U.S.S. KENNEBEC (AO-36) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1942 CM Black Elmer Mckeesport PA
1943 -- Hummel John Cumberland MD Email
1943 MM Shea C. William Kenmore WA
1944 CPTN Mullen Merritt David Carrollton KY Email
1944 GM Miller Robert Roslyn PA
1949 BM Middleton Daniel Vienna VA
1949 PC Harper John SC
1951 MM Schaefer Les Richmond CA Email
1952 SN Mabius Charles Birmingham AL Email
1956 EM Speer Joseph Chicago IL
1956 LCDR Sporer Joseph Houston TX
1958 ENSN Bredderman Rudolf Fremont CA
1961 BM Sellers Kenneth Wilmington NC Email
1961 BT Betz Allen Jersey City NJ Email
1961 CS Brown Raymond Syracuse NY Email
1961 DK Luther Bob Latham NY
1961 EN Coulter Gerald Grove City PA Email
1961 ET Clark Jay Detroit MI Email
1961 PN Markovich Stephen Wallington NJ Email
1961 RM Pillion
1961 RM Pillion Robert Joliet IL Email
1961 SF Bessey Bud Myrtle Creek OR
1961 SK Gravelle Raymond Houlton ME Email
1961 SN Wagner Kenneth Titsville PA
1962 BT Barrett George Seattle WA
1962 BT Spencer D Howard Muncie IN Email
1962 MM Stangle Dennis El Dorado KS Email
1963 BM Bagley Paul Cohoes NY Email
1963 BM Cheney Ronald Sparks NV
1963 BM Hawrey Dave Brooklyn NY Email
1963 BM Holden Frank Bakersfield CA Email
1963 BM Ouellette Ernie Tyngsboro, Massachusetts MA Email
1963 BM Ouellette Ernest Lowell MA Email
1963 BM Romani Ray Santa Rosa CA
1963 BM Rossington Robert Cleveland OH Email
1963 BM Yancey William Phoenix AZ Email
1963 QM Butkus Terry Omaha NE Email
1963 QM Werley Norm San Bruno CA Email
1963 SN Gray Jim Pops Yancey
1963 SN Lee Billy Van TX Yancey
1963 SN Patton Richard San Francisco CA Email
1964 BM Searles Paul TX Holden
1964 EN Vess Elmer Unknown --
1964 MM Hargrove Bobby Moody TX Email
1965 BM Martinez Bob Hauppauge NY Email
1965 BM Stenger Charles Have No Idea MI Martinez
1965 BM Suhr Glenn Norfolk NE
1965 BT Kachur John Prescott AZ Email
1965 BT Kachur John Prescott AZ Email
1965 BT Kachur John Prescott AZ Email
1965 CS Lambert Marvin Seattle WA Email
1965 DK MN Lambert
1965 DK Hawkins Dick Plymouth MN
1965 DK Hawkins Dick Plymouth MN
1965 ET Nielsen David Salt Lake City UT
1965 HM Howard Wayne Oakland CA Email
1965 IC Huckaby Louis San Angelo TX Email
1965 IC Huckaby Louis San Angelo TX Email
1965 RM Towns Steve CA
1965 RM Towns Steve CA
1965 SF Waner Ron Vandergrift PA Email
1965 SM Risen Marty Gardena CA Email
1965 SN Smith Roland Sydell Yancey
1966 Miller Bill San Antonio TX Adcock
1966 BM Schlagel Gary Fingal ND Email
1966 MM Norkus Walter Rockland MA Email
1966 RM Adcock Kenneth Dawson Springs KY Email
1966 RM Dilg Tim Centrallia IL
1966 SM Smith Bradley La Cresenta CA Risen
1967 BM Schlagel Gary ND Valdivia
1967 CS Randall Lloyd Albuquerque AZ
1967 EM Stearns Jim Austell GA Email
1967 EM Todd Michael Staten Island NY Email
1967 GM Stewart Ronald Magnolia TX
1967 QM Howell Charles Shiloh OH Email
1967 RD Orendorff J.b. Hartford City IN Email
1967 RM Cole Richard Muncie IN
1967 RM Marshall Jim Bowling Green MO Email
1967 SN Hawrey George Brooklyn NY Email
1968 DC Head Bill Redding CA Email
1968 FN Cosgrove Allan Wilkes Barre PA Email
1968 MM Aportadera Nick Philippines GU Email
1968 RD Fisher Don Columbus OH Email
1969 BM Casiano Israel Maricao PR Email
1969 BM Nelson Raymond San Diego CA Email
1969 EN Valdivia Mark Los Angeles CA Email