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U.S.S. TUTUILA (ARG-4) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1943 ET Braun Frank NY Marquis
1943 ET Margus A.j Totenville-staten Is NY Marquis
1943 RM Maynard Marquis
1944 SM Burroughs Donald Spokane WA Email
1945 Bradshaw E.b. Nix
1945 BM Nix Archie Brunson SC Email
1945 ET Marquis Duane Enid OK Email
1945 RT Marquis Duane Enid OK Email
1951 ET Reiser Gerald (pete) Carleton MI Email
1951 IM Nugent John Berwyn PA Email
1951 ME Sander Frank Franklin Square NY Email
1951 ME Stanley Robert Toledo OH Email
1951 OM Brennan Michael Utica NY Email
1951 RM Piper Arthur St Johnsbury VT Email
1952 ET Murphy Robert Prairie Creek IN Email
1952 IM Ancona Fred North Brunswick NJ Email
1952 SK Dillon Leslie Burlington NJ Email
1953 DC Martini Walter Lansing MI Email
1953 FT Anderson James Roselle Park NJ Email
1953 FT Behrens George Bergenfield NJ Email
1953 RM Nelson John(jack/nelly) Oak Park IL Email
1953 SK Earl William Easton PA Email
1954 DM Resch Henry Baltimore MD Email
1954 MM Forest ? Mcclain
1954 MR Estelle Charles Miami FL Email
1955 EM Stockton Benjamin Fort Wayne IN Pending Activation
1955 EM Stockton Benjamin Fort Wayne IN Email
1955 FN Alfred Donald Scottsbluff NE Email
1955 LI Redfern Howard Holyoke MA Email
1955 MM Mcclain Dale Vinton IA Email
1956 Lee Phillip D Watertown NY Bartlett
1956 QM Sullivan Bob Cleveland OH Email
1956 SF Jammes Joseph Dennis Jacksonville FL Email
1957 MM Bartlett Paul Oxford MI Email
1957 MR Elkins Keith Emerson IA Email
1958 MM French Donald Chicago IL Email
1958 MM Urbanski Edwin Avoca PA Email
1958 MM Urbanski Edwin Avoca PA Email
1958 SM Fort Robert Elmira NY Email
1958 SSGT Roger George Norfolk VA Email
1959 DC Donahue Eddie NY Pemberton
1959 DC Jones James Pemberton
1959 DC Leet NY Pemberton
1959 DC Lovering Ralph MA Pemberton
1959 DC Pemberton Tony St Louis MO Email
1959 DC Stem Bob NC Pemberton
1959 EN Pollack Tom Fl IL Email
1959 ET Weber Sidney CA Pemberton
1959 FN Bushe Ray IL Pemberton
1959 FN Dugan Joe Yonkers NY Email
1959 FN Dugan Joe Yonkers NY Email
1959 FN Yates Robert IL Pemberton
1959 IC Beyer Robert Minneapolis MN Email
1959 RM Bond James Danville VA Email
1959 SF Rogne Michael Minneapolis MN Email
1959 SN Moatz Wayne Easton PA Email
1960 Schopmeyer Gregory Flthomas KY Dulin
1960 EM Nunley Richard Logan WV Mccrae
1960 FN Schopmeyer Gregory Ft.thomas KY Email
1960 IC Robinson Ronald Kingston NY Email
1960 IC Tomosovich Kenneth Butler PA Email
1960 MM Carman Stan Industry IL Email
1960 MR Dulin Bill Fairmont WV Email
1960 MR Dulin Bill Fairmont WV Email
1960 RM Ventrilla Angelo Niagara Falls NY Email
1960 SF Pilak Randall Milwaukee WI Email
1960 SF Rogne Michael Minneapolis MN Email
1960 SK Fairman Stephen Cleveland OH Email
1960 YN Miller Clarence Mcallen, TX Email
1961 BT Dehlinger William Buffalo NY Email
1961 CM Franz Anthony Manitowoc WI Email
1961 DC Leet Robert Millinocket ME Email
1961 EM Perry Edward Louisville KY Email
1961 EM Walsh Robert Queens, New York NY Schopmeyer
1961 EN Fisher Wilbert Chicago ID Email
1961 MR Evans Jerry Stlouis NE Dulin
1961 MR Evans Jerry St Louis MO Email
1961 SF Piatek Donald Buffalo NY Email
1961 SF Redman Gary Kankakee IL Email
1961 SK Cantu Antonio San Antonio TX Email
1962 BM Liss Kenneth Milwaukee WI Email
1962 BT Dawson Lester (fred) Clarksville MI Dawson
1962 DC Cox James Roanoak Rapids NC Loe
1962 DC Loe James Paducah KY Email
1962 DC Loe James Paducah KY Email
1962 EM Mccrae Robert Pierpont OH Email
1962 EN Norvell Harold Albuquerque NM Email
1962 IM Ludnum Robert MD Hunt
1962 MM Clark Richard Milford NH Email
1962 RM Tripi Francis Painesville OH Email
1962 RM Walker Jim Hamburg NY Email
1962 SF Dickson Eugene Westminister SC Email
1962 SF Murphy Harold Bowling Green KY Email
1962 SF Underwood Robert Fort Morgan CO Loe
1962 SK Rolfe Richard Milford CT Email
1962 SM Everts Kenneth Big Cove Tannery PA Email
1962 SM Everts Kenneth Big Covetannery PA Dulin
1962 YN Togni David Syracuse NY Email
1963 EN Davis Paul Darien GA Email
1963 SCPO Buchanan Daniel New York City NY Email
1963 SM Dotson Steven Gordonsville VA Dulin
1963 SN Dotson Steven Hunt
1963 SN Dotson Steven Gordonsville VA Hunt
1963 SN Hunt Russell Greenfield MA Email
1964 BM Ellison Maxie New Johnsonville TN Email
1964 CS Dawson Kenneth Clarksville MI Email
1964 CS Kempen John Combined Locks WI Email
1964 DC Hitchcock Elliott West Haven CT Email
1964 ET Wechtel Robert St. Petersburg FL Email
1964 QM Donovan Terry Chanted KS Email
1964 QM Donovan Terry Change KS Email
1964 RM Clifford Jack La Marque TX Email
1965 BM (bubba) Heald Bill Hamtramck MI Email
1965 BM Gagnon Albert (skip) Holyoke MA Email
1965 BM Neely Mike Lima OH Kempen
1965 CS Anderson Leman Kempen
1965 CS Kempen John Combined Locks Wisconsin WI Email
1965 EN Clark William Jacksonville FL Email
1965 EN Waring Joseph Philadelphia PA Email
1965 EN Young Norman Cranston RI Email
1965 LTJG Keough R Westmoreland
1965 PH Knotts Bob Portland OR Email
1965 RD Weise Len Westmoreland
1965 RD Westmoreland Ted Marlow OK Email
1965 RM Lovell Nathan Westmoreland
1965 SF Wade Charles Chattanooga TN Email
1966 BM Griffin Frank Sanford ME Email
1966 BM Neale Robert (bob) Bonsall CA Email
1966 BT Kanipe William Columbia SC Email
1966 BT Weiss Dave Waterbury CT Email
1966 DK Zambito Michael Wheeling WV Email
1966 EM Priest Walker
1966 EM Schmetzer Robert South Heights PA Email
1966 EM Wilson James Saint Louis MO Email
1966 EM Wilson James St. Louis MO Email
1966 EN Anthony Al Piqua OH Email
1966 EN Ralston Thomas Delmar NY Email
1966 IM Morse Ray Leominster MA Email
1966 LTJG Keough Robert Syracuse NY Email
1966 MR Herr Don Long Beach CA Email
1966 PN Baxendell William Washington PA Email
1966 SH Egan Larry Littleton MA Email
1966 SK Anderson Ed/andy Milford DE Email
1966 SK Murphy Calvin Tyler TX Anderson
1966 SK Reed Moses Ny? NY Anderson
1966 SK Reed Moses Isaiah Detroit MI Anderson
1966 SM Kozak Michael Hamburg NY Email
1967 BM Connolly James Atoria NY Email
1967 BT Lafave Robert Racine WI Email
1967 CS Macintire Larry Wilbraham MA Email
1967 DC Dyke Garry Elkins AR Email
1967 DC Schwartz Don Denver CO Email
1967 EN Gates Michael Manitowoc WI Email
1967 EN Klein Terry Casper WY Email
1967 EN West Joseph North Syracuse NY Email
1967 IC Grove Jerry Omaha NE Email
1967 IC Wilson Jesse Jackson WY Email
1967 MM De La Garza Jesus Eagle Pass TX Email
1967 MM Mainttec@cox.net Mainttec@cox.net Mainttec@cox.net NY Email
1967 MM Peterson Carl Cranford NJ Email
1967 MM Ventimiglia Jay (justin) Brooklyn NY Email
1967 MM Ventimiglia Jay (justin) Brooklyn NY Email
1967 MR Gale Pete Berryville VA Email
1967 OM Cartagena Joe Bronx NY Email
1967 OM Dineen Terence Goshen NY Cartagena
1967 QM Hartle Charles Jacksonville FL Email
1967 RM Cimino Sam Port Arthur TX Email
1967 RM Hoffman Robert L.i. NY Ventimiglia
1967 SF Barber David Ames IA Email
1967 SF Hapala Jim / Hoppy West Fargo ND Email
1967 SK Dickens Everett Malakoff TX Email
1967 SN Chaney Richard Cloverdale OR Email
1968 CPO Raade John Negaunee MI Email
1968 DC Jones Richard Morristown NJ Email
1968 EM Beal Charles Philadelphia PA Email
1968 EM Priest Bernard Brooklyn Ny NY Email
1968 EM Walker Allen Bruno MN Email
1968 EN Dolente Jim Springfield PA Email
1968 EN Dowell Bob Terre Haute IN Email
1968 EN Hayward Richard Gates OR Email
1968 EN Mc Clave Brian Hampton Bays NY Email
1968 EN Pfenning Michael Portland OR Email
1968 EN Siebert Wayne Aurora CO Email
1968 ET Labahn Ray Lincoln MO Email
1968 HM Tindle Wayne Louisville KY Email
1968 IC Hedlund David Chicago IL Email
1968 IC Myers Paul Blandinsville IL Email
1968 IC Myers Paul Blandinsville IL Email
1968 MM Whitecotton David Bagley IA Email
1968 MR Clark Michael (mike) Los Angeles CA Email
1968 MR Dell Don Columbus OH Email
1968 MR Filo Tom Marine City MI Email
1968 MR Jones John Cedar Rapids IA Email
1968 MR Polley Raymond (ray) Riverside CA Email
1968 SN Washam Bob Coatesville IN Email
1969 BM Bandy Jim Sparta TN Email
1969 BM Puig Alfredo New York City NY Email
1969 BM White Bill Reseda CA Email
1969 BM White Bill Reseda CA Email
1969 BT Goad Kenneth Albany NY Email
1969 CPO Stuchell Floy Troy OH Email
1969 DC Curran Frank Lombard IL Email
1969 DC Robbins Gary Davenport IA Email
1969 DC Roggenbeck Mark Detroit MI Email
1969 DK Marsh Terry Freeport IL Email
1969 DK Marsh Terry Freeport IL Email
1969 EN Drahos OH Militano
1969 EN Militano Anthony Fox Lake IL Email
1969 ET Los John Calumet City IL Email
1969 ET Santosuosso Henry Boston MA Labahn
1969 FT Dezell James Millbrae CA Email
1969 GM Bricker Ken Sandpoint,idaho ID Email
1969 HM Cotton Noel Covington KY Email
1969 IC Smith Jim Everett WA Email
1969 LTJG Dietrich Alfred M Geneseo NY Email
1969 LTJG Naden Russ Webster City IA Email
1969 ML Holmes Wendell Winona MS Email
1969 ML Williams Vern Henderson NV Email
1969 MM Mcguire James Fullerton CA Pending Activation
1969 MR Boudreaux Larry El Paso TX Email
1969 MR Jones John Cedar Rapids IA Email
1969 PH Schneider Hank St. Louis MO Email
1969 RM Niederhaus John Evansville IN Email
1969 SF Joe Howell GA Ryan
1969 SF Engel Ralph Boise ID Email
1969 SF Gottschall Rick Gotschall Holden
1969 SF Holden Steve Canoga Park CA Email
1969 SF Maples Mike Eureka CA Ryan
1969 SF Ryan Joe Cincinnati OH Email
1969 SF Ryan Joe Cincinnati OH Email
1969 SF Ryan Joe Cincinnati OH Email
1969 SN Buckner Bruce Pacoima CA Email
1969 SN White Bill Reseda CA Email
1969 SN White Bill Reseda CA Email
1970 Arbatino NY Till
1970 Clarke Larry KS Eastlund
1970 Kudera Richard Hauswirth
1970 BM Osborne Roger Ft. Lauderdale/nashville Tn. FL Email
1970 BM Whitehead John Oak Lawn IN Email
1970 DT Lewis Tony Pasadena TX Email
1970 EM Black Dennis ? Eastlund
1970 EM Eastlund Donald Rick Spokane WA Email
1970 EM Gonce Michael MD Eastlund
1970 EM Protsman James Leadville CO Email
1970 EM Protsman James Leadville CT Email
1970 EN Hauswirth Keith Hancock MI Email
1970 EN Joseph De Nurra Oakland CA Email
1970 EN Poulos Louis Chicago IL Email
1970 GM Adams Moran Gautier MS Email
1970 HM Brahosky James Forbes Road PA Email
1970 HM Gurnard James Fresno CA Email
1970 HT Power Tim Oakland CA Email
1970 LI Link George Northport L.i. NY Email
1970 LT Webster Pete San Diego CA Email
1970 ML Brown Dan Richwood OH Email
1970 PH Perry James San Diego CA Email
1970 SF Nielsen Roy Sneads Ferry / Mesa Arizona NC Email
1970 SF Schmidt Robert Dayton OH Email
1970 SN Schwerdtfeger George Lakewood CA Email
1970 YN Till Greg Pensacola FL Email
1971 ET Mitchell Steve Churdan IA Email
1971 HT Smith Rodney Ft. Thompson SD Email
1971 IC Thornton Jerry W Rogersville AL Email
1971 SF Jones Richard Big Piney MO Email
1971 SH Brown Lawrence Oxford MD Email
1971 SN Murphy John Tell City IN Email
1971 SN Sandburg Steve Hudson WI Email