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U.S.S. LST-899


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LST-899 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
DEC1944-JAN1946Departed Pittsburgh, PA., 12-10-44 for New Orleans LA. 1-1-46
JAN1945-JAN19451-7-45 left New Orleans for Mobile Ala. arrived that same night.
JAN1945-JAN1945Left Mobile Ala. for New Orleans Jan 8. re-arrived Jan. 9.
JAN1945-JAN194515th shoved off to Mobile again.
JAN1945-JAN194516th. Left for the Panama Canal Zone.
JAN1945-JAN194524th. Arrived Panama, (Colon, Coco Solo Air Base.)
JAN1945-JAN194525th. Left Panama for West coast.
FEB1945-FEB194518th. Arrived Pearl Harbor.
FEB1945-FEB19459th. Left S.P.
FEB1945-FEB19459th. Left S.P.
FEB1945-FEB19458th. Arrived San Pedro, Calif.
MAY1945-MAY194530th. Left Pearl Harbor for Frisco, Calif.
MAY1945-MAY194530th. Left Pearl Harbor for Frisco, Calif.
JUN1945-JUN194527th. Left Frisco for Seattle, Wash.
JUN1945-JUN1945Friday the 8th. Arrived Frisco, Calif.
JUL1945-JUL19451st. of July. Sunday, Arrived Seattle.
JUL1945-JUL194510th. Left Seattle for Pearl.
JUL1945-JUL1945Saturday, 21st July, arrived Pearl H.
JUL1945-JUL194522nd. of July, left Pearl.
AUG1945-AUG194530th. Returned to Okinawa.
AUG1945-AUG1945Wednesday, 29th. August, went to ie Shima
AUG1945-AUG194516th. Arrived Okinawa.
AUG1945-AUG194515th V-J Day (overseas.)
AUG1945-AUG194511th. left Saipan for Okinawa.
AUG1945-AUG19459th. August. Arrived Saipan, Mariana Is.
AUG1945-AUG19454th. August. Left Eniwetok.
AUG1945-AUG1945Friday, 3rd of August arrived Enitwtok, Marshall Is.
SEP1945-SEP194523rd. Sighted drifting mine on same trip and we sank it.
SEP1945-SEP194523rd. Hit 2nd rugged typhoon on way up for 4 days.
SEP1945-SEP1945Sat. 23rd. Left Okinawa for Northern Honshu, Japan.
SEP1945-SEP194516th. Met 1st typhoon had 200,000 gal of Hi-Octane gas aboard.
OCT1945-OCT1945Tuesday, October 2nd. Arrived Ominato, Japan.
NOV1945-NOV1945Monday, 30th. November, left Ominato.
DEC1945-DEC19453rd of December, arrived at Kisarazu, Japan.
DEC1945-DEC194518th. December. Left for Guam.
JAN1946-JAN194627th. Arrived at Shanghai.
JAN1946-JAN194625th. Returned Shanghai
JAN1946-JAN194623rd. Arrived Sasebo.
JAN1946-JAN194621st. Made first trip with 1000 Japanese POWs to Sasebo, Japan.
JAN1946-JAN1946Sunday 13th. Jan. arrived at Shanghai.
JAN1946-JAN19465th. January 1946 left Guam for Shanghai, China.
FEB1946-FEB194627th. Left for Tsing Tao. China.
FEB1946-FEB194625th. Arrived Ching Wang Tao.
FEB1946-FEB194619th. Left Hong Kong for Ching Wang Tao, China.
FEB1946-FEB194615th. Arrived Hong Kong.
FEB1946-FEB1946Monday 11th. left for Hong Kong. China.
FEB1946-FEB19465th. left for Shanghai, 5th arrived Shanghai.
FEB1946-FEB19461st Feb. 2nd load of Japanese POWs to Sasebo, arrived 3rd.
MAR1946-MAR194624th. Arrived Iwo Jima.
MAR1946-MAR194620th. Left Sasebo for Iwo Jima.
MAR1946-MAR194618th. Arrived Sasebo.
MAR1946-MAR194615th. Left Shanghai for Sasebo with third load of Japanese POWs.
MAR1946-MAR19465th. Underway to Shanghai, China, again.
MAR1946-MAR19461st of March, arrived Tsing Tao, China.
APR1946-APR19464th. Left Iwo.
APR1946-APR1946Underway to Saipan, arrived 7th of April.
APR1946-APR194610th. Left Saipan for Pearl.
APR1946-APR194624th. Arrived Pearl Harbor. 27th Left Pearl for the States.
MAY1946-MAY19469th of May, arrived Port Huememe, Calif.
MAY1946-MAY194614th. of May, left for Seattle Wash. Arrived on the 19th.

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