U.S.S. HOWARD W. GILMORE (AS-16) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1940 CPO Batts Frank NC
1940 MCPO Anderson Jim Henderson NV
1943 EM Berthelot Randolph Baton Rouge LA Email
1943 EM Whitten James Bristol VA
1943 MM Blanton Carl Gilbert AZ Email
1943 SF Williamson Billie Manitowoc WI
1943 SH Healey Sherman Helmer IN Email
1943 SN Arends Edwin Williston ND Email
1944 AX Haugen Robert Minneapolis MN Email
1944 BM Kuznik Frank Cleveland OH Email
1944 EM Geer William Anderson SC Email
1944 MM Nelson Wayne C Glendale CA Email
1944 QM Hiddinga Henry Sedalia CO
1944 QM Weedn Jack South Gate CA Email
1944 SC Gray J.d. Millington MI Email
1944 SF Baldwin Hap Rapid City SD
1944 SF Larimore Dallas ( Larry ) Tacoma WA Email
1944 YN Friedman Milton White Plains NY Email
1945 CS Chouinard Lionel - Frenchy Pertetue ( Canada ) TX Email
1946 Hewitt Von Poughkeepsie NY Childers
1946 Nolte Irvin F (Nick) Died 6-21-03 FL
1946 Nolte (On Board 194 Irvin F Key West-Deceased 6- FL
1946 BT Jackson Earle F Middlesboro (bell County) KY Email
1946 EM Smith John Leaksville NC Email
1946 EM Young Jr David Danville KY
1946 FN Lyndecker Weldon Lancaster OH
1946 FN Miller Richard Thornville OH
1946 FT Childers Robert Akron OH Email
1946 MM Turner Jack Columbus OH Email
1946 SN Woodburn John Hampton NH Email
1946 ST Vennitti Pasquale New York City NY Email
1946 ST Vennitti Pasquale New York City NY Email
1946 TM Armstrong Paul Searsboro IA Email
1948 BM Milsted James Paulsboro NJ Email
1948 BM Milsted James Paulsboro NJ Email
1948 CPO Mcnerney Daniel Mims FL
1948 OM Murphy Arnold Pittsburgh PA
1948 SN Coffey Howard Monticello KY Email
1948 SN Gardner James Montgomery AL Coffey
1948 YN Powell William Methuen MA Email
1949 BM Gray Walter Stoneville NC
1949 BM Joyce Timothy Boxborough MA
1949 BM Kitts Richard Knoxville TN
1949 DC Brooks Leslie Bigrun PA Email
1949 EM Huff Ormond Draper VA Email
1949 EM Mangini Alexander West Haven CT Email
1949 EM Neuberger Charles Key West FL
1949 EN Depuy Arthur Hayfield MN Email
1949 MM Stevenson Curt Carlsbad NM Email
1949 MR Wussow Alan Rochester MN
1949 SH Dunning Paul Marion IL
1949 SH Hilliard Leonard Bham AL
1949 YN Reed Dennis Bellaire OH
1950 Bailey William (Bill) Danvers MA
1950 CS Gray Ronald Butler PA Email
1950 DC Morin Roland New Bedford MA Email
1950 GM Lakatta Paul Seymour CT Email
1950 GM Lakatta Paul Seymour CT Email
1950 IM Taylor Donald Belleville NJ
1950 TM Enyart Josh Lima OH Email
1950 YN Friel Frank Chicago IL
1950 YN Friel Frank Chicago N Key West F IL
1951 AM Jackmovich Joseph South Bend IN Email
1951 BM Marcum Glenn Danville KY
1951 DC Morin Roland New Bedford MA
1951 DC Munjas Bob Shadyside OH Email
1951 ET Baranow Ralph Washburn WI Email
1951 IC Himes Lee Riverside NJ Email
1951 PH Reedy Curtis Pensacola FL
1951 SK Sardella Sye Middletown NY Email
1951 SK Sardella Victor (sye) Middletown NY Email
1951 SM Calo Peter Stamford CT
1951 SM White Richard Berlin NH Email
1951 TM Bilodeau Raymond Eliot ME Email
1951 TM Ottens Donald Clinton IA Email
1951 TM Simms Jim Clifton AZ Email
1952 EM Minchinton Donald Grand Forks ND Email
1952 ET Blachowicz Michael Buffalo NY
1952 IC Disney John Baltimore MD Email
1952 QM Haynes Gus Salem VA Email
1952 QM Quinn Vincent Brooklyn NY Haynes
1952 RM Paradeses Emmanuel Massillon, Oh OH Email
1952 RM Wise Roscoe Middleport OH
1952 RM Wise Roscoe Middleport OH
1952 SK Sabol Paul Minersville PA
1952 SN Adam David Lakeland FL
1953 -- Brown Charles South Bend IN
1953 DM Laemmel Bob Mauldin SC
1953 EM Alcox Walter Medford FL Email
1953 EM Miller James NY Alcox
1953 EM Moss Chalie Macon GA Alcox
1953 EM Moss Charlie Macon GA Alcox
1953 EM Winnie George Coxsackie NY Alcox
1953 EM Winnie George Coxsackie NY Alcox
1953 ET Murlin James Bowling Green,ohio OH Email
1953 MR Miller Earl Shrewsbury PA
1953 RM Mazzola Frank Cambria CA
1953 TM Bailey Bruce Agawam MA Email
1953 YN Davis Thurman Unknown Dunlap
1953 YN Dunlap Normand Indianapolis IN Email
1953 YN Nelson Ernest Providence RI Email
1953 YN Thiel Robert Leseur MN Dunlap
1954 EM Lansdowne Nello (al) Guntersville AL Email
1954 IC Hansen Charles Peoria IL Email
1954 SF Champagne Monty R West Hartford CT Email
1954 SF Kauffman Kenneth Keith Chicago IL Email
1955 DM Pierce Charles Ithaca NY Email
1955 DM Pierce Charles Ithaca NY Email
1955 EM Pratt Victor Johnson City NY Email
1955 EM Wilson Robert Newton MA Email
1955 ET Maddox Keith Chelyan WV Email
1955 FT Gallagher Tilden Detroit MI Email
1955 IC Connolly Arthur Boston MA Email
1955 IM Hoffacker Leon Hanover PA Email
1955 PN Ossi Benny Jacksonville FL Email
1955 SF Champagne Monty R West Hartford CT Email
1955 SK Hefner Richard Waynesville NC
1956 EM Mcgee Chester Fort Myers FL Email
1956 EN Steele Norman Cumberland ME Email
1956 IC Hayes Jack Travelers Rest SC Email
1956 ML Zimmerman Charles South Bend IN Email
1956 PM Bernard Gerald Dearborn MI Email
1956 SF Zwonitzer Robert Holton KS Email
1956 SF Zwonitzer Robert Holton KS
1956 SN Storch Don Irvington NJ Email
1957 EM Emery Raymond Montour Falls NY
1957 LT Coburn Harold Salem WV Email
1957 PM Tubbs Howard Manhattan KS Email
1957 SF Drew Robert St. Marys GA Email
1957 SN O Connell Hugh Oak Lawn IL Email
1957 SN Storch Don Irvington NJ Email
1957 TM Adams William Kittanning PA Email
1958 -- Flowers William Metairie LA
1958 BT Flowers William Metairie LA
1958 CPO Mclaughlin Jack Lyman NE
1958 EM Curtis Fred Spring Valley NY Email
1958 EM Curtis Fred Spring Valley NY Email
1958 EM Spalding Walter Decatur IL
1958 EM Zachery Lloyd Flint MI Email
1958 EN Rauert Ted Broad Channel NY
1958 ET Ferrell John Raliegh??? NC
1958 IC Ferrell John Unknown NC
1958 IC Ferrell John NC Zachery
1958 MR Ashley Robert Akron OH Email
1958 OM Crawford Gary Crocker MO Email
1958 RM Franke Herman Wilmington NC Email
1958 SF Donaldson Bill Kansas City Kansas KS Email
1958 SF Williams Larry Huntington IN Email
1958 TM Arnone Lee Medford MA Email
1958 YN Stotler Donald Renesslaer IN Email
1958 YN Stotler Donald Larry Rennesslaer IN Email
1959 -- Vanderdrift Smith ( Smitty )
1959 BM Rickman Billy Knoxville TN Email
1959 BT Flowers Eddie New Orleans LA Email
1959 CPO Mcnerney Daniel Mims FL
1959 ET Hartman Frederick Baltimore MD
1959 ET Kees Glenn Durand WI Email
1959 FN Hollinger Robert Appomattox VA Email
1959 HM Schlaf ????? --
1959 MID3 Duncan Ernest Charleston SC Email
1959 MR Smith ( Smitty ) William Newark NJ Email
1959 OM Conroy Jr. Joseph E. Hinsdale NH
1959 OM Stewart Marvin Poplarville MS
1959 SCPO Downs Jeffery Sedalia MO Email
1959 SK Cantrell James Gadsden AL Email
1959 SK Cantrell James Gadsden AL Email
1959 SK Herring Bobby High Point NC Email
1959 SK Morton Don Albion NY Email
1959 SM Wieber Richard St Cloud MN
1959 SN Mulderig Jim Buffalo NY Email
1959 TM James Lawton Palm Bay FL
1960 Gunn Nathan Miami FL
1960 BT Pohl Carl Toledo OH
1960 BT Pohl Carl Toledo OH
1960 CS Stanton Robert B Rochester NY Email
1960 DC Tuttle David Council Bluffs IA Email
1960 DC Tuttle David Council Bluffs IA Email
1960 EN Hults Norman Baldwin, Li NY Email
1960 EN Johnson Harry (e.l) Youngstown OH Judy
1960 EN Judy Francis ( Frank) Lucinda PA Email
1960 EN Richards Donald Newark OH
1960 FT Howie Kenneth Charlotte NC Email
1960 HM Polito A. Tucker Rochester NY Email
1960 MM Hughes James S. Newark OH
1960 MN Kersey Wayne Orangeburg SC Email
1960 MR Hill John Cleves OH Email
1960 PN Thomas Daniel Argentine MI Email
1960 PN Thomas Daniel Argentine MI Email
1960 SF Fitzgerald Ronald Malden MA Email
1960 TM Crocker Edward Fredonia PA Email
1961 EM Brundage Larry Salt Lake UT Faconi
1961 EM Daniels Jack Maple Shade NJ Email
1961 EM Slingo Bob East Northport NY Email
1961 EN Byram Stanley Reading PA Email
1961 EN Johnson Harry OH Judy
1961 EN Leon Theodorel Upper Darby PA Email
1961 ET Eichenberger Dale Robins IA Email
1961 FT Brinamen James South Amboy NJ
1961 FT Mcdaniel Kenneth Mableton GA Email
1961 FT Mcdaniel Kenneth Georgia GA Email
1961 IC Brown Robert /charlie Bridgeport CT Email
1961 IC Siart Joe Jewett City CT Email
1961 MM Pyles Roger Newburg WV Pyles
1961 MR Binette John Harvey IL Email
1961 MR Fairhurst Ernest Seekonk MA Email
1961 RM Forster Jerry Hempstead NY Email
1961 SN Green Paul Vineland NJ Email
1961 SN Paquette Paul Marquette MI Email
1961 SN Shaner Roland Newark OH Email
1961 SN Weinberg Leonard Brooklyn NY Email
1961 TM Barnes Mike (star) Detroit MI Email
1962 Orr Redgy Baltimore MD Yost
1962 Walker Sam Chicago IL Yost
1962 CS Kalkbrenner John Brooklyn NY Email
1962 CS Yost Clyde New Martinsville WV Email
1962 EM Faconi Doug Yonkers NY Email
1962 EM Faconi Doug Yonkers NY Email
1962 EM Hudson Drannon Princeton WV Email
1962 FT Warden James IN
1962 HM Wildblood Robert Trenton NJ Email
1962 LTJG Green G. Yost
1962 MA Kruse John Woodville OH Email
1962 MM Hodolitz Andrew Chicago CT Email
1962 MN Trick James E. Haverhill MA
1962 SF Mertens Bill Kiel WI
1962 SN Little John [jack] Endicott NY Email
1962 SN Palmer Dwight (bill) Detroit MI Email
1962 TM Clark Robert Westbrook ME
1962 TM Knotts Gary Columbia SC Email
1962 YN Kreitzbender Bob Corry PA Email
1963 EM Burkey Albert Stuart FL Email
1963 EM Evans Pete Austin TX Email
1963 ET Sumrall Glenn (rick) Beaver OK Email
1963 IC Terry Matthew Methuen MA Email
1963 OM Cunningham John Mauckport IN Email
1963 RM Ridings Bobby Waco TX Email
1963 SF Pyles Daniel Newburg WV Email
1963 SF Sponseller Thomas Shepherd MI Email
1963 SH Wetzel William Daytona Beach FL
1963 SK Charpentier Roland Cumberland RI Email
1963 SK Corless Mike St Joseph MO Email
1963 SK Furness David Pembroke MA Email
1963 SN Eaves Ray Jackson TN Palmer
1963 TM Beier Verdell Wilton WI Email
1964 Mcfarland Michael Toronto, Canada Kettler
1964 BM Eckman Chris Fresno CA Email
1964 BM Ensey Gary Baltimore City MD
1964 BM Macilveen James Decatur AL
1964 BM Nisbeth Larry Evansville IN Email
1964 CS Mckeon William Darien CT Email
1964 DK Bennett Ronald Augusta GA Email
1964 DT Tays William Oklahoma City OK Email
1964 EM Bowman Kent Los Angeles CA Email
1964 EM Evans Peter Austin TX
1964 EM Nixon Thomas Anderson SC Email
1964 EN Durand Oliver Shaftsbury VT
1964 FT Zant Ken Peoria IL Email
1964 HM Kettler William White Plains NY Email
1964 MR Robbins Dave West Plains MO Email
1964 SF Aaron Mike Leavenworth KS Email
1964 SF Arrington Carl Fulton KY Email
1964 SF Helms Bruce Stanfield NC Email
1964 SK Carelli Mike Lawrence MA
1964 SK Hill Kenneth Rantoul IL
1964 SN Tagnon Lawrence New York City NY Email
1964 TM Adair Jon Birmingham AL Email
1964 TM Batchler Laing Wilkes-barre PA Email
1964 TM Ramm Rick Struthers OH
1964 YN Talarico Joseph Old Forge PA Email
1964 YN Talarico Fredrick Old Forge PA Email
1965 CPO Duncan O. Frank Goose Creek SC Email
1965 CPO Duncan, Jr. O. Frank Goose Creek SC
1965 DC Haines William R. Indian Head PA
1965 DP Gage Norman Ellisville MS
1965 EM Stohlman Timothy Flint MI Email
1965 ET Krathaus Albert Buffalo NY Email
1965 ET Shuler Earl Bryson City NC Email
1965 FN Aman Billy Clinton NC Email
1965 FT Rosenberg Jerry Alexandria VA
1965 IC Edwards Connie Oklahoma City OK Email
1965 IC Gottshall Jay Harrisburg PA Email
1965 IC Roundtree Vance Datona Beach FL Edwards
1965 MR Headley Charles Wichita KS Email
1965 RM Young Harry Dorchester MA Email
1965 RM Young Harry Randolph MA
1965 SF Johnson Richard Louisville KY Email
1965 SK Kellman Bill Severn MD Email
1965 SK Koff Nathan Indian Harbour Bch FL
1965 SK Koff Nathan Satelite Beach FL
1965 SN Pecoraro Ronald New York NY Email
1965 SN Tatu Elwyn (butch) Pontiac MI Email
1965 SN Witherow Thomas Wellsboro PA
1966 Brayton Dave --
1966 Harden Scotty Elizabethon TN De Falco
1966 BM Hutto George West Columbia SC Email
1966 BM Marshall Michael Riverside CA Email
1966 BM Marshall Michael Newport News VA Email
1966 DC Haines William R. Indian Head PA
1966 EM Marelo Hardie (barney) New Orleans LA Email
1966 EM Mcmahon Mike (mac) Marquette MI Email
1966 EM Trudeau Frank Hazel Park MI Email
1966 EN Kingman John Richmond VA
1966 ET Arnold Stanley Canton OH Email
1966 ET Barnes Curtiss Newburgh IN Email
1966 ET Donadeo Thomas (tommy) Brooklyn NY Email
1966 ET Niemi Byron Hibbing MN Email
1966 ET Stothfang Bob Cincinnati OH Email
1966 FT Nadolney Dan Menasha WI Email
1966 IC Neary James Garden City NY Email
1966 IM Fruits Ronald Salem OR
1966 MR Allen Paul Henderson IL Email
1966 MR Junkins Beryl {butch} Anderson- SC Email
1966 MR Klammer Mark Mankato MN Email
1966 MR Mertz Charlie Trenton NJ Email
1966 MR Mertz Charlie Trenton NJ Email
1966 MR Snook Lee South Bend IN Email
1966 MT Nance Kenneth Fresno CA
1966 QM Hooten John Ed Monroe GA Email
1966 RM Kenyon Art Harrisburg PA Email
1966 SF Louton Johnny Dallas TX Email
1966 SF Stokes Joseph Medford MA Email
1966 SK Borek Ron Syracuse NY Email
1966 SK Campion Philip Lansing MI
1966 SK Curtiss Larry Cut Bank MT
1966 SK Curtiss Larry Cut Bank MT Email
1966 SK De Falco C. L. Butch Bronx NY Email
1966 SK Hill Ken Alton IL Email
1966 SK Lang Jessie Summerville SC
1966 TM Zieglar Ken Orlando FL
1966 YN Matusicky Jim Lakewood OH Email
1967 Barbarics Thomas Allentown PA
1967 Barbarics Thomas Allentown PA
1967 BM Mccall Jerry NC Farmer
1967 DC Myers Bruce Springfield MO Email
1967 DC Samartino Thomas National Park NJ Email
1967 DP Califano Rich Philadelphia PA Email
1967 DP Califano Rich Philadelphia PA Email
1967 DP Lowe Tony Marietta GA Email
1967 ET Davis Richard Burlington MA Email
1967 ET Harnung John Washington IL Email
1967 IC Levy Brian Yonkers NY Email
1967 LI Pelton Kenneth Etna NH
1967 MM Payne Earl Surluria AL
1967 MM Seitzinger John L. Hammond IN
1967 MR Decker Roland Corning NY Email
1967 MR Klammer Mark Mankato MN Email
1967 MR Paskin Sam Van Nuys CA Email
1967 OM Childress Philip Bloomington IN
1967 PC Johnson T J Jersey City NJ Email
1967 RM Cook Jeff Danville IL
1967 RM Volosyn Milton Indianapolis IN
1967 SK Mikla Gerald Glenwood City WI Email
1967 SK Perkins Clifford Kansas City KS Email
1967 SK Von Fischer Rudolph Levittown NJ Email
1967 SN Sci Joseph Queens NY Email
1967 TM Bunn Rick Bedford VA Email
1968 BM Cooler William Savannah GA Email
1968 BM Hayne Jerry Terre Haute IN Email
1968 DK Boh George Huntington IN Email
1968 DM Califano Bob Philadelphia PA Email
1968 DP Ayers Jerry Baltimore OH
1968 DP Schmick Samuel Emmaus PA Email
1968 EM Marze Charles Cheraw SC Email
1968 EN Connell Frank Stuart FL
1968 EN Diehl Alan ( Al) Fort Wayne IN Email
1968 EN Schmidt Matthew Dickinson ND Email
1968 EN Thomas Royce Franklinton LA Email
1968 ET Solheid Roger San Diego CA
1968 HM Wilson Walter Charlotte NC Email
1968 HT Taber Paul Reading KS Email
1968 IC Farmer Robert (bob) Kennesaw GA Email
1968 JO Schaffer Dan Zanesville OH Email
1968 PN Dollar Johnny Jackson MS Email
1968 RM Lovelace Larry Shelby NC Email
1968 SF Blackburn Steven Electra TX Email
1968 SF Brown Ellsworth E. Eastham MA Email
1968 SF Darnall Walter Lake Placid FL
1968 SH Rivera Francisco (frank) N. Bay Shore NY Email
1968 SK Broeker Tony New London IA
1968 SK Decker Paul ME Shaffer
1968 SM Kalma Marc New York NY Email
1968 SN Woods Ricky Celina OH Email
1968 TM Bunn Rick St. Marys PA Email
1968 TM Wolverton Jack Nokomis IL Email
1969 EM Pelletier Phillip Hudson NH Email
1969 EM Pontius Howard Columbus OH Email
1969 EM Rayburn Terry Rome GA Email
1969 EM Shaffer Merrill Danville PA Email
1969 EN Mike TX Brown
1969 EN Allison Thomas Fountain Inn SC Brown
1969 EN Banker Charles Pgh PA Email
1969 EN Brown Steve GA Banker
1969 EN Brown Stephen Austell GA Email
1969 EN Carlson Ken Portland OR Email
1969 EN Carlson Ken Portland OR Email
1969 EN Fioretti Pasquale Bridgeport CT Email
1969 EN Rowe Mike Bridge City TX Brown
1969 HT Smith Karl Pell City AL Email
1969 HT Wiggins Twig Wilmington NC Email
1969 IC Fitch Peter Windsor Locks CT Email
1969 LI Rosenplanter William New Haven CT Email
1969 ML Maxwell Gerald Chicago Heights IL Email
1969 MR Childs Wayne Picayune MS Email
1969 PH Bentley Robert Portage PA Email
1969 RM Ducheny Edward San Juan PR Email
1969 RM Hamilton Rob Maple Shade NJ Email
1969 SF Nielsen John Clarendon Ny NY Email
1969 YN Kobiec Steve So. Bend IN Email
1969 YN Kobiec Steve So. Bend IN Email
1970 BM Rozek Steve Hicksville NY Email
1970 CS Crank Jim Peoria IL Email
1970 CT Chapman Bill New York NY Chimi
1970 DC Costanzo Charles Akron OH Email
1970 DP White Johnny Lubbock TX Email
1970 EM Belnome Jim Birdsboro PA Email
1970 EM Chittenden Raymond Syracuse NY Email
1970 EM Curcio Bill Racine WI Email
1970 EM Dittus William Kankakee IL Email
1970 EM Lefebvre Michael Adams MA Email
1970 EM Schulte Ted Bellmore NY Email
1970 EN De Falco Danny Maspeth NY Email
1970 EN Myers Leonard Yoakum TX
1970 EN Radet Dennis Crystal Lake IL Email
1970 EN Wendell George Las Vegas NV
1970 ET Chimi Frank Boston MA Email
1970 ET Wallace Richard Omaha NE Email
1970 FN Derezze John Trenton NJ Email
1970 FT Keith Jack Houston TX
1970 FT Markham Joe Pittsfield MA Morse
1970 HT Adams Barry Baltimore MD Email
1970 HT Benoist George St. Louis MO Maxwell
1970 HT Fleming Wayne Osh Kosh WI Maxwell
1970 IC Amato Bill (tony) Middle Village NY Email
1970 IC Brunow Richard Milwaukee WI Email
1970 IC Mcwright Mike Arvada CO Email
1970 IC Mcwright Michael Arvada CO Email
1970 IC Morgan Bill Charleston MO Email
1970 IM Gayle Howard Denver City TX Email
1970 IM Gayle Howard Denver City TX Email
1970 IM Rumrey Bruce Aberdeen SD Email
1970 MM Pratt George Miami FL Email
1970 MM Wanosik Steve Uhrichsville OH
1970 SK Anderson Craig Duluth MN
1970 SK Dicus Malvin English IN Email
1970 SK Dicus Malvin Ed English IN Email
1970 SK Frost John Fishers IN Salito
1970 SK King Frank West Palm Beach FL Email
1970 SK Salito Vince New Orleans LA Email
1970 SM Grammer Larry Clayton OK Email
1970 TM Fulbright Howard N Anahuac TX Email
1970 TM Lindley Donald Cortland NY Email
1971 Smock Bob Lewistown IL Price
1971 -- Strait Gary Cameron WV
1971 BM Brunson Eddie Huntington WV Email
1971 BM Gant Edward Essex MD Email
1971 BM Monroe Felton Waycross GA Email
1971 CS Griffin Edward (dale) Wentzville MO Email
1971 Diver Everett Randall Batesville AR Email
1971 EM Dinsmore Jerry Thomaston ME Email
1971 EM Parks Jimmy Petersburg TX Email
1971 EM Phillips Art Jackson Beach FL Belnome
1971 EM Phillips Art Jacksonville Beach FL
1971 EM Price John St Louis MO Email
1971 EN Benoy Ronald Woodstock IL Email
1971 EN Kubisek Ted Daytona Beach FL Email
1971 EN Neef Melvin Gaithersburg MD Email
1971 EN Neef Melvin Harpers Ferry WV Email
1971 EN Radet Dennis Crystal Lake IL Email
1971 EN Upton Jack Ava MO Email
1971 ET Creager Thomas Lebanon MO
1971 ET Lynn Alan Mesquite TX Email
1971 ET Noonan Michael St. Francis WI Email
1971 ET Papenhausen Howard Fresno CA
1971 FC Jackson Edward H Tuskegee AL Email
1971 FT Morse Bob San Antonio TX Email
1971 GM Askew Randy Macon GA Email
1971 GM Henderson Harry Miami FL Email
1971 HT Duff Martin WI Wuorinen
1971 HT Hanka Glenn Houston TX Email
1971 HT Myers Robert WV Wuorinen
1971 HT Nowicki Richard Detroit MI Email
1971 HT Wright William Cincinnati OH Email
1971 HT Wuorinen Robert Baltimore MD Email
1971 IC Blackwell Joe Brooklyn NY Email
1971 IM Line David Lansing MI Email
1971 MM Burcrof Bill Buffalo NY Wuorinen
1971 MM Elliott Mike Johnson City TN Email
1971 MR Huffmyer Roy Las Cruces NM Email
1971 MR Peters Joel Pelican Rapids MN Huffmyer
1971 RM Collins Paul Bruce MS
1971 RM Moore Craig Atlanta GA
1971 SK Decrette Jon Baltimore MD Email
1971 SK Hornbeck Allen Taylorville IL Email
1971 SM Nicholas Wayne Ellicott City MD
1971 SM Skelly John Clayton NJ Email
1971 TM Means Dennis Davenport IA Email
1971 TM Means Dennis Davenport IA
1971 TM Zschokke Joseph St. Paul MN Email
1971 YN Hogan Dennis Miami FL Email
1971 YN Paine Ralph St. Petersburg FL
1971 YN Paine Ralph Tampa FL Price
1972 Dubose Jim TX Baxter
1972 BM Murphy Kim Oberlin, OH Email
1972 CPO Mcnamara Peter Brooklyn NY Email
1972 CS Mitchell Robert Terre Haute IN Email
1972 CWO Navarro Ernie Baldwin LA Email
1972 DK Bevington Edwin Amarillo TX Email
1972 DP Imhoff Fred Cumberland MD Email
1972 DP Willocks Ralph Ooltewah TN
1972 EM Nunley Glenn Napa CA
1972 EN Drake Don Duck Malone NY Email
1972 EN Palenkas James Potomac MD Email
1972 EN Spaetti Ed Willow Grove PA Email
1972 EN Watson Gerald Woodruff SC Email
1972 ET Noftz Bill Fremont OH Email
1972 FN Trobaugh Lee Waynesboro PA Email
1972 HT Baxter David Springfield MA Email
1972 HT Chapman Keith Stafford VA
1972 HT Gadley Kenneth \\ Marienville PA Email
1972 HT Garr Mike Rapid City SD Email
1972 HT Howell Dan Beaumont TX Email
1972 HT Jim Dubose Journton TX
1972 HT Merithew Dan Howell MI Email
1972 HT Myers Robert On A Farm ? WV Wuorinen
1972 IC Garcia Ronald Hialeah FL Email
1972 IM White James Coolville OH Email
1972 MM Villeneuve Ronald Lowell MA Email
1972 MR Lemire Jerry Aitkin MN Email
1972 MR Sexton Donald Xenia OH Email
1972 MU Sexton Donald Xenia OH
1972 PFC Lobianco Salvatore Niagara Falls NY Email
1972 PFC Palacios Joe San Antonio TX Email
1972 RM Perez Fred Los Angeles CA
1972 RM Smith William (bill) South Pittsburg TN Email
1972 SCPO Bridgman Jack Isonville KY
1972 SH Alverson James Reidsville NC Email
1972 SH Gilkenson George Canterbury CT Email
1972 SH Gilkenson George Canterbury CT Email
1972 SK Decrette Jon Baltimore MD Email
1972 SK Mills Rochal (rocky) Lexington NC Email
1972 SK Smith John Orlando FL Mills
1972 SK Smith (sk2) T-shed John (smitty) Orlando FL Email
1972 SN Cunningham Joe Norman OK Email
1972 SN Fafard Ralph Webster MA Email
1972 TM Alden Robert Syracuse NY Email
1972 TM Hunter James R. Norwalk OH Email
1972 TM Valentine Bob Ansonia CT Email
1972 YN Hogan Dennis Miami FL Email
1972 YN Lewis Sanford North St Paul MN Email
1972 YN Murrell James (jim) Morganfield KY Email
1973 AX Andrews Gus IN Hoke
1973 BM Martin Henry M. Baytown TX Email
1973 BM Morales Edilberto Jacksonville
1973 BT Bazey Joel North Branch MN Email
1973 CPO Peters Cpo Falbe
1973 CPO Remz Hal Clearwater FL
1973 CPO Willard Russell Stevens Point WI Email
1973 CPO Williams Hervey Bellingham WA
1973 CS Conger Samuel Coolville OH Email
1973 DP Blevins Mike Porterville CA Email
1973 DP Marshall Tom Wallingford CT
1973 EM Black Leon Maverick TX
1973 EN Derocco Joseph Ilion NY
1973 EN Esteban Reynaldo Pi PI Email
1973 EN Habon Rodolfo Fairfield CA Email
1973 EN Hoke Randall Stanley NC Email
1973 EN Purnell Tim Logan UT Email
1973 ET Fox Timothy Bethlehem PA
1973 ET Francoeur Ronald Waterville ME Email
1973 FN Slater Eddie (Mad Dog) Pittsfield MA
1973 FT Wurtz Mick Export PA Email
1973 HM Buige Edward Nicktown PA
1973 HM Yoder David Columbia PA Email
1973 HT Alonzo Mario Emporia KS
1973 HT Johnston Robert Falbe
1973 HT Lapenna Rich Sarasota FL
1973 HT Merithew Dan Howell MI Email
1973 HT Roy David Falbe
1973 HT Smith Darrell Ferndale WA
1973 HT Tuckett Marvin Spanish Fork UT Falbe
1973 IC Driggers Leonard Covington VA Email
1973 IC Wampler Joe Vincennes IN Email
1973 IC Williams Toby New Britain CT Email
1973 IC Williams Toby New Britain CT Email
1973 IM Pike Pat Seattle WA Email
1973 LTJG Mckinney Lawrence Carmi IL Email
1973 MM Brown Vernon Emmaus PA
1973 MM Gehring Donald Pittsburgh PA
1973 MM Labenz Jim (james) Philadelphia PA Email
1973 MM Nawalaniec Mike Johnsons Island OH Email
1973 MM Pierson Rick Brunswick ME
1973 MM Price John Phila Pa. PA Email
1973 MM Ward Steve Ochlocknee GA
1973 MR Zapra Dennis PI
1973 OM Stagg Lloyd Pensacola FL
1973 PC Dardano Nicholas Vefrnon NY Email
1973 PC Dardano Nicholas Venon NY Email
1973 PC Dardano Nicholas Vernon NY Email
1973 PC Dardano Nicholas Vernon NY Email
1973 PM Elston Thomas Stone Ridge NY Email
1973 PM Stonehocker William Champaign IL Email
1973 RM Hogan Patrick Tallahassee FL
1973 RM Phelon Dan Lyndon KS Email
1973 RM Puckett Steve Decatur AL Email
1973 RM Schakel John A (shack) Tampa FL Email
1973 RM Woodruff James Memphis TN
1973 SCPO Potts Arthur Pekin IL
1973 SH Jones Wilbur Lakehurst NJ
1973 SK Amos Norie Philippines CT Email
1973 SK Anderson Ed/andy Now In Virginia Beach VA Email
1973 SK Bjugstad Wayne Madison WI
1973 SN Johnson Willie Pelahatchie, Ms MS Email
1973 SN Le Roy Antonio San Francisco CA Email
1973 ST Morais Daniel San Francisco CA
1973 TM King William (tony) Farmington MI Email
1973 YN Engle Charles Cincinnati OH
1973 YN Olensky Stan Spencer MA Email
1974 Jones Rob Tamaqua PA Miller
1974 CPO Correia Arnaldo Hackensak NJ Email
1974 CWO Kenney Bill Canterbury CT
1974 Diver Brant Bud Niles MI Email
1974 Diver Brant Bud Niles MI Email
1974 Diver Pence Doug Hamilton OH Email
1974 DP Standiford Jr Richard Warren MI Email
1974 DP Stott John Warwick RI
1974 DP Van Slyke Roy Las Vegas NV Email
1974 EM Smothers Rick Toledo OH Email
1974 EM Wolf Bruce San Manuel AZ Email
1974 EN Carr Frederick Sault Ste.marie MI Email
1974 EN Castro --
1974 EN Fuller Jim Dover PA
1974 EN Howard Kirk Rancho Cordova CA Email
1974 EN Miller Eddie Las Cruces NM Email
1974 EN Peoples Ronald Selma AL Email
1974 EN Siragusa Rick Pittsburg CA Email
1974 EN Siragusa Rick Pittsburg CA Email
1974 ET Baker Michael Modesto CA
1974 ET Blackman Donald Sterling Heights MI
1974 ET Blanding Robert Dearborn MI Email
1974 ET Droesch Robert San Rafael CA Email
1974 FN Moore Norman Cape Girardeau MO Email
1974 FN Tyler Edward Portland ME Email
1974 GM Schmidt Carl Cleveland OH Email
1974 HT Branson Kenny St. Louis MO Email
1974 HT Branson Kenny St. Louis MO Email
1974 HT Desfosses Richard Derry Nh NH Email
1974 HT Dodd Charles Gadsden AL Email
1974 HT Duke Timothy Elizabethton TN Email
1974 HT Falbe James Carlyle IL Email
1974 HT Falbe James Westlake
1974 HT Huppman Joe Syracuse NY Email
1974 HT Kozminski Fred Grand Rapids MI
1974 HT Manche Jack Mobile AL Email
1974 HT Parker Tommy Akron OH Email
1974 HT Peise Mick Billrica MA Desfosses
1974 HT Roy David Westlake
1974 HT Straw Charles Crescenty City CA Email
1974 HT Vineyard Bob Stockton CA
1974 HT Westlake Ronald Bethel CT Email
1974 IC Heredia Jesus Spring Valley IL Email
1974 IC Lewis Michael Oregon OH Email
1974 IM Culliton James M. El Cajon CA
1974 LI Larson Jeffrey D Saratoga CA Email
1974 MM Billingley Nils Rising Sun IN Miller
1974 MM Grimm Thomas Kutztown PA
1974 MM Hammond_mm1_(rcss) J,_parks El Dorado AR Email
1974 MM Heemsbergen Daniel Selma IA Email
1974 MM Kubala Paul Cleveland OH Email
1974 MR Erickson Ronald Titusville FL
1974 MS Campbell John Erie MI Email
1974 PN Fredell Dennis Flint MI Email
1974 RM Johnson Russell Brighton TN
1974 RM Mendenhall Ed Orlando FL
1974 RM Stewart James Huntersville NC Email
1974 SH Florrsca Ricardo Baguio City PI Email
1974 SK Golich (gooch) Joe Franklin Pk IL Email
1974 SM Belding Gary Los Angeles CA
1974 SN Johnson Jeffery Duluth MN Email
1975 BM Davis Mike Westland MI Email
1975 BM Diehl Chris Louisville KY
1975 BM Everman Robert Wilmington OH Email
1975 BM Morin David Bristol CT Email
1975 BM Stemple Ed Carter Lake IA Email
1975 CPO Clark Robert Westbrook ME
1975 CPO Fryor Myrtle Beach SC
1975 CPO Phagan Donald C. Mableton GA
1975 DP Inabinet Neil Baltimore MD Email
1975 DS Dean James Connellsville PA Email
1975 EM Cosentino John Corpus Christi TX
1975 EM Hall David East Hickory PA Email
1975 EN Beck Ken Lancaster NY Email
1975 EN Bender Larry Shipshwwana IN Email
1975 EN Bennett Charles Ripley WV
1975 EN Clopper Tony Pittsfield IL
1975 EN Jacocks Thomas Tampa FL Email
1975 EN Preston James PA Wilson
1975 EN Roberge Randy Fitchburg MA Email
1975 EN Sharkie Kenneth NC Wilson
1975 ET Haegele Wayne Algoma WI
1975 ET Haegele Wayne Kewaunee WI
1975 FC Faucett James Lake Charles LA
1975 FN Collier Casey Austin TX
1975 FN Zerfass Chris Allentown PA Email
1975 FT Auler Sonny IN
1975 FT Morgan Monroe Perry FL
1975 HM Diedo Ernest Warren MI Email
1975 HT Garvey Terry Springfield PA
1975 HT Massie Charlie Newport News VA Wilson
1975 HT Petruska Alexander Denver CO Email
1975 HT Pinault Gary Loveland CO Email
1975 HT Reilly Michael Ft Lauderdale Fl FL Email
1975 HT Reilly Michael Ft Lauderdale Fl FL Email
1975 IC Aycox Dennis Sumiton AL Email
1975 MA Beasley Michael Rolla MO Email
1975 ML Strzyzewski Peter Manitowoc WI Email
1975 ML Westbrook Rick Dow IL
1975 MM Chase Joe Chester PA Email
1975 MM Gutman Mark Easton PA
1975 MM Hale John Shawnee OK
1975 MM Parks Richard Cohocton NY
1975 MR Cousins Ivan Kittanning PA Email
1975 MR Mouser Max Unk Blanding
1975 PC Cave Keith TX Moreno
1975 PC Fuger Thomas Moreno
1975 PC Hedgecoth Carl Moreno
1975 PM Young Gene Zanesville OH Email
1975 RM Llewellyn Richard Homewood AL Email
1975 RM Mac Allister Joseph Philadelphia PA Email
1975 SCPO Erman Gerry San Gabriel CA Email
1975 SCPO Fryar Max Wilmington NC Email
1975 SCPO Haywood Raymond E. Siluria AL Email
1975 SCPO Pierson Thomas Nowata OK
1975 SCPO Potts Arthur Pekin IL Email
1975 SH Paul Thomas Fitchburg MA Email
1975 SK Davis T.J. Athens TN
1975 SK Erman Gerry San Gabriel CA Email
1975 SK Rose Mark So. Fulton TN
1975 SK Rose Mark South Fulton TN Email
1975 SN Everman Robert Wilmington OH Email
1975 SN Moreno Gilbert Stockton CA Email
1975 SN Olson Richard Lapuente CA
1975 TM Drum Randy Conyers GA Email
1975 TM Haywood Raymond E. Siluria AL Email
1975 YN Koepfer Ken Toledo OH
1975 YN Naab Pete Palmerton PA Email
1975 YN Swanto Michael Chicago IL Email
1976 -- Darlas George Chicago IL Email
1976 BM Daley Peter Pepperell MA Email
1976 DK Cronin John Worcester MA Email
1976 DK Stillmunk John Brownell
1976 DP Colelli Ernest Belle Vernon PA
1976 DP Likovetz David Orlando FL Email
1976 DP Nielsen Daven Belton MO Email
1976 DS Farrar Gary Jacksonville FL
1976 DS Scott Gary Tomah WI Email
1976 EM Barres Jim Canastota NY Email
1976 EM Ebling Bob Russo
1976 EM Ebling Robert MO Russo
1976 EM Jackson Ricky Rockville IN Email
1976 EM Lazo Manuel San Jose CA Email
1976 EM Russo Dominick Bloomfield NJ Email
1976 EM Wandasiewicz Ronald Riverdale IL Email
1976 EN Fink Jeffrey King Of Prussia PA
1976 EN Lopresti James Honesdale PA Email
1976 EN Merritt Russell Zanesville OH Email
1976 EN Roberge Randy Fitchburg MA Email
1976 EN Wilson Mike Chickamauga GA Email
1976 FN Lowry Daniel Sedalia MO Email
1976 GM Feist Michael Kalamazoo MI Email
1976 HT Brown David Shamokin PA Email
1976 HT Jones Patrick Healdsburg CA Email
1976 HT Keller Doug Iuka IL Email
1976 HT L Larry Libis Gene Young Bob Adam O Levis
1976 HT Lapoint James Oshkosh WI
1976 HT Levis Robert Oneonta NY Email
1976 HT Libis Larry Sewaren NJ Email
1976 HT Speagle Kelly Johnsonville IL Email
1976 HT Turner Charles Lafayette IN Email
1976 IC Burkhart Brant Neosho MO Email
1976 IM Miller Jon Sharon PA Email
1976 IM Wear Randy Birmingham AL
1976 MM Foster John Austin AR Email
1976 MM Hodges Steve Houston TX Email
1976 MM West Steve Wilson
1976 MS Becker David Buffalo NY
1976 MS Lea Danny Belleville IL Email
1976 MS Webb Stephen Owensboro KY Email
1976 PC Fuger Thomas Daley
1976 PM Adams Robert Newberg OR Email
1976 PM Young Gene Zanesville OH Email
1976 PN Zacheretti Dannie Farmington Hills MI Email
1976 RM Morgan Rodney Columbus OH
1976 RM Smith Ralph Hudson ME Email
1976 RM Welch John (B0) Ann Arbor MI
1976 SK Aucoin Robert New Orleans LA Email
1976 SK Dubois David Brighton TN
1976 SK Eshleman Michael Elizabethtown PA Email
1976 SK Paige Terry Malone NY Email
1976 SK Popwell Clyde Americus GA Email
1976 SK Schneider Larry Fond Du Lac WI Email
1976 SN Desantis Chuck Winton CA Email
1976 TM Adkins Lee East Plaestine OH Email
1976 TM Bailey Ron Tulsa OK Email
1976 TM Brown Vernon Cincinnati OH Email
1976 TM Carder Guy Bakersfield CA Email
1976 TM Dooley Jerry Cushing OK Email
1976 TM Dotson Michael Charleston AR Email
1976 TM Dunphy Larry Indianapolis IN Email
1976 TM Fema Jeffrey La Crosse WI Email
1976 TM Schwarz Keith Santa Rosa TX Email
1976 TM Sepeda Donald Bossier City LA Email
1977 Pope Marcus Jacksonville FL
1977 BM Bissonnette Gary Danielson CT Farrell
1977 BM Draeger Tony Owensboro KY Email
1977 BM Fisher Kevin Reynoldsburg OH Email
1977 BM Kenneson Timothy Bantam CT Email
1977 CPO Weebe Ron Co CO Maldonado
1977 DK Brownell William (bill) Clarkston GA Email
1977 DM Farrell Leo Phila PA Email
1977 DP Edwards Jerry Henderson KY
1977 DP Sansoni Michael Harrisburg PA Email
1977 DS Chladek Larry Owatonna MN Email
1977 EM Fortin Tony Meriden CT Email
1977 EM Hawley John Nash
1977 EM Mcnew Eugene Oak Creek WI Email
1977 EM Sauter Daniel Washington DC Email
1977 EM Sauter Dan Nash
1977 EN Adams Dean Miami FL
1977 EN Chase Lance? Nash
1977 EN Hamilton Robert Columbus OH Email
1977 EN Jimmerson Glenn Andalusia AL
1977 EN Katz Mitchell Maplewood NJ Email
1977 EN Mertens Michael Staples MN
1977 EN Rietze Rick Moorhead MN Email
1977 EN Rose Patick Wyomissing Pa PA Email
1977 EN Sykora Steve Ocala FL Email
1977 EN Wolke Edward Council Bluffs IA Email
1977 ET Cmor Joe Kenmore NY Email
1977 ET Nichols Douglas Wharton NJ Email
1977 ET Popadak Michael Warren OH Email
1977 FN Bryan Mark Columbia Heights MN Email
1977 FN Gallagher Brian Colo Spgs Co CO Email
1977 FN Higgs Gregory Hopkinsville KY Email
1977 FN Newman Charles Mt Holly NC Email
1977 FN Vanderborgh Timothy West Sayville NY Email
1977 FN Vanderheiden Albert Germantown WI
1977 HT Brien Robert Tacoma WA Email
1977 HT Dunbar Raymond Branford CT Email
1977 HT Etter Dan Phoenix AZ Email
1977 HT Grover Bryan Montague MI Email
1977 HT Kenny Peter Phila PA Email
1977 HT Santorno Rocky Denver CO Email
1977 HT Simpson Ian D MI
1977 HT Tankersley (Tank) William (Bill) Cincinnati OH
1977 HT Thomas William Saratoga Springs NY Email
1977 HT Thomas William F Damariscotta ME Email
1977 IC Kendall Bill Eureka MO Email
1977 IC Kendall Bill Eureka MO
1977 JO Pearson Danny Mt. Vernon NY Email
1977 MA Maldonado Robert Bronx, New York NJ Email
1977 MA Maldonado Robert Bronx NY Martino
1977 MM Belk Kerry MS Wolke
1977 MM Belk Kerry Ocean Springs MS
1977 MM Doerr William IL Nash
1977 MR Bromling Brad Spokane WA Email
1977 MR Frady Stanley Gainesville GA Email
1977 MS Cook Steven East Saint Louis MO Lea
1977 OM Brady Ken Lancaster OH Email
1977 OM Cunningham John Corydon IN Email
1977 PM Webster Jim Bradford PA Email
1977 PN Medeiros Luiz Hyannis MA
1977 SK Demarco Larry Summit Point WV Email
1977 SK Martino Robert Malden MA Email
1977 SK Sharp Paul Orlando FL Email
1977 SN Kelley Wesley Cocoa Beach FL Email
1977 SN Weatherall James Purdon TX Email
1977 TM Cobb Bruce Colorado Springs CO Email
1977 TM Cobb Bruce Colorado Springs CO Email
1977 TM Dunphy Larry Indianapolis IN Email
1977 TM Marsh Daryl Dayton OH Email
1977 TM Ronald Fournier, Soutbridge MA Email
1977 TM Walsh Perry St. Anne IL Email
1977 YN Mallory Mark Philly PA
1978 AK Mathis Donald Kileen TX Email
1978 BM Futral Timothy Cameron NC Email
1978 BM Stojakovich Mike Green Valley PA Email
1978 BM Sutera James Rochester NY Email
1978 DK Coccurello John Red Bank NJ Schon
1978 DK Rivera Angel Brownell
1978 DP Sharkey Gary Elmont NY Email
1978 EM Arnold Troy Oklahoma City OK
1978 EM Kuhnle Donald Grand Rapids OH Email
1978 EM Nash Dirk Del City OK Email
1978 EM Stimpson Jim Pittsfield MA Email
1978 EN Darling Roger Reading VT Email
1978 EN Dunnege Graham New York NY
1978 EN Hernando Manuel San Diego CA Email
1978 EN Mcmahon John Crystal River FL Email
1978 EN Rivero Peter Santa Cruz CA Email
1978 EN Senter Gary Indian MI Email
1978 EN Shaw Jack Glendora CA Email
1978 EN Vitale Marshall Lancaster PA Email
1978 ET Keegan Robert Dayton OH Email
1978 ET Kelly Mike Findlay OH Email
1978 FN Clarkston Cory Nyack NY Email
1978 FN Sagneri Mark Oswego NY
1978 FN Welch John Roanoke VA
1978 GM Perry Ronald Pensacola FL
1978 HT Creasy Philip Florence AL Email
1978 HT Flom Kevin Lodi CA Email
1978 HT Gilbert Mark Baton Rouge LA Email
1978 HT Hughes Dale Utica NY Email
1978 HT Kines Eddie Elk Grove CA Email
1978 HT Limehouse Al Moncks Corner SC Email
1978 HT Little Cliff Poway CA Email
1978 HT Luff Joseph Brigantine NJ Email
1978 HT Malouf Bob Beacon NY Email
1978 HT Mead Kevin Ashtabula OH Email
1978 HT Medeiros Gary Berkley MA Email
1978 HT Murphy Tom Springfield MA Email
1978 HT Philpot William Absecon NJ Email
1978 HT Polixa Allen West Orange NJ Email
1978 HT S Joseph Brigantine NJ Email
1978 HT Sawyer Rick Miami FL Email
1978 HT Sinclair Michael Rowlesburg WV Email
1978 IC Brown Timothy Ilion NY Email
1978 IC Graves Robert Bicknell IN Email
1978 IC Hubbartt Jeff Belleville MI Email
1978 IC Hubbartt Jeff Belleville MI Email
1978 IC Madden Chris Keene NH Email
1978 IC Zink Dale Lafayette IN Email
1978 MM Grichuhin John Baltimore MD Email
1978 MM Jones David Pontiac MI Email
1978 MR Durity Roger District Of Colombia DC Email
1978 MR Lee Keith Greenbrier AR Email
1978 MR Wallace Jerry Coffeyville KS Email
1978 MS Bryner Jon Fort White Fl FL
1978 MS Cantillon Steve Worcester MA Email
1978 MS Cantillon Steve Jacksonville FL Email
1978 MS French Tim Redford MI
1978 MS Green Leroy Owensboro KY Email
1978 MS Mell Warren Cinnaminson NJ Email
1978 MS Moore Terry Indianapolis IN Email
1978 MS Salzer Kirk Red Hook NY Email
1978 MS Weston John Oldsmar FL Email
1978 OM Hughes David Hudson Falls NY Email
1978 PC Vallee Michael Lewiston ME
1978 PN Gonzaga Medeiros Luiz Hyannis MA Email
1978 RM Savastano Glenn Salem Nh NH Email
1978 SK Martino Revere MA Giangaspro
1978 SK Megnan Moneylall Queens NY Giangaspro
1978 SN Jones Rickey Columbus GA Email
1978 SN Sutera James Gates NY Email
1978 SN Velez Richard New York City NY Email
1978 SN Volta David Bronx NY Email
1978 TM Bailey Michael Tulsa OK Email
1978 TM Hanover Frank Franklin Square NY Email
1978 TM Jackson Johnny Bimingham AL
1978 TM Jackson Johny Bimingham AL
1978 YN Giangaspro Andrew Shrewsbury MA Email
1978 YN Grodewald Christopher Highland Lakes NJ Email
1979 CPO Davis Ed Mt. Sidney VA Email
1979 CPO Puppel John CA Schon
1979 DK Orcutt Dennis Oil City PA Email
1979 DK Pogue Joseph Charleston SC Schon
1979 DK Schon Ken Philadelphia PA Email
1979 DM Keilty Bernard Milford CT Email
1979 DT Drury Larry Berkley MI
1979 EM Bankson Michael North Edwards NM Email
1979 EM Bruno Leonard Newberry MI Email
1979 EM Cash Mike New Braunfels TX Email
1979 EM Etherington Lane San Diego CA Email
1979 EN Castle Alfred North Branch MI Email
1979 EN Culpepper James Palestine TX Email
1979 EN Rivera Tony/anthony NY Shaw
1979 EN Turk Mark Fortville IN Email
1979 ENS Leavitt Jim Woodbridge VA Email
1979 ET Kardell (deceased 8/2000 Herb Pittsburgh PA Mccusker
1979 ET Mccusker Jim Hull MA Email
1979 ET Sharp Charles San Diego CA Email
1979 ET Van Wetering Bob Chicago IL Email
1979 HT Hughes
1979 HT Besley Curtiss Summerfield FL
1979 HT Cline Dan Monroe WI
1979 HT Frazier Rick Sciotoville OH Email
1979 HT Fredrickson Kenneth Brookings SD Email
1979 HT Hammerle Tye Shelby MI
1979 HT Herrera John AZ
1979 HT Koch Jeff Earleville MD Email
1979 HT Kowalski --
1979 HT Lewis Clifton Memphis TN Email
1979 HT Lough Cliff Boise ID Email
1979 HT Lough Cliff Boise ID Email
1979 HT Medeiros Gary East Taunton MA Email
1979 HT Wood Robert Lakewood CA Email
1979 IC Ghigliotti Eddie Cabo Rojo PR Email
1979 IC Lefebvre Lefty Claremont NH Email
1979 IC Lefebvre Lefty Norfolk VA
1979 LTJG Hamann D.k. Schon
1979 MCPO Montgomery Scott Goose Creek SC
1979 MM Warnock Robert Waymart PA Email
1979 MR Laliberte Douglas Minneapolis MN Email
1979 MR Lee Keith Greenbrier TX Email
1979 MR Smalser John Ovid NY Email
1979 MS Hurley Rodger Verro Beach FL Cash
1979 MS Myers Jack Delta OH Email
1979 MS Roland Joseph Macon GA Email
1979 MS Swick Richard Caro MI Email
1979 MT Leblanc Wade New Orleans LA Email
1979 OM Piepenhagen Thomas Yorktown VA Email
1979 RM Rivera Wilmert Boqueron PR Email
1979 SCPO Banta L. Ralph Nanuet NY Email
1979 SCPO Hurley Roger Jacksonville FL
1979 SCPO Sailes Connie --
1979 SK Donald Paliotti Lyons NY
1979 SK Dunham Jerry Newburgh NY Email
1979 SN Bowling Michael College Corner OH Email
1979 SN Goodman Charlie TN Bowling
1979 SN Henson Jerry Chesapeake OH
1979 SN Holmes James Tampa FL
1979 TM Bunting Raymond Salisbury MD
1979 TM Mocsary Greg Munich Germany LA Email
1980 CM Sanchez Joe Denver CO Email
1980 EN Corbin Michael Ellerslie MD Pending Activation
1980 EN Corbin Michael Ellerslie MD Email
1980 ET Smith
1980 ET Smith Cappie Madison WI Email
1980 SN Williams Terry De Funiak Springs FL Email
1983 MA Maldonado Robert Bronx New York NJ Email
1986 HT Straw Charles Crescent City CA Email