U.S.S. WRANGELL (AE-12) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1943 MM Denny Melvin Spokane WA Email
1944 King Jervus Jerry Los Angeles CA Duduk
1944 MM Duduk William Belleville NJ Email
1944 SGT Killough Y. N. Hubbard TX Email
1944 SGT Lillough Yn Hubbard TX Duduk
1945 FN Denny Melvin Spokane WA Duduk
1945 FN King Jervus (jerry) Los Angeles CA Email
1949 LCDR Christensen Gary Viborg SD
1949 SK Stout David Hutchinson KS
1951 SF Kaszuba Chester Hammond IN Email
1951 SM Cassara Thomas Brooklyn NY Email
1951 SN Pecora Austin Inwood NY Email
1953 YN Garifalos Peter Westwood NJ Email
1954 DC Lutch Kenneth Cleveland OH Email
1954 DC Lutch Kenneth Cleveland OH Email
1954 FT Simms James New York NY Email
1954 RM Britt Willian Statten Island New NY
1954 SK Ford John Nutley NJ Email
1955 BM Oshinsky Harold Bronx N Y NY
1955 BT Born Frederick Trenton NJ Email
1955 EM Smith Ford
1955 FT Lavelle Robert Plainfield NJ Email
1955 IC Ford Doyce Bridgeton NJ Email
1955 SN Gillis Eugene New Smyrna Beach FL Email
1956 BT Gardner Melvin Clayton DE
1956 BT Ritzer Robert Vernon NJ Email
1956 EM Meade George New York NY Boice
1956 MM Boice Thomas Kingston NY Email
1956 MM Brigance Doyce \\ Gilchrist TX Email
1956 MM Naimoli Richard Brooklyn NY Email
1956 RM Figliola Donald Buffalo NY
1956 SM Erion Bryan Newport KY Email
1956 SN Bratter Seymour Brooklyn NY
1956 SN Land Donald Abbyville GA
1957 EM Leach Richard Ringtown PA Email
1957 LT Pattee Arthur William Salem MA Email
1957 MM Carey Robert (andy) New Yor NY Email
1957 MM Sowards Eddie Santa Cruz CA
1957 QM Purcell Larry Pendleton OR Email
1957 RM Hitchcock Dale Jamestown NY Email
1958 BT Cyrus Cy Bruno MN Email
1958 EN Curtis Billy Kingman AZ
1958 EN Fanner Ray Linden NJ Email
1958 ET Pfundt Fred Bellingham WA Email
1958 QM Purcell Larry Pendlelton OR Pfundt
1958 RD Hennessy John Hicksville NY Email
1958 RM Milas George Philadelphia PA Email
1958 SN Trundy Leslie Belfast ME Email
1959 BM Cieslinski Tom Rochester NY Email
1959 CPO Myers Asa Clover SC
1959 CPTN Porter William Ft Monroe, VA Email
1959 LT Pulcini John Hyde Park MA Email
1959 LTJG Wilson Waldo CA Fuchs
1959 QM Hummel Walter Queensbury NY Email
1959 RD Fuchs William (bill) Detroit MI Email
1959 SM Murphy Bill Waterbury CT Email
1960 BM Brundage Gene Potsdam NY Email
1960 BM Warwick Howard Proctorville NC Email
1960 LTJG Nelson John Tulsa OK Email
1960 LTJG Wilson Waldo Redondo Beach CA Email
1960 MM Farlow Steen Burlington NC Email
1960 MM Gable Walter Lancaster PA Email
1960 MM Walker Johnny Huntsville AL Farlow
1960 RM Seppa Gordon Wakefield MI Email
1960 SM Huff Joe Fordsville KY Email
1961 BM Davis Garry Marion OH Email
1961 BM Noel Frank Chicago MS Email
1961 BM Sokol Pakipsea NY Davis
1961 FN Stevenson John San Diego CA Email
1961 SK Griffin Joseph L. Gary IN Email
1962 GM Majors Jerry Milwaukee WI Email
1962 IC Tapken Gerhard (gary) Guttenberg NJ Email
1962 LT Mulvihill James Baldwin NY
1962 LTJG Soluri Roy Fort Montgomery NY Email
1962 MM Swabb Roger Arcanum OH Email
1962 SH Moore Thomas Hartford CT
1962 SK Mcallister Michael Leo IN
1962 SN Miller David Evansville IN
1963 Onsager Olie --
1963 BT Perrette Michael Brooklyn, NY Email
1963 DC Robinson John Wesley VA
1963 DC Shults Donald Cohoton NY
1963 EM Mahon Robert Cresskill NJ Email
1963 EM Masterson Robert MA
1963 MM Brewer "Calvin ""Jack""" Fort Worth TX
1963 MM Mahan Stuart Bristol ME Email
1963 MM Parfitt Roy Massillon OH Email
1963 MM Ward Guy Los Angeles CA Email
1963 MM Wasierski Larry [ski] Bad Axe MI Email
1963 PC Keeley Walter Worcester MA Email
1964 BM Hamby Thomas Essex MD Email
1964 BM Hamby Thomas Baltimore MD Email
1964 GM Gagne Donat Claremont NH Email
1964 LTJG Smith William (bob) Simpsonville KY Email
1964 LTJG Worrell Dennis Oceana WV Email
1964 MM Rouse Jr George Morehead City NC Email
1964 MN Johnston Johnny Hagerstown MD Email
1964 RD Feuerlein Peter Phila PA Email
1964 RD Miller Jim Denver CO Email
1964 SF Fair William Pensacola FL
1964 SF Jaynes Frank Loudon TN Email
1964 SM Lyles Malcolm Glenwood GA Email
1964 SN Winslow John Sanford ME Email
1964 YN Harsma Merrill (gene) Worthington MN Email
1964 YN Yorty Robert Annville PA Email
1965 BM Kirby Steve Lynchburg VA Email
1965 BT $chmick Frank Houston TX Email
1965 BT Pawlowicz Anthony Fontanan CA Email
1965 DK Smith George Oxford NJ Email
1965 EM Brown Roy Cotopaxi CO Email
1965 LTJG Baker Larry Fairfield IL Email
1965 RD Viles Al Bartlesville OK Email
1965 RM Reichle Dennis Clearwater FL Email
1965 SF Rose Gordon Raynham MA Email
1965 SM Borkowski Ed (borky) Milwaukee WI Email
1965 SN Barringer Bill Concord NC Email
1965 SN Rosenberger Gary Baltimore MD Email
1966 Cox Kenneth Trenton MI
1966 BM Distefano Lewis Albany GA Email
1966 BM Distefano Lewis Ga GA Email
1966 BM Farrelly Richard J. Santa Fe NM Email
1966 BM Ruckdeschel John Mexico NY Email
1966 CS Hughes Donald Baird TX Email
1966 DC Shults ? Kansas City, KS Jaynes
1966 DK Squitier Karl Fairview NJ Email
1966 EM Turn Jerry San Angelo TX Email
1966 EN Powell Jerry L. Tracy City TN Email
1966 GM Shabo Russell Pawtucket RI Email
1966 PC Morrison William Rocky Mount NC Email
1966 QM Middaugh Steve Lackawanna NY Email
1966 RD Hill Edward Gloucester NJ Email
1966 RD Hill Eddie Glauster City NJ Davis
1966 RM Steve Stewart TN Stinson
1966 RM Bowling Ben Salem VA Roberts
1966 RM Davis Gordon Scotland SD Email
1966 RM Gireaux Wayne RI Roberts
1966 RM Krumm Ed Rochester NY Roberts
1966 RM Roberts Hugh Ozone Park NY Email
1966 RM Stuart Steven Nashville TN Roberts
1966 SK Layton Joe Columbia SC Email
1966 SK Shaulis Rodger Pittsburgh PA Email
1966 SM Harwood Ronald Detroit MI Email
1966 SN Cocozza William Brockton MA Email
1967 BM Batten Alan Milford OH Email
1967 BM Dirgo Jeff Newton NJ
1967 BM Distefano Lewis Albany GA Email
1967 BM Masters Robert Cincinnati OH Email
1967 BM Parker William Arlington VA Email
1967 CS Parsons Tom Salisbury MD White
1967 GM Hewitt Burton Vidilia LA Email
1967 HM Emery Rick Colo IA Email
1967 LTJG Carlenius Tim Ironwood MI Email
1967 QM Brennan Donald Lackawanna NY Email
1967 RD Pankow John Buffalo NY Email
1967 RM Frazier C Wayne Florence SC Email
1967 RM Kowall Joseph (Sam) Donora PA
1967 SF Mandia Louis Atlantic Highlands NJ Email
1967 SN Modica Robert Wallingford CT Email
1968 BM Gallmeier Paul Fort Wayne IN Email
1968 BM Sperandeo Francisco Paul New Orleans LA Email
1968 BT Cutright Otice Massillon OH Email
1968 BT Lancaster Howard Gray GA Email
1968 BT Lancaster Howard Gray GA Email
1968 BT Sferrazza Paul Boston MA Email
1968 CPO Edstrom Robert Allenstown NH Email
1968 CS Brinker Richard Akron OH Email
1968 CS Hughes Donald Baird TX Email
1968 CS Walker Bernard Chicago IL Email
1968 CS White Rick Salisbury MD Email
1968 DC Lemaire Charles Warwick RI Email
1968 EM Hires Richard Cross City FL Email
1968 GM Arthurs William Columbiana OH
1968 GM Shabo Russell Pawtucket RI Email
1968 GM Spackey Thomas Logan OH Email
1968 HM Edstrom Robert Allenstown NH Email
1968 LTJG Peterson Jon Chalfont PA
1968 MM Gottbreht Ernest Dunseith ND Email
1968 MM Nall Thomas Ledyard CT Email
1968 MM Riegger Jerry Metropolis IL Email
1968 MM Riegger Jerry Metropolis IL Email
1968 QM Middaugh Steve Buffalo NY Coggins
1968 QM Rady Mark Orlando FL Email
1968 QM Ryan Tom Cary NC
1968 QM Spencer David Hampton VA
1968 QM Spencer John Hampton VA Email
1968 RD Robinson John Wilson Gainesville FL Email
1968 RM Coggins Clayton Easley SC Email
1968 SCPO Stein Gerold Norwalk OH
1968 SK Anderson Ted Franklin IN Email
1968 SM Dirgo Jeff Livingston NJ Email
1968 SN Lapaglia Jack Utica NY Email
1968 SN Willis Lonnie Macon GA Email
1968 YN Warford Dennis Trenton NJ Email
1969 BM Thompson John Savannah GA Email
1969 FT Crim Daniel Herkimer NY Email
1969 GM Soper Richard Valdosta GA Email
1969 LCDR Brock Virgil E. London KY Email
1969 RD Marshall Phillip Benton Harbor MI Email
1969 RM Crawford Gerald (jerry) Sioux Falls SD Email
1969 RM Graves Jimmie Murphy NC Email
1969 RM Graves Jimmie Murphy NC Email
1969 RM Stinson Terry Phenix City AL Email
1969 SK Stout David Hutchinson KS Email
1969 SM Bronner Bob Belchertown MA Email
1969 SM Scheeley Ron St. Petersburg FL Email