U.S.S. BRYCE CANYON (AD-36) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1949 BM Abrams Dennis Caldwell ID
1949 CMDR Box John --
1949 DC Luchansky Joe Tampa FL
1949 GM Taylor James Meridian MS
1949 MM Blair Billy Williamsn WV Email
1949 MM Farkis(Sp) Richard Minot ND
1949 MM Lasconia Matt Hono. HI
1949 MM Young Bill Portland OR
1949 MN Urso Thomas Brooklyn NY
1949 SM Erich Von-Salzen Teaneck NJ
1949 SN Stubbs Walter Ilion NY
1950 BT Kalz Russell St. Louis MO Email
1950 DT Pedulla, Frank Malaga NJ Email
1950 EM Tobin John (Jack) Youngstown OH
1950 ET Bozek John Cupertino CA
1950 ET Reber Lee Schuyklill Haven PA Email
1950 HM Harold (hal) Atlanta GA Obrien,
1950 HM Amador Humberto [bert] San Francisco CA Email
1950 HM Little Ted Nashville TN Obrien,
1950 HM Obrien, Charles Greensboro NC Email
1950 ME Levin Victor Los Angeles CA Email
1950 ME Levin Victor Los Angeles CA Email
1950 MM Shook Jay Caledonia MI
1950 QM Carlson Philip Grayslake IL
1950 RD Kilbey Chester S. Beloit IL Email
1950 SF Levin Victor Los Angeles CA Email
1950 SK Radloff Donald Merrill WI
1950 SM Eubanks William Vero Beach FL Email
1950 SN Kinney Edward Detroit MI Email
1950 YN Mullan Charles (Moon) Somerset WI
1951 ET Heppler Harry Reed KY Email
1951 ET Heppler Harry Reed KY Email
1951 MM Owen Ross Rush Springs OK Email
1951 MR Robison Earl Dearborn MI Email
1951 RD Marsh Ted Nashville TN Email
1951 RM Kohler Dean D. Paola
1952 BM Blanchard Patrick Baton Rouge LA
1952 IM Wilbanks Burl Gainesville MO Email
1952 LI Laucks William (bill) Bridgeport CT Email
1952 LI Laucks William (bill) Bridgeport CT Email
1952 LI Laucks William (bill) Bridgeport CT Email
1952 ME Guidry Eldon J. Raceland LA
1952 MM Banks Donald Durango CO
1952 MM Shaw James Lancaster WI
1952 PR Paganelli George San Jose CA Email
1952 RD Kilby Chester PA
1952 RD Wickland Dick Beloit WI
1952 RD Williams Billy Lebanon TN
1952 RD Yoder Frank PA
1952 RM Thompson Robert Janesille WI Email
1952 SK Burns Robert Collinsville IL Email
1952 SK Wilcoxson Daniel Farmersville TX Email
1952 YN Terry Jim New Albany IN Email
1953 -- Williams Edward (Ted) Gladstone OR
1953 MM Panetta Max (al) Canoga Park CA Email
1953 MM Simpson Darrell L Miltonvale KS
1954 BT Dunbar WA Routh
1954 BT Routh Galen Arlington WA
1954 BT Routh Galen Osceola IA Email
1954 ML Bach Jake Chigago IL Email
1954 MS Louviere Wilford Lake Charles LA Email
1954 YN Henley Jimmy Columbus KY Email
1955 EM Boyer Jim Windsor CA
1955 FT Jensen Dick Lopez Island WA Email
1955 FT Nichols Robert Frink FL Email
1955 FT Walker Donald Compton CA Email
1955 GM Sparks William Winston-salem NC Email
1955 IM Carter Charles Pasadena TX
1955 LT Myers James/slick Independence MO Email
1955 MCPO Elcess David Dayton OH Email
1955 MM Crosby Clifford Walterboro SC
1955 TE Tobiassen Robert Grass Valley CA Email
1955 TE Tobiassen Robert Grass Valley CA Email
1955 YN Harris Jim Ryan OK Email
1956 EM Allen Jack Pendleton OR Email
1956 FC Munroe Richard Boston MA Email
1956 MR Delage Norman MA Sanger
1956 MR Hill Gordon Los Angeles CA Email
1956 MR Sanger Richard A. Tampa FL Email
1956 SF Levin Victor Los Angeles CA Email
1956 SF Segundo Valentino Arcadia CA Email
1956 SM Ramirez Alfred (Ram) Galveston TX
1956 SM Williams Doug Tulsa OK Email
1957 Diver Plante Cliff Fitchburg MA Email
1957 EM Chase Bob Bellingham, WA Email
1957 EM Chase Robert C Bellingham WA Email
1957 SCPO Seckel Thomas Buffalo,n.y. NY Email
1957 SF Eastman Jack West Mansfield OH
1957 SF Mcbeath Welby Casey County KY Email
1957 SK Cordell Clyde Mentone AL Email
1957 SM Pifer Edward Soulsbyville CA Email
1957 SN Peterson Jerry Paris TN
1957 SN Volison Johnny --
1958 BT Kraft Harold Chesapeake VA
1958 Diver Plante Cliff Fitchburg MA Email
1958 DK Nunneley Charles Ladson SC
1958 EM Hulihee Ralph/raphael HI Kane
1958 EM Kane Francis Boston MA Email
1958 ET Mckelleb Richard (mac) Gas City IN Email
1958 FN Debruin James Eldorado AR Email
1958 IC Klein Rik Whittier CA
1958 MM Homulak Michael Annandale NJ
1958 MR Solecki John Chicago IL Email
1958 SN Gilmer Daryl Hutchinson KS Email
1958 SN Gilmer Daryl Hutchinson KS Email
1958 TE Ford Albert Indianapolis IN Email
1958 YN Garcia Gerald (jerry) Hayward CA Email
1959 Haskell William Chicago IL Harrison
1959 -- Manley John Pendleton SC
1959 BM Hinshaw James Asheboro NC Email
1959 BM Wilson Leroy Georgetown SC Email
1959 BT Krik Charles Newlenox IL
1959 BT Robertson Elmer Bartelesvile OK
1959 DM Nickles Dick Phoenix AZ
1959 EM Corn Larry Gas City IN Email
1959 EN Wyrick Bob Marion IN Email
1959 LTJG Margulis Frank Minneapolis MN Email
1959 MM Campbell Joseph Phoenix AZ Email
1959 MM Ruppe Wayne Gaffney, SC Email
1959 QM Cress William Mathis Texas TX
1959 SCPO Dudley William Unknown SC
1959 SM Scott Al New Orleans LA Email
1959 TM Goodnough David San Diego CA Email
1959 YN Israel Robert Springfield MO Email
1960 Roe Jesse --
1960 Rowe Jesse --
1960 -- Williams John (Jack) Denver CO
1960 BT Suddreth Richard Hudson NC Email
1960 DIVER Preuss Jim Roseville CA
1960 EM Bevington Roger Valley NE Email
1960 EM Mertes Hubert Colona NJ Email
1960 EM Rolen Norman Knoxville TN Email
1960 MR Teeple Teeple Maple Shade NJ Email
1960 PC Parr John San Diego CA
1960 QM Albers John Houston TX Email
1960 QM Cress William Dallas TX Albers
1960 RM Nunnenkamp Gary Wichita KS Email
1960 SF Harrison Franklin Sacramento CA Email
1960 SF Hudock John Carlsbad NM Email
1960 SH Shipley Ronald Fullerton CA Email
1960 SM Smith Larry Orange Park FL
1961 CMDR Ross Robert Pasadena CA Email
1961 EM Hunsinger Thomas Tracy CA Email
1961 EM Hunsinger Thomas Tracy CA Deblasi
1961 EM Palermo Joe Omaha NE Email
1961 EN Craig John Knoville TN Email
1961 FT Schnirel Donald Buffalo NY Email
1961 HT Duke John Yuma AZ
1961 IM Rieger Pete South Plainfield NJ
1961 MM Davis Douglas Edna TX Email
1961 MM Sargent Kenneth Redlands/Trona CA
1961 MM Summey Ronald Beardstown IL Email
1961 MR Bixler Doug Johnson City NY Email
1961 SF Greschke Bruce Huron SD
1961 SF Hardy Charles (ed) Phoenix AZ Email
1961 SK Rivera David Tucson AZ Email
1961 SM Brue Ronald Baton Rouge LA Email
1961 SM Deblasi Bob Chicago IL Email
1962 BM Lindsey Patrick Alvin TX
1962 BT Curry Jerry Edinburg IN Email
1962 DC Lombardi Robert Chicago IL
1962 EM Dowdy William Detroit, Mi MI Email
1962 GM Ivers Mike Minneapolis MN
1962 IM Bryan Harold Cameron WV Email
1962 IM Rieger Pete South Plainfield NJ
1962 MM Wittkop Jerry Jesup IA Email
1962 MR Dempsey Donald Waukesha WI Email
1962 MR Mckelvy Larry Seymour IA Email
1962 PN Moser Lowell Guttenberg IA Email
1962 PN Moser Lowell Guttenberg IA Email
1962 SF Kopelman Ira Missoula MT Email
1962 SF Obarr Joe Riverside CA Email
1962 SF Pleskovitch William Ottawa IL Email
1962 SF Robertson Glen TX Hardy
1962 SF Spies Thomas Havre De Grace MD
1962 SF Wimmer James Bakersfeild CA Sato
1962 SM Carter Leigh TX Hardy
1962 ST Roberts James T NY
1962 ST White Ronald Newton IA Email
1962 YN Poi Bert Tucson AR
1963 BM Delora Thomas Fresno CA Email
1963 DC Kelly Ray Madison WI Email
1963 FT Fought Edward Fremont OH
1963 IC Sato Wilfred Carlsbad CA Email
1963 IM Bryan Harold Cameron WV Email
1963 MM Sanchez Luis P. Whittier CA
1963 SCPO Egolf James Landisburg PA
1963 SF Schmidt Paul Gardena CA Email
1963 SF Wimmer Jim Bakersfield CA Email
1963 SM Suda Edward Larksville PA Email
1963 SN Doyle Thomas Omaha NE
1963 TM Enyeart Robert Breckenridge CO Email
1964 Anderson Andy --
1964 BM Bell Edward Davenport IA
1964 DC De Witt Dennis Fresno CA Email
1964 EM Bennett Michel Houston TX Email
1964 ET Miller John Hanover IL Email
1964 ET Neill Matt Aurora IL Email
1964 IC Greco Charles Chicago IL
1964 IC Snow Bob San Pedro CA Email
1964 IC Taggert Lloyd OR Davis
1964 LCDR Kronberger Robert Big Bear City
1964 LT Perry William J. CA
1964 MM Hoffman Stephen Fresno CA Email
1964 PFC Labs Richard Omaha NE
1964 PN Bennett Timothy Miles City MT Moser
1964 SF Lopez Valdemar Robstown TX Email
1964 SK Elcock Robert Garden Grove CA Email
1964 SK Hutchens Roy Van Nuys CA Email
1964 TM Jones Kenneth San Bernardino CA Email
1965 BM Blair Richard North Hollywood CA Email
1965 BM Dyer Charles Tolleson AZ Email
1965 BM Pryor Charles The Dalles OR Email
1965 BT Jackson Charles Malvern AR Email
1965 BT Stevens Larry Coon Rapids MN Email
1965 CPO Holbrook Mike Salmon Idaho ID Email
1965 DC Mcgraw Thomas Iola TX Email
1965 EM Roush Daniel Columbus OH Email
1965 HM Trosper Harold (harry) Corbin KY Email
1965 IC Lloyd Taggert OR Davis
1965 IC Brown Edward Weatherford TX Email
1965 IC Davis Hal Lancaster CA Email
1965 IC Davis Hal Lancaster CA Email
1965 IC Howk Fred Davis
1965 IC Morris Mike AZ Davis
1965 IC Sweet Ronald Pampa TX Email
1965 IC Sweet Ronald Pampa TX Email
1965 IC Sweet Ronald Pampa TX Email
1965 MA Anderson Andy (j.q.) Washington, Dc MD Campbell
1965 MA Campbell Bruce San Jose CA Email
1965 MA Campbell Bruce Pasadena CA Email
1965 MM Bruce Dirksen Davis
1965 MM Brown Walter Tucson AZ
1965 MM Derksen Bruce Racine WI Email
1965 MM Mccratic Bill Marion IL
1965 PN Silvernail Dick Omaha NE Email
1965 RM Barton Eddie Gilmer TX Email
1965 RM Savio Gino Chicago IL Barton
1965 SF Brown Ernest Salt Lake City UT
1965 SF Eanes H Clyde Roswell NM
1965 SN Foster Michael Calais ME Email
1966 AK Heintz William Boise ID
1966 CPTN Davis Lewis Clearfield PA Email
1966 CS Lippert John Hartland WI
1966 EM Durant Burney Richmond.ca CA Email
1966 EM Kobylanski Thomas Hazlet NJ Email
1966 ET Ryals Gerald Fernandina Beach FL Email
1966 FN Willenbrecht Arthur Newcastle / Osage WY Email
1966 HM Howard Ken Alexandria VA Email
1966 HM Mohn Bob Phoenix AZ Email
1966 IC Hiett Donald L CA Howk
1966 IC Howk Fred Abilene TX Email
1966 IC Torres Davis
1966 MR Hendricks Roy Mulvane KS
1966 MR Manuel Anthony Kennett Square PA Email
1966 MR Stevens William \\ Cincinnati OH Email
1966 QM Jellins David Wilmington CA Email
1966 RM Warren Jerry Texas City TX Email
1966 SF Duncan Franklin Mt. Olivet KY Email
1966 SM Bruebaker Herman Dekalb.texas TX Email
1966 SM Hand Rupert Waukegan IL
1966 TM Dixon Richard Circleville OH Email
1966 YN Howard Ken Alexandria VA Email
1967 Blankenship John WV Hutzler
1967 Hand Mayo Hutzler
1967 -- Godshall Glenn Reading PA Email
1967 BT Condor Curt Terre Haute IN Taylor
1967 DC Christian Gene Port Arthur TX Email
1967 DK Manzanares Robert Denver CO Email
1967 DP Godden Carl Cedar Rapids IA Email
1967 DP Pettit Wayne Amarillo TX
1967 FN Hutzler Thomas Cedar Lake IN Email
1967 FT Shelton Charles Nashville TN Email
1967 GM Banks Johnny West Jefferson NC Email
1967 LCDR Steward Mobray Phenix City AL
1967 LCDR Steward Mobray Columbus GA Email
1967 MM Olson Donald CA Taylor
1967 MM Taylor Richard Burnet TX Email
1967 MM Taylor Richard Burnet TX Email
1967 MM Zinich John San Diego CA
1967 MR Kruszka Gregory Trenton MI Email
1967 MR Lundquist Mark San Marino CA Email
1967 MR Yoder Stephen Albion NY
1967 PM Mills Jr. Edward Overland Park KS
1967 QM Jellins David West Jordan UT
1967 SCPO Levy William Manhattan NY Email
1967 SF Bethell William New York NY Email
1967 SF Hutzler Thomas Lowell IN Email
1967 SF Poland Robert Mendesto CA Bethell
1967 SF Riley William J William Sumter SC
1967 SK Bentley Mike Buena Park CA Email
1967 SN Templeton Stephen Long Beach CA Email
1968 BM Kriekel William Chicago IL
1968 CMDR Buehler Cyril Dayton OH Email
1968 DK Douglas Bill Trumansburg NY Email
1968 DM Jordan Roberto El Paso TX Email
1968 EM Docherty Richard Barnegat NJ
1968 EM Hood Johnny Houston TX Email
1968 EM Long Thomas Barnwell SC Email
1968 EM Scobba Larry Algona IA Email
1968 EN Peaser David Maybrook NY Email
1968 ENS Barefoot Thomas W New Brockton AL Email
1968 ET Hunter Chuck West Covina CA Email
1968 GM Kemp Blaine West Jordan UT Email
1968 IC Bull Steven Olympia WA Email
1968 IM Jordan William Coffeyville KS Email
1968 MM Ratcliff Ron Kokomo IN Email
1968 MM Stover Smokey Herington KS Email
1968 MM Waid Gary Tampa FL Email
1968 PM Draper Gary Redondo Beach CA Email
1968 PM Gathers Ron Costa Mesa CA Email
1968 SF De Flores Jerry Rio Vista CA Email
1968 SF Frederiksen Jack Bend OR Email
1968 TM Pierce Larry Kalamazoo MI Email
1968 TM Pierce Larry Kalamazoo MI Email
1969 AD Kemp Wayne South Jordan UT Email
1969 AT Goms Michael San Lorenzo CA Email
1969 BT Creed Ricky Oklahoma City OK Email
1969 BT Farris Rick Portland OR Email
1969 BT Jones Jimmy Philidelphia PA Creed
1969 CM Snyder
1969 CWO Winslow Hal Asheboro NC Email
1969 DC Earnshaw Kenneth Chattanooga TN Email
1969 DC Hawkes Matt Fair Oakes CA Email
1969 DC Luchansky Joe Meadville PA Email
1969 DC Luchansky Joe Meadville PA Email
1969 DP Stone Kerry Minot ND Email
1969 DT Hoiem Greg Ishpeming MI Email
1969 EA Scaff Donald Monahans TX Email
1969 EM Kirby Ronald Tuscaloosa AL Email
1969 HM Thiessa William Plum City WI Email
1969 IC Middleton Steve Salt Lake City UT Email
1969 LT Byrne David Bloomington IN Email
1969 MM Welch John Oklahoma City OK Email
1969 OS Barrows William (bill) Hillsboro OR Email
1969 RD Mollohan Kenny Long Beach CA Email
1969 SH Dunham Ron Owego NY Email
1969 SK Walley Thomas (tom) Richton MS Email
1969 SM (von - Salzen) Erich Hackensack NJ Email
1969 SN Snyder Charles Sarasota FL Email
1969 YN Arnold Timothy Lemoyne PA Email
1969 YN Baughman Robert Spring Valley OH Email
1969 YN Nesbit Michael San Diego CA Email
1970 BM Yacur Wayne Long Island NY Email
1970 BM Yacur Wayne Long Island NY Yacur
1970 BM Yacur Wayne Long Island NY Yacur
1970 BM Yacur Wayne Long Island NY Yacur
1970 BT Dunn Leo Nj NJ
1970 BT Everett Roy Barnhart TX Email
1970 BT Little Cliff AZ Everett
1970 BT Moak Michael LA Everett
1970 BT Sarge Pat Joplin MO
1970 BT Sarge Pat Joplin MO
1970 CPO Irving Chief Espinosa
1970 CPO Schofield Martin --
1970 CS Tieppo John Detriot MI Email
1970 EM Behm Clayton NM Espinosa
1970 EM Bollyte Steve Apple Valley CA Espinosa
1970 EM Espinosa Manuel Indianapolis IN Email
1970 EM Larry Forrer Aurora IL Espinosa
1970 ET Barcheski Rick Honolulu HI Email
1970 ET Rogers Tom Mullan ID Email
1970 ET Rogers Tom Mullan ID Email
1970 ET Rogers Tom Mullan ID Email
1970 ET Rogers Tom Mullin IN Barcheski
1970 HT Aitch Calvin Beck
1970 HT Beck Mark Ridgefield CT Email
1970 HT Beck Mark Ridgefield CT Email
1970 HT Ching Terry Honolulu HI Nelson
1970 HT Dickrell William Milladore WI Email
1970 HT Frigerio Donal San Diego CA Email
1970 HT Mcfarland James Espinosa
1970 IC Cox Doyle Wilmington DE Gilbert
1970 IC Felt Michael Wichita KS Email
1970 IC Keating James St Marys KS Middleton
1970 IC Owens Jimmie Milwaukee WI
1970 IC Tribble Michael Burney CA Email
1970 IM Cox Doyle Wilmington DE Email
1970 JO Davis Douglas D. Shenandoah IA Email
1970 LT Brice Allen Blackwell TX
1970 ML Lee Henry Clovis NM Email
1970 MM Burnett Jim Tustin CA Email
1970 MM Dennis Robert Tooele UT
1970 MM Milburn Michael Indianapolis IN Email
1970 MM Peralta Richard San Francisco CA Espinosa
1970 OM Tom Loczy Solon OH Email
1970 OS Barrows William Hillsboro OR Collman
1970 OS Collman Armon Klamath Falls OR Email
1970 OS Lee Larry Seattle WA Collman
1970 PC Allara John (jack) South Plainfield NJ Email
1970 SF Garcia Juan Las Cruces NM Gonzalez
1970 SF Garcia Juan Las Cruces NM Email
1970 SF Gonzalez Rene Mcallen TX Email
1970 SK Lang Rick Marshalltown IA Email
1970 SM Wood Robert Affinity WV Email
1970 SM Wood Robert Pensacola FL Email
1970 YN Oliver Steve Carrollton TX
1971 BM Briant Peter J. Collinsville IL Gilbert
1971 BM Harroun Roger Reynolds IL Gilbert
1971 BT Garcia Jose TX Everett
1971 CWO Howard Stanley Espinosa
1971 EM Dinkel Gary Sioux Falls SD
1971 EM Dinkel Gary Wheatridge CO Email
1971 EN Criss Ronald Summerlee WV Email
1971 EN Criss Ronald Summerlee WV Email
1971 EN Rhinehart Ronnie Atmore AL Email
1971 HT Kay Randy Riverside CA
1971 HT Kerns Dale Hesperia CA Email
1971 JO Davis Douglas Buffalo IA Email
1971 MR Aaberg Eugene Beloit WI Email
1971 MR Bolton Scott Leslie MI Email
1971 OM Hume David Columbia MO Wood
1971 OM Hume David Columbia MO Email
1971 PVT Thomas Stephen Crooksville OH Email
1971 SK Ainsworth Leo Hawthorne CA Email
1971 SK Villalobos Florencio Philippines WA Email
1971 SN Lewis Bryan Helena MT Email
1971 SN Lewis Bryan East Helena MT Email
1971 TM Brown Dennis Wichita KS Preston
1971 TM Dalton William Billings MT Email
1972 BM Pope Robert Detroit MI Email
1972 BT Little Cliff Sanders AZ Email
1972 CS Marrero Mike New York NY Email
1972 EM Bowers Jack Greenville SC Email
1972 EM Meadows Randy Mc Allen TX Figard
1972 EM Nelson Dale Phoenix AZ Email
1972 EN Howes Barry Readsboro VT
1972 EN Schneider Wade Great Falls MT Email
1972 HT Ching Terry Kailua HI Stalzer
1972 HT Ciarametaro Peter Gloucester MA Email
1972 HT Ciarametaro Peter Gloucester MA Email
1972 HT Klingberg Terry Plato Center IL Email
1972 HT Stalzer Ken San Mateo CA Email
1972 IM Cavanaugh Tom Brooklyn NY
1972 IM Disher Kelly New Orleans LA
1972 IS Christensen Bob Fairfax CA Email
1972 LCDR Joseph Huston, Nashville TN Email
1972 MM Buxbaum Terry Sidney MT
1972 MM Figard Dave Riddlesburg PA Email
1972 MM Jankord Gregg Rapid City SD
1972 MM Mitchell Robbin Colorado Springs CO Email
1972 MM Salazar Richard San Bernardino CA Email
1972 MR Buss Ed Evanston IL
1972 MR Crain Charles Pittsburg TX Email
1972 MR Dresser Robert Mcgrath MN Email
1972 MR Reed Phillip Terre Haute IN Email
1972 OS Herron John Seattle WA Collman
1972 PM Mcclure Ronald Tulsa OK
1972 RM Collman Jay Klamath Falls/Portla OR
1972 RM Marousek Gary Forest Park NM Email
1972 RM Tafoya Ward
1972 RM Ward Mike Springfield OR Email
1972 SM Abramczyk Dennis Curtice OH Email
1972 SN Barthole Jim Spokane WA Lewis
1972 SN Etheridge Steve Red Boiling Springs TN Email
1972 YN Gilbert Wayne Hamburg IA Email
1972 YN Turner Thomas Pamplico SC Email
1972 YN White David Texas City TX Email
1973 Dunn Chris Yonkers NY
1973 BM Ventra Anthony Watkins Glen NY Email
1973 BT Carlson Rick Ashland WI Email
1973 BT Ogle Douglas Hammond IN Email
1973 DP Dibala Peter Silverton OR Email
1973 DP Johnson Rufus (rw) Dibala
1973 DP Schlagle Don Independence MO
1973 DP Vanbrocklin Dan Silverton OR Dibala
1973 DS Ingram William Dibala
1973 EM Jacobs Jake Muscatine IA Email
1973 EN Wold James Lusk WY Email
1973 ET Kinsfather Dennis New Braunfels TX Email
1973 ET Kinsfather Dennis New Braunfels TX Email
1973 ET Underlin Peter Somis CA Email
1973 HT Halvorson Kim Twin Valley MN Email
1973 HT Heger Milton Las Vegas NV Email
1973 HT Klingberg Terry Plato Center IL Email
1973 ML Helfer Frank Horsham PA Email
1973 MM Devine Mark Culver City CA Figard
1973 MM Figard Dave Riddlesburg PA Email
1973 MM Hill Denis San Diego CA
1973 MR Wascher Thomas Fullerton CA Email
1973 PC Whitney William (Whit) Yonkers NY
1973 PN Stone Glen Central Coast CA Email
1973 SK Emert Randall Peoria IL Email
1973 SK Laino Dale Yonkers NY
1973 SN Farley Jim Medford OR Lewis
1973 TM Preston Charles Enfield IL Email
1973 TM Preston Rick Harrisburg IL Email
1974 BM Doucette Richard Hillside NJ
1974 CS Smith Charles Oklahoma City OK Email
1974 Diver Dusty TX Brown
1974 Diver Brown Edward San Diego CA Email
1974 HT Humphrey Wayne Wialuku HI Email
1974 HT Smith Cal Idaho Falls ID Email
1974 HT Stoltenborg Louis Lake Ronkonkoma NY Email
1974 IC H Leo Portsmouth NH Email
1974 IC Langelier Leo Portsmouth NH Email
1974 IM Ferguson Charles Dayton OH Email
1974 LT Richardson Billy Kosciusko MS
1974 LTJG Ricjardson Billy Kosciusko MS
1974 MM Ganser Paul Coon Rapids MN Email
1974 MR Lincoln Larry Philly PA Email
1974 PC Nishida Leewayne Waianae HI Email
1974 RM Bertke Frank Cincinnati OH
1974 RM Plummer Karl Glendora CA Email
1974 RM Stephens Dean Seguin TX Email
1974 RM Thom Chuck Laurel MT Email
1974 SCPO Adams Don Rockport TX
1974 SN Thomas Greg Lansing MI Email
1974 TM Bragg Robert Cheyenne WY Email
1974 TM Mosley Arthur Janesville WI Email
1975 BM Doucette Richard Hillside NJ
1975 BM Strawn Geoffrey Logan OH Email
1975 BT Alphin Ernest Port Arcres TX Email
1975 DP Bruce Colin Villa Park IL Email
1975 EM Echols Gene Jacksonville FL
1975 ET Shepardson Rick Conroe TX
1975 FT Ransom Reid St Louis MO Email
1975 GM Whittaker Ron Rush City MN Email
1975 GM Whittaker Ron Rush City MN Email
1975 HT Desantis Brian Minneapolis MN Email
1975 HT F.ontminy James Cape Cod MA Email
1975 HT Montminy James West Yarmouth MA Email
1975 HT White Ricky Buffalo NY Email
1975 HT Wyland Randal Lincoln IL Email
1975 LI Arendas John Chino CA Email
1975 MM Descombaz Gary Medical Lake WA Email
1975 MM Hiteshew Emory Lee Phily PA Email
1975 MR Cintron Rene Oakdale NY Email
1975 PN Fredell Dennis Flint MI Email
1975 RM Casebolt Fred Redlands CA Email
1975 RM Oquinn Guy Midland TX
1975 SK Engel Richard Escondido CA Email
1976 BM Aman Robert Albany GA Email
1976 BM Smith Steven Sacramento CA Email
1976 BT Deforrest Scott Apple Valley MN Email
1976 BT Epperson Gary Longmont CO
1976 BT Mc Donald Rod Green Lake WI Email
1976 BT Thomas Pat TN
1976 CPO Vaught Jon Julian CA
1976 DIVER Benson Dusty San Saba TX
1976 DP Burch Mark Forest OH Denton
1976 DP Cornelius Joseph Tacoma WA Email
1976 DP Denton Bill Ballston Spa NY Email
1976 DP Lawson Bill Corunna MI Email
1976 DP Sharpes Clarence (Larry) Indianapolis IN
1976 DS Johnson Rick Roseburg OR Email
1976 EN Mcmechen William Boles AR Email
1976 FN Armstead Sterling Needville TX
1976 FN Maher Pete Pepperell MA Email
1976 HT Kinion Charles Tolleson AZ Email
1976 HT Quille Jeff Bayonne NJ Email
1976 HT Tasetano Michael Montpelier VT Email
1976 ML Gormley Timothy Winter WI Email
1976 MM Hillegas Joe Somerset PA Email
1976 MM Merryman John Hilliard OH
1976 MM Wood Richard Columbus IN Email
1976 MR Etter Larry WA Cintron
1976 OM Ferguson Clifford St. Louis MO
1976 OM Mowers Brian Cromwell MN
1976 PM Almodovar Angelito M. San Diego CA Email
1976 RM Cupples Rodney Alexandria LA
1976 RM Stephens Dean Seguin TX Email
1976 SN Davis Cedric Shreveport LA
1976 TM Hammel William ( Bill ) Bayside NY Email
1976 TM Hintze Christoph Newport NC
1977 Knight James --
1977 Panico Louis Bayonne NJ
1977 BT Taylor Tom Rockton IL Email
1977 BT Thomas Pat TN
1977 CWO Sandidge Jim Lawrenceburg KY
1977 DP Burch Mark Forest OH Email
1977 DT Macias Steven San Diego CA Email
1977 EM Kennedy Mike Dubuque IA Email
1977 EM Kennedy William Dubuque IA Email
1977 ENS Sitton George Lindale TX
1977 GM Kard Kenneth Brockton MA Email
1977 GM Kard Kenneth Brockton MA Email
1977 GM Milligan Michael Conifer CO Email
1977 HT Panico Louis Bayonne NJ Tasetano
1977 HT Stephens Kenneth Holden MO Email
1977 IC Halcom (sam) Sansom Blountstown FL Email
1977 IM Pitman Michael Grangeville ID
1977 MM Bradley Kevin Keaau HI
1977 MM Fernandez Sam Philippines CA
1977 MM Manno Ruben Virginia Beach VA
1977 MM Meyer Mike St. Louis MO Email
1977 MM Wierzba Kenneth Schofield WI Email
1977 MR Rivera Hector Southbridge MA Email
1977 OM Lemons Randall Us Air Force Ret. Attalla AL Email
1977 OM Michell Mark Pensacola FL
1977 PN Gregg Wayne Nickerson KS Email
1977 SN Gallagher Tom Kalispell MT Pending Activation
1977 SN Gallagher Tom Kalispell MT Pending Activation
1977 TM Chambers Cecil St.louis MO Email
1977 YN Hague John/ Jake San Bernardino CA Email
1977 YN Neuman Daniel Boubonnais IL
1978 Disher Kelly Charlotte SC Milligan
1978 BM Graff Terry --
1978 CWO Lablonk George Hawaii --
1978 DP Horowitz Mike Dallas TX Email
1978 DT Watson Louis Ormond Beach FL Email
1978 EM Chong Michael Honolulu HI Email
1978 EM Chong Michael Honolulu HI Email
1978 ET De Clue Frank E Cape Canaveral FL
1978 ET Robitaille Chris Camden ME Email
1978 GM Huff Dave Latrobe PA Email
1978 GM Milligan Michael Kard
1978 GM Young Randy G. Corvallis OR Email
1978 HT Rose John Goshen OH Email
1978 HT Stafford Douglas Middletown PA Email
1978 HT Wardius Mark The Dalles OR Email
1978 HT Watkins Richard Niles NY Email
1978 IM Huhn Ron Petaluma CA
1978 MM Holtz Gary St. Louis MO Email
1978 MM Jessop Michael Ogden UT Email
1978 MM Keller Gary Taneytowm MD Email
1978 MR Cowser Charles Tucson AZ Email
1978 OM Ortiz George Oxnard CA
1978 PM Dekemper Carl Tempe AZ Email
1978 PN Boyd Reginald San Fransisco CA Email
1978 RM Conner Gregory San Francisco CA Email
1978 SK Freitas Jonathan Newburgh NY Email
1978 SN Helland Carl Everett WA Email
1978 TM Procknow Donald Sweet Home OR Email
1978 WT Schneck Gregory Clinton IA Email
1978 YN Ochoa Severo Mcallen TX Email
1979 DP Hemenway Cliff Boonville IN
1979 DS Agcaoili Steve Los Angeles CA
1979 DT Keller Dwignt Canton OH Email
1979 DT Keller Dwignt Canton OH Email
1979 EM Ester Johnnie Syracuse NY Email
1979 ET Miller Bob Spokane WA Email
1979 GM Rodgers Charles Lawton OK
1979 HT Caley Jeffery Huntington IN Email
1979 HT Hines William Cedar Rapids IA Email
1979 HT Rollero Michael Lake Ronkonkoma NY Email
1979 HT Sima Gregory Cadott WI Email
1979 LTJG Cruzata Nicanor Honolulu HI
1979 MM Bridges Tim Bentonia MS Email
1979 MR Rochowiak Daniel Westland MI Email
1979 MR Stewart Craig Burlington IA Email
1979 SH Tizo Jimmy San Francisco CA Email
1979 SM Cumpston Dale Merrimac WI
1979 SN Gammons Marc Allover TX Email
1979 ST Picardi Jim Braintree MA Email
1979 ST Shugars Kirk Punxsutawney PA
1980 BT Gleason Tom Orlando FL
1980 BT Pletcher Richard Columbus OH Email
1980 EM Herzig Rodney Turners Falls MA Email
1980 EM Johnston Joel Buffalo City WI
1980 EN Bloome Jeff Unity WI
1980 GM Huling Doug Barrington RI
1980 HT Harris Lee Santa Clara CA Email
1980 MM Moss Michael San Antonio TX
1980 SN Gailliard Morris Jersey City NJ Email
1980 SN Gailliard Morris Jersey City NJ Email