Lump Union MO
1995 MR Parker Tj La Puente CA Email
1995 SCPO Nobles Andy Norwich CT
1995 SH Mack Charles New York City NY Email
1995 SN Eastman Bob Coon Rapids MN
1995 YN Backer Tony Muskegon MI
1996 AB Brand Chris Panhandle TX
1996 AB Morgan David Independence MO
1996 AB Spangler David Proctorvile OH Email
1996 AB Wagner Elijah New Orleans LA
1996 AM Johnson Robert Hs-4 Montrose CO
1996 AO Wilkinson Mark Bellwood PA
1996 AO Williams Tommy TX
1996 AT Mann Joel Midwest City OK
1996 CPO Cabacungan Douglas Stockton CA
1996 CPO Garner Enc Randall Monmouth OR
1996 CPO Hunnewell Jim Toon Town DC
1996 CPO Stamper Tom Bakersfield CA Email
1996 DS Lyle Tony Monterey CA
1996 ENSN Spurlock David WV
1996 ET Smith Craig Kansas City MO
1996 EW Brown Justin Tuscaloosa AL Email
1996 HM Zalich Kevin Daytona Beach FL Email
1996 LCPL Wilson David Huachuca City AZ
1996 MS Dawson Stanley West Palm Beach FL Email
1996 PN Topdjian Renee Sacramento CA Email
1996 RM Wilenius Stephen Basin WY
1996 SM Evans John Toledo OH
1997 -- Payne John Palm Bay FL
1997 AB Curl Greg FL
1997 AB Martinez Luis Harlingon TX
1997 CPO Jones Robert Kearns UT
1997 CPO Salway Doug Willshire OH Email
1997 CPO Sweeney Edward Grand Island NE
1997 IS Parrish Jeff Cottondale FL Email
1997 PR Vives Warren Philadelphia PA
1997 SCPO Mellor Gary Glenmont OH
1997 YN Ryan, Brundage Donna Puyallup WA Email
1998 AB Pierre Kenneth Houston TX Email
1998 AB Pierre Kenneth Houston TX Email
1998 AB Richards Marilyn Vallejo CA Email
1998 AT Johnson Mark Bourbon MO
1998 FC Nullmeyer Ben Los Angeles CA
1998 FC Pugh Charles Salt Lake City UT
1998 LCDR Figuerres John Carmel CA Email
1998 LTJG Hafley William Arlington TX
1998 MM Martinez Nicholas Toppenish WA Email
1998 MR Deck Jeff New London IA
1999 AB Maples Dewayne --
1999 AE Mullaney Joseph Worcester MA
1999 AN Gapasin Josephrey Stockton CA Email
1999 AN Roller Brad Fargo ND
1999 AO Welch Nate Unknown CA
1999 AO Welch Nate Unknown CA
1999 CMDR Muir Gregory Princess Anne MD
1999 CPO Maglaris James Evansville IN
1999 EM Obregon Carlos Laredo TX
1999 EN Fuselier Katherine Richland WA
1999 ET Glandon Tim Olalla WA Email
1999 ET Patton Donald Towanda PA Email
1999 FC Weaver Henry Channelview TX Email
1999 FN Ewing Christopher The Dalles OR
1999 GM Hill Amanda Wildomar CA Email
1999 HT Pemberton John South Bend IN Email
1999 IC Taylor Daryl San Francisco CA Email
1999 IC Taylor Daryl San Francisco CA Email
1999 IS Brown James Temperance MI Email
1999 LTJG Marsden Jesse El Paso TX
1999 MM Miller Ben Vancouver WA Email
1999 OS Batlzel Gary --
1999 OS Webb Porter Baldwin MI
1999 SCPO Coffey Larry Knoxville TN Email
2000 Crammer Russell Cali CA
2000 -- Connolly Randall Myrtle Beach SC
2000 AB Duran Eli Combes TX Email
2000 AB Stevens Randy Yuba City CA Duran
2000 AM Kramer Andrew Marion TX Email
2000 AM Mcgirt(vaw-117) Jacqueline Canyon Country CA Email
2000 AN Huston Aaron Cheyenne WY
2000 AZ Schilling Charles Lafayette LA
2000 CPO Rasmussen Curt C.G. OR
2000 CWO Machaby John Rochester NY
2000 CWO Walecki Robert Lemoore CA
2000 DC Aune Steven West Hills CA Email
2000 EM Igneri Paul Fort Lauderdale FL Email
2000 EM Morrow --
2000 LT Louk Greg Akron OH
2000 MCPO Mellor Gary Glenmont OH
2000 MM Pierce Jeremy Shreveport LA
2000 PN Foster Joseph Brookings OR Email
2000 PR Alvarez Carlos San Jose CA
2000 SH Martin Dwayne Oklahoma City OK Email
2001 AT Schmidt Martin Anytown MA
2001 AZ Saccoccia Ray CA
2001 DC Vasquez Irene Houston TX Email
2001 LCDR Bauer Valerie Baltimore MD Email
2001 OS Burton Tony Abilene TX Email
2002 AG Matz Guy Hastings MN Email
2002 AO Dismus Korey Brandon FL Email
2002 BM Wilson Joe Baltimore MD
2002 CPO Durham Eugene Topeka KS Email
2002 DC Chancellor Bobby Dallas TX Email
2002 EM Cox Darry Texas City TX Email
2002 MM Mills Brandon Memphis TN Email
2002 MM Shawley David NY Mills
2002 MM Shawley David Whitney Point NY Email
2003 AD Burford Chandra Arlington WA Email
2003 AO Roberts Chris Buttonwillow CA
2003 AO Williams Willie Midland TX Email
2003 AO Williams Willie Midland TX Email
2003 AT Cooke Paul St.maries ID Email
2003 CPO Washington Curtis Los Angeles CA Email
2003 DT Washington Curtis Los Angeles CA Email
2003 EM Pratt Travis Couer D\' Alene ID Email
2003 GM Moore Derek Painesville OH Email
2003 MM Greene Jesse Spooner WI Email
2003 SH Carley (westcott) Rachelle Poulsbo WA Email
2003 SM Wilson Shawn Salem OR
2004 -- Pierce Russ Slinger WI
2004 CS Posey Tamika Louisville KY Email
2005 IC Mckinney Dorbbie Fort Wayne IN Email
2005 MCPO Neal Mike Arkansas City KS Email
2008 CPO Baker David Dallas TX Email
2009 QM Gonzales Reed Reno NV Email