U.S.S. JOHN F. KENNEDY (CV-67) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1940 -- Naderer Julian Gmunden AZ
1949 AO Truax Bruce Inver Grove Hgts. MN
1949 BM Carroll Nathan Newark NJ
1949 BT Houston Paul Millville OH
1949 CPO Joseph Charles Orig Staten Is Ny MD
1949 GM Darby Alex Warrenton VT
1949 SF Huckins Kenneth Leominster MA
1949 YN Harribine Donald Peabody MA
1949 YN Kopf Jim Catonsville MD
1955 FC Garrett James Sulphur KY
1955 SCPO Bobby Robert Georgeville MA Burris
1961 MID1 Burris Michael Mount Vernon IN Email
1962 LCDR Westbury William --
1963 CPO Burris Michael Mount Vernon IN Email
1965 CS Bibby Daniel Freehold NJ
1965 SF Hovan William Cleveland OH Email
1966 HT Matt Steinken Johnson
1966 SN Eldredge Robert Swanton VT
1967 AB Olinik Jerry Hatboro PA Email
1967 AB Rauer Joseph Stratford NJ Email
1967 AO Evans James Blairsville PA
1967 BT Bolton Jerry Watauga Tx TX Email
1967 BT Lyons John St Charles,mo MO Email
1967 CPO Buckalew De Mayo
1967 CPO Larson Frederick Cambridge ME Email
1967 CS Bergman Ronald Sidney OH Email
1967 CWO Zeiler Robert Pottsville PA Email
1967 DC Vernon Robert Nashville TN Email
1967 EM Hall David East Hickory PA
1967 EM Hall David East Hickory PA Email
1967 EN Shirley Wesley Fort Walton Beach FL Email
1967 ET Hall Doug Bronx NY Stowman
1967 GM Kendall Richard Denver, Co CO Email
1967 HT Michaud Wilfred South Berwick ME Email
1967 LT Creed Tom Knoxville TN Email
1967 MCPO Warnke Edward Treichlers PA Email
1967 MM Lang Charles New Orleans LA
1967 MM Pollick Allen Pittsburgh PA Email
1967 PH Rasmussen Phil Hendersonville NC
1967 QM Cefalu Nick LA De Mayo
1967 QM De Mayo Nick Providence RI Email
1967 QM Gatuso Jim WV De Mayo
1967 QM Thomas John West Palm Beach FL Email
1967 RM Douglas Ralph Chester SC
1967 RM Hilliard Mike Mobile AL
1967 SF Minally Charles Brooklyn NY Email
1967 YN Mclaughlin Thomas Marlbough MA Email
1967 YN Thoma William Danville IL Email
1968 Wilson Bob MA Wonson
1968 AB Coughlin Frank Boston MA Email
1968 AB Dunn David Irwin PA Email
1968 AB Ferretti Joseph Jessup PA
1968 AB Grant Randall Caledonia MS Email
1968 AB Grant Randall Caledonia MS Email
1968 AB Harris Paul Boston MA Email
1968 AB Horn Jesse Spottsville KY Email
1968 AB Mac Donald Greg Belleville NJ Email
1968 AB Maiurro James Brooklyn NY Email
1968 AB Pilot Daniel E. Biscoe NC Email
1968 AC Temple Douglas Ventura CA Email
1968 AD Williams David Cincinnati OH Email
1968 AK Buress Dan (Danny) Las Vegas NV
1968 AK Bush John Temple TX Email
1968 AK Marcus David Chevy Chase MD Email
1968 AM Dunn David Irwin PA Email
1968 AM Powell Mickey Concordia KS Email
1968 AO Disher Dave Cincinnati OH Email
1968 AO Kelley Barry Clarksville TX
1968 AO Langford Harold Baltimore MD Email
1968 AO Penrod George St.Pete FL
1968 AO Rusin Stan Rockville Center NY Email
1968 AO Stroub Archie Durand MI
1968 AO Trail John Cooleemee NC Email
1968 AO Wilson Robert Unknown MD
1968 AQ Stanfield Lawrence Prattville AL Email
1968 AS Kerr Jim Garden City KS Email
1968 AT Howard Steven Springfield IL
1968 AT Lemoine Ernest Colfax LA Email
1968 BM Baugh Charles (charlie) Gallatin TN Email
1968 BM Fiedler Greg \\ Somerville NJ Email
1968 BM Lupia Jerry Riverhead NY Email
1968 BM Mcneven Kenneth Tawas City MI Email
1968 BM Merrill Bob Exeter RI Email
1968 BM Seymour Mark Walbridge OH
1968 BM Young Mike Concord NH Email
1968 BT Foster Stephen Rome GA Sobocinski
1968 BT Foster Stephen Rome GA Sobocinski
1968 BT Lejeune Dennis Eunice LA Email
1968 CMDR Miller George Hanford CA Email
1968 CPTN Mitchell Billy Creed
1968 CS Miller Kenneth Crichton WV Email
1968 DC Ellis Ed/eddie Opp AL Email
1968 DC Money Ron Winston-salem NC Email
1968 DK Annett Creed
1968 DK Malabanan Creed
1968 DM Curtis Stanley Hallem PA Email
1968 DT Tagliareni Michael Bayonne NJ Email
1968 EM Fink Charles Baltimore MD Vanderford
1968 EM Meyer George Worth IL Email
1968 EM Peterson Donald Baltimore MD Vanderford
1968 EM Vanderford Duffy Tampa FL Email
1968 ENS Greene James Oxford PA Email
1968 ET Roberts Dave Cormack
1968 FT Hudson James Middlebury VT Email
1968 GM Sneide Larry Duluth MN Email
1968 GM Tyndall Michael Tallmadge OH Email
1968 HM Drennan Wade Odessa TX Email
1968 HT Michaud Wilfred So Berwick ME Email
1968 IC Dean James (jimmy) Mansfield MA Email
1968 IC Todaro Robert Valley Stream NY Email
1968 IC Wallace Chuck Waterford MI Email
1968 IC Williams Ted Harrisburg PA Email
1968 LCDR Carter E.t. Creed
1968 LT Coyle Arlen Oxford MS
1968 LT Serba Edward Fall River MA Email
1968 LTJG Cox Gerald IL Creed
1968 LTJG Mcfarland. Charles New York City NY Email
1968 LTJG Miller Dale Houston TX Email
1968 LTJG Miller Dale Houston TX Email
1968 LTJG Mixon James TN Mcfarland.
1968 LTJG Taney Bill Chicago IL Email
1968 MM Allen Malcolm (mac) Baltimore MD Email
1968 MM Chiesi William New York NY Email
1968 MM Frye Richard Richmond VA Email
1968 MM Johnson Steve Bloomfield Hills MI Email
1968 MM Johnson Steve Bloomfield Hills MI Email
1968 MM Laurent Kerry New Orleans LA Email
1968 MM Moffatt Doyle Charleston WV Email
1968 MM Stowman James Philadelphia PA Email
1968 MR Estell Barry Mauricetown NJ Email
1968 PH Lang Terry Bremerton WA Email
1968 PN Curi Sal New York NY
1968 RD Chesney Kent Woodston KS
1968 RD Clayton Tom Chester PA Cormack
1968 RD Cormack Jerry Abilene KS Email
1968 RD Devlin Jack Philadelphia PA Email
1968 RD Hickman Gene Lumberton NC Email
1968 RD Klender Carl Antwerp OH
1968 RD Skelton Bertran South Bend IN Email
1968 RD Standridge Jack Wichita Falls TX Email
1968 RD Szolosi Denny Cormack
1968 RD Tomes Edward (snoopy) Niagara Falls NY Email
1968 RD Walsh Tom Quincy MA Cormack
1968 RM Gysler (kelly) Raymond Williston ND Email
1968 SD Ramos Medizon San Diego CA
1968 SF Gottermeier John Rochester NY Email
1968 SH Mata Gerald Monroe MI Email
1968 SK Jarvis Marv White Bear Lake MN Email
1968 SM Mowatt Richard Philadelphia PA Email
1968 SM Peek Sanford Franklin NC Email
1968 SM Smith(smitty) Julian Jax FL Email
1968 SM Speer Charles Louisville KY Email
1968 SM Ward Donald Eastorange NY Mowatt
1968 SN Peabody Michael Troy NY Email
1968 SN Wonson Dave Newburyport MA Email
1968 YN Lowther Sam Smiths Station AL Email
1968 YN Wolff Don Brooklyn NY Email
1969 Birchard Robert Unknown PA Phillips
1969 AB Bishop Robert Cambridge Springs PA Email
1969 AB Branam David Houston TX Email
1969 AB Conley Charles Tallahassee FL Email
1969 AB Pines Michael Portsmouth VA Wien
1969 AB Starling A.jesse Statesboro GA Email
1969 AB Whitley Donald Parkersburg WV Email
1969 AB Wien Harold Rio Grande NJ Email
1969 AD Thurston Howard Columbia VA Email
1969 AD Thurston Howard Columbia VA Email
1969 AM Gardner B. J. ( Gomer ) Oak Ridge TN Email
1969 AM Madine Lawrence New York NY Email
1969 AN Miller Steve Overland Park KS Email
1969 AO Clifton Richard Culloden GA Spurlock
1969 AO Earn Carl West Hartford CT Email
1969 AO Iannacone Albert Brooklyn NY Email
1969 AO Merriam William OH Spurlock
1969 BM Mc Hugh Joe (dog) Phila PA Email
1969 BM Mchugh Joe (dog) Phiadelphia PA Email
1969 BM Pecoraro Anthony Mount Vernon NY Email
1969 BM Tompkins Mike Indianapolis IN Email
1969 BT Hughes Douglas Miami FL Email
1969 BT Jablonski IL Hughes
1969 BT Jones Donald Green Cove Springs, Fla FL Email
1969 BT Klaudi Karl Mt. Ephraim NJ Email
1969 CT Dwyer Tom Cambridge NY Email
1969 DC Bigelow Robert Hammondsport NY Email
1969 DS Crane William Lubbock TX Email
1969 EM Lansdowne Nello (al) Guntersville AL Email
1969 EM Meyer George Worth IL Email
1969 EM Wenner John Gloucester City NJ Email
1969 MM Melley Edward Chelsea MA Email
1969 MM Phillips Glen Bronx NY Email
1969 MM Smith Hot Springs AR Phillips
1969 MM Webb Lenard NC Phillips
1969 MR Estell Barry Mauricetown NJ Email
1969 OM Lewis Eddie Cincinnati OH Email
1969 OM Lewis Eddie Cincinnati OH Email
1969 OM Lewis Eddie Cincinnati OH Email
1969 QM Burlingame Lucian Port Henry NY Email
1969 RD Glass Larry Bowling Green KY Cormack
1969 RD Wentworth John Concord NH Cormack
1969 SH Moynahan Edward South Hadley, Ma 01075 MA Email
1969 YN Cox George Dallas TX Email
1969 YN Szewczyk Larry Erie PA Email
1970 AB Skrivan Joe Bloomfield NE Email
1970 AC Ramos Angelo Newark NJ Email
1970 AD Wald John Kansas City MO Email
1970 AK Molkenbur John White Bear Lake MN Email
1970 AK Nucci Albino Shirley NY Email
1970 AM Buck Dennis Donora PA Email
1970 AN Macioce James Brooklyn NY Email
1970 AO Spurlock Burl Marion OH Email
1970 AT Foster Stephen Nashville TN Email
1970 BM Kenyon William Pawcatuck CT Email
1970 BM Mc Hugh Joseph(dog) Phila PA Email
1970 BM Mc Hugh Josepf (dog) Phila PA Email
1970 BM Mc Hugh Joseph (dog) Phila PA Email
1970 CPO Sims Alexandria (andy) Rincon GA Email
1970 CWO Paige Matthew - Matt Grafton WV Email
1970 EM Greenhalgh Arthur Hagerman ID Email
1970 FN Serles Ray Las Colinas CA Sobocinski
1970 FT Serles Raymond Los Colinas CA Sobocinski
1970 MM Mulitsch Joe Stlouis MO
1970 OS Carr David Ault
1970 OS Clements Charles Akron OH
1970 RM Banks David Fairfield CT Email
1970 SK Gavin Dan Philadelphia PA Email
1970 SK Sibole Dennis Newtown Square PA Email
1970 SM Lancello Phillip Wilmington. DE Email
1970 SM Phillips Benjamin Pico Rivera CA Email
1970 SM Sobocinski Robert Pittsburgh PA Email
1970 SN Clapp Jim Grand Rapids MI Email
1970 SN Johnson James (j.b) Cornwall NY Email
1970 SN Muir Patrick Cumberland MD Email
1970 YN Christensen Johnny Dillon MT
1971 3rd Division & 5th Giannotti
1971 Carson James Davis
1971 Middendorf David PA Davis
1971 AB Antonio Ben Buffalo NY Email
1971 AB Atkinson Henry Baton Rouge LA Email
1971 AB Dixon Gary Jamesport MO Email
1971 AB Hernandez David Houston TX Email
1971 AB Manley Dale Moline IL Email
1971 AB Payne Mark Rome GA Email
1971 AB Reiterman Phil Detroit MI
1971 AC Lopretto Bernard Port Vue PA Email
1971 AC Lopretto Bernard Port Vue PA Email
1971 AE Davis Michael A. Nebraska City NE Email
1971 AE Davis Michael Nebraska City NE Email
1971 AE Mcgurer Frank Tulsa OK
1971 AK Elliott Phillip Hobbs NM Email
1971 AK Karczewski Scott Augusta ME Email
1971 AK Marchese Michael Norristown PA Email
1971 AK Nucci Al Bronx NY Email
1971 AK Wood David San Francisco CA Email
1971 AK Zinsmeister Robert Tomah WI Email
1971 AM Bagley Larry Columbus GA
1971 AO Bewell James Lowell MI Email
1971 BM Donnelly Frank Long Island Masangya
1971 BM Giannotti Vincent Kid Philadelphia PA Email
1971 BM Johnson Joe....jh New York City NY Email
1971 BM Koshig Richard Hoboken NJ Mc Hugh
1971 BM Mangano Pete Harvey IL Email
1971 BM Masangya Albert Holbrook NY Email
1971 BT Borelli Eugene (geno) Pittsburgh PA Email
1971 BT Davis Charlie Aurora NC Email
1971 CT Hicks Rudy Gilchrist OR Email
1971 CWO Harris John Louisville KY Email
1971 CWO Harris John Louisville KY Email
1971 CWO Harris John Louisville KY Email
1971 FN Russo Don New York NY Email
1971 FN Russo Don Bronx NY Email
1971 GM Champagne Robert Layette LA Roper
1971 GM Roper Rocky Boyd TX Email
1971 HT Bradford George Jena LA Email
1971 LI Thornburg Danny Mount Airy NC Email
1971 MM Allison Harold (gene) Baton Rouge LA Email
1971 MM Curtis Jack Kansas City KS Email
1971 MM Mayer Ken Almont MI Email
1971 MM Mayer Bill Eau Claire WI
1971 MM Pritchett Robert New Orleans LA Email
1971 MM Rys William Marilla NY Email
1971 OS Ault Charles Brentwood MO Email
1971 PH Lloyd George Whitinsville MA Email
1971 QM Mcardle Thomas Philadelphia PA
1971 SK Rhodan Willis Philadelphia PA Email
1971 SN Miller Lester Denver CO Email
1971 SN Shafer Donald Selma CA Email
1971 TD Baker Leo Tucson AZ Email
1971 YN Hobbs Jerry Hillsborough NC Email
1972 Trout Roger Dallas TX Mcneely
1972 Updike Michael Farwell Michigan MI Wellman
1972 Updike Michael Farwell Michigan MI Wellman
1972 Updike Michael Farwell Michigan MI Wellman
1972 AB Alton Dent California PA Email
1972 AB Barton James Shelbyville IN Email
1972 AB Roberts James Lamar AR Email
1972 AB Silvasi Joe West Hazleton PA Email
1972 AD Harruff Thomas New Castle PA Email
1972 AD Jose Garcia, Corona NY Email
1972 AD Pendegraph Robert Boston MA Jose
1972 AD Pendergraph Robert Boston MA Email
1972 AD Wilmoth Roger West Carrollton OH Email
1972 AE Allen
1972 AE Allen Mike Edmond OK Email
1972 AE Cline Robert Havelock NC Email
1972 AG Mcbride Danny Wills Point TX Email
1972 AM Garrett Bradley Youngstown OH
1972 AO Boyd William Seneca IL
1972 AO Gatlin Marcus Newport AR Email
1972 AO Gatlin Marcus Ar Hargett
1972 AO Hamm Gerard Cincinnati OH
1972 AO Hargett Doug Al AL Email
1972 AO Hargett Doug Alabama AL Email
1972 AO Phillips Keith Pittsburgh PA Email
1972 AQ Rhodes Kevin Albert Lea MN Thomas
1972 AQ Thomas Marcel East Chicago IN Email
1972 AT Mcneely David Greenville SC Email
1972 AT Trout Roger Pryor OK Email
1972 BM Wellman Ray Claire MI Email
1972 BM Wellman Ray Clare Michigan MI Email
1972 BT Acel A.C. Va. Beach VA
1972 BT Andrews Earl Olive Branch MS
1972 BT Leonard Michael Ocala FL Email
1972 BT Lucian Larry Brick NJ Email
1972 BT Mcgill Robert Matthews NC
1972 BT Neri Jim Philippines CA Email
1972 BT Ohern Bill Clairton PA
1972 CWO Chambers Clarence Farmington MO
1972 EM Combs Kenneth Vermilion OH
1972 EM Combs John M Vermillion OH Email
1972 EM Glover Dennis Huntsville AL
1972 EM Speer Joseph Chicago IL
1972 EN Krieger Gregory Saginaw MI Email
1972 HM Hill James Niagara Falls NY
1972 HM Sinowski Joseph Youngstown OH
1972 HT Morgan Rick Jerome ID Email
1972 HT Prince Jerry Rochester NY Email
1972 HT Russo Don Bronx Ny NY Email
1972 HT Smith Brian Alliance OH
1972 OS Rowland Jim Texarkana TX
1972 PH Eberle John Wonder Lake IL Email
1972 PH Edwards Wally Toledo OH
1972 PH Rizza Michael Billerica MA
1972 PH Taleronik Ronald Kenosha WI Email
1972 PH Wilborn Ric Dover DE Email
1972 RM Chmelik Joe Downers Grove IL Email
1972 RM Hensley Roger Huntington WV Email
1972 SCPO Hackley David Rowan IA Email
1972 SK Cochran Francis Hicksville NY Email
1973 AB Brewer Roscoe New Orleans LA
1973 AB Degrave Dennis Greenbay WI Email
1973 AB Hutson T. Ross Hilliard OH
1973 AB Mangiapane Jack Huntington NY Email
1973 AB Nista Dominick Weymouth MA Email
1973 AB Stock Rudi Eaton Rapids MI Email
1973 AE Porfiriadis Ii Porfiris Queens NY Email
1973 AK Chmelik James Downers Grove IL Email
1973 AK Chmelik James Downers Grove IL Email
1973 AO Sellers Adrian Hollywood FL Email
1973 AO Walker John Clayton OK
1973 AT Mcneely David Trout
1973 AT Moss Mike Detroit MI Email
1973 BM Goodey Jeff Des Plaines IL Email
1973 BT Bailey Jesse Tampa FL
1973 BT Manzari Ciro Lawrenceville GA
1973 BT Sanders Joe --
1973 BT Waltz Robert Akron OH
1973 BT Wiseman Ricky Green Cove Springs FL
1973 CPO Achilles Reggie Sunapee NH Email
1973 CPO Hults Norman Baldwin NY Email
1973 DS Bryan Don Pittsburgh PA Email
1973 DS Colbert Don Mount Joy PA Email
1973 EM Brasure George New Castle DE Email
1973 EM Guidry Dave Union City NJ Email
1973 EM Jones Donald Jackson MI Email
1973 EM Keller Carl New Market IN Email
1973 HT Duffey Steven Woburn MA Email
1973 HT Prince Jerry Rochester NY Email
1973 MM Bell Alan Allison Park PA Email
1973 MM Keith Brian Staten Island NY Email
1973 MM Keith Brian Staten Island NY Email
1973 MM Lewandowski Jim Detroit MI Email
1973 MU Pierce Terry Eureka UT
1973 MU Sipple Walt UT
1973 MU Toms Terry SC
1973 PC Diehl Robert MI
1973 PFC Lytle Robert Chester PA Email
1973 PH Beitz Tom Cinnaminson NJ Email
1973 PH Jorgensen Art Rvah-11 GA Email
1973 PH Lolley Joe Enterprise AL Email
1973 PN Clements Ed Durham NC Email
1973 PN Morehead Jodia Hopkinsvile KY
1973 RM Redden Al Sutherland NE Email
1973 SGT Carrick William Middletown NY Email
1973 SGT Walker Paul Milton PA Email
1973 SH Alberry Gerald Chaumont NY Email
1973 SH Miller Tuck San Diego CA
1973 SN Doughty John Pat Bronx NY Email
1973 SN Huff Lonnie Cincinnati OH Email
1974 Cox James Canton OH Evans
1974 AB Brazil James Chicago IL Email
1974 AB Ives Ronnal Norfolk VA Email
1974 AB Mills Bobby L Miami FL Email
1974 AB Nofsinger John Keyser WV Email
1974 AB Queior Peter Black River NY Email
1974 AB Shiels Kelly Norwood NC Email
1974 AK Frost Warren Maysville NC Email
1974 AK Keene Chris Wausau WI Email
1974 AK Mutter Kurt Rhinelander WI Email
1974 AO Branch James Calumet OK
1974 AO Cabales Martin Bronx Ny NY Email
1974 AO Cabales Martin Bronx N.y. NY Email
1974 AO Sullo Tony Stamford CT
1974 AQ Dillard Doug Anniston AL Email
1974 AS Zeigler Richard New Cumberland PA Email
1974 AT Suggs Dale Branford FL
1974 AW Martinez Bronx NY Torres
1974 AZ Smith Jt Severna Park MD Email
1974 BM Collins Michael Portsmouth VA Email
1974 BM Hewitt Lewis Norwood PA Email
1974 BM Trosclair David Houma, Louisiana LA Email
1974 BT Kirkland Steve New Orleans LA Email
1974 BT Ventura Ralph PR Brejwo
1974 CPO Rohde James Farmersburg IA
1974 CWO Morgan Franklin Strasburg PA Email
1974 CWO Ogle James Clifton CO Email
1974 DS Troyer Ric Goshen IN Email
1974 EA Evans Terry Kennett MO Email
1974 EM Carlstadt William Manville NJ Email
1974 EN Post Alan Connecticut FL Email
1974 ET Pahl Michael Lorain OH Email
1974 ET Rothwell Stuart Scott
1974 ET Scott Theirn Houma LA Email
1974 ET Spicuglia Tony Hamilton Afb CA Email
1974 HM Blackwell Roger Ponca City OK Email
1974 HT Epps Earnest Claremore OK Email
1974 HT Ivey Charles Gastonia NC Email
1974 HT Mozakis George San Antonio TX Email
1974 HT Strickland Raymond TX Ivey
1974 IC Granfield Tim Woodbridge CT Email
1974 IC Ohlmann Christopher Leonia NJ Email
1974 IS Mazur Gary Alexandria VA Email
1974 MCPO White Bob Huntington WV Email
1974 MM Ballman Kevin Minneapolis MN Email
1974 MM Breazeale Kenneth Purvis MS Email
1974 MM Licata John Jtl1351@aol.com NY Email
1974 MM Mikkelson Donald Los Alamos NM
1974 MM Payne Lovin Cornelia GA Email
1974 MM Prezioso Joe Richmond VA
1974 MM Schaub James Los Angeles CA Email
1974 MM Spengler Russel Buffalo NY Coryea
1974 MM St.pierre Richard East Fairfield VT Email
1974 MM Tharp Terry Gardner IL Email
1974 MM Weber Douglas Middletown NY Email
1974 MM Wiede Michael San Antonio TX Email
1974 MS Fike Terry Sarasota FL Email
1974 OS Cabales Martin Bronx NY Torres
1974 SK Hamlet VA Bell
1974 SK Banks James Baybro NC Email
1974 SK Banks James Bayboro NC Email
1974 SK Bell Walter Nashville TN Email
1974 SK Berry Keith OK Bell
1974 SK Edwards NY Bell
1974 SK Harris Rosco Atlanta GA Bell
1975 AB Baldizzi Jr John Plainview NY Email
1975 AB Bumgardner William Conway SC Email
1975 AB Coyle Daniel C Richwood OH Email
1975 AB Kirk Robert Bowling Green MO Email
1975 AB Strum David Chase City VA Email
1975 AB Torres Jose Brooklyn NY Email
1975 AB Torres Jose Brooklyn NY Email
1975 AE Huntsinger Charles Jefferson GA Email
1975 AE Hutchison Bruce Burkburnett TX Email
1975 AE Perterson MI Huntsinger
1975 AE Peterson Marshall Schoolcraft MI Email
1975 AG Rice Tyrone Eddyville KY
1975 AO Bilotta Sammy Fairmont WV Email
1975 AO Cabalis Martin Bronx NY Torres
1975 AO Goodinson Ronald Providence RI Email
1975 AO Joyce David Omaha NE Email
1975 AO Mancini Bob Elizabeth NJ Email
1975 AO Young G-4 Ao3 Steve Bakersfield CA Email
1975 AZ Mclarty Rocky Douglasville GA Email
1975 BM Fonner Raymond Bedford Hts OH Email
1975 BT Audette Sr. Jay Jacksonville FL
1975 BT Bragg Stuart Charlotte NC Email
1975 BT Brejwo Frank Meriden CT Email
1975 BT Gorsuch Joe Fairfax VA Email
1975 CT Groenke Bruce San Antonio TX Email
1975 EM Dunbar Patrick Detroit MI Email
1975 EM Fiduccia Joey Hammond LA Email
1975 EM Ouwens Jesse San Diego CA
1975 EM Pearl William Seekonk MA Email
1975 EN Hoff Dan Westminster MD Email
1975 ET Zwicky Roger Milwaukee WI Scott
1975 IS Molitor Terrance Houston TX Email
1975 MCPO Coryea George New Castle PA Email
1975 MM Bruns Steve (breezly) White Bear Lake MN Email
1975 MM Lane David Mardela Springs MD Email
1975 MM Proctor Paul Louisville KY Email
1975 MM Taylor Leonard Syracuse NY Email
1975 MS Carter Mike Goose Creek SC
1975 OS Smith Mark Jacksonville AR
1975 SN Joseph John West Chester PA Email
1975 YN Brumley Kenneth Brownsville KY Email
1975 YN O Donnell Patrick Minneapolis MN Email
1976 -- Ross Bret Buffalo NY Email
1976 AB Thomas
1976 AB Thomas
1976 AB Aquino Joe Buffalo NY Email
1976 AB Demmy John Lebanon PA Email
1976 AB Demmy John Lebanon PA Email
1976 AB Fryman Steve Carlisle KY Email
1976 AB Jackson Terrence Collinsville IL
1976 AB Neel Arthur (skip) Las Vegas NV Email
1976 AB Powell John G (possum) Valdosta GA Email
1976 AB Thomas Elgin Alvin TX Email
1976 AE Ascolillo Robert Boston MA Email
1976 AE Ascolillo Robert Boston MA Email
1976 AM Powell Dennis Dalhart TX Email
1976 AO Childress Robert Baltimore MD Email
1976 AO Durand Mike San Jose CA Email
1976 AQ Perkins David Mayville ND
1976 AT Maravelias James Bloomfield NJ Email
1976 BM Digbie Vincent Indpls IN Email
1976 BM Digbie Vincent Indpls IN Email
1976 BM Digby Vincent Indianopolis IN Mulkey
1976 BM Griffin. Ronald New York City NY Email
1976 BM Lanigan Patrick Brooklyn NY Email
1976 BT Clark Gary Bangor ME Email
1976 BT Fields Tim Conneaut OH Email
1976 CPO Banks Herman Virginia Beach VA
1976 CPO Graves Larry Palmyra MO Email
1976 CPO King James Tewksbury MA Email
1976 CPO Thomas John West Palm Beach FL Email
1976 DP Fannon Tom Atlanta GA Email
1976 DP Lindsay Rick Tampa FL Email
1976 EM Roesch Rob /roach St. Louis MO Email
1976 EN Hammerlund Tim Chicago IL
1976 ET Bourque Joseph Manchester NH Email
1976 ET Luffman Edward Newitt
1976 ET Morris Michael Carrollton VA
1976 ET Newitt James Galien MI Email
1976 ET Newitt James Galien MI Email
1976 EW Cahoon Kevin Pawtucket RI Email
1976 GM Bunch Rick Altoona PA Email
1976 GM Clark Otto ? Frambes
1976 GM Frambes Layne Eugene OR Email
1976 GM Swarmer Greg PA O Donnell
1976 HM Davis Ricahrd (rick) Stone Mountain GA Email
1976 HM Fournier Thomas Milton FL
1976 HM Ruud Ken Minneapolis MN Email
1976 HT O Brien Tom Collingswood NJ Email
1976 IC Pardue William Winston Salem NC Email
1976 IC Waithe Rick Brooklyn NY Email
1976 IC Waithe Rick Nyc NY Email
1976 IS Mazur Gary Alexandria VA Email
1976 LCDR Regula Jack Virginia Beach VA
1976 LT Perez Oscar San Juan PR Email
1976 MCPO Masser Lewis Emmitsburg MD Email
1976 MM Banks Herman Hoopeston IL Email
1976 MM Burkitt Noel Dearborn Heights MI Email
1976 MM Clark Joe Proctor
1976 MM Henslee Randy Amarillo TX
1976 MM Hornsby Derwood AL
1976 MM Riggs John Lincoln NE
1976 MM Shaw Thomas Santa Rosa CA Email
1976 MS Clark Donald Galena Park TX Email
1976 MS Novascone Robert Phoenix AZ
1976 MS Travis Kenneth Schenevus NY Clark
1976 OS Catan Rich Smithtown NY Email
1976 PN Archer Jeffrey Middletown RI
1976 RM Turner Lodell Lexington MS Email
1976 SCPO Ellison Art Anaconda MT Email
1976 SH Virgil James Richmond VA Email
1976 YN Simpson Jeff Tucson AZ O Donnell
1977 Geri Gorto
1977 Hylan John Mahanoy PA Mc Grath
1977 AB Michael Asheville NC Powell
1977 AB Rankin Jeffrey Virginia Beach VA Email
1977 AB Reid Gordon Worcester MA Email
1977 AB Sanchez Cesar Mission TX Email
1977 AB Sawyer James Tucson AZ
1977 AB Smith Ross Dearborn MI Email
1977 AB Stewart James Detroit MI Smith
1977 AB Torres Jose Brooklyn NY Ascolillo
1977 AB Verhoeven Craig Hoffman MN
1977 AD Cardonia John Ithaca NY Email
1977 AE Colletta Joseph St. Charles MO
1977 AS Fultz David Mt.wolf PA Email
1977 AS Robinson Eugene Cleveland OH
1977 BM Griffin Ronald New York City NY Mulkey
1977 BM Mulkey Albert Ocala FL Email
1977 BM Sisson Robert (Bob) Marion OH
1977 BM Stricklin Howard Vincennes IN
1977 BT Anderson Roger Smith
1977 BT Decker Pat OH Smith
1977 BT Gorto J Belford NJ Email
1977 BT Hagerman Russell Omaha NE Email
1977 BT Mccombs Bill Sussex NJ Email
1977 BT Torino J Horsehead NY Smith
1977 CPL Becker Tim Minneapolis MN Email
1977 CPO Torres Jose San Sebastian PR
1977 CT Alford Ricky Thomasville NC Email
1977 CWO Blackwell Ken Duncan SC Email
1977 CWO Nelson Gerald Green Bay WI
1977 EN Robinson Greg Cambridge MD Email
1977 FN Charter Jeffrey Amarillo TX Email
1977 HT Head Kevin --
1977 IC Charter Jeffrey Amarillo TX Email
1977 IC Grabowski (Ski) Ed Posen IL
1977 IC Harvey Jeff White Mills PA Email
1977 IC Lavore Bart New York NY Email
1977 LCDR Singleton Mike Mobile AL
1977 LI Baird Charles London OH Email
1977 LTJG Ashmore Richard El Paso TX Email
1977 MM Flores Nestor New York NY Email
1977 MM Howard Dana Peru IN Email
1977 MM Jackson Daniel Tulsa OK Email
1977 MM Mccracken Steve (bigmac) Temple TX Email
1977 MM Morris John Otter Creek FL Email
1977 MR Parker Larry St.Louis MO
1977 MS Fitzpatrick Bob La Crosse WI
1977 MS Mc Laughlin Howie NJ Mc Grath
1977 MS Randell Jr Bill Norfolk NY Email
1977 RM Mccallum William Woodville FL Email
1977 RM Mccarthy Benny Macon GA Email
1977 SCPO Fisher Herman Limestone ME Email
1977 SCPO Francis Barry Granite Bay CA
1977 SH Coyle Don Dayton OH Email
1977 YN Thompson Pete La Crosse WI
1978 Chervin Daniel Harvey
1978 Davis Craig Jackson TN
1978 AB Annunziata Albert Chesapeake VA
1978 AB Crosby Curt Youngwood PA Email
1978 AB Crosby Curt Youngwood PA Email
1978 AB Fitzgerald Daniel White Plains NY Email
1978 AB Girdlestone Jerry Buffalo NY
1978 AB Jones Richard (Rd) Philadelphia PA
1978 AB Peffer Bill Dauphin PA Email
1978 AB Prevost Thomas Swansea MA Email
1978 AB Snair Mark Noblesville IN
1978 AB Young Scott Hillcrest Heights MD Email
1978 AC Mooney William Hamden CT Email
1978 AE Brown Steve Fort Myers FL
1978 AE Bruce Weldon Sylvester GA
1978 AG Hunt Dennis Bronx NY Email
1978 AK Bolis George T Virginia Beach VA Email
1978 AO Goulart Greg New Britain CT Email
1978 AS Kuehr Keith Louisville KY
1978 AT Anderton James Linesville PA Email
1978 BM Thomas Ralph Gas City IN
1978 BT Golden Tim Brunswick OH Email
1978 BT Montgomery A. Paul Wytheville VA Email
1978 BT Smith Danny Lockeford CA Email
1978 CPO Leseberg Everett Blair NE Email
1978 CWO Odoski Ronald Bartow FL Email
1978 EM Dolby Greg Huntington IN Email
1978 ET Kreal George (mike) Philadelphia PA Email
1978 FN Booth Douglas Tacoma WA Email
1978 HT Horton William Chicago IL Email
1978 HT Kurth Bob Deptford NJ Email
1978 HT Nelson Gary Baltimore MD Email
1978 HT Starbuck Dirk CA Kurth
1978 HT Starbuck Dirk Johnson
1978 IS Bobbitt Mark Van Wert OH Email
1978 LCPL Loper Don Milwaukee WI Email
1978 LCPL Maxson James Miami OK Email
1978 MM Dickson John Islip Terrace NY Email
1978 MM Wright Alan Staunton VA
1978 MS Dunlap Ronald South Charleston WV Email
1978 MS Estes Scott OR Mc Grath
1978 MS Lindey Doug Stoneboro PA Email
1978 MS Mc Grath Patrick Philadelphia PA Email
1978 MS Shaw Eric Detroit MI Email
1978 OS Lenhart Thomas Bay Shore NY Email
1978 OS Ramus Gerald Rocky Mount VA Email
1978 PC Vicars David Chattanooga TN
1978 QM Garcia Frank Fajardo PR Email
1978 RM Balani Phil Los Angeles CA Email
1978 RM Bland Tony Torrance CA Blas
1978 RM Blas Steven San Diego CA Email
1978 RM Budde Don New Orleans LA Email
1978 RM Hazeleif Bill FL Blas
1978 RM Way Doug Keeseville NY
1978 SN Fiallos Edwin Derby CT Email
1979 AB Blaylock Kelly Norfolk VA Email
1979 AB Mcconnon Larry St. Petersburg FL Email
1979 AB Neary James Charleston WV Email
1979 AC Cochran Bobby Haleyville AL
1979 AM Cole Clinton Philadelphia PA Email
1979 AO Agigian Paul Camden NJ Email
1979 AO Still Tim Alexander City AL Email
1979 AO Wilson Mark Still
1979 AS Laymon Jeffrey Fort Wayne FL Email
1979 AS Slayden Rich Panama City FL
1979 AT Oderkirk Robert Utica NY
1979 BM Deleon Gilbert Portage
1979 BT Mcdorman John Georgetown DE Email
1979 BT Wright Ronald Milton DE Email
1979 DP Hawkins Robert Harrisburg PA Email
1979 DP Ramos Ismael Lajas PR Email
1979 DS Cornett Nicholas New Orleans LA Email
1979 EM Loehning David Neenah WI Email
1979 EM Robitzski Edward Staten Island NY Email
1979 EM Spriggs Bruce Portsmouth OH Email
1979 EN Bayer Bradley Jackson MI Email
1979 EN Toye John Beverly MA Email
1979 ENS Yeomans John W Canal Point FL Email
1979 ET Putz Jim Mccook NE Email
1979 FN Reifonas Rick Cincinnati OH
1979 GM Ziegler Hank Kalispell MT
1979 HT Johnson Mojo Chelsea MI Email
1979 HT Pike Tim South Amherst OH Email
1979 HT Pike Johnson
1979 IS Maloy Thomas Oxbow NY Email
1979 LTJG Nigro Mike West Covina CA Email
1979 MA Catenaci Joe Long Beach Island NJ Email
1979 MM Herbeck Robert North Tonawanda NY Email
1979 MM Hollingshead Steven Phoenix AZ
1979 MM Lemke Michael Albany MN
1979 MM Pierce John Willard UT Email
1979 MM Ward Merlin Myron Ft Myers FL Email
1979 MS Cole Michael Colorado Springs CO Email
1979 OS Bradley Glen West Haven CT
1979 OS Landry Kenneth Port Sulphur LA Email
1979 OS Mckeehan Michael Cincinnati OH Email
1979 PH Wilson Robert Folcroft PA Email
1979 PR Scully William Lynn MA Email
1979 RM Swallow David Canandaigua NY
1979 SH Adkins Leroy Charles City VA Email
1979 SK Shearer Rob Evansville IN Email
1980 -- Phipps (Va-34/75) J.D. Apple Valley MN
1980 AB Alexander Rickey Roanoke VA Email
1980 AB Bannister Bill PA
1980 AB Crombie Dave Tuscaloosa AL
1980 AB Donald John O. Lewisburg TN Email
1980 AB Edwards George West Palm Beach FL Email
1980 AB Jackson Timothy Westernport MD Email
1980 AB Oberg Barry Sarasota FL
1980 AB Oconnell Dan Hollywood CA
1980 AB Pospisil Lee Fremont NE Email
1980 AB Sheilds Robert Scottlandneck NC
1980 AB Swiencki Charlie Grifton NC
1980 AD Mackle Danny Phila PA Email
1980 AE Hamilton James Corpus Christi TX Email
1980 AE White Isaac ? --
1980 AG Pulley Steven Jacksonville FL
1980 AK Davis Christopher Toledo OH Email
1980 AM Manley Brian Philadelphia PA Email
1980 AO Jackson Darryl Denison TX Email
1980 AO Mendez Robert San Antonio TX Email
1980 AS Gallant Frank Cambridge Springs PA Email
1980 AT Bell James (jim) Fort Sumner NM Email
1980 AT King Charles Mcminnville TN Email
1980 AT King Charles Mcminnville TN Email
1980 AX Kleinhardt Duane Harrison MI Email
1980 BM Lebahn Roger Fremont NE
1980 BT Ellis Kerry Pittsburgh PA Email
1980 CPO Cason Larry Fernandina Beach FL Email
1980 CPO Terry Bill Orleans IN Email
1980 CWO Richards Donald Newark OH
1980 DK Palmer Trevor New York City NY Email
1980 DT Servis Scott East Brunswick NJ Email
1980 EM Hanley Robert (bob) Everett WA Email
1980 EM Lord William Richmond VA Email
1980 HM Greeley David Selkirk NY Email
1980 HM Mulholland John Newark NJ Email
1980 HM Teach Allan Portland OR Email
1980 HT Highlander James Baltimore MD Email
1980 HT Schneider Alfred King Of Prussia PA Email
1980 IC Robinson James Holt/lansing MI Email
1980 MM Gouker Jay Essex MD Email
1980 MM Kelso Robert Wilminton NC Email
1980 MM Simmerling Bob --
1980 MS Bennett George Baltimore MD Email
1980 OS Harper Willy P TX Weight
1980 OS Higgins Robert Tulsa OK Weight
1980 OS Weight Ace Tremonton UT Email
1980 PC Dardano Nicholas Vernon NY Email
1980 RM Esparza Gilbert San Antonio TX Email
1980 SCPO Mccutcheon Mark Newport RI
1980 SH Badgley James Minot ND Email
1980 SH Squires Owen Beach ND Email
1980 SH Squires Owen Beach ND Email
1980 SN Caldwell Jerry Trussville AL Email
1980 YN Gilbert Jerome Detroit MI Email
1980 YN Gilbert Jerome Detroit MI Email
1981 AB Blakes Howard Houston TX Email
1981 AB Byrd Jesse New Orleans LA Email
1981 AB Hodge Ed Sumter SC Email
1981 AB O Connell Dan Wenatchee WA Email
1981 AB Stanhope Paul Worcester MA Email
1981 AB Wisler Jeffrey Somerset PA
1981 AB Young Phillip San Antonio TX Email
1981 AD Creech John Monroe NY Email
1981 AD Robinson Thomas ( Tom) Phenix City AL Email
1981 AE Klages David Islip NY
1981 AG Bosworth Peter Auburn ME Email
1981 AK Collins William Norristown PA
1981 AK Ramey Tony Corbin KY Email
1981 AM Meggers Peter Alexandria MN Email
1981 AM Sheffield Robert Overton TX Email
1981 AO Evoli Gilbert Downingtown PA
1981 AO Hawkins Raleigh Trenton GA Email
1981 AO Marsh David New Haven VT Email
1981 AO Mcclure Steve St. Louis MO Email
1981 AO Scott Benjamin Mason City IA Email
1981 AT Forney Doug Harrisburg PA Email
1981 BT Bovia Donald Toledo OH Email
1981 BT Rowland Kent Mcpherson KS Email
1981 BT Wright Dick Bessemer AL
1981 CPO Miller Ronald Evansville IN
1981 CWO Blake Robert Boston MA
1981 CWO Blake Robert Boston MA Email
1981 EM Songer Richard Muncie IN Email
1981 EN Donovan William ( Bill ) Westwood ( Medfield ) MA Email
1981 ET Peach Denis Retired FL
1981 FC Kalbfleisch Kurt Casper WY
1981 GM Coghlan John Yonkers NY
1981 GM Coghlan G-1 John Yonkers-Bronx NY
1981 GM Hennion George Maryville TN Email
1981 HM Routh Steve Hammond IN Email
1981 HT Barnard Robert Boston MA
1981 HT Enderwitz Carl Portage IN
1981 HT Hayes David St.louis MO Email
1981 HT Merry Max Paris MI
1981 LCDR Gawne John Virginia Beach VA
1981 LI Stone J. David Lexington KY Email
1981 LT Long Robert Philadelphia PA Email
1981 LT Ryan Patrick Raleigh NC Email
1981 LT Smith Lincoln Wellesley MA Email
1981 LT Wertz Michael Indianapolis IN
1981 MCPO Winn Donald Decatur, Alabama AL Email
1981 MM Pendino Lawrance Philadelphia PA
1981 MR Brancheau Daniel Indianapolis IN Email
1981 MR Reed Mike Reno
1981 MS Meyer Mitchell Queens NY
1981 OS Higgins Bob Tulsa OK Weight
1981 OS Holmes Kevin Tampa FL Email
1981 OS Perry Thomas New Bedford MA Email
1981 OS Weight Ace Tremonton UT Email
1981 PC Ramsey Charles (Chuck) Jacksonville FL
1981 RM Lewis Jan Craig Mount Vernon NY Email
1981 SCPO Mcgarity Walter(Chuck) Spartanburg SC
1981 SH Chew John Greenbelt, Md MD Email
1981 WT Lecroy Tim Naylor MO Email
1982 Mogler Craig Fort Dodge IA Songer
1982 AB Milley S Leo Plainfield NJ Email
1982 AB Neely Ricky Rock Hill SC Email
1982 AB Neldon James Fayetteville NC Email
1982 AB White Allen Altoona PA
1982 AD Carson Tony Detroit MI Email
1982 AD Wilkinson Charles Ozark AL
1982 AM Carignan John Jacksonville FL
1982 AM Honore Ramon Chicago IL Email
1982 AM Neff Ronald St. Louis MO Email
1982 AO Johnson David Pensacola FL Email
1982 AO Mcfadden Thomas Bloomsburg PA
1982 AO Miller Greg Cassville MO
1982 AO Plotts Jeffrey Newtown Square PA Email
1982 AO Plotts Jeff Phily PA Hawkins
1982 AO Reed Marcus N. Anson ME
1982 AT Kauffman Daryl Randallstown MD
1982 AZ Allen James Pittsfield ME Email
1982 BM Thomas Mark Hailey ID Email
1982 BT Hughes Dean Decatur AL
1982 BT Hughes Burrhead Decatur AL
1982 BT Teets Thomas --
1982 BT Trask Scott Panama City FL
1982 CPL Payne Stewart Payne Munster IN Email
1982 CPL Sinclair Michael Brooklyn NY
1982 CPO Hymes Paul Rock Island IL Email
1982 CPO Jack Clements Virginia Beach VA
1982 CPO Neely Ricky Rock Hill SC Email
1982 CPO Neely Ricky Rock Hill SC Email
1982 DP Otoole Shawn Cresskill NJ Email
1982 DP Rowe Martin Tillson NY
1982 EM Matos Willfredo Freeport NY Email
1982 FC Clements Jack Virginia Beach VA
1982 HM Heithaus Mark Greenwich CT Email
1982 HT Agosta James Lancaster OH Email
1982 HT Mcklveen Russell Derry PA Email
1982 IC Krezincevich William Chicopee MA
1982 LT Parry Chuck San Bernardino CA Email
1982 LT Sanford Roger Belle WV
1982 MM Allen Terry Grantsville UT Email
1982 MM Newman Robert Coquille OR Email
1982 MM Siemerling Robert Whitestone NY
1982 MR Jenney Bud (Robert) Milford CT
1982 PN Brines Terry North Bend OR Email
1982 RM Chapman Kerry Idabel OK Email
1982 RM Esparza Gilbert San Antonio TX Email
1982 SCPO Margeson Ray Horseheads NY Email
1982 SCPO Pitts George Bfe NC Post
1982 SCPO Yarborough Billy Crystal City TX Email
1983 AB Bumgardner William Conway SC Email
1983 AB Chamberlin Dennis Travers City MI Email
1983 AB Chamberlin Dennis Travers City MI Email
1983 AB Hansen Greg Kearney NE
1983 AC Jones Thomas Baytown TX Email
1983 AD Cowart Randy Houston TX Email
1983 AD Cowart Randy Houston TX Email
1983 AK Nolen Barry Ripley TN
1983 AM Metcalf Thomas Nelsonville OH
1983 AM Prettyman Wade Akron OH Email
1983 AN Brown Timothy Cypress CA Email
1983 AO Bellflower Edwin Bainbridge GA
1983 AO Buddington Michael Norwich CT Email
1983 AS Burleson Jeffrey Charleston SC Email
1983 AS Getz Stan Belleville MI Email
1983 AT Adams Doug Fort Worth TX Email
1983 AT Edwards Vincent Port Arthur TX
1983 BM Farrell Michael North Myrtle Beach SC
1983 BT Koch Robert Newark DE Email
1983 CPO Grimes Bruce Clarksburg WV
1983 CWO Brockman Michael (Mike) Cincinnati OH
1983 CWO Pinion Victor Lafollette TN
1983 DM Latham Paul Randallstown MD
1983 DS Karelitz Gavin China Grove NC
1983 EM Cunningham Paul Staten Island NY Email
1983 ET Evans Kyle (marty) Taylor MI Email
1983 ET Wetherill David(odie) Reynoldsburg OH Email
1983 EW Jenkins David Dayton OH Email
1983 GM Barnes Calvin Wilson NC Email
1983 GM Howe G-1 Bruce Redding CT Email
1983 HM Green Gary Washington DC
1983 HM Sgromolo Frank South Plainfield NJ Email
1983 HMC Sebring Nick Colorado NC
1983 IC Finnell Scott Orlando FL Email
1983 MCPO Kilpatrick David Rochester MN Email
1983 MM Morgan Mike Pine Hill AL Email
1983 MM Morgan Mike Pine Hill AL Email
1983 MM Post David Lacrosse WI Email
1983 MM Trackwell Mark Brazil IN Email
1983 PFC Hyatt John Crab Orchard WV Email
1983 SK Fahrbach George Portsmouth RI
1983 TM Pohoreske Brett Crowley TX Email
1983 WT Lacroy MO Morrison
1983 WT Morrison Stu Corning NY Email
1983 WT Wiese Paul Perkasie PA
1983 YN Scott Michael Youngstown OH Email
1984 AB Wilson J.j. Pittsburgh PA Email
1984 AK Moore Jerry Crestview FL Email
1984 AM Allen Fred Dallas TX
1984 AM Paul Kenneth Findlay OH Email
1984 AM Wilson Joey Bartlesville OK Email
1984 AO Rupright Larry Flint MI Email
1984 AO Rupright Larry Flint MI Email
1984 BM Wajda Michael Philadelphia PA Email
1984 CPO Dixon Thomas Carroll IA Email
1984 CPO Holland Tom Holly Springs NC
1984 CPO Ross Thomas Dorchester SC
1984 DC Burgett Christopher Lawton MI
1984 DS Comer Richard South Point OH Email
1984 DS Haugh Robert New York NY Email
1984 EM Owsley Dan Walterboro SC Email
1984 ET Confer Larry Medina OH Email
1984 ET Duncan Paul Vienna VA
1984 GM Tejchman Mark Cleveland OH
1984 IC Revels Arnold Lumberton NC Email
1984 LI Rightmeier Charlie Riley KS Email
1984 MCPO Thompson Roger South Wales NY Email
1984 MM Bratcher Bruce Lexington KY Post
1984 MM Crumley Todd Benton Harbor MI
1984 MM Daniel Hughes Mooresville NC Email
1984 MM Dickey Raymond Fremont OH Email
1984 MM Post David Lacrosse WI Email
1984 MM Warren Brian Gainesville TX Email
1984 MS Adams Brian Porterville CA Email
1984 MS Kuntz Bruce Buffalo NY Email
1984 MS Marigliano Jim Philly PA Email
1984 MS Marigliano Jim Philly PA Email
1984 PC Walter Roger Mcalisterville PA Email
1984 QM Crader Homer Buddy Bastrop TX Email
1984 QM Crader Homer (Buddy) Bastrop TX
1984 SK Mcginnis John Cocoa Beach FL
1985 Wheeler Ted Allen Martinsville VA
1985 AB Clemmons Richard Altha FL Email
1985 AB Laurenti John Cape Coral FL
1985 AB Mcclendon Scott Emmitsburg MD Email
1985 AB Paulson Bruce Peekskill NY Email
1985 AB Scangarella Jay Ortley Beach NJ Email
1985 AB Trotter William Bellflower, Ca CA Email
1985 AB Tuggle James Marion VA Email
1985 AC Brand Jon West Long Branch NJ
1985 AD Boyden Roy Council Bluffs IA Email
1985 AD Von-roretz Matthew Atlanta GA Email
1985 AN Thomas Jack Marietta GA
1985 AO Horn David Mexico NY Email
1985 AO Reighard Douglas New Milford NJ Email
1985 AQ Martin Brian Walton IN Email
1985 AZ Pitt Billy Denham Springs LA Boyden
1985 BM Badenhop Roy Toledo OH
1985 BM Fullenwider Charles Apache Junction AZ Email
1985 BT Engler Andrew Buffalo NH Email
1985 BT Martinez Gary San Antonio TX Email
1985 EM Mason Darryl Mathews VA
1985 ET Anderson Tim Tampa FL Email
1985 ET Kral Jim Clifton NJ Email
1985 ET Stein Bruce Newport News VA
1985 ET Taylor Scott Diamond OH Email
1985 ET Walker Kenneth Pennsauken NJ Email
1985 ET Wise Phil California MD
1985 FC Helverson Charles Philadelphia PA Email
1985 GM Holmes Kenneth Charleston SC
1985 IC Johson Kevin Phila PA Email
1985 MA Joiner James Florence AL
1985 MCPO Mock Gary Junction City KS Email
1985 MM Dillingham
1985 MM Cosby James Pueblo CO Email
1985 MM Dillingham William Lee Rock Hill SC Email
1985 MS Kurszewski John Milwaukee WI Email
1985 MS Lachance Paul Choctaw Okla Via Maine ME Email
1985 MS Strader John Canton OH Email
1985 OS Scearce David Danville VA Email
1985 PH Wright Michael Barrington RI
1985 PH Wright Michael Archer City TX Email
1985 QM Wheeler Ted Allen Martinsville VA Crader
1985 RM Myers Gary Knoxville TN Email
1985 RM Phillips Mark Goodland KS Email
1985 RM Simons Kevin Lockport NY Email
1985 SGT Bishop George Perry FL Email
1986 Upton MD
1986 AC Barrows Skip/ Philip Shirley MA Email
1986 AE Miller William ( The Muslim) Philadelphia PA Email
1986 AK Sweat William Green Cove Springs FL Email
1986 AS Ori Jerome (jerry) Omaha NE Email
1986 AX Murray Ed Philadelphia PA Email
1986 BT Adams James Leechburg PA
1986 BT Aycock Albert West Helena AR Email
1986 BT Cain Bob Clarksburg WV
1986 BT Hernandez Jesse San Antonio TX Email
1986 BT Morales Andrew San Antonio TX Email
1986 BT Waltenburg Thomas Port Huron MI Email
1986 CMDR Friedman Gerald Hyattsville MD
1986 CPO Ambrose Matthew York PA
1986 CPO Heard Lorenzo Dover DE Email
1986 CPO Sease Rhett Holton MI Email
1986 CWO Barksdale George Egan
1986 CWO Quartararo Alan Ronkonkoma NY Email
1986 DC Anthony CA Johnson
1986 DC Darrel FL Johnson
1986 DC Harness Brian Gahanna OH Email
1986 EM Alvarez J.c.n.j. NJ Johnson
1986 EM Brown Larry Chesapeake VA Email
1986 EM Knipp Dean Lake Milton OH Email
1986 EM Rhines Dennis Buffalo NY
1986 EW Collins Darrell Chatham VA Email
1986 GM Neff Clark Winchester VA Email
1986 HT Michael Frame Johnson
1986 HT Redmond IL Johnson
1986 HT Hiccupping Henry Johnson
1986 HT Michael Jackson Johnson
1986 HT George Young NJ Johnson
1986 HT Diamond Walker Johnson
1986 HT Michael Porter GA Johnson
1986 HT Dale Johnson
1986 HT Chaz Thomas Johnson
1986 HT Richard Johnson
1986 HT Johnson Tarl J. Jersey City NJ Email
1986 HT Pillion Todd St. Petersburg FL Email
1986 IC Herzberg Keith East Alton IL Email
1986 LT Kaag William Hanover IN Email
1986 MA Allen Anthony Bowie MD Email
1986 MM Stefan Ross Johnson
1986 MM Holler Daniel Chamberlain SD Email
1986 MM Mix Joe Patterson NJ
1986 MS Michael Miller S5 Johnson
1986 MS Egan Timothy J Orlando FL Email
1986 MS Hayes Brian Stuttgart AR Email
1986 MS Hayes Brian AR Egan
1986 MS Scanlon Brian Poquage NY Egan
1986 SM Ledoux Eugene Oakland CA
1987 AB Badame Russell Buffalo NY
1987 AB Bingham William Flat Lick KY
1987 AB Dunlap Kevin Laurel MD
1987 AB Leonhardt Jim Greensburg PA Email
1987 AB Pretzer Aaron Plainview MN Email
1987 AB Wyckoff Donald Pr. Federick MD
1987 AK Schwerdtfeger James Richmond VA
1987 AS Poore Morris Anderson IN Email
1987 AT Shaffer Eric Knox PA Email
1987 AT Shaw Donald Alto GA Email
1987 BT Ambrose Matt --
1987 BT Bailey Dan MT
1987 CPO Cutler Rick Jacksonville FL
1987 CWO Hendricks William (bill) Bronx NY Email
1987 CWO Huling Doug Barrington RI
1987 EM Chaney Christopher Frederick MD Email
1987 EM Tenhulzen Jeffrey San Diego CA Email
1987 GM Hairston Mack Bridgeport CT Email
1987 HM Campbell Timothy Beaver PA Email
1987 HT Wray Eric Hubbard OH
1987 IC Pitts Rick Cook Station MO Email
1987 IC Roundtree Kevin Atlantic City NJ Email
1987 IC Winchell Scott Roanoke VA Email
1987 LCPL Niermeyer Russell MO Wilburn
1987 LCPL Price Rob Orlando FL Email
1987 LCPL Wilburn Kenneth Houston TX Email
1987 MM Chandler James Tupelo MS Email
1987 MM Hendrix, Frank Itta Bena MS
1987 MM West Jim Nottingham PA Email
1987 MS Lewis Joseph New Orleans LA Email
1987 PH Rivera Anibal Ponce PR
1987 RM Ferraro Jr Richard G. Girard OH
1987 SCPO Grimes Richard Valley NE Email
1987 SGT Gama George Erie PA Email
1987 SH Kimbrough Brian Chicago Heights IL Email
1987 SK Ramos Brad Linden CA Email
1987 WT Gardner Greg Houston TX
1987 WT Speich Thomas Jerseyville IL Email
1988 AB Cottrell Dana Oakland CA Email
1988 AB Horton Ricky Newark NJ Email
1988 AD Peters Ramon Port St Joe
1988 AE Mccurry Patrick Clawson MI Email
1988 AK Kendall Winston Paterson NJ Email
1988 AO Hay Lance Detroit MI
1988 AS Craig William Miami OK Email
1988 AZ Postell Joseph Chattanooga TN Email
1988 BM Daniels Rodney Knoxville TN Email
1988 BM Valigura Sean Montgomery AL Email
1988 BT Cotterell Butch Newberg OR Email
1988 BT Cotterell Butch Oregon City OR Email
1988 BT Sage David Gorham NY Email
1988 BT Sawicki David Neptune City NJ Email
1988 CPO Gagnon Ronald Gurnee IL Email
1988 CPO Maine Robert Waycross GA
1988 CPTN Warren John Brooklyn NY
1988 DP Smith Bobby Johnstown PA Email
1988 ET Bean Dave Vergennes VT Email
1988 ET Bean Dave Vergennes VT Email
1988 HM Bennett Roger Frostburg MD Email
1988 IC Brown Thomas Pensacola FL
1988 IC Hollowell Scott Stockbridge GA Email
1988 IM Reynolds Ryan New Richmond WI Email
1988 LCDR Cashman Dermot Brooklyn NY
1988 MM Jaszczak Daniel Lancaster MN Email
1988 OS Lane Pete Willingboro NJ Email
1988 SH Williams Timothy Tuscaloosa AL Email
1989 AB Depena Edwin New York NY Email
1989 AB Mora Francisco --
1989 AB Sebastiao Jose Milton FL
1989 AK Douglas Jerry Chateaugay NY Email
1989 AM Falconer Brett Newort Ctr VT Email
1989 AS Garvin Frank Cincinnati OH Email
1989 AS Garvin Frank Cincinnati OH Email
1989 AS Vandahaar Dickie OH Cloke
1989 AT Cloke Eddie Elmira NY Email
1989 AT Long Christopher Dunkirk NY
1989 AT Long Christopher Dunkirk NY Email
1989 BM Moran Michael Kingston WA
1989 BT Hannah Russell Demopolis AL Email
1989 BT Potach John Levittown PA Email
1989 CPO Blanton Harry Ardmore OK Email
1989 CPO Clark Gerden Bradenton FL Email
1989 CPO Richardson Howard Buffalo NY
1989 CWO Wisler Jeffrey Somerset PA
1989 DC Deems Michael Brownsville PA Email
1989 DC Necaise Shawn Hobbs NM
1989 EM Laney Michael Louisa KY
1989 ET Courvelle John Opelousas LA Email
1989 HM Shamblin Larry Rogue River OR Email
1989 IC Raley Mike Fort Worth TX Email
1989 MCPO Hagerman Joseph Virginia Beach VA
1989 MM Steving Marc Fremont OH Email
1989 MM Thompson Jerry Mt Sterling OH Email
1989 MR Cousins Charles Long Beach CA
1989 MS Whealdon Shane Belpre OH Email
1989 OS Macneish Robert Tallahassee FL
1989 PN Johnson Robert Coral Springs FL Email
1989 PR Zitney Mark Connellsville PA Email
1989 QM Cockrell Michael Virgina Beach VA Email
1989 RM Martin Oscar Marietta GA Email
1989 RM Thompson Terence Mobile AL Email
1989 SH Gallion Raymond San Antino TX Email
1989 SH Oliver Darryl Richmond VA Email
1989 SK Hamilton Jeff Lindenwold NJ Email
1989 SK Hamrick Warren Henderson NC Email
1990 Fields John NC Pete
1990 AB Patnode Michael Winchester NH
1990 AE Bridgewater Billy Santa Fe Springs CA Email
1990 AK Hill Nate Georgia VA Email
1990 AN Caskey Mike Cleveland OH Email
1990 AO Almodovar Victor R. Cabo Rojo PR
1990 AT Hodges Danny West Jefferson NC
1990 AT Richard Denny Somers Point NJ Email
1990 BM Baker Robert Gadsden AL Fields
1990 BM Fields Shawn Woodruff SC Email
1990 BM Frambo Ricky Atlanta GA Fields
1990 BM Shawn Hayes New Orleans LA Fields
1990 BT Keller Brian Detroit MI Email
1990 CPO Impastato Anthony Mobile AL Email
1990 CPO Mccane Lewis Covington TN
1990 CPO Stevens Mark Fort Lauderdale FL Email
1990 CPTN Sauer George Richmond VA
1990 EM Alford Thomas Middleburgh NY Email
1990 EM Alford Thomas Homosassa FL Email
1990 EM Grissom Israel Roanoke VA
1990 EM Walters Samuel San Antonio TX Email
1990 GM Richardson Raymond Streator IL Email
1990 HT Ball Jeffrey Dallas TX
1990 IC Stout Dirk Mesa AZ Email
1990 LT Parker Brad Norwich CT Cummings
1990 MCPO Simon Gary Chicago IL Email
1990 MCPO Ward Steve Ochlocknee GA
1990 MM Manz Roger Memphis TN
1990 MM Thrall Jay Milwaukee WI Email
1990 MS Pete Andrew Lake Arthur LA Email
1990 MS Saunders Mark Kilmarnock VA Email
1990 PR Pritchette John Gibsonville NC
1990 SCPO Hill Larry Burgettstown PA Email
1990 SK Vickery William Muscle Shoals AL Email
1991 AB Guthrie Tony Indianapolis IN
1991 AB King Mike Chandler AZ Email
1991 AB Mitiu William Chicago IL Email
1991 AO Blanchard William Woonsocket RI
1991 AO Tennyson Dwight Louisville KY
1991 BM Carter Anthony Cincinnati OH Email
1991 BM Robinson David Pittsburgh PA Email
1991 BM Youmans Anthony Allendale SC Email
1991 BT Bebout Gary Murfreesboro TN Email
1991 CPO Evans Steve Millington TN
1991 CPO Impastato Tony Mobile AL
1991 CPO Ortego Philip Ville Platte LA Email
1991 CT Jones Brian Blairsville PA Email
1991 CWO Cummings William Delaware OH Email
1991 EM Horn William North Rose NY
1991 HM Jackson Dj Big Spring TX Email
1991 HM Johnson Kraig Joplin MO Email
1991 HM Ray Mark Munford TN Email
1991 HT Miner Martin St Charles MO Email
1991 IC Melito Jason Coram NY Email
1991 IC Obrien David North Brookfield MA Email
1991 IM Van Auken Rick Chelsea OK
1991 IS Polito Donald Tempe AZ Email
1991 MM Berger Douglas Buzzards Bay MA
1991 MM Wallace Scott Jacksonville FL
1991 MR Omeara Jerry Kansas City MO Email
1991 PN Fletcher Joseph Radcliff KY Email
1991 PN Krout Lorne Baton Rouge LA Email
1991 RM Fabish Chris Louisville KY Email
1991 RM Newell Scott NJ Szlanfucht
1991 RM Szlanfucht Dale Osceola IN Email
1991 SCPO Kennon David Jacksonville FL
1991 TM Kast Eric Montgomery MI Email
1991 YN Baillie Richard Saginaw MI
1992 AB Johnson Samuel Savannah GA Email
1992 AG Eri Don Merritt Island FL
1992 AK Fleasano Dan Hampton VA
1992 AO Williams Corby Dallas TX
1992 AT Bugler Robert J. Milwaukee WI Email
1992 AT Flesch Michael Port Byron IL Email
1992 AT Harden Scott Cincinnati OH
1992 BM Curtiss
1992 BT Cox Christopher Claremore OK
1992 BT Kinney Willie Bennettsville SC Email
1992 BT Sanchez Bobby Wichita Falls TX
1992 BU Austin Michael Ludington MI
1992 CPO Brown Charles Cleveland OH Email
1992 CPO Chapman David Bristol TN
1992 CPO Eri Don Merritt Island FL
1992 DC Wilke Timothy Gloucester City, Nj NJ Email
1992 EM Ulrich Todd Boyertown PA
1992 EM Ulrich Todd Boyertown PA Email
1992 FC Howard Matthew Wapakoneta OH
1992 FN Shown Jason Calhoun KY Email
1992 HM Dipietro David Swampscott MA
1992 IC Light Duane --
1992 IC Stclair Mike Roanoke VA
1992 IS Armendarez Thomas Parma OH
1992 LCDR Annunziata Albert Chesapeake VA
1992 LCDR Popp Randy Dayton OH
1992 LCDR Sharlow Albert Lake Charles LA
1992 MM Cortez Joel Zambales CT
1992 MM Gore Eric Orlando FL
1992 MM Newcomb John Hampton VA
1992 MS Villanova Thomas Saginaw MI Email
1992 PR Wilkins David Union City CA Email
1992 QM Curtiss Tim Simsbury CT Email
1992 RM Borstad Daniel Madera CA Email
1992 RM Cribb Wayne Myrtle Beach SC Email
1992 RM Dawes Mark Union MO Email
1992 SH Samson Steve Los Angeles CA Email
1992 TM Albart David Rockwood MI Email
1992 YN Foreman Leeshane Rusk TX
1993 AB Smith Mike San Marcos TX
1993 AB Wilder William Birmingham AL Email
1993 AK Whiteside Delayne Columbus OH Email
1993 AO Lofton Charles Tulsa OK Email
1993 AW Garrett Joe Cleburne TX Email
1993 BT Womeldorf Ralph State College PA
1993 CMDR Leware Bentley Sandy Hook CT Email
1993 CMDR Serlick Howard Philadelphia PA Email
1993 CPO Cantrell Charles Harrison AR
1993 CPO Mcnally John Jacksonville FL
1993 DK Canedo Juni Dedham MA Email
1993 ET Brower James Pottstown PA
1993 HM Huester Dave Katonah NY Email
1993 HM Krol Joseph Commack NY
1993 HT Settlemeyer Brad Riegelwood NC Email
1993 OS Brotton Howard Philadelphia PA Email
1993 QM Kuhne Timothy Columbus OH
1993 SH Baker Samson
1993 SH Samson Steve South Pasadena CA Email
1993 SK Russell Anthony Romulus MI
1993 YN Brandon Kevin Louisville KY Email
1993 YN Klein Rob Pottstown PA Email
1994 1LT Dryer D.j. Fairfax VA Email
1994 AB Bates Bucky Altus OK Email
1994 AB Gibson Wendle Tiffin OH Email
1994 AB Stevenson Houston Baton Rouge LA Email
1994 AO Kenneson Timothy Bantam CT Email
1994 AO Stasen Chris Abington PA Email
1994 BT Cohran Scott Douglasville GA Email
1994 BT Fischer Michael Bricktown NJ
1994 CPO Guidone Tony Canton OH
1994 CPO Rini David Jacksonville FL
1994 CPO Silberman Warren Vashon WA
1994 DC Debisschop John Naugatuck CT Email
1994 DC Matheny Jeff Paris TN Email
1994 EM Gongora Renan Orlando - Belizean FL
1994 EM Rowles Michael Port Kent NY Email
1994 GM Burton Robert Nashville TN Email
1994 HT Shaw Charles Rochester NY
1994 LT Clark Michael Niceville FL
1994 MM Sisco Kevin Johnstown PA Email
1994 QM Robey Jame Raleigh NC
1994 SCPO Seay Lawrence Baltimore MD
1994 YN King Charles Summit MS Email
1995 Dellatore Jeff Phillipsburg NJ Varga
1995 Jobson Theresa FL Varga
1995 AB Barabin Robert Port Arthur TX
1995 AB Kolden Darynda Amherst Junction WI
1995 AB Nixon Dennis Thibodaux LA Email
1995 AS Shaulis John Mount Vernon WA Email
1995 AT Stephens Raybon Memphis TN Email
1995 BM Pelletier Chad Pulaski TN
1995 BT Mabry David Angier NC
1995 BT Mabry David Angier NC Email
1995 BT Mochol Scott Buffalo NY Email
1995 BT Smith Ed Pensacola FL Email
1995 CPO Barden Mike Milton FL Email
1995 CPO Goberson Mike Toledo OH
1995 CPO Shakespeare Timothy Jacksonville FL
1995 CWO Goode George Charlotte NC Email
1995 DC Sinclair Steve Newton IA Email
1995 DK Garrett Scott Minneapolis MN Email
1995 DT Ray Malasia Bra Denton FL Email
1995 ET Au Angela Carrollton OH Email
1995 FC Poole Demarkus Travelers Rest SC Email
1995 FN Miller Walter Livingston TX Email
1995 HM Mihalko Gary Windber PA Email
1995 HT Haskins Scott Greenfield MA Email
1995 HT Hogan Mike MA Varga
1995 HT Keeley James Totowa NJ Email
1995 HT Mhire Beth Mount Vernon IA Email
1995 LCDR Reeb Kay Peever SD
1995 MCPO Greeley Mark Albany NY
1995 MM Alexander Michael Marietta GA
1995 MM Webb Kevin Sacramento CA Email
1995 MS Lipscomb Tony Gastonia NC
1995 MS Upton Michael New Holland PA Email
1995 OS Dave Timothy Cedartown GA Email
1995 QM Howard Jeffery Harrison AR Email
1995 QM Kuhne Timothy Columbus OH Howard
1995 QM Varga Amanda Phillipsburg NJ Email
1995 RM Edler Minrice (tony) Richmond VA Email
1995 RM Richardson Jay Montgomery AL Email
1995 TM Malvick Diana Detroit Lakes MN Email
1995 YN James Renee Centreville MD Email
1995 YN Perry David Williamston MI
1996 Tongay Mike IL Upton
1996 AB Adkins Roger Kalamazoo MI Email
1996 AB Crosby Jessie Salem AL Email
1996 AC Clapp Susan Dalton GA
1996 AD Hughes Shannon Santa Maria CA Email
1996 AK Peterson Stepfan Cleveland OH Email
1996 AK Pickney Christopher Opelousas LA Email
1996 AN Clark Cheamika Dallas TX Email
1996 AO Burnette Jesse Portclinton OH
1996 AT Aguilar S Todd Spokane WA Email
1996 AT Judge Jasper CO
1996 AT Nielson(Smith) Tracee Petoskey MI
1996 BM Deering Mike Colorado Springs CO Email
1996 BM Dove Deirdre Dierks AR Email
1996 BT Gray Angel Cincinnati OH Email
1996 CPO Spoelhof Phil Muskegon MI
1996 CWO Simmons Curt Jacksonville FL
1996 DC Hawkins Sade Radcliff KY Email
1996 DC Parry Jonathan Plymouth MA Email
1996 DC Straw Dan York PA Email
1996 EM Staggs Julia Shoals IN Email
1996 ENSN Nicholson Tim Jacksonville FL
1996 FC Joseph Anthony Cleveland GA Email
1996 FC Spangler Donald Wilmer AL Email
1996 HM Parker Michele St. Louis TN
1996 HT Forster Robert Bethany CT Email
1996 HT Forster Robert Bethany CT Email
1996 HT Francis Harry Philadelphia PA
1996 IC Powell Zsa Zsa Atlanta GA Email
1996 LT Deocampo Anje Sagay N
1996 MCPO Breakall William Hagerstown MD Email
1996 MCPO Brookins Tim San Antonio TX
1996 MM Barbeau Phillip Madison ME Email
1996 MM Hinkle Laura Portland OR Email
1996 MM Piernicki Francis Omaha NE
1996 MS Romano Dominic Baltimore MD Email
1996 MS Stroming Julian Staten Island NY Email
1996 SK Sherline Donald Jacksonville FL Email
1997 AB Moore Brandon Redlands CA Email
1997 AM Johnson Jerome Detroit MI Email
1997 AM Martin David Princeton NJ Email
1997 AO Pease Eric Wilmington DE Email
1997 BM Williams Byron San Bernardino CA
1997 CS Brown Brenda Kingsland GA Email
1997 DT Velez Gilbert Paterson NJ Email
1997 EM Brockett Dave Santa Fe NM Email
1997 EM Toledo Robert Michael Baguio City PI
1997 HT Copeland Jennifer Saegertown PA Email
1997 LCDR Mccoy Kid Fallon NV
1997 LTJG Hubbell Dave Mt Pleasant MI
1997 MM Cable Keith Elizabethton TN Email
1997 MM Christen Nicholas Lorain OH Email
1997 MM Cox Glen St. Louis MO Email
1997 MM Edwards George Tulsa OK Email
1997 MM Herker Larry Fillmore IL
1997 MM Klees Jeremy Lansing MI Email
1997 MS Miller Joe Scott
1997 SCPO Henderson Calvin Montgomery AL Email
1997 SN Woods Brad Jennings LA
1998 Cornachio Jason NY Scott
1998 AO Haskins Lorenzo Lynchburg VA Email
1998 AO Howard Charles Binghamton IL Email
1998 AZ Bryan Darrell Jacksonville FL Email
1998 CPO Force Daniel (Ops/Os Div) Lafayette IN
1998 CPO Penrod Todd St.Pete FL
1998 CT Sykes Michael Tampa FL
1998 CWO Brienza Robert Jacksonville FL
1998 CWO Sawyer Rick Miami FL Email
1998 DC Norris Richard Lake City FL
1998 EM Ward Brian Loxley AL
1998 FC Descoteaux Jason Kettle Falls WA Email
1998 IS Gragert Kristin Philadelphia PA Email
1998 LI Nelson Christopher Orr MN
1998 LI Peoples Mable Albany GA
1998 LT Snee Dave Memphis TN
1998 MCPO Enos David Jacksonville FL
1998 MM Johnson Ron Emmaus PA Email
1998 MM Monaco Michael San Antonio TX Email
1998 MS Dupre Sherri Scott
1998 MS Lee Michelle Scott
1998 MS Scott Dalene Youngstown OH Email
1998 MS Washington Stacey Scott
1999 Nolan Natiley --
1999 Piekos Nick Scott
1999 Shanahan Matthew VA Lucas
1999 AB Ingle Kenneth Jacksonville FL
1999 AK Byrd Christina Tampa FL
1999 AK Giove Janet Rockland MA Email
1999 AS Kosloski Tony Kingston PA
1999 AT Orth Jonathan Decatur GA Email
1999 AT Orth Jonathan Decatur GA Email
1999 BM Lucas Ramon Zamboanga City NY Email
1999 BM Robinson Johnny Jackson TN Email
1999 BM Villar Pascual Pangasinan CA Lucas
1999 CPO Hill Curtis Middletown OH Email
1999 CPO Shackelford Terry Decatur GA Email
1999 CWO Holmes Donald Henderson TN
1999 CWO Turner Audie Atlanta GA Email
1999 EN Guerassio Bobby Greeneville TN Email
1999 EN Kennedy John Mayport FL Guerassio
1999 ET Woods David Lawrenceburg KY Email
1999 EW Daly Joseph (Chuck) Tucson AZ
1999 GM Smith Wade Fowler MI Email
1999 IC Bentley William Midland TX
1999 IS Ohlfs Greg New Richmond WI Email
1999 IS Wolpert Cole Columbia PA Email
1999 JO Elliott Cheryl Charleston SC Email
1999 LCDR Bennett Terry Pocahontas AR Email
1999 MM Fabella Fritz Lucas
1999 MM Jamison James Lucas
1999 MM Lucas Kyle Lucas
1999 MM Madrigal Marilou WA Lucas
1999 MM Mcmichael Christopher OR Lucas
1999 MS Bell Timothy Northfield VT Email
1999 MS Hamblin Keith Morristown NY Email
1999 MS Mills Cory NY Scott
1999 MS Seaton Henry Donovan LA Scott
1999 MS White Sarah Scott
1999 PH Simmons Travis Ridgeley WV Email
1999 SGT Mcgowan Herbert Riverview FL Email
1999 SK Drouse Penny Sebring FL Email
1999 SK Stokes Cecil Lexington MS Email
1999 YN Collins Shimeka Natchitoches LA
2000 Wiedemann Jason Pensacola FL
2000 AB Hawkins Robert Jacksonville FL
2000 AN Mendizabalrosal Eduardo San Pablo Califas CA
2000 AO Harper Steven Elk Grove IL Email
2000 CS Gallaway Dominic Knightdale NC Email
2000 CS Stillwell James Wichita Falls TX Email
2000 CT Moaratty Donald Ellsworth ME
2000 CWO Bolling Desi Jacksonville FL Email
2000 FC Davis Bobby (bj) Jacksonville FL Email
2000 MS Rusnak Terrance North Olmsted OH Email
2000 OS Richmond Frank Pennsville NJ Email
2000 SK Nichols Jeanette (nikki) Belleville IL Email
2000 SN Garner Lisa Aberdeen MS Email
2000 SN Hartman Zacharia Rolla KS
2000 YN Woolery Dianna Bellevue NE Email
2001 AB Colley James Kingsville TX Email
2001 AG Collins David Houma LA Email
2001 AG Flowers Rebecca Newport RI Email
2001 AK Brodersen Michael Jacksonville FL Email
2001 AM Dixon Jesse Greencastle IN Email
2001 AO Knight Ricky Espina
2001 AO Marshall Marcus Birmingham AL Email
2001 AO Maybrier John Basile LA Harper
2001 AO Stephesnon Paul \\ Orlando FL Email
2001 AO Wright Michael Gulf Shores AL Harper
2001 AT Hucik Christopher Baltimore MD
2001 BM Cassario Cassie Bossier City LA Email
2001 BM Elmore John St. Augustine FL Email
2001 CMDR Turner Jeff Gladewater TX
2001 CPO Collette Gregory Houghton FL Email
2001 CPO Jones Pearie San Antonio TX Email
2001 CWO Day Jim Toledo OH Email
2001 EM Rill Michael Pewaukee WI Email
2001 ET Espina Alvin Brawley CA Email
2001 ET Ware Martha Marlette MI Email
2001 HT Sanders Colleen Inglis FL Email
2001 LT Fournier Mark Sebewaing MI Email
2001 LTJG Alexander Aarron Hornell NY Email
2001 MM Elsey Larry Inianapolis IN Email
2002 AN Alas Blanca Albuquerque NM
2002 BM Butler Kristen Ocala FL Email
2002 CPO Mcneil Charles Gloster MS Email
2002 EM Smith Don Findlay OH Email
2002 EM Smith Don Findlay OH Email
2002 ET Neacosia Joseph Oswego NY Email
2002 LCDR Vanden Boogard Steven De Pere WI Email
2002 LTJG Rickett Michael Mitchell SD Email
2002 MA Stewart James San Antonio TX
2002 MM Perry Shanda Tampa FL Email
2002 QM Powell Nicholas Corpus Christi TX Email
2003 AO Marshall David Bakersfield CA Email
2003 BM Yan Cheng New York NY Email
2003 CPO Prausa Randy Vidor TX Email
2003 CPTN Rue Lamont Youngstown OH
2003 CT Alexander Joey Blackwell OK Email
2003 HT Harris Phillip Corpus Christi TX Email
2003 MM Carroll Kenneth Clarksville TN Email
2003 MS Allen Carrell Fort Worth TX
2003 PH Cutright Eric Portsmouth VA Email
2003 SK Brown Vincent Cottondale FL Email
2004 AT Tomar Jeff Hi-nella NJ Email
2004 AW Butcher Robert Maysville KY Email
2004 CPO Waters Billy Orange Park FL
2004 DC Polasek Ryan Corpus Christi TX Email
2004 LT Schwenkler Steven San Diego CA Email
2004 QM Kelly Sandy Horseheads NY Email
2005 AN Morales Warren Long Beach CA Email
2005 BM Shaw Cheryl Clewiston FL Email
2005 LT Vaughn Karl Bradenton FL Email
2005 LT Vaughn Karl Bradenton FL Pending Activation
2005 LT Wilson Geoffrey Port Orange FL Email
2006 CPO Flores Norman Kawit PI Email
2006 CPO Morris Andrew Baltimore MD Email
2006 MM Fehr Peter Conyers GA Email
2006 MM Roberts Rich Quarryville PA Email
2006 MM Werchek Benjamin Green Bay WI Email