U.S.S. OAKRIDGE (ARDM-1) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1963 DC Barnes Kenneth Garcia
1963 DC Garcia Raoul San Juan PR Email
1963 DC Smith Clarence (spud) Hopewell OH Email
1963 RM Brown George Bradenton FL Email
1964 DC Dunlap Garcia
1964 DC Madison Garcia
1964 DC Madison Herbert (tusi) Chicgo IL Smith
1964 DC Taylor Garcia
1964 HT Dwyer Edward Watertown CT Email
1964 PN Meckenberg Robert New York NY Johnson
1964 SF Thompson Cliff Livonia MI Email
1964 SF Thompson Cliff Livonia MI Email
1964 SN Worley Kenneth Chillicothe OH Pending Activation
1965 EN Cash Peter Cape Elizabeth ME Email
1965 EN Smail Raymond Loudonville OH Email
1965 MM White William Corning NY Email
1965 PN Johnson John Duluth MN Email
1966 BM Hanisee John Vicksburg MS Stokes
1966 BM Noland Larry Reform AL Email
1966 BM Stokes Jerry Elkton KY Email
1966 BM Webb Ron WV Noland
1966 BM Yodice Dominic Hollis NY Email
1966 GM Jannelli Anthony Brooklyn NY Email
1967 BM Davis Ronald Sciotoville OH Email
1967 BM Davis Ronald Sciotoville OH Email
1967 BM Dilillo John Whitman MA Email
1967 BM Hanisee John Vicksburg MS Email
1967 DC Edman Harold Higganum, CT Email
1967 EM Flick Allen Shawnee OK Email
1967 MR Hensley Freddie Harlan KY Email
1967 MR Michael Don Carrollton OH Email
1967 SF Arbaugh Robert Staunton VA Email
1968 DC Hacker
1968 DC Fox Barton Pottstown PA Email
1968 DC Hacker William Aliquippa PA Email
1968 DC Szramski Edward Cherry Hill NJ Email
1968 DC Waldron Dennis Montoursville PA Email
1968 EM Barnhill Borger TX Flick
1968 EM Niemiec Tom Lorain OH Email
1968 EM Weber Robert Swissvale PA Email
1968 HT Vazquez Gilbert Dover NJ Email
1968 SF Arbaugh Robert Stauton VA Hensley
1969 BM Carmack Johnny Owenton KY Email
1969 HT Finley Jim Virginia Beach VA Sartori
1969 SM Sells Raymond Columbus OH Email
1969 SN Hacker David Harriman TN Email
1970 BM Pickeral Jerry Waldorf MD Email
1970 DC Wheeler Preston Clevland TN Szramski
1970 EM Flanigan Tim Bloomington Ind IN Email
1970 EN Ashway Lloyd Chambersburg PA Email
1970 HT Hand John Meriden CT Email
1970 HT Hand John Meriden CT Email
1970 HT Lallak Ray Buffalo NY Email
1970 HT Lallak Ray Buffalo NY Debra
1970 HT Sartori Joe Malden MA Email
1970 HT Sartori Joe Malden MA Email
1970 MR Ceelen Bob Oshkosh WI Email
1970 MR Christeson William Gladstone MO Email
1970 SF Debra John Cincinnati OH Email
1970 SH Pickeral Larry Waldorf MD Email
1970 SH Pickeral Larry Waldorf MD Email
1971 BM Marsh John Ann Arbor MI Email
1971 CS Case Charles Smirhfield OH Email
1971 EN Partridge Kenneth Nashville TN Email
1971 MR Buckert Steve Hamilton IL Email
1972 BM Zakoor Frank Byron MI Email
1972 HT Drown Dennis Stratford CT Email
1972 IC King Wallace Van Lear KY Email
1972 MS Bechtold Stephan Jerseyville IL Email
1973 BM Bangs Edward E Flint MI Email
1973 EM Brooks Wayne Magnolia NC Email
1974 BM Morgan Melih San Antonio TX Email
1974 BM Ortiz Frank Los Angeles CA Email
1974 BT Mccomas Douglas Burbank CA Email
1974 CPO Price Thomas Pittsburgh PA Email
1974 EM Ingram Jerrold Jasper, Alabama AL Email
1974 EM Kirn Michael Cass City MI Email
1974 FN Wilson Robert Fishkill NY Email
1974 HT Algeo Michael Medford OR Email
1974 HT Roche John Wharton NJ Email
1975 BM Boswell Kenneth Ivanhoe CA Email
1975 BM Glenn Tommy Detriot MI Email
1975 BM Joye Alan Bennettsville SC Email
1975 EM Delabar Carl Lexington KY Email
1975 EN Cordonier Michael Kansas City MO Email
1975 EN Davis Robert New Haven CT Email
1975 EN Sylvester Jes Orrs Island ME Email
1975 SM Van Vliet Rick Saylorsburg PA Email
1975 SN Schultz Timothy Baraboo WI Email
1976 BM Bowman Shane Maryville TN Email
1976 BM Drapo Scott North Tonawanda NY Email
1976 BM Kacmarcik Michael Rochester NY Email
1976 EN Daly Steven Stanton CA Email
1976 EN Mitch David New Berlin PA Email
1976 HT Kozminski Fred Grand Rapids MI Email
1976 HT Lee Tim Washington CT Email
1976 HT Mann Steve Owosso MI Email
1976 HT Morgan William PA Lambert
1976 HT Niles Vernon Lynn MA Email
1976 HT Parker David Winston-salem NC Email
1976 HT Raynor Peter New Bedford MA Email
1976 HT Raynor Peter New Bedford MA Email
1976 HT Rectanus Shawn Farmington PA Email
1976 HT Shoe Steve Heath OH Email
1976 HT Tackett Harley Chicago IL Email
1976 IC Mercurio Ron Indianapolis IN Email
1976 SK Bretsch Steven San Diego CA Email
1976 YN Jackson Charles Decatur AL Email
1977 BM Birch Stephen Claymont DE Email
1977 BM Turcotte Rick Enfield CT Email
1977 BM Weller Bryan Owosso MI Email
1977 FN Richardson Albert Waterfor Works NJ Email
1977 HT Keiper Bret Bethlehem PA Email
1977 HT Urrutia Larry Los Angeles CA Email
1977 IC Wathen Robert Daytona Beach FL Email
1977 SK Greiner Shawn Mathis TX Email
1977 SM Birch Stephen Claymont DE Email
1978 BM Kupcha John Amity Harbor NY Email
1978 BM Williams Mike MO Kupcha
1978 EM Forsberg Ken Bronx NY Email
1978 EM Turner James Prospect TN Email
1978 HM Odonnell James Tucson AZ Email
1978 HT Lambert Byron Santa Rosa CA Email
1978 HT Pinkney Cleanzy Newark NJ Email
1978 HT Raynor Peter New Bedford MA Email
1978 MS Siagan Bienvenido Manila. Philippines TX Email
1978 PN Thalmueller Michael Jacksonville FL Email
1978 PN Thalmueller Michael Jacksonville FL Email
1978 YN Di Leo Lou Rye NY Email
1979 BT Mcsween Kevin Chesterland OH Email
1979 CPO Andersson Kurt Minneapolis MN Email
1980 BT Allen Tim Satsuma FL Email
1981 BM Rodgers John Sarasota FL Email
1981 EN Schuler Richard Syracuse NY Email
1981 LCDR Wright Dave Springville NY Email
1981 SN Waters Jerry Louisville KY Email
1982 BT Lamay James Rock Island IL Email
1982 EM Dunshie Chris Rochester NY Email
1982 HT Chrzan Chuck Saint Petersberg FL Email
1983 HT Connelly Rodney Orangeburg SC Email
1984 BT Riley Marc Cove City NC Email
1984 EN Parker Jeff OH Williams
1984 EN Williams Dean San Diego CA Email
1984 MS Alecci Nicholas Burton MI Email
1985 BM Kettering Simon Transfer PA Email
1985 EM Hinson Denise Spokane WA Email
1985 HT White Timothy Oaktown IN Email
1985 HT Wright Scott Dickson TN Email
1987 BM Lottman Dave Lagrange OH Email
1987 EN Varnell Rob Pine Bluff AR Email
1987 SN Gibson James Hawthorne CA Email
1988 BM Wigginton Donald New Orleans LA Email
1988 DC Green Micheal Hayti MO Email
1989 BM Mendoza Jennifer Long Beach CA Email
1989 DC Boyd Kendall Wright
1989 DC Green Michael Wright
1989 DC Wright Frederick Seattle WA Email
1989 EM Stinnette Marco Wright
1989 FN Adkins Linda Buffalo NY Email
1989 HT Hill Charles GA Adkins
1990 BM Thelen Natalie Atlanta GA Email
1990 EM Young Chris Batonrouge LA Email
1990 EM Young Chris Batonrouge LA Email
1990 EN Blackman Todd Dothan AL Email
1990 EN Ramos Reinaldo Chicago IL Email
1990 HT Imperato John Brooklyn NY Email
1990 LT Broxton Bob Auburndale FL Email
1990 MM Courcy Pierce Galway Ireland NY Email
1991 EN Mahieu George Hillsdale NY Email
1991 HT Boshears Jimmy Lafollette TN Email
1991 LCDR Becker Ernest St. Petersburg FL Email
1992 Cosme Jose Bronx NY Ramos
1992 BM Fountain Shane Bethune SC Email
1992 EM Lee Gary Plains KS Email
1992 EM Satterly Michael Glasgow KY Email
1992 HT Wharton Nolan Sheridan WY Email
1993 HT Jones Timothy Savannah GA Email
1994 BM Kinlow Lawella Brooklyn NY Email
1994 FN Baker Jayme Vineyard Haven MA Email
1994 LT Weilbacher Karl Huntington NY Email
1994 MS Prewitt Tony Deridder LA Email
1994 SN Zielinski Edward Galesburg MI Email
1995 BM Mullins Ricky Sidney OH Email
1995 CMDR Stevens Steven Davenport IA Email
1995 HT Mcneil Charles Gloster MS Email
1996 MCPO Goodwin Douglas Syracuse NY Email
1996 SN Blackburn Charis San Luis Obispo CA Email
1998 LCDR Schumann John Syracuse NY Email
1999 CMDR Tobin Bob Ronkonkoma NY Email