U.S.S. DENEBOLA (AF-56) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1944 LCDR Pomeroy I H --
1949 RD Melko Robert Watertown MN
1952 EN Veale Charles St. Joseph MO
1953 RM Clancy Donald Gastonia NC
1954 EM Velez Frank Brooklyn NY Email
1954 FC Hull Raymond Monmouth IL Email
1954 MM Dyer Conrad Shreveport LA
1954 MM Hawk Gary Iola KS
1954 SK Agro Charles New York NY Velez
1954 SK Dillon Leslie Burlington NJ Email
1955 Simpson
1955 BT Simpson William R. Oak Hill OH Email
1955 ENS Schulick Edward Brooklyn NY Email
1955 SH Queen Robert Newark NJ Email
1955 SK Dillon Leslie Burlington NJ Email
1955 SK Dillon Leslie Burlington NJ Email
1955 SK Severs George Moline IL
1955 SM Allard Henry Iron Mountain MI
1955 SM Feilinger Robert Baltimore MD
1955 SN Oconnell Thomas Berwick PA
1956 FT Sheerin William Yorkville NY
1956 FT Shirey """Don """"Red"""""" Chicago IL
1956 FT Straub Joseph Pittsburgh PA
1956 LTJG Wolff Arnold New York NY Email
1956 RD Riddell Roland Washington D.c. DC Email
1956 RM Kontzen Bob Birmingham AL Email
1957 Kontzen Robert Birmingham AL Bechtold
1957 BM Cull Millard Matthew Holden WV
1957 CPO Russel Red Sciackitano
1957 DC Pearce James Ashland OH Email
1957 EM Hall Ronald West Union WV Email
1957 EM Hall Ronald West Union WV Email
1957 ENS Bolt Ben Bakersfield CA Email
1957 GM Busby Jim Kewanee IL Email
1957 GM Reed Larry Lexington KY
1957 MM Simms Jimmy Lee NC Sciackitano
1957 RD Webb Sciackitano
1957 RM Ammerman Bill Indianapolis IN Sciackitano
1957 RM Bechtold Karl Cleveland OH Email
1957 RM Janssen John San Antonio TX RIP
1957 SK Hudspeth Chuck Sciackitano
1957 SK Johnson Jerry Champaign, Il IL Email
1957 SK Pochatek Jerry Cleveland OH Sciackitano
1957 SN Trundy Leslie Belfast ME Email
1957 SN Whitaker Joe London KY
1958 FN Kittredge Roland Framingham MA
1958 MM Boyd Curt Los Angeles CA
1958 MR Hansen Alan Sudbury MA Email
1958 RM Sciackitano John Chicago IL Email
1958 SN Williams David Syracuse NY Email
1959 -- Johnson Harold Sandusky OH
1959 BT Frisbie Daniel F. Frisbie Utica NY Email
1959 BT Frisbie Daniel F. Frisbie Utica NY Email
1959 BT Goffinet Lloyd Hopkins
1959 BT Hornyak Les Tampa FL Email
1959 BT Johnikin Ronald Augusta GA
1959 FN Kittredge Roland Framingham MA Email
1959 MM Hall Van Unityville PA
1959 MM Mox Edward Delphos OH Email
1959 MM Shockley Harold Roanoke VA Email
1959 MM Simonin Earl Virginia Beach VA Email
1960 BT Hopkins Richard Northville MI Email
1960 EN Hairston Edwin Benton AR Email
1960 MM Kenyon Carl Burlington VT Email
1961 BM Clark Earl York PA Email
1961 FN Vitale Frank Dundalk MD Email
1961 LTJG Moseley George Spartanburg SC
1961 RM Alex Michael Pottstown PA Email
1961 RM Alex Michael Pottstown PA Email
1961 RM Alex Michael Pottstown PA Email
1961 RM Cronin Danny Bellerose NY
1961 RM Sanchez Robert CA Shafer
1961 RM Stanakis Shafer
1961 SN Boyle William Portland ME Email
1961 YN Payne Clinton Regent ND
1962 BM Hart Marvin Stlouis MO Email
1962 BT Kemp Bill Red Lion DE Email
1962 CPO Bell Alvin Virginia Beach VA Email
1962 CPTN Matton George Virginia Beach VA Email
1962 ENS Knox Thompson
1962 SK Anderson Clark Keene NH
1962 SM Thompson Wayne Roanoke VA Email
1963 AS Lammers Dieter Akron OH Email
1963 BM Brown Gordon Spring Lake MI Email
1963 ET Carlson Robin Brighton CO Email
1963 GM Armbruster Bart Philadelphia PA Email
1963 MA Mcmichael Richard Shickshinny PA
1963 MM Jepson Jack Salt Lake City UT Email
1963 MM Miller Mike Asheville NC
1963 OS Whitfield James Anderson SC Email
1963 PN Hill David Taylorsville IN Email
1963 QM Klimek Kenneth Detroit MI Email
1963 RM Jonckers Michael Port O Connor TX Email
1963 RM Shafer Alvin Cincinnati OH Email
1963 SH Hall Thomas Stanford KY
1963 SM Oconner Edward Philadelphia PA Klimek
1963 SM Revels Terry Gastonia NC Email
1963 SM Thompson Wayne Roanoke VA Email
1964 BM Kangas Larry Calumet MI Email
1964 GM Carr Gerald Tiverton RI Email
1964 MM Israel Norman Seattle WA Email
1964 MM Israel Norman Shelton WA Email
1964 MM Warner John Baton Rouge LA
1964 RM Stanakis Matthew Mahanoy City PA Jonckers
1965 BM Hart Marvin St Louis MO Email
1965 CM Smith George Elizabeth NJ Email
1965 CPO Seibel Monroe Goodrich, ND Email
1965 DP Bennett Jerry (jb) Akron OH Email
1965 EM Genus James Liberty TX Email
1965 PN Tracey Roy Pittsburgh PA Email
1965 RM Compton John Urbana IL Email
1965 SN Betts Ken San Marcos TX Email
1966 BM Baril Joe MI Hauser
1966 BM Brzozowski Richard Brooklyn NY Hauser
1966 BM Hauser Raymond Cheektowaga NY Email
1966 BM Madrin Max Greensboro NC Email
1966 DC Oliver Dave Norwalk CA Email
1966 EM Bridger James Cooperstown NY Email
1966 ET Wallace Richard Omaha NE Email
1966 LTJG Golberg Brian Minneapolis MN Email
1966 LTJG Rader Robert Marathon WI Email
1966 MM Hilpert James Saint Paul MN Email
1966 SF Pegg James Niles OH Email
1966 SK Distaola Joe Hamilton OH Email
1966 SN Brown Stuart West Springfield MA Email
1966 SN Dassero Mike Colorado Springs CO Email
1966 SN Wood Jim Waterford, MI Email
1967 BT Benigni Albert Detroit MI Email
1967 BT Toedt Terry C. Cincinnati OH Email
1967 HM O Hara Tom Baltimore MD Email
1967 MA Hurlburt Roger Cincinnati OH Email
1967 QM Shimmin John Royal Oak MI Email
1967 SK Dickens Everett Malakoff TX Email
1967 SK Matthews John Pensacola FL Email
1967 SM Crone (robert) Mike Columbus OH Email
1967 YN Tamez Homer Kingsville TX Email
1967 YN Wroten James Baltimore MD Email
1968 BM Breeden Dennis --
1968 BM Kellogg Richard Cambridge Springs PA Email
1968 BT Benigni James R. Detroit MI Email
1968 BT Jones Howard CA
1968 DC Perry Scott Toppsfield MA
1968 MM Holzbaur Reade Lakeside Park NJ
1968 MM Lilly Clifton West Columbia SC Email
1968 MM Sbraccia Frederick Cherry Hill NJ Email
1968 SF Lane Tom Marietta OH Email
1968 SK Spruill Larry Breezewood PA Email
1968 SM Chagnon Pete Burlington VT
1968 SN Armenta James --
1968 SN Merriman Marvin L East Liverpool OH
1969 BM Farrell Lee Levittown NY Email
1969 EM Train John Patchogue NY Email
1969 IC Plyler Larry Rock Hill SC Email
1969 MM Goddin Benjamin Yorktown VA Email
1969 MR Frame Lowell Fort Wayne IN Email
1969 PN Kubacki Jim Westmont IL Email
1969 SH Lawwill Stephen Aberdeen OH Email
1969 SK Anderson Walter Tacoma WA Email
1969 SK Anderson Walter Tacoma WA Email
1970 Andre Baltimore MD Mcdougald
1970 BM White Ed St. Albans WV Email
1970 BT Pekar James Bridgeport CT Email
1970 CPO Davis NC
1970 CPO Underwood Harold Lexington KY Email
1970 CS Bach Gary Lindenhurst NY Email
1970 CS Randalson Jerry Amsterdam OH Email
1970 EM Ferguson Robert Miles City MT Email
1970 EM Stansfield John Melvindale MI
1970 EN Shores Ron Burien WA RIP
1970 FT Hopf Bruce Philadelphia PA Email
1970 HM Lee Stepheh Annapolis MD
1970 HM Lee Stephen Annapolis MD Underwood
1970 MM Bernard Tom Shepherdsville KY
1970 OS Davis Bob Lewisburg TN Email
1970 QM Shimmin John Royal Oak MI Email
1970 RM Coughlan Jack Wading River NY Email
1970 RM Jurgensen Tom Brooklyn NY Email
1970 RM Jurgensen Thomas Brooklyn NY Conner
1970 SK Holmes Gus Kruzik
1970 SK Kruzik Anthony (tony) Coaldale PA Email
1970 SK Mielczarczyk Michael Ocala FL Email
1970 SK Smith Tom Decatur IL
1970 SK Valeros Bert PI Kruzik
1970 SN Humerez James (pancho) Ithaca NY Email
1970 SN Mcdougald Ronald Fayetteville NC Email
1970 YN Granger Brian Swartz Creek MI Email
1970 YN Granger Brian Swartz Creek MI Email
1971 Humeras Poncho --
1971 BM Fahey Jim Springfield MA
1971 DP Baker Robert Columbus NE Email
1971 EM Purvis Kyle Waller TX Email
1971 EM Train Glenn Patchogue NY
1971 ET Dolinar Christian Pittsburgh PA
1971 ET Hix Jeff Columbia SC Email
1971 GM Gurley Steve Anderson SC Email
1971 GM Smith William(snuffy) Rush Springs OK Email
1971 MM Dunican Chet Niantic CT Email
1971 OS Dennis Tony --
1971 PN Hollers Jim Terre Haute IN
1971 RM Conner Gary Louisville KY Email
1971 SK Kelhart John Center Valley PA Email
1971 SK Kelhart John Cener Valley PA Email
1971 SM Mishanski Jim Wilkes Barre PA
1972 Tocci Joe New York NY Trujillo
1972 BM Clark Robert Hamilton OH
1972 ENS Howell Steven Houston TX
1972 FN Trujillo Armando F Espanola NM Email
1972 HM Horner Roy Johnstown PA Email
1972 MM Thomas Phillip Clarion PA Email
1972 PC Fronzaglio Jim Denora PA
1972 PC Fronzaglio Jim Rest In Peace My Friend PA Petruno
1972 PN Patton Charlie Sheridan WY Email
1972 RM Bailey Ken Pittsburgh PA
1972 RM Petruno Mark Hellertown PA Email
1972 SH Strong Thomas Adrian MI Email
1973 BM Arboleda Godofredo Olongapo City, Philippines CA Email
1973 BM Smith Linwood(Snoopy) Richmond VA
1973 DP Kleiber Mark Maumee OH Email
1973 EM Kunzweiler Peter Levittown NY Email
1973 MM Cochran Robert Bloomsburg PA Email
1973 OS Fularz Bob Bellaire OH Email
1973 OS Martin Paul Houston TX Email
1973 RM Bailey Ken PA Conner
1973 SCPO Dunn Billyjoe North Corlinia NC
1973 SK Roshetko Lawrence Cleveland OH Email
1973 SN Klapchuk Jim Dowagiac MI Email
1973 YN Jones David Chesapeake VA Email
1973 YN Jones David Chesapeake VA Email
1974 Paulson Roger Osburn
1974 BM Barnes Doug OK Osburn
1974 BM Stephens Eddie Wink TX Email
1974 BM Williams Vernon Ardmore OK Email
1974 BT Barnes Douglas Wellston OK
1974 BT Barnes Doug Edmond OK Reid
1974 BT Betts Bobby Hagerstown MD Email
1974 BT Coar Paul Jersey City PA Email
1974 BT Goodman GA Reid
1974 BT Morrison Nick Reid
1974 BT Puscek Robert Kankakee IL
1974 BT Reid Bryan Bardstown KY Email
1974 MM Arnold John Arvada CO Osburn
1974 MM Osburn Marvin Lufkin TX Email
1974 MM Paulson Roger ID Reid
1974 MM Pecher Bill Brooklyn IA
1974 MM Samples Doug VA Reid
1974 QM Rapoff Jim Hoboken NJ
1974 RM Payne Jim Dayton OH Email
1974 SK Herman Louis Baltimore MD Email
1974 SK King Cubie Dallas TX Email
1974 SN Melvin Rick Charleston TN Email
1974 SN Melvin Rick Osburn
1975 BM Jones Robert Chesapeake VA Email
1975 CWO Powell Jeff Columbus OH Email
1975 GM Butts Newell Nathalie VA Email
1975 HM Amos Dale Baltimore MD Email
1975 MM Mahoney John Pittsburgh PA Email
1976 BM Sabado Ben Willingboro NJ Email