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U.S.S. GRAND CANYON (AD-28) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1945 BT Lynn Charles Dumont NJ Email
1945 RD Dwyer Johnnie NY Shelley
1945 RD Ott W.r. OH Shelley
1945 RD Shelley James Jimmy \ San Diego CA Email
1946 CPO Grant Donald Kennebunk ME Email
1946 EN Stevenson Sterling Price Cheyenne WY Email
1946 FTM Malloy Thomas Norwood PA Email
1946 HM Hinkle Edward Port Orford OR
1946 HM Murray Billie Fresno CA
1946 MM Ball Fred Richmond Hill, Queens NY Email
1946 MM Ball Fred Richmond Hill, Queens NY Email
1946 SC Barnett Jack TN Cress
1946 SC Cress Richard ( Dick) Wheeing WV Email
1946 SC Garrett Woodfin Springfield MO
1947 CM Brown Melvin Rex St. Louis MO
1947 DT Myers Jack Kokomo IN
1947 EM Scudder Everett Fredonia NY
1947 MM Sauer Adolph Bellrose NY Email
1947 RD Newsom Warren (wt) Memphis TN Email
1948 MR Lein Charles Perham MN Email
1948 SN Cutler Paul Waltham And Mattapan MA Email
1949 AD Thomas Charles Louisville KY
1949 DS Armour Roy Tucson AZ
1949 ET Babington Robert El Paso TX
1949 FN Boylan James Hillside NJ
1949 ML Kalley Larry Akron OH
1949 SH Pancoast Jim Philadelphia PA
1949 SN Bugbee Mark Bugs Old Lyme CT
1949 SN James Jimmy Ferguson F --
1950 -- Fred Raymond Roosevelt NY
1950 CPTN Sweeny Holmseth
1950 ET Vickroy Harry Indianola IA
1950 MR Mason Donald Staten Island NY Email
1951 Nardo Joe Warren OH Bushnell
1951 BT Holmseth Richard Blue Earth MN Email
1951 CPO Royston John Vanderbilt PA
1951 CS Stefanic Alexander Old Bridge NJ
1951 Diver Nardo Joseph Warren OH Email
1951 EM Stalter George Bronx NY Email
1951 PN Dunn Robert Union City IN Email
1951 PN Dunn Robert Union City IN Email
1951 RD Bushnell Paul Youngstown, OH Email
1951 RD Fleming Bushnell
1951 RD Morris Richard Philadelphia PA Bushnell
1951 SH Bentley Clark Shawneetown IL
1951 SM Langley Tom Big Rapids MI
1951 TM Baker Harry Salisbury MD Email
1952 Jack St Lewis MO Mays
1952 Cunningham Dean Syracuse NY
1952 BT Greb Robert Evansville IN
1952 DT Pasenelli John San Diego CA
1952 HN Keaton Herman Villa Rica GA Email
1952 PN Mccoy Chalen Pikeville KY Dunn
1952 SC Mays Walter Lovingston VA Email
1952 SK Klinger Arthur New York NY
1952 SN Hughes William Centreville MS Email
1953 DM Speed Clifton Wesson MS Email
1953 MR Gordou William Euclair WI Valentine
1953 MR Valentine Gerald Kings Mountain NC Email
1953 SK Fields Darrell Tempe AZ
1953 SM Keiffer Kenneth Detroit MI Email
1954 ENS Caron George Daniels
1954 ENS Daniels Herman Colerain NC Email
1954 LTJG Bruckner Tom Daniels
1954 YN Calenda Gabriel Belleville NJ
1955 FN Hayes Robert Lake View SC Email
1955 HM Oconnor Vincent Bronx NY
1955 MM Lattimer Harold Herndon VA Email
1955 MM Rachlen Jordan Boston MA Email
1955 MR Yuncker Leonard Cleveland OH Email
1955 RM Salesi Manny Wakefield MA Email
1955 SK Disney Walter Chepachet RI
1955 SM Kendall Donald Marshall IL Email
1955 SW Morris William (rod)l Southborough MA Email
1955 YN Eastham Robert Monticello IL
1956 Adamson Arthur Denver CO Stilley
1956 Pender Art Stilley
1956 Pyle Glendon Lemay MO Stilley
1956 CS Stilley Jerry Littleton CO Email
1956 EM Sartori Tony Buffalo NY Email
1956 EM Whynot Howard Walter Marlborough MA Email
1956 FTM Myers Donald G. Fulton NY Email
1956 IM Buggert Al New Ulm MN Email
1956 ME Cornell Charles W Westchester OH
1956 SCPO Labelle Kenneth St. Charles MI
1956 SF Herrmann Willits Philadelphia PA Email
1956 TM Richardson Thomas E. New York NY
1957 BM Wormald Ronald East Cleveland OH Email
1957 BT Holzworth Jim Springfield IL Email
1957 HM Adams William Chillicothe OH Email
1957 ML Frantz Wilson Swissvale PA Email
1957 ML Frantz Wilson Swissvale PA Email
1957 ML Smith Frantz
1957 MM Julie Henry Woonsocket RI Email
1957 MR Queffenne Charles Dexter MO Email
1957 PN Hechler Art Jersey City NJ Email
1957 SF Miles Bill Windsor NY Email
1957 YN Tomaso Sal (terry) Chicago IL Email
1958 BT Crowel Ray Show Low AZ
1958 MM Lohry James Vicksburg MI Email
1958 MM Moore J B Atlantic City NJ Email
1958 PN Gallager Richard Albany NY Email
1958 RM Kent Roger Shawboro NC
1958 SF Harper William Columbus OH Email
1958 YN Orourke John Kingston PA
1959 Elliot Jim CA Discepolo
1959 BM Foster Richard Reading MA Pending Activation
1959 BM Malone John Pittsburgh PA Rausch
1959 BM Rausch Junior (rick) Pittsburgh PA Email
1959 BM Strielkauskas Robert Waterbury CT Email
1959 BT Losteiner Daniel Cleveland OH Email
1959 EM Bodo Alexander Bridgeport CT Email
1959 EM Lang James Greenwood IN Email
1959 EM Ptaszek Robin MI
1959 EM Rumbaugh Jan MI
1959 ET Chamberlin Wilson North Lewisburg OH Email
1959 FN Bannon Thomas Harrison NJ Email
1959 IC Driscoll Tim Corning NY
1959 MID1 Szalewski Ralph South Bend IN Email
1959 MM Hausburg Carl Horseheads NY Email
1959 MM Jenkins Bernard Huntsville OH Email
1959 MM Kruzan Jerome Highbridge WI Email
1959 MM Seyler Gary T Erie PA Email
1959 MM Seyler Gary T Erie PA Email
1959 MM Shinn David Chattanooga TN
1959 OM Parks Paul Pensacola FL
1959 OM Richardson Kenneth Tucson AZ
1959 PH Tagliamonte Bob Lynn MA Email
1959 PN Thompson Edwin Ballston Spa NY Email
1959 SF Adams Ronald Mokane MO Email
1959 SH Volkenand Jack Xenia OH Email
1959 SK Vandenheuvel Thomas Hart MI Email
1959 SM Williams Curtis E. Micro NC Email
1959 SN Discepolo Alfonso Bridgeport CT Email
1960 Dell Ed Pittsburg PA Raysik
1960 BM Austin Del Kirkwood NY Email
1960 BM Fisher Ned Fall River MA
1960 BM Fisher Ned Tiverton Ri. Rausch
1960 BM Raysik Charles Drexel Hill PA Email
1960 CPO Emrich Karl Virginia Beach VA
1960 DC Oster Charles Gap PA Email
1960 QM Ward Joseph New York City NY Email
1960 SK Bass Richard Fayetteville NC Email
1960 SK Stephenson Jay Bristol CT Email
1960 SN Malgeri Gino Arlington MA Email
1960 SN Reynolds Albert Gordonsville VA Email
1960 SN Sparveri Joseph East Hartford CT Email
1961 BM Houseman David East Lyme CT
1961 DC Oster Charles Paoli PA Email
1961 EM Dubois Lenny Avery Island LA Email
1961 EM Schwab Dennis Roslyn WA Email
1961 EM Topicz John Clearwater FL Email
1961 EN Ray James Canton GA Email
1961 IC Bartz Bill Buffalo NY Email
1961 IC Bartz Bill Buffalo NY Email
1961 MR Herner Victor Chicago IL Email
1961 MS Hunkapiller Charles Bend OR
1961 RM Olson Daniel Manchester NH Email
1961 SK Mead Roy Cherry Creek NY Email
1961 SK Mead Roy Cherry Creek NY Email
1961 SM Skapczynski Ronald Bridgeport CT Email
1961 SN Davis Clifford Central Islip NY Email
1961 SN Kalinowski William Ashtabula OH Email
1961 SN Phillips John Lebanon PA Email
1961 YN Seabolt Raymond Washington DC Email
1962 Roth Fred Mayville MI
1962 BM Albert Joseph ( Joe ) New Orleans LA Email
1962 BT Donohue James Palm Harbor FL
1962 DT Green Bert Oscoda MI Email
1962 EM Devereaux George (joe Gordy) So. Burlington VT Email
1962 EM Jusko Leonard Cleveland OH Email
1962 EM Schambach Charles Staten Island Nyc NY Email
1962 ET Larch John (jack) Sacramento CA Email
1962 GM Smith Wilson Broadway VA Email
1962 HM Hungerford Gary NY Green
1962 HM Hungerford Gary Farmingdale NY
1962 HM Shannon Lance IL
1962 IC Cummings David Cheshire MA
1962 MM Hicks Stan Cleveland OH Email
1962 MM Venuti William Rockland MA Email
1962 PM Heislop Carl Cleveland OH Email
1962 RM Eckert Gary Lancaster NY Email
1962 SK Stephenson Jay Bristol CT Email
1962 SN Davis Clifford Central Islip NY Email
1962 SN Kolski Irving Up State NY Davis
1962 SN Nicholas Charles Akron OH Email
1963 BT Nace Roger Ray
1963 EM Lopresto Anthony NY Jusko
1963 EM Weatherly Howard Philadelphia PA Email
1963 FN Buglione John Bellerose NY
1963 IC Niemer John Potosi WI Pending Activation
1963 IC Roeber Roger Eagle ID Email
1963 JO Embrey Bruce Indianapolis IN Email
1963 MM Moller J Roy Malden MA Email
1963 MM Nemeth Joe Monroe CT Email
1963 MM Ramsey Lester Rochelle IL Email
1963 TM Welsh Robert New York NY Email
1963 TM Welsh Robert New York NY Motley
1964 Cutcher Robert Unknown --
1964 BM Morrow Lawerence Messina New York NY Yeakley
1964 BM Redling John (jack) Hillside NJ Yeakley
1964 BM Yeakley Carl Van Buren AR Email
1964 CMDR Flagg --
1964 DC Davenport Roger Havertown PA Email
1964 DK Jones William (bill) Revere MA Email
1964 DK Jones Bill Revere MA Email
1964 DM Biermeier Larry So. St. Paul MN Email
1964 DT Powers Richard Bartow FL Email
1964 EM Lauria Michael Englewood FL Email
1964 FN Lisker David Providence RI Email
1964 FT Bachman Lawrence Matawan NJ Email
1964 FT Palmer Robert San Bernardino CA Email
1964 FT Palmer Robert San Bernardino CA Email
1964 GM Halpern Stephen Bronx NY Email
1964 GM Jarman Harry Charlotte NC Yeakley
1964 GM Schwarzmann Jack Dartmouth MA
1964 GM Schwarzmann Jack Alexandria VA Email
1964 HM Bryant Wendell Douglas GA
1964 HM Bryant Bryan --
1964 HM Bryant Wendell Douglas GA Email
1964 HM Ferry Edward CT
1964 HM Gallagher Donald Decatur IL
1964 HM Morgan David MI
1964 HM Parlee Ronald Tyngsboro MA
1964 HM Standell Gerald Boston MA
1964 HM Tweedley Russell Pawtucket RI
1964 IM Hurlbert James Golden CO Hunt
1964 IM Shekoski Steven Flint MI Hunt
1964 MID1 Honaker Ronald Midland PA Lawson
1964 MM Geer Eli Putney VT Email
1964 MM Townsend John Waltham MA Email
1964 MR Branham Chester Indianapolis IN Email
1964 MR Branham Chester Indianapolis IN Email
1964 PM Coker Jerome Odessa TX Email
1964 PN Casados Orlando Taos NM Email
1964 RM Galm Louis Pine Plains NY Email
1964 SF Barbery Ray Providence RI Falk
1964 SF Falk Larry Rochester MI Email
1964 SF Schwan William (bill) Aberdeen SD Email
1964 SH Clark Raymond Homewood IL Email
1964 SK Linc Thomas St Paul MN Email
1964 SN Ford James Wayne PA Yeakley
1964 SN Yeakley Carl Van Buren AR Email
1964 TM Gorman Eugene Brooklyn NY Email
1964 YN Crabill William Voorheesville NY Email
1964 YN Nies Royce Richmond MN Email
1964 YN Sanford James Modesto CA Nies
1965 Wolff` John Morehead KY
1965 BT Giacomo J. Paul Baltimore MD Email
1965 BT Watkins Jimmie Louisville KY Email
1965 BT Watkins Jimmie Louisville KY Email
1965 DC Mooney Richard Richmond VA Email
1965 EM Booker Chiago IL
1965 EM Shaw Eldon Fine NY
1965 EN Camponescki Sam Wakefield MA Email
1965 EN Falagario Tony Farmingdale NY Email
1965 ET Katz Bob Riviera Beach FL Email
1965 FN Scovel Jerry Freeport IL Email
1965 FT Russell William Newport RI Email
1965 HM Labonte Roger Manchug MA
1965 HM Norris Genes Richlands NC Email
1965 IM Beausoleil Edward Torrington CT Email
1965 IM Hunt Russell Greenfield MA Email
1965 IM Roemelen Michael Toledo OH Email
1965 IM Roemelen Michael Toledo OH Email
1965 MM Dauer Gerald Toledo OH Email
1965 MM Freitag E. Paul Newark NJ Email
1965 MM Lenz Jerome St. Paul MN Email
1965 MM Robella Robert Pelham Manor NY Email
1965 OM Reed Larry Point Pleasant WV
1965 PN Rose Larry Charleston MO Email
1965 RM Jensen Edward Hancock MN Email
1965 SF Barbery Al Providence RI Falk
1965 SF Frazier Ralph Troy NH Email
1965 SM Eovacious Paul Ipswich MA
1965 SN Clark Raymond Orland Park IL Email
1965 SN Dick Larry Grand Ledge MI
1965 SN Flanary James Burlington Junction MO Email
1965 SN Ouellette Robert Chepachet RI Email
1965 SN Wallace Donald Flint MI Email
1965 TM Motley Pete Alexandria VA Email
1965 TM Motley Pete Alexandria VA Email
1965 YN Lord David Portland OR Email
1966 Bill Trap Shemchuk
1966 Mike Pastore NY Shemchuk
1966 Pastore Mike NY Shemchuk
1966 BM Dennis Michael New York City NY Email
1966 BM Pogue Ronald Conshohocken PA Email
1966 BM Salvato Ralph Uniontown PA Email
1966 BT Mitchell Raymond Santee CA
1966 BT Mitchell Raymond Tazewell VA Email
1966 DM Shemchuk Dennis Lowell MA Email
1966 DM Shemchuk Dennis Lowell MA Email
1966 DP Gillespie Melvin Jonesboro IN Email
1966 DP Tominosky William Minersville PA Email
1966 EM Barker Dennis Fountain Inn SC Email
1966 EM Caley Carl Akron OH Email
1966 EM Mclemore Marvin Window Rock AZ Email
1966 EM Terry John New Orleans LA Gonzales
1966 ET Bunting Gregory South Bend IN Email
1966 FN Flores John NY Freitag
1966 GM Blea Julio Fremont CA Email
1966 IC Gonzales Robert Las Cruces NM Email
1966 IC Sawyer Kenneth Itasca TX Gonzales
1966 IM Pastori Mike Watervlit NY Serdinak
1966 IM Ruhl Rodney Marion OH
1966 IM Serdinak John Akron OH Email
1966 IM Tax Stephen New York NY Email
1966 LI Yoder Paul Wayne PA Email
1966 MM Mcilwraith John Middletown NJ Email
1966 MM Stone Richard Camarilo CA
1966 MM Stone Richard Flint MI Email
1966 MR Parker Bruce Lordstown OH Email
1966 OM Shingle Dana Reading PA Email
1966 PN Clark Mike Evansville IN Email
1966 PN Cooper Robert Jacksonville FL Email
1966 PN Davis Bill Southbury CT Email
1966 PN Ledgerwood Harry Springfield MO Email
1966 RM Hayduk Kenneth Belle Vernon PA Email
1966 RM Young Dennis Macy IN
1966 SF Mcauley Daniel (Mac) Boston AZ
1966 SF Slott Barry South Bend IN Email
1966 SF Slott Barry South Bend IN Email
1966 SK Barbera Robert Brooklyn NY Email
1966 SK Mower Francis Brookhaven PA Email
1966 SK Mower Francis Brookhaven PA Email
1966 SM Oakes Thomas Spotsylvania VA Email
1966 SM Simpson Ronald 4420 Plank Rd Loc K NY
1966 SM Woodford Robert Brooklyn NY Email
1966 SN Jones David Dallas PA Email
1966 SN Lund James Montevideo MN Email
1966 SN Nulle John Piscataway NJ Email
1966 SN Nulle John Westfield NJ Email
1966 SN Nulle John Westfield NJ Email
1966 SN Triemert David St. Paul MN Email
1966 TM Abel Jim Shelbyville IN Email
1966 TM Beier Verdell Wilton WI Email
1966 TM Beier Verdell Wilton WI Email
1966 TM Whitefield Glenn Lebanon TN Email
1966 YN Sheffield Fr Bernard Baltimore MD Email
1966 YN Yarrobino Robert The Bronx NY Email
1967 Martin Preston (tom) Proctorville OH Dieckman
1967 BM Welsh John Troy NY Email
1967 BT Mackenthun Don Detroit Lakes MN Email
1967 BT Palmer Gene Coffeyville KS Email
1967 BT Walchusky Peter D Utica NY Email
1967 BT Walchusky Peter Utica NY Email
1967 DC Leeber Anthony Brentwood NY Email
1967 DP Ragusa Mario Revere MA Email
1967 DP Smith Robert Reading PA Email
1967 EM Boyer Charles Lebanon PA Weatherly
1967 EM Dube Skip Kingston NH Email
1967 EM Shelkey George Pittsburgh PA Weatherly
1967 EM Wendt Roger WI Weatherly
1967 ET Baechler Craig Runnemede NJ Email
1967 ET Beal Larry Kent OH Email
1967 ET Duane David St.louis MO Email
1967 ET Eschenbrenner Larry High Ridge MO Email
1967 ET Eschenbrenner Larry High Ridge MO Email
1967 ET Gordon Phillip Columbus OH Email
1967 ET Popek Jack Wickliffe OH Email
1967 GM Edgar Dennis Pittsburgh PA Email
1967 IC Mckeon Michael New York City NY Email
1967 IC Nibert John Johnstown PA Email
1967 LI Wilson Tom Braintree MA Email
1967 MM Schmidt Ronald Waltham MA Email
1967 MR Digiusto Dennis Quincy MA Email
1967 MR Eve Edwin Youngstown OH Email
1967 MR Griffith Don Wabash IN Pending Activation
1967 MR Lovell Steve Kutztown PA Email
1967 SH Diblasi Samuel Reading PA Email
1967 SK Brown Daniel Livonia NY Email
1967 YN Neale Bob Falls Church VA Email
1967 YN Neale Bob Falls Church VA Email
1968 BM Butler Douglas Chillicothe IL Email
1968 BM Dennis Michael` New York City NY Email
1968 BM Dunlap James Rochester NY Email
1968 BT Harris Robert Fall River MA
1968 CPO Heim Patrick Baltimore MD Email
1968 CS Dougherty Phillip Ovid NY
1968 CWO Simcox Carl Neptune Beach FL
1968 DK Butler Doug Chillicothe IL Email
1968 DT Hatch Jeffrey Orwell VT
1968 EM Creel Leonard Nederland TX
1968 EM Gallo Mark Cincinnati OH
1968 EM Gallo Mark Cincinatti OH Laguarina
1968 EM Morgan Russell Canton PA Email
1968 ET Baechler Craig Runnemede NJ Email
1968 ET Baechler Craig Runnemede NJ Email
1968 ET Mckillop Wayne Philadelphia PA Email
1968 ET Murphy Stephen Bedford MA Email
1968 FN Gaspari Norbert Upper Darby PA Email
1968 HM Register James Exeter NH
1968 HT Fulmer George Frederick MD Email
1968 IM Morales Kenneth Collinsville IL Email
1968 IM Morales Ken Collinsville IL Email
1968 LI Dieckman Gary Queens, New York NY Email
1968 MR Ceisner Gregory Akron NY Email
1968 OM Cortez Pablo Harlingen TX Dieckman
1968 OM Cortez Pablo Harlengen TX Levy
1968 OM Levy Jack Newburgh NY Email
1968 PM Shaffer P Terre Haute IN
1968 RM Dougherty Leo Ovid NY
1968 RM Nichols Timothy Highland MD Email
1968 SK Legg Jim Ironton OH Email
1968 SK Lerum Dennis Rio WI
1968 SK Spaulding Richard Bristol RI Email
1968 SN Bennett Russell Bridgeport CT Email
1968 SN Bocklett William New Richmond OH Email
1968 SN Fritz Walter Clifton NJ Email
1968 SN Laguarina Richard And Robert (twins) Piscataway NJ Email
1968 TM Kula Gary East Hartford CT Email
1968 TM Leyfert Robert Mountaintop PA Email
1969 Anderson Jimmy IN Wildman
1969 Carter Eddy Hubbard
1969 Truitt Joe FL Wildman
1969 AD Hernandez Angel (bob) Brooklyn NY Email
1969 BM Clements Albert Cherry Hill NJ Email
1969 BM Murphy Steve Philladelphia PA Laguarina
1969 BT Wildman Bruce Danbury CT Email
1969 CPO Cornett Larry Dieckman
1969 DT Fusco Joe North Kingstown RI Email
1969 ET Lutz Barry Mechanicsburg PA Email
1969 ET Lutz Barry Mechanicsburg PA Email
1969 ET Mckillop Wayne Philadelphia PA Email
1969 IC Lavery Edward Rock Island IL Email
1969 IM Carter Edward Newport SD Morales
1969 LT Zion Wildman
1969 ML Rose Frank Lake Worth FL Email
1969 MM Crutchley Gerry MD Sullivan
1969 MM Tull Jim Hyattsville MD Email
1969 MM Urbanski Thomas Ord NE Email
1969 MR Ceisner Gregory Akron NY Email
1969 MR Keith Rick Ceisner
1969 MR Martin Albe Wales MA Email
1969 MR Pierre Walt Bpt CT Email
1969 MR Sullivan John Providence RI Email
1969 MS Hubbard Jeff Marathon NY Email
1969 RD Friedman James New Orleans LA Email
1969 SF Gorden Jim Ritchie
1969 SF Mastrocinque Peter Newport RI Email
1969 SF Pretts Wayne Fergus Falls MN Email
1969 SF Ritchie Bob Detroit MI Email
1969 SH Martell Dennis (marty) Nova Scotia Now - Maine Hubbard
1969 SK Legg Jim Ironton OH Email
1969 SM Hunter Daniel Steele AL Email
1969 SM Hunter Dan Steele AL Email
1969 SN Bennett Russell Bridgeport CT Email
1969 SN Dunlap James Rochester NY Email
1969 SN Kuuse Robert Norfolf VA Email
1969 SN Lawson Larry Shippingport PA Email
1969 TM Peddicord Richard Perry IA Email
1970 BM Bakko Tommy Granite Falls WA
1970 BM Lampley Pete Uniontown PA Email
1970 BM Warren Mitchell Hot Springs AR Email
1970 CM Capobianco Ernie West Nyack NY Email
1970 DP Cennamo Jack North Bellmore NY
1970 DP Nagy Peter Fresno CA Email
1970 DP Walker James Texarkana TX Email
1970 DS Armour Roy Medford OR Email
1970 EN Rennie Bud Philadelphia PA Email
1970 HM Leighliter Clarence Brownsville PA Email
1970 IM Paczesny Michael Milwaukee WI Email
1970 IM Reepe Robert Clarkesville GA Email
1970 MM Douglas Tl Saginaw MI Email
1970 MR Castro Bert Harlingen TX Email
1970 MR Daniels Mark Portland OR Email
1970 MR Frisbie Tim Ann Arbor MI Email
1970 MR Pontius Glenn Highspire PA Email
1970 MR Sullivan John Providence RI Email
1970 PM Pease Robert Medford MA Email
1970 RM Hunt Mitch Trenton NJ Walker
1970 SM Rainey David New Orlean LA Walker
1970 SN Groth John Boston MA Dunlap
1970 SN Thompson Lonnie TN
1971 BM Brown Jimmy Ontario CA Email
1971 BM Brown Jimmy Ontario CA Email
1971 BM Phelps John OH Kasprzak
1971 DM Gracia Nelson Bronx NY Email
1971 DM Gracia Nelson New York City NY Email
1971 DM Gracia Nelson New York City NY Email
1971 DP Kasprzak Steve Buffalo NY Email
1971 EN Carr Frederick Sault Ste. Marie MI Email
1971 HT Rodgers Estes Chicago IL Email
1971 IC Morin Scott Ashland ME Email
1971 IM Bryan Harold Cameron WV Email
1971 LT Drucker Michael Westbury NY Pending Activation
1971 MM Ostroy Norm Vienna WV
1971 MR White Foy Springfield VA Email
1971 RM Fleetwood Michael Fort Worth TX Email
1971 SCPO Mullarkey Joseph B Amsterdam Ny NY Email
1971 SK Peri John New Orleans LA Kasprzak
1971 TM Runyan Joe Shelby NC Email
1972 BM Murray Frank Erskine MI Email
1972 CWO Mc Gowan John Sicklerville NJ Email
1972 EN Thompson Jackie Skiatook OK Email
1972 ET Stovall Leonard San Francisco CA Email
1972 LT Mungo Richard Cuyahoga Falls OH Email
1972 MM Russell Vern Baldwin KS Email
1972 RM Marks Wendell Chicago IL Email
1972 SN Saul David Limeport PA Email
1972 YN Varano Robert Rome NY Email
1972 YN Varano Robert Rome NY Email
1973 BT Westenberger George Boonton NJ Email
1973 CPO Hobbs Robert Baltimore MD Email
1973 EM Oliver Randy Kitchener Ontario Canada IL Email
1973 MR Smith Richard Milwaukee WI Email
1973 PM Walberg Ron St Cloud MN Email
1973 PVT Ellis Charles Mount Pleasant SC Email
1974 EM Petrzala Francis Binghamton NY
1974 EN Edwards James (Mike) Cinti. OH
1974 ET Strandberg Steven Oceanside CA Email
1974 HT Kamsch Ralph Pasadena MD Email
1974 MM Dreier Mike Jacksonville FL
1974 MM Rys William Marilla NY Email
1974 SK Stephenson Jay Bristol CT Email
1975 BM Pierce David M. Evansville IN Cash
1975 HT Miele Joseph Brooklyn NY Email
1975 MR Huggins Steven Millville NJ Email
1975 MR Joiner Dennis Meadville PA Email
1975 MR Perez Rudolph Apple Valey CA Email
1975 PM Bock Roger Moorhead MN Email
1976 BM Cash Ralph Miami FL Email
1976 BM Hartley Jon St. Petersburg FL Email
1976 BM Johnson Bruce Orfordville WI Email
1976 BM Souder Bruce Rock Island IL
1976 BT Oates Harry B Oates Homosassa FL Email
1976 CPO Moore Bobby Bernice LA Email
1976 EM Fernandes Robert Taunton MA Email
1976 EM Parsons Cletus W. Delphos OH Email
1976 HT Reilly Michael Pawtucket RI Email
1976 LT Huffman Karl Oxnard CA Email
1976 MM Kassim Rafiek New York NY Email
1976 MM Parks Richard Cohocton NY
1976 OM Stagg Lloyd Pensacola FL
1976 SN Pratt Kevin Macomb IL Email
1977 BT Bond James Sweeny TX Email
1977 BT Ellis James Belleview FL Email
1977 EN Dubuc Rene Chesapeake VA
1977 FT Feuchtinger Dennis Pensacola FL Email
1977 HT Holbrook Bob Waverly OH
1977 HT Lagge Rick Chelan WA
1977 HT Olivo Stephen North Providence RI
1977 IC Thompson Jimmy Abingdon VA
1977 IM Parrack Arthur Fresno CA
1977 MM Benner Edward MI
1977 MR Lemanowicz Steve Voorhees NJ Email
1977 SK Holland Tracy Bloomington IN
1977 SK Perry Tom Chicago IL Email
1978 HT Stefan Mike Ashland PA
1978 SK Campbell Bob Knoxville TN