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U.S.S. YELLOWSTONE (AD-27) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1940 Bell Donald North Reading MA
1940 Wellmen Don  Lee Center IL
1940 ET Broadway Carrie --
1940 SN Bledsoe Robert J. San Diego CA
1941 HT Mccarthy John Staten Island NY Email
1945 CS Senner Richard Salina KS
1945 SK Howard Drexel Casey IL Email
1946 MCPO Young Lacy Starke FL
1947 IC Blakely Harold Dracut MA
1947 IM Donaldson Harley Columbus OH Email
1948 MID3 Chiodo Carmen Chicagom2901@gmail.com IL Email
1948 RM Brick Aloysius Yuma AZ
1948 SN Hogg Leonard Gauley Bridge WV Email
1949 CPO Harrison Paul Vero Beach FL
1949 IC Quinn Frank Frederick MD
1949 RM Bingham Ronnie Shelby NC
1949 SCPO Clewett James Snowflake AZ
1949 SK Blythe Danny Atlantic City NJ
1949 TM Wadsworh E J Huntsville AL
1950 ET Steele Arthur Huntington WV
1950 RM Trundy Earl Sun City AZ
1951 Shaub Richard PA
1951 Shaub Richard PA
1951 BM Hinkley Robert Pittsfield MA Email
1951 LI Dinapoli Robert Boston MA
1951 LI Dinapoli Robert Boston MA
1951 MM Townsend Jr. Francis Ocean City NJ
1952 FT Kanishefsky Stanley New York NY Email
1952 IM Cohen Perry Chicago IL Email
1952 ME Jacobson Jack Silver Spring,md MD Email
1952 MM Englander Irwin New York City NY Email
1952 MR Moyer Richard Mechanicsburg PA Email
1952 MR Parkhurst Donald Holland Patent NY Email
1952 PR Rielly William North Pelham NY
1952 TE Ward John Middleport OH Email
1953 EN Wellman Don Lee Center IL
1953 LI Possnecke Ed San Francisco CA
1953 PH Roebas George J Philadelphia PA Email
1953 SN Richmond Clinton (chicken) Oak Hill, WV Email
1954 CS Wieczorek Leroy Chicago IL Email
1954 CS Wieczorek --
1954 NC Ledford Jim Black Mountain NC
1954 RD Cyr Joseph Jewett City CT Email
1954 SO White James Woodward OK
1955 Anderson Norman White Plains NY
1955 Rodgers John Elizabeth City NC
1955 Wellmen Don Lee Center IL
1955 CPL Jguarino Frank Brooklyn NY Email
1955 DK Rodgers John Elizabeth City NC
1955 FN Orcutt Robert Collingswood NJ Email
1955 FN Orcutt Robert Collingswood NJ Email
1955 MM Sanders Raymond Saint Joseph MI
1955 PM Couch Jerry Tekoa WA Email
1955 SK Marshall Frank Canaseraga NY Email
1955 SN Tate Grant Willngton DE Email
1955 YN Garrettson Donald Monaca PA Email
1956 CPO Bullock Norman Houston TX
1956 PM Blake Robert L. Detroit MI Email
1956 RM Tjaden Ron Charles City IA Email
1956 RM Turner William Nc NV Email
1956 SK Bowen Paul Rochester NH Email
1956 SK Bowen Paul Ocala FL
1956 SN Hall Thomas Stanford KY
1956 TM Dysart Lawrence Atchison KS Email
1956 YN Johnson Winton F. Ellsworth WI Email
1957 IC Grommon Delmer Marne MI Email
1957 IC Grommon Del Marne MI Email
1957 SH Blanchette Gilbert Colchester CT
1957 SN Johnson Winton F. Red Wing MN
1958 BM Carter Donnie Rockford IL Email
1958 BM Lepore Matthew Cambridge MA Email
1958 BM Middleton Forgot --
1958 BM Raynor --
1958 BM Tiller?? Philladelphia PA
1958 BM Timperio Martin Highland NY
1958 EM Any Of The Old Guys From The Ships Elect Still Alive And Able --
1958 EM Corso Jerry Salem MA
1958 EM Janko Al Stoneham MA
1958 EM Knopp Phil Las Vegas NV
1958 EM Phillips Art Jacksonville Beach FL
1958 ET Clark Philip Verplanck NY Email
1958 ET Clark Philip Verplanck NY Email
1958 FN Dukes George Oldsmar FL
1958 IC Grommon Del Marne MI Email
1958 LI Anderson Robert New Castle DE Email
1958 ML Frye Harold Mckeansburg PA Email
1958 MM Bratcher Donald Louisville KY Email
1958 MM Tanner Donald Detroit MI Email
1958 OM Russell Martin Independence KS Email
1958 SF Lockman Thomas Detroit MI Email
1958 SF Strickland Francis Hornell, N.Y. & Foxb MA
1958 SN Tetreault Tom Lowell,mass. MA Email
1959 BM Eli Ron Nashville TN Collins
1959 CS Mills Franklin Cliffwood Beach NJ Email
1959 FT Yanke Marvin Warner Robins GA
1959 FT Yanke Marv Warner Robins GA
1959 HM Degon Richard Massena NY
1959 HM Smith Roland Riceboro, Ga. SC Email
1959 HT Otero Arthur Bronx NY Email
1959 MM Bell Donald North Reading MA
1959 MM Wood David Brooklyn NY
1959 OM Paulhardt Werner (paul) Detroit MI Email
1959 SH Williamson Seale Greenville AL Email
1959 SN Cass Dean Elkland PA Email
1959 YN Collins Ronald Bridgeport CT Email
1960 Gilbody William Nashua NH
1960 BM Eli Ronald Nashville TN
1960 EM Knopp Phil --
1960 EM Willams Don --
1960 IC Gerrier Edward Augusta ME Email
1960 SF Mueller Roger Arlington TX Email
1961 Ferrett Herbert U. Jacksonville FL
1961 Ferrett Herbert U. Jacksonville FL
1961 Graham Sk2 Ronald Usa --
1961 BT Howell Daniel Sparta MI
1961 GM White James Macon GA Email
1961 IC Hinkley Ray --
1961 PM Box Jim Russellville AR Email
1961 PM Box Jim Russellville AR Email
1961 RM Sherwood Phillip Pueblo West CO
1961 SF Smith John Traphill NC Email
1961 SK Brown William B. Jr. Uniondale NY
1961 SM Williams Curtis Micro NC Email
1961 SN Madine Harry Nyc NY Email
1962 BT Lmitchell Robert Hamilton OH Email
1962 BT Redder Larry Zeeland MI Email
1962 EM Falco Salvatore Union Beach NJ
1962 GM Anderson Wayne CA Hurst
1962 GM Dean Hurst
1962 GM King Hurst
1962 RM Simon Lawrence Port Arthur TX Email
1962 SM Hurst P.w. Sm3 Maryville TN Email
1962 SN Walley Ralph Worcester MA Email
1963 DC Drybread Fred Bisbee AZ Email
1963 DT Rivas (mack) Marcelino Nacogdoches TX Email
1963 FT Bradley Edward Downers Grove IL Email
1963 FT Kulpa Joe Elizabeth NJ Email
1963 HT Mullarkey Joseph Amsterdam NY Email
1963 ML Mccalla James Ridgeway OH Email
1963 ML Wells William Guilford IN Email
1963 MM Fine Ronald Miami FL Email
1963 RM Koczur Robert Torrington CT Email
1963 RM Nance Alfonso Tampa FL Koczur
1963 SF Tolles Richard Toledo OH Email
1963 SF Tolles Richard Toledo OH Email
1963 SF Tolles Richard Toledo OH Email
1963 SK Ellis Samuel Palmetto FL Email
1963 SK Manstine Robert Columbia SC Email
1963 SM Johns IA Hurst
1963 SN Banton Steve Deleon Springs FL
1963 SN Larusso William Stamford CT Email
1963 SN Miller Paul Bryant AR
1963 TM Hayden Donald Tulsa OK Email
1963 YN Sullivan William Oyster Bay NY
1964 BM Ball Joshie Linzy (lin) Tampa FL Email
1964 BM Cowart Bm1 Robert (Tony) Deland FL
1964 BT Morales Wilfredo New York City NY Email
1964 BT Wiley Rick Bangore ME Ball
1964 DT Castellanos Jesus San Antonio TX Email
1964 FC Morris James Spartanburg SC
1964 LTJG Wood John Ball
1964 ML Anderson --
1964 ML Wells William Guilford IN Email
1964 MM Rickel Dewey Cincinatti OH Ball
1964 MR Anderson Spencer Fairbault MN Email
1964 MR Kamm Charles Metamora IL Email
1964 PN Batiste Henry Lake Charles LA Email
1964 QM Cooper John New York NY Vecchitto
1964 QM Vecchitto Jim Chicago IL Email
1964 SK Rinehart Jerre Oxford AL Email
1964 SN Baluski Teddy PA Ball
1964 SN Holmes Richard Bridgewater ME Email
1964 TM Seal George Conyers GA
1965 BM Grammer Terry Winchester TN
1965 BM Kolodziej Rich Joliet IL Email
1965 BM Tompkins Dennis Brooklyn NY Email
1965 BM Wade FL Ball
1965 BT Mills James Caruthersville MO Email
1965 BT Wade Peter Honolulu HI
1965 GM Bailey Joel Hazlehurst MS Email
1965 IC Mayfield Ray Abilene TX Email
1965 IC White Floyd Glenwood Springs CO Email
1965 OM Cooper John New York NY Email
1965 SF Gutherie Richard Monroe MI Hawke
1965 SF Hawke William Wilmington DE Email
1965 SF Sullivan John Terra-haut IN Hawke
1965 SM Mayes Leroy Kenosha WI Email
1965 SN Ramey Brian C Hampton NY Email
1965 TM Parrott Ronald Savannah GA Email
1966 BM Chambers Leo Waukon IA Email
1966 BM Graham Thomas Philadelphia PA Email
1966 BM Reynolds Jerry West Palm Bch FL Email
1966 BT Mckenzie Charles Jacksonville FL Email
1966 CS Brady Bill Marine City MI Email
1966 CS Moore Raymond Shelby County TN Stratton
1966 CS Stratton John (fat Jack ) Baltimore MD Email
1966 DC Veillon Joseph San Antonio TX Email
1966 FN Himes Jeffery Gulfport FL Email
1966 IC Roush Ron Cincinnati OH
1966 IC Roush Ronald Cincinnati OH
1966 PN Jones Clifford Spartanburg SC Email
1966 RD Albritton Michael Austin TX Email
1966 SF Dowe Tom ? IL Rightmyer
1966 SF Sullivan John Terra Haut IN Rightmyer
1966 SH Dunning Paul Marion IL
1966 SM Jamin Tom St. Petersburg FL Email
1966 YN Schmidt Paul Jamin
1967 BM Avery William Glenn Dunn NC Email
1967 BM Curry John Woodville MS Email
1967 BM Gleason Robert Charlottesville VA Email
1967 BM Hoff Terry Spring Grove PA Email
1967 BM Lynch Charles Darlington SC Email
1967 BM Tucker Harold Winston-salem NC Email
1967 BT Bartlow Paul Montezuma IN Email
1967 CS Lockard David Glenside PA Email
1967 FN Russell Lawrence Newark NJ Email
1967 LT Murray Harold Jacksonville FL
1967 PC Newhard John Saegertown PA Email
1967 SF Rightmyer Bob Rochester NY Email
1967 SH Hoff Thomas Spring Grove PA Email
1967 TM Spenny Richard Canton IL
1967 YN Merrill Rick Deland FL
1968 DC Casper Richard Sioux City IA Email
1968 DC Danzer Bill Liberty NY Email
1968 EM Dittmeier Jim Manorville NY Email
1968 EN Goodwin Stephen West Gardiner ME
1968 FN Danzer Bill Liberty NY Email
1968 FTM Whitlock Randy Salisbury NC Email
1968 IC Fitch Peter Windsor Locks CT Email
1968 LTJG Cottrell Richard Lake Forest IL Email
1968 MCPO Miller William Dover PA
1968 PM Pennington Bill Bessemer AL Email
1968 SH Deluca John Philadelphia PA Email
1968 SK Tatom Tim Fort Worth TX Email
1968 SM Green I E Rainsville AL Email
1968 YN Oleary Bob St. Petersburg FL Email
1969 BM Blansette Jim Menasha WI Email
1969 BM Hamill Donald Chicago IL Email
1969 BM Price Dave Covington VA Email
1969 BM Thompson Thomas Imperial Beach CA Email
1969 BM Winkler Ward Charlotte NC Email
1969 DC O Kean John Jersey City NJ Email
1969 DT Fitzpatrick Robert Waterbury CT Email
1969 EM Bombelyn Fred Charleston SC Email
1969 EM Wright Ed Parsons KS Email
1969 ET Crocker Clovis Picayune MS Email
1969 HM Felix Robert Fall River MA Email
1969 HT Spofford Steve Marthas Vineyard MA Email
1969 HT Weich Lewayne Norfolk NE Email
1969 IC Quinn Frank Delray Beach FL Email
1969 LCDR Shephard Alfred Bangor ME Email
1969 MM Howell Gale Webster NY Email
1969 MR Gaecklein David Boothbay Harbor ME Email
1969 MR Rocca James Crosby MN Email
1969 PN Sheehan Ken Akron PA Email
1969 RD Sasser Robert Jacksonville FL Email
1969 RD Winiarczyk Michael Erie PA Email
1969 RM Bingham Ronnie Kings Mountain NC Email
1969 RM Hartfield Allen Hattiesburg MS Email
1969 SF Spinelli Patrick Brooklyn NY Email
1969 SH Wiley Donald Owls Head ME Email
1969 SK Blythe Daniel Linwood NJ Email
1969 SK Gibson Bud Springfield PA Email
1969 SN Dowen Robert Hopkinton MA Email
1969 SN Scurti Joe Lambertville NJ Email
1969 YN Bob Bentrem Brooklyn NY Email
1969 YN Stanley Charles Shepherdstown WV Email
1970 BM Marler David Nicholaseville KY
1970 CPO Clewett James Snowflake AZ
1970 DC Eckert Glenn B. Akron OH Email
1970 DP Wallace Ron Smithfield NC Email
1970 EM Raether Russell Leesburg FL
1970 EN Hyett Daniel Beaumont TX Email
1970 ML Paananen Gary Concord CA Email
1970 MM Magoo Howell
1970 MR Orr Charles Cornelius NC
1970 MR Wilde Richard Tulsa OK Email
1970 RM Maffia Michael Waterbury CT Email
1970 SK Friedman Herman Cleveland OH Email
1971 DT Moffat John Buffalo NY Email
1971 DT Steve Johnston Beaufort SC Email
1971 EM Coffman Terry Lewisberry PA Email
1971 IC Goforth Sam Dallas TX Email
1971 IC Lasalle William Greenwood AR Email
1971 IC Lasalle William Greenwood AR Kirkman
1971 IC Lasalle William Greenwood AR Kirkman
1971 MM Hollowood Charles L. Westbrownsville SC Email
1971 MM Hollowood Charles L. Westbrownsville PA Email
1971 SK Bullock Joe Mobile AL Email
1972 DT Gray Leon Cando ND Email
1972 EM Barshaw Dan Marquette MI Email
1972 EM Davila Armando Barshaw
1972 EM Noel David Miami OK Email
1972 EN Hyett Daniel LA
1972 ENS Kraehmer Carl Memphis TN Email
1972 ET Cole James Toledo OH Email
1972 ET Wallace George Mobile AL Email
1972 FN High James Georgetown SC
1972 HT Barbo Rey Selma CA
1972 HT Dreas Paul Rochester NY Email
1972 HT Haynes William Cheyenne WY Email
1972 HT Noftsger Carl Mingo IA Email
1972 IC Kirkman David Winston Salem NC Email
1972 IC Kirkman David Winston Salem NC Email
1972 IM Everett Kirk Hamilton NJ Email
1972 MM Hollingsworth Will Columbia SC
1972 MM Ponthier Kent New Orleans LA
1972 MR Eckenrode David Saltsburg PA Email
1972 MR Hanners Wayne Palm City FL Email
1972 MR Shultz David Dodge City KS
1972 PM Emanuel Joe Bellvue CO Email
1973 BM Hogsed Bobby Andrews NC
1973 EM Noel David Miami OK Email
1973 EN Butts Kenny Smith
1973 EN Smith Gary Alva OK Email
1973 FN Fidram Andrew Youngstown OH Email
1973 IM Gayle Howard Denver City TX Email
1973 MR Dupre Jack Vanceboro NC Email
1973 SH Temin Gerald Omaha NE Email
1974 HT Washum Michael Ocean Springs MS
1974 MM Mcpeak Mike Jackson OH Email
1974 SK Pickrell Dennis Siloam Springs, AR Email
1982 MM Hoffman Steven Greenville OH
1984 DS Gregory Richard Emporia VA
1985 CWO Brown Horace Little Rock AR Email
1989 SK Mitchell Genie New Brunswick NJ
1991 HT Dake Patrick Grand Rapids MI
1991 HT Waddle --
1992 BM Sterling Emma Bellville IL
1993 CPO Brown Bernice Bmore VA
1995 HT Deshano Kim Auburn MI
1998 SCPO Bowdry Emdra --