U.S.S. CAPE COD (AD-43) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1940 EN Beachy Darren Huntingtown MD
1940 IM Kanne Bryan Brainerd MN
1970 CPO Gerster Robert Gerster MO
1972 AO Desjean Desi Fitchburg MA Email
1976 HM Seely S.deac Fairview UT Email
1980 BM Lusby Terry Batavia OH Email
1980 CPO Dolan Mark San Diego CA Email
1980 ET London Mick Boston MA Email
1980 MA Johnson Stewart (Jerry) Gallatin TN
1980 MA Von Kohn Jerry Long Beach CA
1980 PN Kammerer B.j. San Diego CA Email
1980 RM Jett Richard Madisonville TN Email
1981 BM Balch Rodeick Canon City CO Email
1981 BM Balch Roderick Broken Arrow OK Email
1981 BM Borcherding Dena Morton IL Email
1981 BM Borcherding Dena Morton IL
1981 BM Exiner Tim Cornwall NY Email
1981 BM Hunter Delayna Raleigh NC Roman
1981 BM Moore Edward Bourne MA Email
1981 BT Collins Jerry Norfolk VA Email
1981 BT Leenerts Michael Quincy IL Email
1981 BT Mullins Anthony Bakersfield CA Email
1981 BT Naone Gary Pearl City HI Email
1981 BT Yurtola Vicente Ewa Beach HI Email
1981 CPO Clark Stan Portarico CA Knight
1981 CPO Griggs Jerry San Diego CA
1981 CPO Keesee Ellijah San Diego CA
1981 CPO Kellerman Douglas Durham NC Email
1981 CPO Kohler Paul D. National City CA Email
1981 CPO Scott John (jack) Seaford DE Email
1981 CPO Shepler John Toledo OH Email
1981 CPO Shepler John Toledo OH Email
1981 CPO Sutherland Terry San Diego CA
1981 CWO Funk Jeff Denton TX Email
1981 DK Silvas Robert Lordsburg NM Email
1981 DP Duncan Renee Jacksonville FL
1981 DP Giordano Michael Billerica MA
1981 DP Jeter Siva Bowling Green VA Email
1981 DP Jeter Siva Bowling Green, Va VA Email
1981 DP Pirkl Jeanette Gladstone OR Email
1981 DP Siwicki Bill Columbus OH
1981 DS Arboleda Godofredo San Diego CA Email
1981 DS Arboleda Godofredo San Diego CA Email
1981 DS Arboleda Godofredo San Diego CA Email
1981 DS Monroe Frank Menomonee Falls WI Email
1981 DS Monroe Frank Menomonee Falls WI Email
1981 EM Alejandro Luis San Juan PR Email
1981 EM Endsley Dennis Monroe LA Email
1981 EM Endsley Dennis Monroe LA Email
1981 EM Hale Trent Mansfield OH Email
1981 EM Kerns Robert Middletown PA Email
1981 EM Sanders Robert Fayetteville NC Email
1981 EN Albertq Monty --
1981 EN Cook Denise Belmont MI Email
1981 EN Garner Randall Monmouth OR
1981 EN Gore Freddy The Bronx, N.y NY Email
1981 EN Gore Freddy Bronx, Ny NY Email
1981 EN Lateau Pam Sacramento CA
1981 EN Smail Raymond Loudonville OH Email
1981 EN Smail Raymond Loudonville OH Email
1981 ET Bender Larry Denver CO Email
1981 ET Koskinen Mark Tustin CA Email
1981 ET Zadra Anthony New Philadelphia OH Email
1981 FN Meredith Donald Forestville MD Email
1981 FN Stevens Greg Bayfeild CO Email
1981 GM Beggs Gordon Wilmington DE Email
1981 GS Davis George Corvallis OR Email
1981 HM Mcelveen Charles Miami FL
1981 HT Britton Scott Harwich MA Email
1981 HT Gamel Kirby W Boise ID Email
1981 HT Jacobs Melvin Port Townsend WA Email
1981 HT Kuykendall Jeffery Washington IL Email
1981 HT Morgan Charlotte Pawnee IL Email
1981 HT Steinman Bert New Baltimore MI
1981 HT Trujillo Stanley Denver CO Email
1981 HT Whiting Chris Coos Bay OR Email
1981 HT Young Andrew San Diego CA Pending Activation
1981 IC Bravo Jeremias Bayamon PR Email
1981 IC Fosberg Douglas Enfield CT Email
1981 IC Fosberg Doug Enfield CT Email
1981 IC Roman Jesus Manati GA Email
1981 IC Roman Jesus Manati PR Email
1981 IC Shepherd Charles Cocoa FL Email
1981 LT Quaschnick Dave Lead SD Email
1981 LT Shervey Bruce La Mesa CA
1981 LT Toomey Kevin Lexington MA
1981 MCPO Raines Rick Jackson GA Email
1981 ML Johnson Jeff Grosse Ile MI Email
1981 MM Harmon Charles D. (chip) Eldorado AR Email
1981 MM Jones Jim TX
1981 MM Lewis Douglas Jasper AL Email
1981 MM Mills Samuel Rock Island IL
1981 MM Moser Tony New Orleans LA Email
1981 MM Moser Tony New Orleans LA Email
1981 MM Palmer Michael Atlanta GA Email
1981 MM Trail John Port Orchard WA
1981 MR Green Terry San Diego CA Email
1981 MR Theisen / Esparza Cindy Weidman MI Email
1981 MS Barton Fred Glendale CA Email
1981 MS Noble Joseph Beaumont TX Rhodes
1981 OM Appleman George Boonville MO
1981 OS Mcmiller John Birmingham AL Email
1981 PC Rapier Larry West Memphis AR Email
1981 PC Thedford Deanna Mesquite TX Email
1981 PN Bradley Dale Pheonix AZ Clucas
1981 PN Clucas Michael Pana IL Email
1981 PN Clucas Michael Pana IL Email
1981 PN Clucas Michael Pana IL Email
1981 PN Dill Rita Sterling Run PA Email
1981 RM Groff Paula Elizabethtown PA Email
1981 RM Groff Paula Lancaster PA Email
1981 SCPO Beltz Larry Napa CA Email
1981 SCPO Johnson Jeffrey Grosse Point MI
1981 SCPO Mann Gary Virginia Beach VA
1981 SCPO Rongstad Richard San Diego CA
1981 SCPO Webb Woody Renton WA
1981 SH Carpenter La Donna Clearwater FL Email
1981 SH Pottle-marshall Yvonne Milford MA Email
1981 SK Hudgens-woods Melody Rome GA Email
1981 SK Martinez Wilfredo Cumberland RI Email
1981 SK Mathias Kevin Marysville KS Email
1981 SK Palmer Jim Checotah OK Email
1981 SM Chambers Alexander Louisville KY
1981 SM Keltz Mike Imperial CA
1981 SM Rivera Adalberto Bayamon PR Email
1981 SM Waters Pam Cook
1981 SM Watters Pamela Joliet IL Email
1981 TM Ward Dennis Bayonne NJ Email
1981 YN Kerry Theresa FL Cook
1981 YN Rhodes Randy Orange TX Email
1981 YN Youngquist Randi Fosston MN Email
1982 BM Kuykendall Michael Turlock CA Email
1982 BM Mckee Jyles Jamestown OH Email
1982 BM Thomas Michael Jacksonville FL Email
1982 BT Marshall Robert Mayersville MS Email
1982 BT Marshall Robert Mayersville MS Email
1982 BT Robertson Richard Solebury PA
1982 BT Robertson Richard Solebury PA Email
1982 CPO Heuerman Doris Harper TX
1982 CPO Iliff Larry Hammond IN Email
1982 CPO Matushek Andrew -(andy) Chicago IL Email
1982 CPTN Kline Robert Oakland CA
1982 DM Fleet Vance Santa Rosa CA Email
1982 DP Frey Robert Denver PA Email
1982 DP Martin Cheryl PA Wilson
1982 DP Smothers Bernard Washington DC Email
1982 DS Boltz Suzanne Leesburg VA Email
1982 DT Babin Douglass Billerica MA
1982 EM Ricketts Jeff Brooklyn NY Email
1982 EM Tampol Rodil Delano CA Email
1982 EM Wayne Steve Castle Rock CO Email
1982 EM Yanez Renee Santa Monica CA Email
1982 EN Wilson Karl Houston TX Email
1982 ET Ruegsegger Scott Yakima WA Email
1982 HT Albright Donald Redford MI Email
1982 HT Britton Murray \ \ MA Email
1982 HT Doncoes Joe Toledo OH Email
1982 HT Effan William St. Louis MO Email
1982 HT Emge John Anaheim CA Email
1982 HT Esparza Peter East Moline IL Email
1982 HT Esper Johnna Detroit MI Email
1982 HT Kelley Scott Palmer MA
1982 HT King Bobby Tehachapi CA Email
1982 HT Sheppard Michele Burlington VT Email
1982 HT Volz Bill Greenbelt MD Email
1982 IC Batie Grace Detroit MI
1982 IC Batie Grace Detroit MI
1982 IC Roman Jesus Puerto Rico PR
1982 LI Reid Kenneth Danbury CT Email
1982 LT Quaschnick Dave Lead SD Email
1982 MCPO Huggins Ed Gautier MS
1982 MCPO Raines Rick Martinsburg WV
1982 MM Kauffman Kenneth Canton OH Email
1982 MM Schotanus Ed Whitinsvill MA Email
1982 MM Vehix Max Reno NV
1982 MR Disser Edward Palm Harbor FL Pending Activation
1982 MR Gagin Stephen Sandpoint ID Email
1982 MR Gault Elizabeth St.louis MO Email
1982 MR Manley Cindy St Louis MO
1982 MR Mosakowski Jeff Erie PA Email
1982 MR Pedersen Erik Olympia WA
1982 MR Powell Michael Hannibal MO Email
1982 MS Simmons Ty Summerville SC Email
1982 OS Wiser Frank West Palm Beach FL Email
1982 PN Aubert Leonard Wellington KS Email
1982 PN Rainone Michael Huntington NY Email
1982 QM Hohl Norma Belle MO
1982 SCPO Knight Larry Dallas TX Email
1982 SCPO Martin Daniel Alanreed TX Email
1982 SH Freese Tim Pentwater MI Email
1982 SH Thompson Cathy Elk Grove CA Email
1982 SK Parker Jeffrey Harrisonville MO Email
1982 SK Parker Jeffrey Harrisonville MO Email
1982 SK Shoemake Jim Williamsburg OH Email
1982 SN Desouza Helen Salinas CA Moore
1982 SN Simmons Brian Cleveland OH Email
1982 TM Lombardo David Pittsburgh PA Email
1982 YN Abalos Roger Hereford & Odessa TX Email
1982 YN Roche Scott Sandwich IL Email
1983 BM Clayton Jeanne Washougal WA Email
1983 BM Kight Tenia Roanoke VA Email
1983 BM Peart Stephen Bakersfield CA
1983 BT Felix Dan Kiely
1983 BT Kiely David Chicago IL Email
1983 BT Kiely David Chicago IL Email
1983 BT Knost Chuck Oklahoma City OK Email
1983 BT Power Glynn Thornton CO Email
1983 BT Power Percy Thornton CO Email
1983 CPO Grand Thomas Prescott AZ
1983 CPO Sommer Timothy(tim) Crookston CA Email
1983 CPO Sommer Timothy(tim) Crookston MN Email
1983 EM Miskovits Dan Hillside NJ Email
1983 EM Wayne Steve Castle Rock CO Email
1983 EM Wilson James Saginaw MI Email
1983 EM Yanez Renee Santa Monica CA Email
1983 EN Adams George Firestone
1983 HM Payne/Davis Lorna Bridgeport CT
1983 HT Croy Jeff Macon GA Email
1983 HT Engen Eric Great Falls MT Email
1983 HT Grahs Steve Tampa FL Email
1983 HT Kao Audrey Santa Fe NM Email
1983 HT Mcgirr Joe San Francisco CA Email
1983 HT Rose Bob Cassia FL Email
1983 IC Monroe David Warrenton MO Email
1983 IM Dement Bret Loudonville OH
1983 IM Swiger Frank Middleborne WV Email
1983 IM Uhlry Suzette Santa Ana CA Email
1983 JO Arzola Esther San Antonio TX
1983 LT Metry Dean Detroit MI Email
1983 MM Firestone Frank South Bend IN Email
1983 MM Harding Richard Portland OR
1983 MM Lebeau Michael New Orleans LA Email
1983 MM Rice Robert East Longmeadow MA Email
1983 MM Stephenson Kevin Clinton IA Email
1983 MM Vitolo Robert Bothell WA Email
1983 MR Doran Mike Durand MI Email
1983 MR Pedersen Eric Olympia WA
1983 MR Rupright Michael Jacksonville FL
1983 MS Anthony Larry Hyde Park NY Email
1983 MS Backman John Aurora IN Email
1983 OM Patterson James Carmel NY
1983 PC Patterson James Carmel NY
1983 PN Bradley Dale Tempe AZ Email
1983 RM Hall Rick Houston TX
1983 RM Hourigan Rick Queens NY Email
1983 SH Gant Leonard Los Angeles CA Email
1983 SN Boreson Scott Kaukauna WI Email
1983 SN De Souza (butler) Helen Salinas CA Email
1983 WT Rhinebarger Lee Lewisville TX Email
1983 YN Rainone Mike NY Yanez
1984 BT Power Percy Thornton CO
1984 BT Riley David Pascagoula MS Email
1984 CPO Cava Freddy Philippines FL
1984 CPO Cava Freddy Philippines FL Email
1984 CPO Stahl Pat Seattle WA
1984 CPTN Smith TX
1984 EM Harrington Tim Scottsdale AZ
1984 EM Sanders Michael Orlando FL
1984 EM Shaw Marcus Louisville KY Email
1984 ET Lee Steve Columbus OH
1984 HT Ganey Cookie Upstate NY
1984 HT Gomez Samuel Youngstown OH Email
1984 HT Mclemore Grace Portland OR Email
1984 HT Rogers Steve Bridgeton NJ Email
1984 HT Rogers Steve Bridgeton NJ Email
1984 HT Satter Kevin Rochester NY Email
1984 HT Tack David Fort Myers FL Email
1984 HT Wilson Guy Gorham NH Email
1984 IC Clark Kristi Marblemount WA Email
1984 IC Hall Tom Idaho Falls ID Email
1984 LI Thiesing Ray Greenwood IN Email
1984 LT Schultz Paul Horsham PA Email
1984 MCPO Duncan (htcm) Franklin Mt. Olivet KY Email
1984 MM Curran Micheal Rancho Cucamonga CA Email
1984 MM Hensley Charles Nashville TN
1984 MM Soignet Mike New Orleans LA
1984 MR Mathew (haji) Dennis Santa Monica CA Email
1984 MR Rieder Harry Newport KY Email
1984 OM Rodgers Jimmy Humboldt TN Email
1984 OS Sanders William Ft Worth TX Email
1984 RM Richards Susan Baraga MI Email
1984 SH Walker Doll Zion IL Email
1984 SN Ridgeway Celessa Erie PA Email
1984 SN Ridgeway Celessa Erie PA Email
1984 TM Robison Serena Grand Ridge FL Email
1984 WT Deweese Donna Evansville IN Email
1984 YN Mattie Edward Sarasota FL
1985 Gessener Power
1985 BM Barr Tom Bellville OH Email
1985 BM Byrd Scott Easley SC Email
1985 BM Fedorenko Daniel IL Jones
1985 BM Riley Douglas Pascagoula MS
1985 BM Supple Richard Chicago IL
1985 BM Tudor Lisa Oakland CA
1985 BM Walsh Tom Greenville PA Email
1985 CPO Herche Al Matawan NJ
1985 DC Beam Philip Tyler TX Email
1985 DC Beam Philip Tyler TX Email
1985 DC Roberts Carl Baton Rouge LA Email
1985 Diver Rowan Peggy Tucson AZ Email
1985 EN Beachy Darren Huntingtown MD
1985 ET Easter Lise Miami FL
1985 FN Wells Craig Portland OR Email
1985 HM Lossman Ken Goldsboro NC Email
1985 HT Bare Scott Wichita KS Email
1985 HT Barfield Brenda Sacramento CA Email
1985 HT Blagg Thelma Bangor ME Price
1985 HT Chausse Christopher CA
1985 HT Dickson Gary Cleveland OH Email
1985 HT Hagan Chris Dallas TX Email
1985 HT Hastings Steven WY Price
1985 HT Ryan Steven New Castle DE Email
1985 IC Harrison Donald Los Angeles CA Email
1985 IC Spencer AZ Harrison
1985 IM Essex Thomas Milwaukee WI Email
1985 IM Glancey Mort Jones
1985 IM Pitman Michael Grangeville ID
1985 IM Swanson Brian Port Orchard WA
1985 MCPO Beaulieu Steven Lake City MN Email
1985 MM Wilkerson Jim New Boston MI Email
1985 MR Claflin Carl Ravensdale WA Email
1985 MS Brockington Tony Philadelphia PA Walker
1985 OM Jones John Dallas TX Email
1985 RM Freshney Wendy Bay City MI Email
1985 RM Rose Jo Ann Pittsburgh PA Email
1985 RM Schaar Rodney Traverse City MI Email
1985 SN Duffey Louise Danby VT Email
1985 YN Pawley Cliff Jackson TN
1986 BM Carthel Shane Ada OK Email
1986 BM Menchaca Sylvia Downey CA Email
1986 BM Wortham Troy Boston MA Email
1986 BT Henson Kevin St Charles MO Email
1986 BT Kowlcheskil Bill Pittsburgpa PA
1986 BT Powell Gary Nashua NH Email
1986 CPO Anderson Roger Farmington IL Email
1986 CPO Crider James Elizabethtown IL Email
1986 CPO Smith Kristen Redwood City CA Email
1986 CPTN Gagarin Levi Spring Valley CA Email
1986 CWO Corriveau Gregory Elizabeth City NC Email
1986 DC Bl Larson Cloquet MN Email
1986 EM Cisneros Roger Baldwin Park CA Email
1986 EM Desrosiers Mary Greensboro NC
1986 EM Rivera Steven Long Island NY
1986 EM Vollmert Mark Delta CO Email
1986 EN Frazee David Fayetteville NC Email
1986 EN Galgoci Michael Mayville MI Email
1986 EN Manley Tom Pickens SC Email
1986 EN Roy Kevin Ravenna NE Email
1986 EN Wright Chris Lithia FL Email
1986 FN Cisneros Luis Long Beach CA Email
1986 FN Potts Jr John Brockway PA Email
1986 GM Decker Ronald Hayward CA Email
1986 GS Johnson Micheal Pocotello ID Roy
1986 GS Patanao Armando San Diego CA Email
1986 HT Chrismer Beverly Langley WA Email
1986 HT Fratti Russell Ava MO Email
1986 HT Housewert / Fuller Tamiann (biscutt) Cortland IL Email
1986 HT Hunt David South Bend IN Email
1986 HT Lucero Dave Green River UT Email
1986 HT Moore Catherine Ocean Grove NJ Email
1986 HT Odom (deitz) Jean Tucson AZ Email
1986 HT Orange Oj Wichita KS
1986 HT Price Alen (jay) Mt Union PA Email
1986 HT Scott Antonio Providence RI Email
1986 HT Vagedes Robert Tucson AZ Email
1986 HT Vicari (ganal) Annalee Yakima WA Email
1986 IC Crockett Paul Bedford OH Email
1986 IC Mullins Ronnie Lexington KY Email
1986 LT Samuel San Diego CA Gagarin
1986 MCPO Cortez Bernardo Laredo TX
1986 MCPO Link Stanley San Diego CA
1986 ML Halstenberg Robert Fullerton CA Email
1986 MM Lopez Jose San Antonio TX Email
1986 MR Brazeau Pierre CT
1986 MR Giroux Rob Granby MA
1986 MR Hively Don Canton OH Email
1986 MR Hively Don Kent OH Email
1986 MR Kendrick Frederick Lapeer MI Email
1986 MR Pasque Ken Warren MI Email
1986 MR Tillman Andre Detriot MI
1986 MT Pleyo Kelly Walla Walla WA
1986 OM Esterhay Lawrence San Diego CA Email
1986 PM White Eugene Independence MO Email
1986 PN Garibay Cynthia Bend OR Email
1986 TM Klemens-armitage Francine Newark NJ Email
1987 BM Marsh Keith Newark NJ Email
1987 BM Pedersen Steven Salt Lake City UT Email
1987 BT England Michael Santa Ana CA Email
1987 BT Garcia Daniel D. Canutillo TX Email
1987 CPO Anderson Roger Pekin IL
1987 CPO Cadd Wayne Fresno CA Email
1987 CPO Cadd Wayne Fresno CA Email
1987 CPO Cox James OH Cadd
1987 CPO Muniz Jesus Monterey Park CA Email
1987 CPO Ovans Mike Mosinee WI
1987 CWO Rohbock Robert Orem UT Email
1987 DC Spurlin Lisa Jacksonville FL Email
1987 DK Walton Jerry Childersburg AL
1987 DP Carey Kay Watertown NY Email
1987 DT Sullivan Richard Glendora CA Email
1987 EM Morgan Lynette Hannibal MO
1987 EM Schmidt Julie Pomona CA
1987 EM Snyder Mike Black Hills SD Vollmert
1987 EN Beachy Darren Manley
1987 EN Salgado Micheal Beverly Hills CA Email
1987 ET Allen Brian Midland MI Email
1987 ET Browning Ronald Houston TX Email
1987 ET Maddock Joe San Pedro CA
1987 ET Wilson Michael Detroit MI Email
1987 FN Becker Daniel California Price
1987 GM Smith Jack San Diego PA
1987 HT Bersch George Wooster OH Email
1987 HT Loechner Erich Hebron IN Email
1987 HT Medeles Abel Salinas CA Email
1987 HT Pippenger Thomas Lisle IL Email
1987 HT Selseth Stewart Price
1987 HT Waller Brian Oroville CA Email
1987 IC Coleman Adriane Pekin IL
1987 IC Patana Glen Ishpeming MI Email
1987 IM Alley Ronald Chillicothe OH Email
1987 IM Beam Michael Dow City Iowa IA Email
1987 LCDR Conner Ross Saratoga Springs UT
1987 LI Conner Tammy Clifton Forge VA Email
1987 MM Ausby Alanzo Brewton AL Email
1987 MM Cayanan Narciso San Diego CA Email
1987 MM Coles Mark Portsmouth VA Email
1987 MM Flores Carlos El Paso TX Email
1987 MR Mccabe Randy Nipomo CA Email
1987 MR Orszulac Danny Portland OR Weller
1987 MR Weller Jeff Pensacola FL Email
1987 MR Weller Jeff Springfield OR Email
1987 MR White Tony Astoria OR Weller
1987 MR White Erin Austin MN Email
1987 MS Westby Michael Springfield OR Email
1987 MT Marsh Daniel Seattle WA
1987 OM Harlie Jesse IL Beam
1987 OM Spartana Nicholas Baltimore MD
1987 OS Zilinger Lisa Mchenry IL Email
1987 RM Hanna Veronica Ashtabula OH Email
1987 SCPO Mitchell Raymond Santee CA
1987 SH Herrera Martinez Teresa Albuquerque NM Email
1987 SH Rivera Miguel (Mike) Brooklyn NY
1987 SH Trtek Claudia Scappoose OR Email
1987 SK Bailey Donna Everett WA
1987 SK Brown Barry Mitchell
1987 SN Constanza Miguel New York NY Email
1987 SN Downing Craig Danville IL
1987 SN Mckinley Kevin Los Angeles CA Email
1987 SN Salmons Anne Rutland MA Email
1987 ST Hibbard Tom Riverside CA
1987 TM Stevens Jeff Livingston MT Email
1987 YN Shoaf Oscar Beasley TX Email
1987 YN Swanson Chad Grand Island NE Email
1987 YN Warner Richard Spokane WA Email
1988 BM Ayotte Brian Corpus Christi TX Email
1988 BM Baes Joseph Oakland CA Email
1988 BM Brown John Kansas City MO Email
1988 BM Mcbroom Gina Shreveport LA Email
1988 BT Tangela Houaton TX Shoaf
1988 BT Black Diana Pine Bluff AR England
1988 BT Mckendrick Mike Grand Rapids MI Email
1988 BT Miller Ben Reno NV Email
1988 BT Roberts Danny San Bernidino CA
1988 BT Scheffel Jay Lima OH Email
1988 BT Young Dwayne Trinity TX Email
1988 BT Young Dwayne Trinity TX Email
1988 CPO Smith Carla Spokane WA
1988 DP Diamond Jeff Perryopolis PA Email
1988 EM Colunga Alejandro Chicago IL Email
1988 EM Kressig James Racine WI
1988 EN Dively Shannon Altoona PA Email
1988 EN Noel Ivor Virgin Islands PR Email
1988 HT Kimery Don Tulsa OK Email
1988 HT Mccann Selma Dunedin FL
1988 HT Nies Ken Carson City NV
1988 HT Simpson Thomas Centre AL Email
1988 IM Heinz Gregory Huntington Beach CA
1988 IM Root Jeff Pierce ID Email
1988 MM Cormier Jake Boston MA
1988 MM Gonzalez Christopher Sacramento CA Email
1988 MM Goodnight James Sand Springs OK Email
1988 MM Perrault Bud Green Bay WI Email
1988 MM Primers Bobby Kansas City MO Email
1988 MM Swain Benson Neola UT Email
1988 MM Williams Maxine Riverdale MD Email
1988 MR Caldwell Carl St. Louis MO
1988 MR Gage Deryl Moodus CT
1988 MR Miller Kevin Rushville IL
1988 MR Rucker Jay Cour D Alene ID Vollmert
1988 MS Edgell Mark Lorain OH Email
1988 PH Ruiz-valderrama Sor Boston MA Email
1988 PH Ruiz-valderrama Sor Boston MA Email
1988 PH Ruiz-valderrama Sor Boston MA Email
1988 PN Whitmore Jim Norman OK Email
1988 SH Lewis Ramon Chicago IL
1988 SK Mitchell Lisa Hartford CT Email
1988 SM Worley Bill Marble Falls TX
1988 SN Manning/crouch Angie Elizabethton TN Email
1989 Ferguson Leslie Weber
1989 Wheeler Cynthia Tx Roberts- Gore
1989 BM Brandenburg Lori Kirksville MO
1989 BM De Jesus Joseph Paterson NJ Email
1989 BM Dwyer Laura Roselle NJ Email
1989 BM Sanders Karrey Oakland CA
1989 BM Taylor Glenda Buffalo NY Email
1989 BT Black Diana Pine Bluff AR Email
1989 BT Jones Tangela Joned South Carolina SC Email
1989 BT Jones Tangela Jones South Carolina SC Email
1989 CMDR Vellis Jack Honolulu HI Email
1989 CPO Castillo Jose San Diego CA
1989 CPO Shugars Kirk Punxsutawney PA
1989 DC Weidaman Mark Simi Valley CA Email
1989 Diver Reynolds Timothy Sandiego CA Ruiz-valderrama
1989 Diver Reynolds Timothy CA Ruiz-valderrama
1989 EM Carrasco Patricia Baldwin Park CA Email
1989 EM Downey Lori Roundup MT Email
1989 EM Duschen Alan Rockford IL
1989 EM Ector Beverly Atlanta GA Email
1989 EM Fisher Ron Bremerton WA Email
1989 ET Haley Elizabeth Pueblo CO
1989 ET Mohan Tracie Young AZ Email
1989 ET Sayers Michael Norwood CO
1989 FN Weber Tina Marion WI Email
1989 GM Blakney Eddie Joliet IL Email
1989 HM Roberts- Gore Renna Antigua/ Us Virgin Islands PR Email
1989 HT Bell Jerry Plymouth UT Email
1989 HT Carter John Rockaway Beach NY
1989 HT Kedzierski Marlo Lancaster, N.y. NY Email
1989 HT Kedzierski Marlo Lancaster NY Email
1989 HT Kimery Don Tulsa OK Email
1989 HT Mccann Selma Dawn Largo FL Email
1989 HT Mitchell/trevino Angula Bremerton WA Email
1989 HT Morgan Anthony Benicia CA Email
1989 HT Theobald Kendell Albuquerque NM Email
1989 HT Weber Gerald Chicago IL Email
1989 IC Lynch Alexis Palmdale CA
1989 IC Lynch Alexis Lancaster CA
1989 IM Denike Roger Aurora CO
1989 IM Essex Terrie Los Angeles CA Email
1989 LT Hibbs James Eric Dallas TX Email
1989 MCPO Vellegas Robert Chicago IL Email
1989 ML Horne Jason Dawson GA Email
1989 MM Dyer John Jackson MS Email
1989 MM Klapperich Russell Portland OR Email
1989 MM Kulin Jeff Mt. Vernon WA
1989 MM Mccoy Mark Orange Co. CA
1989 MM Mills Stacey Muskogee OK Email
1989 MM Oxender Chad Estes Park CO Email
1989 MR Cooney Kimberly Missoula MT Email
1989 MR Hester Robert St Louis MO Email
1989 MR Jimenez Rodolfo Riverside CA Email
1989 MR Snodgrass Joe Tolono IL Email
1989 RM Hinton Johnnie Lansing MI Email
1989 RM Hinton Johnnie Lansing MI Email
1989 SK Stallworth Equilla Niagara Falls NY Email
1989 SK Wall Kevin Rockledge FL Email
1989 YN Westedt Enghusen Lori Somewhere WI
1990 Romero Garcia
1990 Wheeler Cynthia Helena AR Roberts
1990 -- Garcia Yesenia Bronx NY Email
1990 BM Van Eck Lisa Lamont CA Email
1990 BM Wheeler Cynthia Helena AR Email
1990 BT Santoyo Jesus San Francisco CA Email
1990 BT Simms Jerome Philadelphia PA
1990 CPO Esteban Reynaldo Subic PI Email
1990 CPO Luster Willus Keyport NJ Email
1990 CPO Luster Willus Keyport NJ Email
1990 CPO Stahl Patrick Seattle WA Email
1990 DK Barry Jennifer Bradley IL Email
1990 DK Co Tian Philippines CA Email
1990 DM Mendoza Laura San Antonio TX Email
1990 EM Cline Stanford Los Angeles CA Email
1990 ENS Garcia Yesenia Bronx NY Email
1990 ET Black Bryan Panama City FL
1990 ET Guerrero Cesario Virginia Beach VA
1990 FN Hodgins Kimberly Evanston WY Email
1990 GM Medeiros John Wrens GA Email
1990 GM Roach James Sidney NY Email
1990 HT Clevenger Sullivant Sheila Austin TX Email
1990 HT Gottwalt John Royalton MN Email
1990 HT Roethlisberger Tom Bryant AR
1990 HT Walker Joseph Idaho Falls ID Email
1990 IC Servis Scott East Brunswick NJ Email
1990 IM Bresgal-hall Christine Port Townsend WA Email
1990 MM Aripez Vincente San Diego CA Email
1990 MM Reeves Mark L. Manchaca (austin) TX Email
1990 MR Najera Sergio --
1990 MR Rhoads Terry Emporia KS
1990 MS Arbnot, Collins Renee New Orleans LA Email
1990 MS Winters Penny Chillicothe OH Email
1990 OS Dinicola Clyda Royersford PA Email
1990 SK Nold Deborah Walnut CA Email
1990 SM Jones Nora Bushkill PA Email
1990 SN Pieplow Michelle Blackwell OK
1990 SN Wheeler Cynthia Helena AR Email
1990 TM Baker Lisa Sikeston MO Email
1990 TM Baker Lisa Sikeston MO Email
1990 YN Garcia Ginger San Diego CA Email
1990 YN Garcia Ginger San Diego CA Email
1991 BM Eastman Kathy Buckeye AZ Email
1991 BM Herzbrun Jeff Cleveland OH Email
1991 BM Treat James (Keith) Dallas TX
1991 BT Allen Donald Muscatine IA Email
1991 CPO Matheson Mary Grand Rapids MI
1991 CPO Shaffer Mary --
1991 DC Sisco Adam Phoenix AZ Email
1991 DIVER Geyer Louis Dickinson TX
1991 Diver Johnson Robert Chicago IL Email
1991 EM Javier Ed Stockton CA
1991 EM Siemonsma Carla Renner SD Email
1991 EN Fyfe Layla Howell NJ
1991 ET Castillo S Manila PI
1991 ET Grandberry Brenda Chicago IL Bresgal-hall
1991 ET Hailey Silvester Barstow CA Email
1991 ET Merice David Grand Rapids MI
1991 ET Merice(Donahue) Shana Live Oak CA
1991 ET Morgan Dawn Melbourne FL Email
1991 ET Robbins Georgian Pensacola FL
1991 ET Sua Pete TX
1991 FC Payeur Steven Seattle WA
1991 GS Russell Michael Imperial Beach CA
1991 HM Juarez David Odessa TX Email
1991 HT Hill Dale Lino Lakes MN Email
1991 HT Palomo Juan Brownsville TX
1991 HT Stogsdill Mike Dupo IL Email
1991 HT Varney Carl Bellevue OH
1991 HT Whipp Chris Salt Lake City UT Email
1991 HT Wingfield Britton Phoenix AZ
1991 IC Patterson Trina New Oxford PA Email
1991 IC Pena Sylvan Santa Fe NM
1991 IM Langer Tammy Ellsworth WI Email
1991 LI Duncan Wilda San Diego CA
1991 LI Obyrne Stephen Newton NJ
1991 MA Oneel Deborah Coldwater MS
1991 MM Brewer Wayne Athens TN Email
1991 MM Funari (Now Mccabe) Maria Decatur AL
1991 MS Sligh Angela Bronx NY Email
1991 OS Hidde-salie Barbara Amsterdam NY Email
1991 PC Ricketts Amy Zanesfield OH Email
1991 RM Bernard Angelo Flint MI Email
1991 SCPO Cox Kenneth Detroit MI Email
1991 SK Smith Leon San Diego CA
1991 SN Treat James Keith Dallas TX
1991 YN Baines Teresa Louisville FL Email
1992 BM Blount Carl Anahiem CA
1992 BM Dorsey Vicki San Antonio TX Email
1992 BM Krollman Greg Ellensburg WA
1992 BT Hanson Christie Morrison IL Email
1992 CPO Noland Lee Santee CA
1992 CPTN Hooper James Gulf Breeze FL
1992 DC Dorrough Larry Los Osos CA
1992 DP Avitto Peter Catskill NY
1992 DP Sutherland Karen Palm Springs CA
1992 EM Craig Ryan Oakland NE
1992 ET Brady (Et1) Bob Glastonbury CT
1992 ET Gonzalez Jaime San Benito TX
1992 ET Schwager Lorraine San Diego CA Email
1992 FN Lehet Kimberly Parma OH Email
1992 HM Baker Gary New York NY Email
1992 HT Noel Mark Los Angeles CA
1992 HT Pierce Jamey Des Moines IA
1992 HT Rice Howard Waterloo IA
1992 HT Roman Juan Mathis TX Email
1992 HT Vinson Debbi Berthoud CO Email
1992 IC Smith Loyd Albuquerque NM Email
1992 LTJG Pomije Brian Montgomery MN Email
1992 MM Marquez Juan Junkers,new York CA Email
1992 MM Mitchell Dena Wilmington NC Email
1992 MR Allen Gareth Wenatchee WA Email
1992 NC Patterson Mary Boston MA Email
1992 OS Bonds (felsinger) Melissa Sheboygan WI Email
1992 PM Bader Gene Detroit MI
1992 PN Akegbe (baxter) Pamela Los Angeles CA Email
1992 RM Weyler Angela Manchester OH Email
1992 SK Charles Susan San Juan PR Email
1992 SM Mcnair Anquanetta Bassfield MS Email
1992 SN Fuessel Brandi Taylor TX Email
1992 YN Schwartz Michael Woodbridge VA
1992 YN Williams Tonda Benton Harbor MI Email
1993 BM Acklin Jamee Chicago IL Email
1993 BM Acklin Jamee Chicago IL Email
1993 BM Burchnell Leah San Diego CA Powell
1993 BM Duncan Cynthia Parma OH Email
1993 BM Tirman Mike Colorado Springs CO
1993 BM Tyson Billy High Point NC Email
1993 BT Card Kevin Detroit MI Email
1993 BT Horning Aaron Colorado Springs CT
1993 CPO Toracinta Rick West Warwick RI
1993 CPO Velasquez Jimmy Pangasinan PI
1993 CWO Delgado Victor Sun Valley CA Email
1993 DC Littlefield Nathan Methuen MA Email
1993 DC Wiggs Michael Tehachapi CA Email
1993 DP Dotson David Saint Joseph MO
1993 ET Brown Curtis Corsicana TX Email
1993 FN Lane Robert Pascagoula MS Email
1993 FN Miller Bradley Clarkston WA Email
1993 HM Burke James Copperas Cove TX Email
1993 HT Gerber Dave Oswego NY
1993 HT Lange Bryant Paradise CA Email
1993 HT Maki Nathan Britt MN Email
1993 IC Rogers Robert Little Rock AR
1993 IC Rohner Charles Longmont CO
1993 IM Rinehart Maria Pensacola FL
1993 IM Rinehart Maria OR
1993 LI Rivkin Renata Geneva NY Email
1993 MM Hansen Deanna Ontario CA Email
1993 MM Wildhart Kevin Hamilton MI Email
1993 MR Milam Valerie Bowling Green KY Email
1993 MS Pellens Elizabeth Utica IL Email
1993 MS Pellens Elizabeth Peru IL Email
1993 MS Tyler Keith St. Peters MO Email
1993 OS Forshee Rick Houston TX Email
1993 PH Archuleta Scott Phoenix AZ
1993 RM Molinary Jackie Bronx NY Email
1993 RM Molinary Jackie Bronx Ny CA Email
1993 SK Kelly Stacie Berlin Center OH Email
1993 SK Semplis Carol Los Angeles CA Email
1993 SN Kennedy Rosa San Bernardino CA Email
1993 ST Davis Kevin Hesperia CA
1994 BM Rodriguez Raul San Antonio TX Email
1994 CPO Allison Samuel Longview TX Email
1994 CPO Allison Samuel Longview TX Email
1994 CPO Dorn William (mark) National City CA Email
1994 CPO Duggan Philip Newburyport MA Email
1994 CPO Meno Joe San Diego CA Email
1994 CPO Transfiguracion Lou Long Beach, Ca CA Email
1994 DC Tatum Antonio Chicago IL Email
1994 FN Mckeever Jeffrey Washington DC Email
1994 FN Stroup Robert St. Petersburg FL
1994 HT Bor Chris Chicago IL Email
1994 HT Hazle Keith Austin TX
1994 HT Manning James West Linn OR Email
1994 HT Seewald Nicholas Denver CO Email
1994 IM Dale Nelson New Bern NC
1994 MA Tack David Fort Myers FL Email
1994 MM Smith Michael Akron OH Email
1994 MR Maryska T Riverside CA
1994 PC Powell Rob Greensboro NC Email
1994 PC Welch Robert Long Beach CA Email
1994 PM Migues Joseph Heflin LA Email
1994 SN Gallops Shannon Houston TX
1994 SN Kotch Jennifer San Diego NM Email
1994 TM Anderson Marcus Stone Mountain GA Email
1995 EM Kornec Sam Butte MT
1995 EM Lagman Francisco Manila Philippines VA Email
1995 EM Mateo Joe Miami FL Email
1995 FN Parker Lashawndo Birmingham AL Email
1995 HT Hoskinson Chris Cecilia KY Email
1995 HT Montoya Eric NM Hoskinson
1995 LT Parker Damien Bowie MD
1995 MR Deck Jeffrey New London IA Email
1995 SK Duffy Pete North Vernon IN