U.S.S. MISSOURI (BB-63) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1940 Thomas Glenn Willimsburg KY
1940 LCPL Phillips Lynn Chicago IL
1941 CWO Schuette George Milwakee WI Email
1941 EN Birney Charles Elkton MD
1941 FC Rheaume Gerard Manchester NH Email
1941 SF Hefferan Bernard Minneapolis MN Email
1942 Garner John Eastland TX
1942 CPO Agostinoni Armando Yonkers NY
1942 SO Marienau George Worthington SD Email
1943 BM Vetter Norman West Chester PA
1943 GM Judson John Buffalo NY Email
1943 LTJG Hall Robert Osgood IN Email
1943 LTJG Hall Robert Nmi Osgood IN Email
1943 PFC Pilkington Ralph Wilbar NC Email
1944 -- Brodt Leonard Woonsocket RI Email
1944 -- Carro Vincent Brooklyn NY
1944 -- Lagergren William Winchester MA
1944 AS Gillikin Lemuel Beaufort NC Email
1944 BT Campbell Clarence Dracut MA
1944 CPO Carver Carl --
1944 CS Porterfield Russell Menominee MI Email
1944 ENS Aubuchon Ralph Providence RI Email
1944 FC Somrak Robert Cleveland OH Email
1944 GM Biggs Charles Beckley WV Email
1944 LCDR Kypke Rodman Minneapolis MN Email
1944 MID2 Giannini John Philadelphia PA Email
1944 MID3 Driggers Eugene Megget SC Email
1944 MM Lynch Francis Bklyn NY
1944 PVT Horowitz Elliot New Bedford MA Email
1944 SC Donahue Joseph Westerly RI Email
1944 SF Carignan Richard C. Lynn MA Email
1944 SF Carignan Jr. Richard C. No. Reading MA
1944 SF Laroche Gerry Dracut MA Email
1944 SK Scafa Anthony Philadelphia PA Email
1944 SN Litfin Werner Pittsburgh
1944 YN Conway Paul F. Troy NY Email
1945 Saggione Phillip Wilmington DE
1945 Scoggins Aaron Montgomery AL
1945 CM Driggers Hazel Eugene Younges Island SC Email
1945 CM Driggers Hazel Eugene Younges Island SC Email
1945 CPO Brewer Emmuel Fouke AR Email
1945 CPTN Carter Steven New York NY Email
1945 EN Ernest Walter Sylvester GA Email
1945 GM Franz Earl Deshler OH
1945 HM Mcsain Steve Binghamton NY
1945 MID2 Shultz Robert Wessington Springs SD Email
1945 PVT Comes Charles Irvington NJ Email
1945 PVT Cruz Gogue Jose Agana GU Email
1945 QM Plum Paul Sr. Rochester NY
1945 RT Kennedy Robert Canisteo NY Email
1945 SC Lewis Guy E Stockbridge ` GA
1945 SF Bauer William Savannah GA
1945 SF Guarini Joseph Glenside PA Email
1945 SN Schoenecker Thomas Albany NY Email
1946 Holmes Lowell G. Decatur AL Clanton
1946 BM Arthur Herman Winchester IN Email
1946 CPL Woods Richard Grand Haven MI Email
1946 CPO Kaliszeski Chester Clinton MA Pending Activation
1946 EN Farris Ray Farris Cincinnati OH Email
1946 FC Ladner Stanford Gulfport MS
1946 FC Stanford Ladner Gulfport MS
1946 GM Clanton Leslie B. Albany GA Email
1946 GM Love William Russell KY Email
1946 PFC Hansen Allister Bellingham WA Email
1946 PN Bessinger Roland Saginaw MI Email
1946 QM Mather Charles Westwood NJ Email
1946 SC Garman Henry Salem VA Email
1946 SM Francis Eddie Toledo OH Email
1947 BM Barr Edward Harrisburg PA Email
1947 CPTN Smith John Evan Loma Linda CA Email
1947 CPTN Smith John Evan Loma Linda CA Email
1947 FT Chandler Leroy Caledonia ND Email
1947 GM Parella Edward Brooklyn NY Email
1947 QM Wise Willie M. Pensacola FL Email
1947 SN Parella Ed (edward) Brooklyn NY Email
1948 BT Bigelow George Boston MA Chandler
1948 MID3 Raithel Al San Antonio TX Email
1948 MM Carlson Norman Mankato MN Email
1948 MM Foley William Brooklyn NY Email
1948 SH Swart Robert Weymouth MA Email
1948 SM Garcia Pete ?? NY
1948 SM Grady John Schenectady NY
1948 SM Soutiere Edmond Winooski VT
1948 WT Land Eugene Greenville SC Email
1949 BT Cluck James Zionsville IN Email
1949 DC Anderson Marshall Morgantown KY Email
1949 ENSN Riley Paul Houston TX
1949 IC Eaton Ernest York PA
1949 MU Bardo Harry MI Kasan
1949 PVT Comes Charles Irvington NJ Email
1949 SN Howerton William C. Poughkeepsie AR Email
1950 BM Morton William Quincy MA Email
1950 DT Penner George Decatur IL Email
1950 EN Fout Orley Marion OH Email
1950 EN Veatch Stanley Gainesville FL
1950 EN Wolfe Leonard Hereford MD Email
1950 ENS Tranchida Peter New CT Email
1950 FC Outland Brooks Akron OH Email
1950 FC Outland Brooks Akron OH Email
1950 FT Burkett Eldon Streator IL Email
1950 ME Faris Eugene Shelbyville IN Email
1950 ME Faris Eugene Shelbyville IN Email
1950 MM Wallace George Boston MA Email
1950 MU Bardo Harry Battle Creek MI Kasan
1950 MU Bardo Harry Battle Creek MI Kasan
1950 MU Bardo Harry Battle Creek MI Kasan
1950 MU Kasan Edward Chicago IL Email
1950 MU Kasan Ed Chicago IL Email
1950 RM Cossens Wayne Felicity OH Email
1950 RM Moore Charlie TN Cossens
1950 SC Nash Cecil Gadsden AL
1951 BM Tibbetts Kenneth No. Billerica MA
1951 EM Hickethier Frank Bergenfield NJ Email
1951 EM Hickethier Frank Bergenfield NJ Email
1951 FN Lane Otis B. Richmond VA Email
1951 FN Lane Otis Richmond VA Email
1951 MU Thumudo Mario Fairhaven MA Email
1951 SK Raines James Fequay NC Email
1951 YN Costas Steve Hartford CT Paul
1952 Conroy William A. Highland WI
1952 Natoli Thomas C, Bridgeport CT
1952 Nelson Robert Deluth MN
1952 Vandenberg Bert C. --
1952 AG Zimmet Marvin The Bronx NY Email
1952 AM Scarsciotti Robert Boston MA Email
1952 BM Robinson
1952 BM Roland Tampa FL Robinson
1952 BM Hussey Robert New Haven CT Email
1952 BM Wright William Norwalk CT Email
1952 CPO Neblett Robert Havana PR
1952 EM Fletcher Robert Cleveland OH Hunsinger
1952 EM Hunsinger Ronald Woodbury NJ Email
1952 EN Hartman Roy J. Pigeon MI Email
1952 ET Cox Arthur B. San Francisco CA Email
1952 ET Tipton Joseph Chattanooga TN
1952 ET Tipton Joseph Chattanooga TN Email
1952 FN Gutschmidt L (Eng. Dept. M Div Missoula MT
1952 FT Batley Calvin Mobile AL
1952 FT Burke William (bill) Gary IN Email
1952 FT Hacker Ron Hamilton OH
1952 GM William Orange Martinville VA Robinson
1952 GM Robinson William Valdese NC Email
1952 GM Robinson William Valdese NC Email
1952 GM Robinson William Valdese NC Email
1952 GM Sauer Oswald Boylston MA Email
1952 MM Baszczak Stanley Fort Wayne IN Email
1952 MM Rowell Lonnie Baszczak
1952 MM Webb Bernard Charleston WV Email
1952 PFC Macchia Giovanni Brooklyn NY Email
1952 RM Paul Solon Hartford CT Email
1952 RM Paul Solon Hartford CT Email
1952 RM Paul Solon Hartford CT Email
1952 RM Paul Solon Hartford CT Email
1952 RM Paul Solon Hartford CT Email
1952 RM Paul Solon Hartford CT Email
1952 SK Collura Vince Chicago IL
1952 SM Curry Kenneth Brooklyn NY Email
1952 SM Martin Paul G. Greensboro NC Email
1952 SN Gibbons Robert Edmont NY Email
1952 SN Kearly Ken Rockland ME
1952 SN Scarsciotti Robert Boston MA
1952 SN Scarsciotti Robert West End Of Boston MA Email
1952 SN Schwartz Robert Newark NJ Email
1952 YN Ramsdell Winston Surprise AZ
1953 Utz Paul Jackson MI
1953 -- Barker Frank Uhrichsville OH
1953 EN Anderson Gerald Grand Rapids MI Email
1953 LI Hacker John Lamar CO Email
1953 MM Hale James Lyons MI
1953 QM Fink Bruce Hagerstown MD Vince
1953 QM Pesta Kenneth Cleveland OH Vince
1953 QM Vince Joseph Steubenville OH Email
1953 SM Pesta Kenneth Cleveland OH Vince
1954 DC Barcus Riley Quapaw OK Email
1954 DC Green Gordon Weston CT
1954 EN Fahr Herbert Ridgewood, Queens NY Email
1954 ET Brown Kenneth Bedford OH Email
1954 MID3 Avis Dwight Washington DC Email
1954 MR Gomez Raul Phoenix AZ Email
1954 QM Vinson James Fort Worth TX Email
1954 SK Wagner Mel Knoxville TN Email
1954 SN Lane John Petersburg MI Email
1956 SN Delsart Gig WI Reed
1956 SN Reed Roberto Pasay City PI Email
1958 FN James John Westfrankfort IL Email
1959 EM Carter Ben Panguitch UT Email
1967 EN Ramsey Michael Burbank CA
1974 TD Hart Chris New York NY Email
1974 TD Hart Chris New York NY Email
1974 TD Smith David New York NY Email
1984 BM Bernier Curtis Athena OR Email
1984 BM Bome William Tigard OR Email
1984 BM Busick Greg Wheeling WV Email
1984 BT Duthie William Union Spring NY Email
1984 BT Green Russell Garden City KS Email
1984 BT Heltz Dennis Hilo HI Email
1984 CPO Campbell John Gore OK Email
1984 CPO Campbell John Seattle WA Email
1984 EM Moore Earl Conway SC Email
1984 FC Cates Mark Atlanta GA Email
1984 FC Killebrew Bruce San Diego CA Email
1984 HT Franklin Tracy Oakland CA Email
1984 HT Franklin Tracy Oakland CA Email
1984 MM Flounders David Philadelphia PA Email
1984 MM Mccann Gerald Beaver Falls PA Email
1984 OS Bergeron Clifton Marrero, La LA Email
1984 OS Gross Kenneth St. Louis MO Email
1984 OS Krzyzanowski Robert Southgate MI Email
1984 RM Kindel Richard Grand Junction CO Email
1984 SN Richter Kye Vt VT Email
1985 -- Booth Robert Mayville MN Email
1985 BM Anderson Mark Durham NC Email
1985 BM Christensen Scott Salt Lake City UT Email
1985 BM Curtis William Vancouver WA Email
1985 BM Derring Will Amory MS Email
1985 BM Geyer Larry Newharbor ME Email
1985 BM Griffin Alfred Stockton CA Email
1985 BM Habenicht Michael Charlotte NC Email
1985 BM Howard Tom Toledo OH
1985 BM King Robert Huston TX Michael
1985 BM Malmer Troy River Falls WI Email
1985 BM Metcalfe Daniel Chicago IL
1985 BM Michael Habenicht Charlotte NC Email
1985 BM Miller Thomas Indiana, PA Email
1985 BM Nelson Robert Eugene OR Email
1985 BM Rebholz Norb Pittsburgh PA Email
1985 BM Sieber Gordon Venice Beach CA Habenicht
1985 BM Stern Anthony Harrisburg PA Email
1985 BM Trosclair David Houma LA Email
1985 BM Willows Jeff Binford ND Email
1985 BM Zachary Kirk Milledgeville GA Email
1985 BM Zachary Kirk Milledgeville GA Email
1985 BT Antaya Ray Somerset MA Email
1985 BT Bolton Daniel --
1985 BT Bolton Daniel Grandview MO Email
1985 BT Corsette Lawrence Syracuse NY Email
1985 BT Doolin Keith Oklahoma OK Graves
1985 BT Gensler Timothy Pittsburgh PA Email
1985 BT Graves Donald Williamsburg VA Email
1985 BT Hebert Darrell Orlando FL Email
1985 BT Kirin Michael Detroit MI Email
1985 BT Mesecher Cary Goldendale WA Email
1985 BT Miller Eric Graves
1985 BT Moyer Gregory Clyde OR Email
1985 BT Partridge Tyler North Augusta SC Email
1985 BT Pinkerton James Chuluota FL
1985 BT Saunders Robert Port Charlotte FL
1985 CMDR Mccarthy Dan --
1985 CMDR Stark Tom --
1985 CPO Maher Ronald Hooper NE Email
1985 CPO Prescott Ralph Hampton NH
1985 CPO Taday Francisco Baguio PI Email
1985 CPO Transfiguracion Lou Long Beach CA Email
1985 CWO Conklin Alan Phoenix AZ Email
1985 DC Mcgriff Micheal Tifton GA Email
1985 DC Winger Ronald Belleville MI Email
1985 DK Bates Robert Flagstaff AZ Email
1985 DK Griak Frank Duluth MN Email
1985 EM Rushing John Scio OR
1985 EM Rushing John Scio OR Email
1985 EM Yackley James Atkinson IL Email
1985 EM Ysaguirre David New York NY Email
1985 ET Bullion Ray Vermilion OH Email
1985 EW Hallmark Scott San Jose CA
1985 FC Davis Ronald Ocilla GA
1985 FC Dubeau Dan San Diego CA Email
1985 FC Hauser John Rockford IL Email
1985 FC Hipple Duane Scottsdale AZ Email
1985 FC Poole Mark Travelers Rest SC Email
1985 FN Bickel Chris Dunlap IL Email
1985 GM Clemmer Jeff Dallas NC Email
1985 GM Combs Tyrone St Louis MO Email
1985 GM Copley Jeff Piketon OH Email
1985 GM Evans Michael Miami FL Email
1985 GM Gallie Michael Sellersville PA Email
1985 GM Hollis Jack Palmetto GA Email
1985 GM Holloman Michael Elwood IN Email
1985 GM Newby David Shelton WA Email
1985 GM Norris Brian Zanesville OH Email
1985 GM Pease Edward Yakima WA Email
1985 GM Sandoval Dave San Jose CA Norris
1985 GM Schultz Robert Hallsville MO Email
1985 GM Schultz Robert Hallsville MO Email
1985 GM Weaver Greg Commodore PA Email
1985 GM Wilson Keith Neptune NJ Email
1985 GM Yute Mark Pittsburgh PA Email
1985 HM Rye Timothy Georgetown TX Pending Activation
1985 HT Ammons Glenn Hickory NC Email
1985 HT Baker Richard Grand Valley PA Email
1985 HT Baker Richard Grand Valley PA Email
1985 HT Mccullough Melvin Oakland CA Email
1985 IC Margowski Joseph Lasalle IL
1985 JO Dove Richard Iola KS Email
1985 LCDR Hunt Roy Durant OK
1985 LCPL Watters Thomas San Antonio TX Email
1985 LT Dolan James --
1985 LT Elwood William Gary IN Email
1985 LT Gough Gary Melbourne FL
1985 LT Higgins Roger --
1985 LT Maes Thomas Denver CO
1985 LT Mellon Troy Johnstown CO
1985 LT Miller Jerry Cabool MO Email
1985 LT Schneider Michael Ely NV Email
1985 LT Starovasnik Dean Bellevue WA Email
1985 LTJG Lanman Eric --
1985 MCPO Elcess David Dayton Ohio OH Email
1985 MCPO Fleeks Charles ? --
1985 MCPO Larson Gerald Lind WA Email
1985 MCPO Larson Jerry Lind WA Email
1985 MM Beyale Rowdy Gilbert AZ Email
1985 MM Burdette Paul Pensacola FL Email
1985 MM Danner Richard Perris CA Email
1985 MM Foster Greg Biloxi MS Email
1985 MM Frasca Troy Billings MT Email
1985 MM Hinton Scott Chicago IL Email
1985 MM Ivy Tom Birmingham AL Email
1985 MM Kinsley Frank Barker NY Email
1985 MM Nearhoof Jerry Lake Forest CA
1985 MM Riggs Robert Buckeye AZ Email
1985 MM St.clair Robert Lecontes Mills PA Email
1985 MM Tuerschmann Todd Lake Havasu AZ Email
1985 MM Williams Tim Loudon TN Email
1985 MM Yarbrough Larry Chicago IL Email
1985 MR Webster Leonard Great Barrington MA Email
1985 MS Butora Ted St. Ignace MS Email
1985 MS Butora Teds St. Ignace MI Email
1985 MS Cooper Shannon Shreveport LA Email
1985 MS Cooper Shannon Coweta OK Cooper
1985 MS Dickman Dean Fordyce AR Email
1985 MS Dickman Dean Kansas City MO
1985 MS Martell Scott Kenosha WI Email
1985 MS Mc Burney David London KY Email
1985 MS Reidt Greg WA
1985 MS Robison Richard Santa Ana CA Email
1985 OS Berninger Mark Cincinnati OH Email
1985 OS Harkins Bob Erie PA Email
1985 OS Harkins Bob Erie PA Email
1985 OS Harris Joseph New Orleans LA Email
1985 OS Lohry Clark Buchanan MI Email
1985 OS Wiser Frank West Palm Beach FL Email
1985 PC Rodriguez Fredrick Salem OR Email
1985 PN Garvey Raymond New Bern NC Email
1985 QM Hedrick Troy Lansdale PA
1985 QM Perez Javier New Braunfels TX Email
1985 RM Alonzo Tyalor Columbus GA Email
1985 RM Arrigo Christoher Caldwell NJ Email
1985 RM Rye Weldon Wickes AR Pending Activation
1985 RP Brockbrader Bruce Ogden UT Email
1985 SCPO Hebert Darrell Orlando FL Email
1985 SH Blocker Demetrius Memphis TN Email
1985 SK Martin Glenn Buchtel OH Email
1985 SK Page Kevin Alger OH Email
1985 SK Truesdale Elton Lancaster SC Email
1985 SK Truesdale Elton Lancaster SC Email
1985 SM Edwards Kenneth Fort Valley GA Email
1985 SM Levi James Annapolis MD Email
1985 SM Marsh Robert Lewistown PA
1985 SM Razo Michael Colton CA Email
1985 SM Wood William Pensacola FL
1985 SN Booth Robert Mayville MI Email
1985 SN Gaillard Derrick Brooklyn NY Email
1985 SN Hunter Frederick Queens NY Email
1985 SN Robert Booth Mayville MI Email
1985 SN Shumaker Gerald Springboro OH Email
1985 SN Wogan David Anacortes WA Email
1985 YN Lewis John Palmyra MO Email
1986 BM Golden Jerry Philadelphia PA Email
1986 BM Hartley D. Long Beach CA
1986 BM Kimbrew Arch Perry OH Email
1986 BM Lupin Bryan Lomita CA Email
1986 BM Pincelli Mario Glouster OH Email
1986 BM Sorrell David Dayton OH Email
1986 BT Graham Gerald Pleasantville IA Email
1986 BT Letarte Peter Brunswick ME
1986 CPL Falls John Long Beach CA Email
1986 Diver Pappas James Los Angeles CA Email
1986 DT Marchand Larry Bandera TX Email
1986 DT Purdy Eric Indianapolis IN Email
1986 FC Chappell Ken North Bend OR
1986 FC Kelley --
1986 FC Konosky Rob Poughkeepsie NY Email
1986 FC Mabry Richard Lafayette LA Email
1986 FN Kennedy Bruce Jonesboro AR Email
1986 GM Farmer Amos Chicago IL
1986 GM Lutz Scott Redmond OR
1986 GM Sewell Robert Natchez MS Email
1986 GM Sewell Robert Matchez MS Combs
1986 GM Spence Michael Madison OH Email
1986 GM Tays William Bethany OK Email
1986 HM Schaefer Edward Powell WY Email
1986 HT Fields Alan Los Angeles CA
1986 JO Leonard Robert Ridgefield NJ Email
1986 LCPL Davey William Mulino OR Email
1986 LCPL Hodges Marvin Tulsa OK
1986 LT Maes Thomas W. Denver CO Email
1986 MID3 Bandong Russ San Diego CA Email
1986 MM Bowen Eric Houston TX Email
1986 MM Dieterich Charles Westminster MD Email
1986 MM Labianca James Houston TX Email
1986 MM Lodel Kirk Two Rivers WI Email
1986 MM Loyd Malvin Rochester NY Email
1986 MM Ollado Nilo Batangas Philippines CA
1986 MS Bullard Brian Westminster MD Email
1986 MS Reed Mark Detroit MI Email
1986 MS Starkweather David Ft. Ord CA Email
1986 OS Barnes Rick Kalkaska MI Email
1986 OS Dunn Joe Springfield MA Email
1986 RM Browning Garry Logan WV Email
1986 RM Horton Charles Soddy Daisy TN Email
1986 RM Horton Charles Nashville Tn, H.o.r. TN Email
1986 RM Horton Charle\'s Donelson-nashville Tennessee TN Email
1986 RM Horton Charle\'s Donelson-nashville Tennessee TN Email
1986 RM Horton Charle\'s Donelson-nashville Tennessee TN Email
1986 RM Horton Charle\'s Donelson-nashville Tennessee TN Email
1986 RM Horton Charles W Soddy TN Email
1986 RM Howard Herman Avery Miami CA Email
1986 SM Mclachlan Robert Garden Grove CA Email
1986 SM Moore James Louis Little Rock AR Email
1986 SN Adams Darvin Buffalo NY
1986 SN Adams Darvin Buffalo NY Email
1986 SN Anderson John Iowa City IA Email
1986 SN Barnett Mike Denton TX
1986 SN Martin Cedrick Tuscaloosa AL Email
1986 SN Rudolph David Nampa ID
1986 YN Ebbert Ronald Bushnell IL
1987 BM Allensworth Michael Mason WV Email
1987 BM Burton Richard Wellsville NY Email
1987 BM Christensen Jarod Riverside CA Email
1987 BM Fidler Brian Columbus OH Email
1987 BM Flores Reynaldo Joliet IL Email
1987 BM Giddens John Macon GA Email
1987 BM Laws Alfonzo Chicago IL Email
1987 BM Meece William Jacksonville FL
1987 BM Poldoski Mike Duluth MN Email
1987 BT Brandt Robert Moss Point MS
1987 BT Brandt Robert Roscoe IL Email
1987 BT Garcia Tim San Antonio TX Email
1987 BT Garcia Tim San Antonio TX Email
1987 BT Knight Larry Liberty KS Email
1987 BT Lynch Michael Fort Worth TX Email
1987 BT Maldonado Eric Auburndale FL Email
1987 CE Griffith William Pellcity AL Email
1987 CT Hall Daniel Virginia VA Email
1987 EM Matyjewicz Michael Seneca Falls NY Email
1987 EN Ramsey Michael Burbank CA Email
1987 FC Hunteman William Titusville FL
1987 GM Bailey John Chattanooga TN Email
1987 GM Hatfield Dean Roeland Park KS
1987 GM Osborne Brendan Bethel CT Email
1987 GM Pearson Andy Wichita KS Email
1987 GM Staley Jeffrey Greensboro NC Email
1987 IC Cruz Gerardo Perth Amboy NJ Email
1987 LT Howard Andrew Provo UT
1987 MM Beisbier Dennis West Bend WI Email
1987 MM Darrah Randy Carlsbad NM Email
1987 MM Hill William Terrell TX Email
1987 MM Tilford Nathaniel Mt Vernon NY Email
1987 MR Carroll Mike Grubville MO Email
1987 MR Polley Raymond (ray) Riverside CA Email
1987 OS Padilla Nelson Montebello CA Email
1987 QM Gutierrez Eddie Fort Lee CA Email
1987 RM Desormiers Darcy Silver Lake KS Email
1987 RM Dorsey Jerome Eatonton GA Email
1987 SH Futrell Roosevelt Earle AR Email
1987 SH Schock Herbert (snack Bar) Joe Kenner LA Email
1987 SK Maier Tim Cedarburg WI Email
1987 SN Raymundo Dante Union City CA Email
1987 SN Ruggles Edward Columbus OH Email
1987 SN Thacker Dallas Cincinnati OH Email
1987 YN Pearce Brian Durango CO Email
1988 BM Griffiths Matthew Ferncreek KY Email
1988 BM Raychard Marc Hollis ME
1988 BM Richard Carlton T Newark CA Email
1988 BM Rikimoto Timothy Wheaton MN Email
1988 BM Rogers Leon Atlanta GA Email
1988 BT Benedict David Benton AR Email
1988 BT Card Kevin Detroit MI Email
1988 BT Jones Pearie San Antonio TX Email
1988 BT Mitchell David Santa Clarita CA Email
1988 CPO Chagnon Al Holyoke MA Email
1988 CPO Long Gary Austin TX
1988 CPO Redding Herman --
1988 CPO Urban William West Columbia TX Email
1988 ET Haddon John Seattle WA Email
1988 FC Sikkenga Kevin Grand Rapids MI Email
1988 FC Silverdahl John Portsmouth VA Email
1988 FC Vasquez Christopher Los Angeles CA Email
1988 GM Rush Ronald Beavercreek OR Email
1988 HM Story David Layton UT Email
1988 HT Long Gary Austin TX
1988 LCDR Beaver Jim Reno NV
1988 LCDR Mccullough William Hagerman NM Email
1988 LI Harper David West Covina CA Email
1988 LT Dreier Armin Lancaster CA Email
1988 MCPO Hofman Timothy Urbana OH
1988 MM Bequette Robert Fenton MO Email
1988 MM Dennee Stephen Lance Decatur IL Email
1988 MM Engolio Samuel Bridge City LA Email
1988 MM Lopes John Canton OH Email
1988 MM Nocon Mario Ruel Cavite, Philippines CA Email
1988 MM Rose Robert Holt MI Email
1988 MS Gearhart Brian Olympia Whasington WA Email
1988 MS Vigie Bill Baton Rouge LA Email
1988 OS Iams Grant Mansfield OH Email
1988 QM James Stephen Phoenix AZ Email
1988 QM Stonebrink John Wallowa OR Email
1988 SH Johannsen Allan Waterloo IL Email
1988 SK Harney William Morris IL Email
1988 SN Apgar Greg Oley PA Email
1988 SN Apgar Greg Oley PA Coon
1988 SN Velasquez Phil Bainbridge Island WA
1989 BM Allen John Perritt
1989 BM Anderson Donald Selmer TN Email
1989 BM Fite Chad Huntington Beach CA
1989 BM King William Rialto CA Email
1989 BM Ladd Ronald Fresno CA Email
1989 BM Miller Derek ? --
1989 BM Norman Joseph Rogers AR Email
1989 BM Sallet Russell Beloit WI Email
1989 BT Grimm Shane Republic WA Email
1989 BT Williams Russell Happy Valley OR Email
1989 BT Zeleznik Robert Aberdeen NC Email
1989 CMDR Bell John Bellevue WA
1989 CPO Ramsey Mark Woodbridge VA
1989 CWO Smith Leonard ( Lc ) Medicine Bow WY Email
1989 DC Rak Brian Long Beach CA Email
1989 EM Sanchez Jose Emmanuel Tigaon, Camarines Sur PI Email
1989 EM Winchell William Spring Arbor MI Email
1989 EN Ballardo (romero) Saul Delano CA Email
1989 FC Hayden Ken Victorville CA Email
1989 FC Manning Richard La Habra CA Email
1989 FC Smith Randy FL Ladd
1989 GM Farmer Carl Farmer Gleason
1989 GYSGT Perreault John Sheboygan WI Email
1989 HM Wright Nathan Gary IN Email
1989 HT Matay Will Highlands NJ Email
1989 IC Cromell Bruce Marquette MI
1989 IC Eubanks Kenneth Schuyler VA Email
1989 LCDR Kemp Thermon Cheyenne WY Email
1989 LCPL Perritt Bobby Arcadia LA Email
1989 LCPL Perritt Bobby Arcadia LA Email
1989 LT Hays Verlyn Vallejo CA Email
1989 MA Northcutt Jim Birmingham AL Email
1989 MCPO Gleason Joe Choteau MT Email
1989 MM Uhland David Castle Rock CO Email
1989 MM Winters Douglas St. Louis MO Email
1989 MS Hedrick Wayne Tacoma WA
1989 OS Nelson Roger Big Rock IL
1989 PC John Mason Ridge Spring SC Email
1989 PN Fruit Randall Garden City MI Email
1989 PN Jacobs Ian Standish ME Email
1989 PN Navarro Napoleon Modesto CA Email
1989 RM Adams Tommy Ceres CA Email
1989 RM Loya Miguel Tucson AZ
1989 SCPO Meester Gerald Long Beach CA Email
1989 SH Fields Rodney Rocky Mount NC Email
1989 SK Turner Ronald Lee MA Email
1989 SM Miller Jay Merritt Island FL Email
1989 SN Coon Kenneth Kalamazoo MI Email
1989 YN Plaza John Summit IL Email
1990 1STSGT Amos George Bonnieville, Kentucky KY Email
1990 AB Payte Roberto Philippines CA Email
1990 AB Payte Roberto Philippines CA Email
1990 BM Anderson Ryan Modesto CA
1990 BM Bednarz Glen Deer Park NY Email
1990 BM Brand Harlos Mobile AL
1990 BM Right Mark San Diego CA
1990 BM Servillon Ferdinand Laguna PI Email
1990 BM Zellner Dale Spokane WA Email
1990 BT Alexander Anthony Philomath GA Email
1990 BT Chambers Frankie Birmingham AL Email
1990 BT Taylor Alvin Waco TX Email
1990 DC Patterson David Harlingen TX Email
1990 DK Frybarger Glen Durham NC
1990 DT Sayavong Lance Orange County CA
1990 EM Sanders Bill Springville CA Email
1990 EM Ziesemer John Galveston TX Email
1990 ET Burnett Phillip Knoxville TN Email
1990 EW Lanciers Peter Highland Park N
1990 FC Ashton Andrew Lincoln NE
1990 FC Bistersky Mike Rochester MI
1990 FC Cole Jeffrey Amarillo TX Email
1990 FC Cooper David Los Angeles CA Email
1990 FC Frame Ryan Flushing MI
1990 FC Maclafferty Conan Gig Hrabor WA
1990 FC Moreno Michael San Antonio TX Email
1990 FN Marx Chad Mt. Hope KS Email
1990 FN Marx Chad Wichita KS Email
1990 GM Carroll John Scranton PA Email
1990 GM Geter Nathaniel Cleveland OH Email
1990 GM Jusino Christopher Bronx NY
1990 GM Schrubbe Christopher Milwaukee WI
1990 GM Tucker Leon Jersey City NJ Email
1990 HM White Jeffrey Utica NY Email
1990 LCPL Cuevas Robert San Marcos TX Email
1990 LCPL Hargrove James Worcester MA Email
1990 LT Vasquez Andrew Bayshore NY Email
1990 LTJG Woodcock Steve Devon PA Email
1990 MM Delgadillo Raymond E. San Diego CA Email
1990 MM Vanvaley Adam Miamisburg OH Email
1990 MS Bell Eshman Chicago IL Email
1990 MS Sanderson Michael Charlotte NC Email
1990 OS Dubois Eric St. Louis MO Email
1990 OS Mccann Paul Greenville SC Email
1990 RM Brueggemann Robert Saint Louis MO
1990 SCPO Kayala Tom Pine River MN Email
1990 SN Bambilla Renato Manila PI Email
1990 SN Goodwin Kelly Maysville KY Koy
1990 SN Hardy Bobby Texas City TX Email
1990 SN Koy Goodwin Wylie TX Email
1990 SN Lowery Willie Philadelphia PA Hardy
1990 SN Shafer Troy Salt Lake City UT Email
1990 SN Staples Rolf Ocala FL Email
1990 YN Bailey Dwyane Louisville KY Email
1991 BM Hamel Willliam Los Angeles CA Email
1991 BM Izaguirre Dwight Miami FL Email
1991 BT Domingo Arnel Philippines CA Email
1991 CPO Charles Yarbrough Clemmons NC
1991 CPO Coon Jim Greeley CO Email
1991 CPTN Nickols James Lakeview NY Email
1991 DT Richards Charles Tennessee IL Email
1991 FC Parker Robert Houston TX Email
1991 FC Wardwell Gregory Ocala FL Email
1991 FN Mowry Robert Hope KS Email
1991 FN Turner James Benld IL Email
1991 GM De Winters Christina Wentzville MO Email
1991 GM De Winters Christina Wentzville MO Email
1991 GM Gruczelak (grucz) Dave Redwood City CA Email
1991 GS Shaffer Michael Cleveland OH Email
1991 LCDR Gillen Michael Rapid City SD Email
1991 MCPO Townsend Rodney Rancho Dominguez CA Email
1991 MM Burt Sean Columbus OH Email
1991 MS Bell Eshman Chicago IL Email
1991 MS Brueggemann Robert Saint Louis MO Email
1991 MS Fellows Douglas Hill City SD Email
1991 MS Gardner Anthony Overton TX Email
1991 PN Diercks Patrick Lompoc CA Email
1991 PN Easterling Ron Carlsbad NM
1991 RM White Keith Baltimore MD Email
1991 SN Aban Artemio Detroit MI Email
1991 SN Interiano Jeffrey Memphis TN Email
1991 SN Interiano Jeffrey Memphis TN Email
1991 SN Interiano Jeffrey Memphis TN Email
1991 SN Mcquiddy Antonio Nashville TN
1991 SN Quinto Ronald Manila PI
1992 MA Right Tim Sparks NV
2000 EM Davis Jim (red) Wh6q Athens IL Email