U.S.S. NEWPORT NEWS (CA-148) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1940 Carrington Don --
1940 -- Hefner Kim Tryon NC
1940 MN Ornberg William ME
1948 -- Dossetti Jr Daniel Dover DE
1948 DM Baker Robert Fayettville OH Email
1948 MM Foley Noah Mt Jackson VA Email
1948 SN Mitchell John Epping NH
1949 DK Culbertson Morris (aka Mike) Ramsey IL Email
1949 DS Serra Ships Photographer Harold D Patchogue NY Email
1949 EM Hobbs John Edward Stoneham MA Email
1949 ET Frenz Hilbert Mason City IA
1949 ET Morris Leon Durham NC
1949 FN Allen George Karney NJ Email
1949 FT Graham Shannon Richmond KY
1949 FT Williamson William Pittsburgh PA
1949 GM Babson Alfred Boston MA
1949 GM Caiazza Nick Staten Island NY Email
1949 HT Etchingham John New York City NY Email
1949 MM Dawson William Brooklyn NY Email
1949 MM Dawson William Brooklyn NY Email
1949 RD Osborne James Atterberry IL Email
1949 RD Osborne James Petersburg IL Email
1949 RM Wilker Charles Hennessey OK
1949 SF Varley David North Dighton MA
1949 SK Hanhold Vincent Erie, PA Email
1949 SN Chandler Robert (bob_ Colonie Albany NY Email
1949 SN Milette Andre Woonsocket RI
1949 SN Mitchell John Epping NH
1949 SN Owen Fred Louisville KY
1950 FT Davis Roger Leesburg FL
1950 QM Baker Donald Unadilla NY
1950 SN Thibodeau Richard Bridgeport CT
1951 EM Bixler Donald Mokena IL
1951 EN Grosso Anthony Lindenhurst NY Email
1951 LTJG Soohoo Edmund (ed) New York NY Email
1951 RD Rogers Glen Springfield IL Email
1951 RM Craig James Lynn MA Email
1951 SH Wilburn Wayne Flatwoods KY
1951 SK Imbrenda Jerry Phila. PA
1951 SN Lane George Malden MA Email
1952 Brodsley Robert
1952 Kristopaitis Ernest --
1952 Kristopaitis Ernest Pittsburgh PA
1952 BM Brathwaite Edwin Brooklyn NY Email
1952 BM Kennedy Wesley (sugar) Bellmawr NJ Email
1952 MM Lavenchik Rudolph Brunswick OH
1952 QM Mitchell Howard Gibbonsville ID Email
1952 RM John Torrance Meridian MS
1952 RM Thomas Fleming Brooklyn NY Email
1953 BM Braithwaite Edwin NY Runnels
1953 BM Dinova A Edward Waterbury CT Email
1953 CPL Swanfeldt Norman Somerville MA Email
1953 EM Hoyal James (chris) El Monte CA Email
1953 JO Runnels Robert Chicago IL Email
1953 PFC Swanfeldt Norman Hudson MA
1953 RD Burke John Yorktown Heights Dec NY
1953 SGT Mossholder John Mt Vernon OH Email
1953 SN Lane John Petersburg MI Email
1953 SN Lefevre James East Detroit MI Email
1954 BT Tartarelli Donald Bristol CT Email
1954 GM Cox Edwin Mccoll SC Email
1954 GM Trimmer Richard Greenville PA
1954 MM Reynolds Walter Akron OH Email
1954 RD Gee Charles Oakdale NY
1954 RD Grissett Carl Bryan TX
1954 SN Dawson Charles \ Frostburg, MD Email
1954 SN Dawson Charles .. Irv Frostburg MD Email
1954 SN Johnson George Oswego NY Email
1954 TM Bailey George (G.I.) Waterbury CT
1955 BM Mcright Lonie Vidor TX
1955 BM Trott John Philadelphia PA
1955 CPO Royston John Vanderbilt PA
1955 CS Genther Donald Kingston NY Email
1955 DK Mesimer William Salisbury NC Email
1955 FT Jackson, Thomas Tom Brooklyn NY Email
1955 FT2 Jackson Tom Old Bridge NJ
1955 GM Ross Curtis Macon GA Email
1955 IC Anderson --
1955 MM Christlieb Robert Wichita KS
1955 MM Cipriano Al Rockland MA
1955 MM Foley Noah Mt Jackson VA Email
1955 MM Hall Roland Balto. MD Email
1955 MM Martino Bob Mt.Vernon NY
1955 PH Rosello Ralph Bronx NY Email
1955 RM Everett Myron Mike Lincoln NE
1955 SN Wilson Sam Brooklyn NY Email
1956 BM Canupp Jr Lee R Concord NC
1956 BM Canupp Jr. Lee R. Concord NC
1956 BT Andrews Edwin Lost Creek PA
1956 DC Oneill Frederick Laconia NH Email
1956 DK Mesimer William Salisbury GA Email
1956 EM Breyer Fithian (frank) Camden NJ Email
1956 EM Saunders William Williamsburg VA
1956 ET Mcdaniel Sidney Montmorenci IN Email
1956 FT Clary John San Antonio TX Email
1956 FT Glover Tom BE
1956 FT Wierzbinski Tom South Bend IN Email
1956 HM Barghausen Jack Port Charlotte FL
1956 LTJG Culbertson Morris(aka Mike) Vandalia IL Email
1956 MM Elliott John (jack) Minneapolis MN Email
1956 PFC Vanderweit Charles (Chic) Chatham NY
1956 RD Kassner Michael Gary IN Email
1956 RD Saavedra Enrique Mayaguez PR Email
1956 RM Shurtleff Charles Dallas TX
1956 SN Douglas Melvin Bronx NY Email
1956 YN Daniels Asa Williamsport PA Email
1956 YN Mediavilla Gilberto Bronx NY Saavedra
1957 -- Wagner William/Bill Des Plaines IL
1957 AG Schultz Karl West Lafayette IN Email
1957 BT Fleming Raymond York PA Email
1957 ET Ebeling George Brentwood CA
1957 ET Katz Norm Monroe Township NJ
1957 FT Green Charles --
1957 FT Martin John Niles OH
1957 FT Martin John Niles OH Email
1957 FT Monts John Winter Springs FL
1957 FT Sumner William Cadiz KY Email
1957 FT Sumner William Cadiz KY Email
1957 FT Surrett Charles Swananoa NC Martin
1957 GM Savitsky Robert Shenandoad PA Email
1957 HM Bryant Johnnie Hempstead TX Email
1957 HM Martin John Niles OH Email
1957 LCPL Hunt Arthur William Boston MA Email
1957 RD Dick Ken New York City & Carmel, N.y. NY Email
1957 SF Graziano Louis Brooklyn NY Email
1957 SM Coon John Shannon IL Email
1958 BT Osborne Bob Ft Worth TX Email
1958 CPO O Neill Frederick Laconia, New Hampshire NH Email
1958 ENS Mclane Michael Elmhurst IL Email
1958 FN West Thomas Morgan Hill CA
1958 FT Bryan Vernon Newton IA Email
1958 FT Causey Thomas Greensboro NC
1958 FT Ewing Jim Mountian Home ID Bryan
1958 GM Mohlman John/Jack Pittsburgh PA
1958 IC Mueller John Jersey City NJ
1958 LI Benjamin Jim Cincinnati OH Email
1958 MM Curts Lee Hammond NY
1958 SGT Bienvenue Donald Pittsfield MA Email
1958 SK Evans Carl Dayton OH
1958 SK Palmer Alonzo N. Kankakee IL
1958 SN Assenza Carmelo Poughkeepsie NY Email
1958 SN Powell Robert Petersburg VA Email
1958 SN Smith Edward Morristown NJ Email
1958 SN Spence James Oilcity PA Email
1959 Carrington Don --
1959 AG Murphy Tom Rochester NY Email
1959 BM Alex Joseph New Orleans LA Email
1959 BM Mc Caul Robert Minersville PA Email
1959 BM Uhr Allan Chicago IL Email
1959 BT Humphrey Robert Flushing OH Email
1959 BT Koivisto Gary Duluth MN Email
1959 EM King Jerry Durham NC Email
1959 ET Williams John Palmyra TN Email
1959 FT Harlow Roger Detroit MI Email
1959 FT Koval Robert Kearny NJ Email
1959 FT Standifird Isaac/ike San Bernardino CA Email
1959 GM Hess Ronald Altoona PA Email
1959 GM Hess Ronald Altoona PA Email
1959 GM Vanleer Lowell Williamsport IN Email
1959 GM Vanleer Lowell Williamsport IN Email
1959 IC Fitzgerald William Grand Rapids MI
1959 LT Foxwell Robert Clayton DE
1959 LTJG Swanson Norman Westford MA
1959 MCPO Muse Charles Temecula CA
1959 MM Croad Gary Blossvale NY
1959 MM Doornbos Thomas Gramd Rapids MI
1959 MM Fonda Ron Orlando FL
1959 MM Perch Joseph Chicago IL Email
1959 RD Chapman Gerald Columbus OH Email
1959 SK Alex Joseph Baton Rouge LA Email
1959 SM Pendleton William (bill) Marmet WV Email
1959 YN Miller Ellwood Baltimore MD Email
1959 YN Miller Ellwood Pikesville MD
1960 1LT Burnes Alan Brookline MA Email
1960 BM Brassard Eugene Chicopee MA Email
1960 BM Freeman Bob Newfields NH Email
1960 BM Sollee James A. Tampa FL
1960 BT Force John C. Phoenixville PA Email
1960 EM Looney Bobby Greensboro NC
1960 FT Burgess Russell Clifton NJ Email
1960 FT Larson Wayne ? WI
1960 FT Peden James Corpus Christi TX Email
1960 GM Elliott Richard Alexandria VA
1960 GM Mcintyre Gary Bremerton WA Email
1960 MM Ogara Robert Whitestone NY Email
1960 QM Yosco Robert Adirondack NY
1960 RD Knight William Summerfield NC Email
1960 RD Mckeown Ed Hoboken NJ Email
1960 SK Roy Staniel Lipscomb AL Email
1960 SK Setters Charles Palmyra IN Email
1960 SM Anufrom Charles Boston MA Email
1960 SM Cusanelli Jim Keansburg NJ Email
1960 SN Fricano Louis J Buffalo NY Email
1961 BM Cordischi John Amesbury MA Email
1961 BM Ferris Charles Staten Island NY Email
1961 BT Hagy Merlin Sikeston MO
1961 BT Herring Jim Fort Worth TX Email
1961 DM Guarino Sal New Orleans LA
1961 ET Dill Philip Portsmouth OH Email
1961 FT Porter Stephen Longview WA
1961 GM Blanton Lewis Gastonia NC Email
1961 MM Tuthill John W Eastport NY
1961 RD John Anderson TX Knight
1961 RD Barry Richard Middle Island NY
1961 RD Mcgraw Walter Arlington VA Email
1961 RD Merritt Walter Phoenix NY Email
1961 RD Seamark Tom Detroit MI Email
1961 RM Marlowe Jimmy Reidsville NC
1961 RM Mckown James York SC Email
1961 RM Spillane John Walpole MA
1961 SF Clark John Columbus WI Email
1961 SM Bailey William York SC
1961 SN Twardokus Edward Rochester NY Email
1961 SN Weitz Jim Dubuque IA Email
1961 YN Cook Donald Pittsburgh PA Doan
1961 YN Doan William North Liberty IN Email
1961 YN Johnson Robert Lakecity MN
1962 Ceasar OH Standiford
1962 Murphy Ny City NY Standiford
1962 AK Diaz John Lockport IL Email
1962 BT Herndon James Paducah KY
1962 FT Robinson Chester (robby) Buffalo NY Email
1962 RM Brennie John Highland NY
1962 RM Carruth Wilbur Winter Haven FL Email
1962 RM Gambrell Claude \ Abbeville SC Email
1962 RM Hash Harry Chesapeake VA
1962 SF Henderson Robert Nanuet NY
1962 SF Smith Jeffrey Deland FL
1962 SGT Bennett David Cleveland OH Email
1962 SK Heim Patrick Baltimore MD Email
1962 SM Standiford James Baltimore MD Email
1962 SN Laqudarey Joseph Syracuse NY Standiford
1962 SN Mills Tiny NC Standiford
1962 SN Parsons Ny City NY Standiford
1962 YN Doan William North Liberty IN Email
1962 YN Schiff Carlis Hamilton OH Email
1963 BM Fellows Fred Columbus OH Email
1963 BM Snesko Bernard Washington, Dc DC Email
1963 EM Cue Louis Oelwein IA Email
1963 EM Wharton Benny Alma WV Email
1963 FT Gallagher Anthony Philadelphia PA Email
1963 MID3 Godfrey Charles Spartanburg SC Email
1963 MM Mestach Michael Osceola IN
1963 MM Vaillancourt Fernand (frenchy) Lawrence MA Email
1963 RD Tucker Larry Macon GA
1963 RM O\ Malley Dennis Nokomis IL Email
1963 SF Shafer Pat Covington KY Email
1963 SM John Marhanka John Marhanka Reno NV Email
1963 SM Marhanka John Reno NV Email
1963 SM Voll Werner Williamsport PA Email
1963 SN Feuerlein Peter Philadelphia PA Email
1963 YN Haase Jack San Antonio TX Email
1964 BM Lay Terry Wapakoneta OH Email
1964 BM Neal John Port Arthur TX Email
1964 BM Thomas John Port Arthur TX Email
1964 BT Parker Bill National Park NJ Email
1964 CT Bearden Lew Vaidali GA Email
1964 EM Hermance Jim Yonkers NY Email
1964 ET Morrison Woodrow F. Hydaburg AK
1964 ET Nugent Douglas San Jose CA
1964 ET Ramsey Walter La Marque TX Email
1964 LTJG Lemmons John Hominy OK Email
1964 MM Baker Bruce Amelia VA Email
1964 MM Burianek Bruce Bremerton WA
1964 MM Burianek Bruce Lombard IL
1964 MM Nicholson Larry Los Angeles CA Email
1964 QM Tubutis John Western Springs IL
1964 RD Koehler Larry Jackson MO Email
1964 RD Page Richard Louisville KY Email
1964 RD Page Richard Louisville KY Email
1964 RM Seager Joseph Titusville FL
1964 SF Osborne Ishmail Battle Creek MI
1964 SF Radzak Ray Duluth MN Email
1964 SH Meeks James Kite GA Email
1964 SM Broughton Jim Ashland KY Email
1964 SM Thomas John Port Arthur TX Email
1964 SN Grashalla Lenny Pasaic NJ Latchaw
1964 SN Grashalla Leonard Pasaic NJ Latchaw
1964 SN Latchaw John Marion IN Email
1964 SN Neal John Port Arthur TX Pending Activation
1964 SN Savage Glen Knoxville TN Email
1965 BM Crumpton Chuck) Charles Pinson AL Email
1965 BM Patterson Bruce Wilmington DE Email
1965 BM Yakscoe Joseph Kennett Square PA Email
1965 CPL Mazrolle Jim Hartford CT Email
1965 DC Meyers Richard South Beloit IL Email
1965 EM Elliott Bill Petal MS Email
1965 EM Huskey Angus Tullahoma TN
1965 FT Givens James Orange Cove CA Email
1965 FT Honsberger Peter Watkins Glen NY Email
1965 FT Niestempski John Perth Amboy NJ Givens
1965 GM Mcnew William Chambersburg PA Email
1965 IC Allison Melvin Akron OH Email
1965 MM Buchans Harold Columbus GA Higley
1965 MM Higley Martin Bowling Green OH Email
1965 MM Hilliker Leonard Oneonta, Ny NY Email
1965 MM Watkins Bobby Hoschton GA Email
1965 PFC Panezich Frank New Middletown OH Email
1965 RM Cannarella Sam Elyria OH Email
1965 RM Patterson Charles Richmond VA Email
1965 SCPO Schulrud Roger Wausau WI Email
1965 SF Flibotte Donald Keene NH Email
1965 SK Beyster Thomas Chicago IL Email
1965 SK Furman Paul Brooklyn TX Email
1965 SK Furman Paul Houston TX Email
1965 SM Marsh Michael Miami FL Email
1965 SN Davis Lloyd Cincinnati OH Email
1965 SN Denbow Carl Athens OH Email
1965 SN Desharnais Richard (frenchy) Dracut MA Email
1965 SN Mauney Bill Albemarle NC
1965 SN Mileski Stevem Ionia MI Email
1965 SN Pulver Harold Canaan NY
1965 YN Lilla Lynn Chicago IL
1966 BM Johnston Michel Tucson AZ Email
1966 BM Nash David Benton KY Email
1966 BM Taylor Loyd Athens GA Email
1966 BM Taylor Loyd Athens GA Email
1966 BT Burke John Pontiac MI Email
1966 CPL Swan Del Cleveland OH
1966 CT Dau Michael Council Bluffs IA Email
1966 CT Ptacek Jerry Berwyn IL Email
1966 CWO Mitchell Charles Brundidge AL Email
1966 CWO Richardson Billy Kosciusko MS
1966 DC Champagne Monty E. Hartford CT Email
1966 EM Cole Joseph Boston MA Elliott
1966 EM Mcmahon Mike Marquette MI Email
1966 EN Wesselhoff Thomas Dublin CA Email
1966 ET Chalupka Mike Hancock MD Email
1966 ET Jordan David Concord NC Email
1966 ET Noll John Springfield MA Email
1966 FT Berg John Avella PA Email
1966 FT Firman William Orlando FL
1966 FT Haupt Tim Alliance OH Email
1966 FT Sanford Dan Ft. Pierce FL
1966 GM Carlin Michael Cambridge City IN Email
1966 GM Combs Robert Presctt AZ
1966 GM Ohara Mike Drexel Hill PA Email
1966 IC Sneyd Ken Portland MI
1966 LCPL Stapleton Hugh Philadelphia PA Email
1966 LT Ennes James Alameda CA Email
1966 MM Haynes William Cheyenne WY Email
1966 MM Peters Peter Port Orchard WA
1966 MM Younkins Bill Mt. Airy MD
1966 PN Ross Richard Detroit MI Email
1966 QM Weilbacher Karl Huntington NY Email
1966 RD Bruckheimer Michael Buffalo NY
1966 RD Puckett Robert Dayton OH Email
1966 RM Casto Michael St Augustine FL Email
1966 RM Mulero Ralph Newark DE
1966 RM Petty Don Lexington KY Email
1966 SK Ghiotto Paul Jacksonville FL
1966 SK Prisco Ronald Yonkers,woodsidequeens NY Email
1966 SN Combs Robert Prescott AZ
1966 SN Emby John Tampa FL Email
1966 SN Gardner Edward Terre Haute IN Email
1966 SN Gardner Edward Terre Haute IN Email
1966 SN Mosher Jeff Voligny
1966 SN Romero Joseph San Antonio TX
1966 SN Szebin Lemmons
1966 SN Voligny Patrick Bayport MN Email
1966 YN Thompson Douglas Mansfield OH Email
1967 BM Atkinson John Newtown Square PA Email
1967 BM Hassel Dennis Butler WI Email
1967 BM Kelly Eddie New York City NY Email
1967 BM Young Harold Brooklyn NY Email
1967 BT Fenton James Quincy IL Email
1967 CPL Mccoy Danny Fenton MI Email
1967 CPL Mccoy Danny Fenton MI Email
1967 CPO Tait Robert Detroit MI
1967 DC Crawford Dale Long Island NY Rightmyer
1967 DC Crawford Dale Long Island NY Rightmyer
1967 EM Feist Joe Houston TX Elliott
1967 EM Van Orman Marcus Selby SD Email
1967 ET Ricks F Laramie WY Email
1967 ET Sigel Al Los Angeles CA
1967 FT Chapman David Virginia Beach VA Email
1967 FT Figueroa Ramon NY Chapman
1967 FT Gregory Jimmie Adolphus KY Email
1967 FT Rapacz Dave St. Paul MN
1967 FT Stick Randy Fennville MI
1967 HM Smith David Wilmington DE Email
1967 IC Moritz William Norfolk VA Email
1967 LT Agin Dennis Cleveland OH Email
1967 MM Jones Victor Plant City FL
1967 MM Rogers John Terryville CT Email
1967 PH Ryals Tom Reedville VA
1967 PN Shaw Philip Buffalo NY Email
1967 QM Denatale Joe Surfside Beach SC Email
1967 RD Iacopucci Robert Somerville MA
1967 RM Cole Carl Charleston SC
1967 RM Cronin Ken Detroit MI Email
1967 RM Poff Edward Traverse City MI Email
1967 RM Robinson Michael Penndel PA Email
1967 SH Keister John Trenton NJ
1967 SH Rice Gary Montrose MI Email
1967 SK Collins "F. W. (""Woody"")" Columbia SC
1967 SK Hutt William Middletown NY Email
1967 SM Clemans Charles Christiana, Tn TN Email
1967 SM Greene Stanley Lowell NC Email
1967 SM Howe Lawrence Laconia NH Email
1967 SM Mcgregor William Anderson, Sc SC Email
1967 SN Foust Mike Richmond IN Email
1967 SN King Jerry Mishawaka IN
1967 YN Gilbert Oscar Norfolk VA Email
1967 YN Stone Richard (rick) Oklahoma City OK Email
1968 BM Stewart Ronald Jccksonville FL Email
1968 BT Edwards John Marshall NC Email
1968 BT Eisfeld William Massapequa NY Email
1968 BT Harrison Paul Vero Beach FL
1968 DC Russell Bruce Shinnston WV Email
1968 EM Burt David Easthampton MA Email
1968 EM Burt David Southampton MA Email
1968 GM Harveth Mike Tulsa OK
1968 IC Harley Doug Louisville KY
1968 IC Johnson Paul Altoona PA Email
1968 LI Stamps Robert Williamstown NY Email
1968 LTJG Fossum Jeffrey Littleton CO Email
1968 NC Neilsen Bruceneilsen Norwood MA
1968 PN Leeke Earl South Bend IN Email
1968 PN Nelson Bob Roanoke VA Email
1968 QM Weppler Jim Melbourne FL
1968 RD Balderson Ken Winter Park FL Email
1968 RD Mcgarvey Brian Atlantic City NJ Email
1968 RD Swanson Ford Wichita Falls TX Email
1968 RM Henson Tony Baltimore MD Email
1968 RM Henson Tony Baltimore MD Email
1968 RM Oden Robert W Houston TX
1968 RM Roberts John (rocky) Decatur GA Email
1968 RM Taylor Rich Marietta GA
1968 RM Thompson Tim Omaha NE Email
1968 SF House Bob Manchester NH Email
1968 SF Rightmyer Bob Rochester NY Email
1968 SF Slaughter Richard Brooklyn NY Email
1968 SF Spencer Jack Medina OH Email
1968 SK Kocher Daniel North East PA Email
1968 SM Ermliclk Ron Charleroi PA
1968 SM Farrar Jerry Spencer IN Email
1968 SM Raymond Stephen Kerhonkson NY Email
1968 SN Glover Ernest ME Johns
1968 SN Gunter Jerrold Charlotte NC Email
1968 SN Henderson Ernest T. Deer Park NY Email
1968 SN Johns Jerome \\ Linthicum MD Email
1968 YN Ackerman Robert South River NJ Email
1968 YN Harrison Daniel Hillsdale NJ Email
1968 YN Luckett Tom Owensboro KY Email
1968 YN O\ Brien Gene New York NY Luckett
1968 YN Sayers Rodney Warren OH
1969 BM Bauers William Pittsburgh PA Email
1969 BM Cox Richard New Orleans LA Email
1969 BM Pitts Earl Macon GA Email
1969 BM Pitts Earl Macon GA Pitts
1969 DN Lara Joe Los Angeles CA Email
1969 FT Gorman Alan Janesville WI Email
1969 FT Gorman Alan Janesville WI Email
1969 FT Graham Shannon Richmond KY Email
1969 FT Hagopian Alan Springfield MA Email
1969 GM Buonomo Sal Bay Shore NY Email
1969 HT Eastman Glen St. Louis MO Email
1969 MM Landry Donald Portland Maine ME Email
1969 MM Welker Steven Chico CA Email
1969 PH Toon Gregory D Jeffersonvile Indiana IN Email
1969 RD Roberts David Mason City IA Email
1969 SCPO Frost Homer Barbourville KY Email
1969 SH Vire Terry Terre Haute IN Email
1969 SH Webb William Queens NY Email
1969 SH Wolf Mike Hanover PA Email
1969 SN Baroli Paul Morrisville PA Email
1969 SN Cerasoli Craig Milwaukee WI Email
1969 YN Farrenkopf Richard Hyannis MA Email
1970 Smart Clinton Miami FL Johnson
1970 BM Cody Roy Amherst OH Email
1970 BM Cook Jeff Killingworth CT Email
1970 BM Cox Richard New Orleans LA Email
1970 BM Martinez Paul Corpus Christi TX Email
1970 BM Pitts Earl Macon GA Pitts
1970 BM Records Dennis Cleveland OH Email
1970 BM Records Dennis Cleveland OH Email
1970 BT Lester Bob Harrisburg PA
1970 BT Lester Robert Harrisburg PA
1970 BT Mettler Ken Upham ND Email
1970 CPL Fox Robert St. Petersburg FL Email
1970 CS Scheuneman Art Lackawanna NY Email
1970 CT Borrowdale Orville Chicago IL Email
1970 FT Wakefield Allan East Meadow NY Email
1970 GM Marks Tony Reinholds PA
1970 HT Eastman Glen Jennings MO Email
1970 HT Osborne Ishmail Battle Creek MI
1970 HT Rogers Dean Columbus GA Email
1970 LT Reed Myron Mapleton KS Email
1970 MM Johnson Jack Tulsa OK Email
1970 MM Ott Jerry Chilton WI Email
1970 OS Cooper Walt Gloucester NJ Email
1970 OS Srail Thomas Cleveland OH Email
1970 QM Petersen David Plymouth MA
1970 QM Petersen David Broken Bow NE Email
1970 QM Reese Donald Muncy PA Email
1970 RD Friedman James New Orleans LA Email
1970 RM Wallace Robert Baltimore MD Email
1970 SGT Mann Ivan Windsor ON
1970 SH Ellis Mike Charlotte NC Email
1970 SH White Harold Marceline MO Email
1970 SK Caravella Michael Greenwich CT Email
1970 SK Miklish Ted Greensburg PA
1970 SM Gordon Neil Yonkers NY Email
1970 SN Bailey Michael Oldsmar FL Email
1970 SN Diez Kenneth Mount Vernon IL Email
1970 SN Horrocks Eddie Indian Rocks Beach FL
1970 SN Orear Michael Chattanooga TN
1971 -- Mckever William Washington DC
1971 BM Jeffreys Zachary Baltimore MD Email
1971 BT Brown Wallace Pennsville NJ Email
1971 BT Groskinsky Jack Rahway NJ Email
1971 BT Groskinsky Jack Ski Rahway NJ Email
1971 BT Sellers Billy Myrtle Beach SC Email
1971 BT W Billy Myrtle Beach SC Email
1971 CPO Fetters Lowell Wiggins CO
1971 CS Johnson Willie Pelahatchie MS Email
1971 CS Johnson Willie Pelahatchie, Ms MS Email
1971 CT Sims Millard Wayne Talladega AL Email
1971 DT Terry James Newport News VA
1971 EN Pardo Servando Albuquerque NM Email
1971 ET Chase Bob (robert) Oswego NY Email
1971 ET Palmer Gary Wichita KS Email
1971 ET Pitman Robert P Massena NY Email
1971 FT Overby Mike Mahaffey PA Email
1971 HM Thielen George Racine WI
1971 HM Thielen George Racine WI
1971 HT Bonner Merle Vernon FL Email
1971 LCDR Soles Tom Grants Pass OR
1971 LTJG Holzworth Jim Springfield IL Email
1971 LTJG Sorba Frank Piedmont CA Email
1971 MID3 Mckeever William Hicksville NY Email
1971 MM Freeman Donnie Greeneville TN Email
1971 MM Ivester Neil Belton SC Email
1971 MM Perkins Charles Richmond VA Email
1971 OS Briggs Wayne Bladensburg MD Email
1971 OS Briggs Wayne Bladensburg MD Email
1971 PC Nichols Russ (nick) West Haven CT Email
1971 PN Buza Michael Detroit MI Email
1971 QM Stone Glenn Miamisburg OH
1971 RD Bordwine Bill Bristol TN Email
1971 SN Cross Ralph Middletown NY Email
1971 SN Ewan William Philly PA Email
1971 SN Holt David Vernon CT Email
1972 BM Rodney Abbott NH Thomas
1972 BM Baird Craig Yakima WA Email
1972 BM Banks Frank Dallas TX Email
1972 BM Beckwith Albert Babylon NY
1972 BM Collins Gregg Cinn OH Christmon
1972 BM Johnson Dana Millwaukee WI Mathews
1972 BM Johnson Dana Milwaukee WI Mathews
1972 BM Mathews Paul Dallas NC Email
1972 BM Tabernacle Vic Columbus OH Thomas
1972 BM Thomas Wayne Newton Falls OH Email
1972 BM Tomlinson Steven Pearland TX Email
1972 BT Waters Stephen Fort Pierce FL Email
1972 CS Colwell Daniel Scottsburg IN Email
1972 DM Falciano Ronald Bronx NY Email
1972 EM Andrews Wayne \ Celina OH Email
1972 EM Hines Gary Erie, Pa PA Email
1972 ET Wilburn Archie Detroit MI Email
1972 EW Aderholt John Jacksonville FL Email
1972 FN Gorman Vincent Norwalk CT Email
1972 FT Burgoon Al Timonium MD
1972 GM Diaz Armand, (tom) Elmont NY Email
1972 GM Holody Henry New Britain CT Email
1972 GM Martin Michael Decater AL Email
1972 HT Christmon Michael Nashville TN Email
1972 HT Hurlbert John Pittsburgh PA Email
1972 IC Mann Cleveland Americus GA Email
1972 MM Boswell Gary Wasilla AK
1972 MM Downie Charles San Francisco CA Email
1972 MM Schaw Thomas Tampa FL Email
1972 MS Ritchie Tom Tumwater WA
1972 PC Dardano Nicholas Vernon NY Email
1972 PH Murasky Tom Staten Island NY Email
1972 RM Carr Ed (austin) Newton Falls OH Email
1972 SH Arce-santiago Miguel San Juan PR Email
1972 SM Brescia Peter Lk Worth FL
1972 SM Drake Jerry Virginia Beach VA
1972 SM Drake Jerry Virginia Beach VA Pinkley
1972 SM Pinkley Roger Bonne Terre MO Email
1972 SN Angell Kenneth Bethel CT
1972 SN Corbin Corbin Trenton NJ Email
1972 SN Day Richard Dayton OH Soto
1973 Ford
1973 BM Stark James A Grafton MA
1973 BM Williams Vernon Ardmore OK Email
1973 BT Miller Dan Parkersburg WV Email
1973 BT Millhouse Arthur Wurtland KY
1973 CT Cantrell Tom Chattanooga TN Email
1973 DM Falciano Ronald Bronx, New York NY Email
1973 EM Hinkle David Hagerstown VA Email
1973 EM Moore Forrest Chesapeake Beach MD
1973 EM Torres Luis Raul New York City NY Email
1973 ET Niner Ken Columbus OH Email
1973 FT Collins Bradley Des Moines IA Email
1973 FT Marl Jeffrey Virginia Beach VA
1973 FT Morse Bob San Antonio TX Email
1973 GM Gowacki Wm Old Bridge NJ Email
1973 GM Osborne Jim Paducah KY Email
1973 GM Osborne Jim Paducah KY Email
1973 GM Thomas Jim Youngstown OH
1973 HM Bass Frank Rosharon TX
1973 HT Adams Eric Richmond VA Email
1973 HT Mcanany Robert Latrobe PA
1973 LCPL Ford Ronald Denison TX Email
1973 MM Fisher Gary Clearfield UT Email
1973 MM Jones Chris Coshocton OH
1973 MM Lord Lawrence Scandia MN Email
1973 MS Ditmer Donald Clayton IN Email
1973 MS Ditmer Donald Clayton IN Email
1973 MS Ditmer Donald Clayton IN Email
1973 MS Ditmer Donald Clayton IN Email
1973 PFC Joe Petruch Merrillville IN Email
1973 RM Flanary Danny Dayton OH Email
1973 RM Gregory Art Stockton CA
1973 RM Saunders Ronald Hampton VA
1973 SM Soto Rudolph Columbus OH Email
1973 SN Arce Miguell Bronx NY Torres
1973 SN Engle David Mobile Alabama MS Email
1973 SN Gabaldon Mario Prescott AZ Email
1973 SN Lambert Jim Tyconderoga NY Soto
1973 SN Soto Rudolph Columbus OH Email
1974 Melvin Lumber City NC Mann
1974 BM Hassler James Reading PA Email
1974 BM Huffmaster Scearce
1974 BM Scearce Herbert Indianapolis IN Email
1974 BM Sines Jay Scearce
1974 BT Miller Dan Parkersburg WV Email
1974 ENS Murphy Lex Moon Township PA Email
1974 ET Reda James Brooklyn NY Email
1974 EW Johnson Patrick Kenmore NY Email
1974 GM Pickney Walter New York City NY
1974 GM Pickney Walter Lee
1974 HT Autrey Norman Taylor TX Email
1974 HT Sanders Rodney Virginia Beach VA
1974 RM Unger Bob Brandon FL
1974 SN Johnson Dana Milwaukee WI Email
1974 SN Lee Stephen Fort Worth TX Email
1974 SN Woods Carl Knightdale NC Email