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USS VREELAND (FF-1068) - a Knox-class frigate

In Commission 1970 to 1992

FF-1068 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
MAR 1968 - Keel Date: 20 MAR 1968
at Avondale Shipyard Inc. Westwego LA
JUN 1969 - Launch Date: 14 JUN 1969
JUN 1970 - Commissioned: 13 JUN 1970
AUG 1972 - SEP 1975 Mediterranean
JUN 1977 - NOV 1977 UNITAS
AUG 1977 - Shellback Initiation - 21 AUG 1977 - Atlantic Ocean
SEP 1977 - Shellback Initiation - 15 SEP 1977 - Pacific Ocean
NOV 1978 - MAY 1979 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
JAN 1982 - OCT 1982 Mediterranean
APR 1984 - OCT 1984 Mediterranean
MAY 1985 - MAY 1985 Caribbean
JUN 1985 - JUN 1985 Second Consecutive Battle Efficiency Award for Excellence
JUN 1985 - JUL 1985 SPECOPS North Atlantic
AUG 1985 - AUG 1985 Dependents Cruise
AUG 1985 - SEP 1985 Ocean Safari
NOV 1985 - NOV 1985 Caribbean
JAN 1986 - MAY 1986 Libya Expedition (Gulf of Sidra and crossing Line of Death)
JAN 1986 - SEP 1986 Mediterranean
FEB 1986 - FEB 1986 FLEETEX 1-86 Puerto Rican Oparea
MAY 1986 - MAY 1986 Distant Hammer 86
JUN 1986 - JUN 1986 Exercise Tridente 86
AUG 1986 - AUG 1986 Crown Prince of Spain Visit
OCT 1986 - OCT 1986 Third Consecutive Battle Efficiency Award for Excellence
NOV 1986 - NOV 1986 I-SHAREM 1-87
JAN 1987 - JAN 1987 BLASTEX 1-87
FEB 1987 - MAR 1987 Port Visit Miami FL
JUN 1987 - JUN 1987 Dependents Cruise
JUL 1987 - AUG 1987 Guantanamo Bay
AUG 1987 - SEP 1987 FLEETEX 4-87
SEP 1987 - SEP 1987 Port Visit Fort Lauderdale FL
FEB 1988 - AUG 1988 Mediterranean
DEC 1989 - JAN 1990 Operation Just Cause (Panama)
DEC 1990 - JAN 1991 Desert Shield
DEC 1990 - JUN 1991 Desert Storm
FEB 1991 - JUN 1992 Decommisioning
JUN 1992 - JUN 1992 Decommisioning

FF-1068 General Specifications

Class: Knox-class frigate

Named for: Charles E. Vreeland

Complement: 18 Officers and 267 Enlisted

Displacement: 3208 tons

Length: 438 feet

Beam: 46 feet 9 inches

Flank Speed: over 27 knots

Final Disposition: Transferred to Greece 30 June 1992


Vreeland (DE-1068) was laid down on 20 March 1968 by the Avondale Shipyard at Westwego, La.; launched on 16 June 1969; sponsored by Mrs. Jamie L. Whitten, wife of the Congressman representing Mississippi's 2d Congressional District; and commissioned at Charleston, S.C., on 13 June 1970, Comdr. David R. Stefferud in command.

After fitting out at Charleston and shakedown training in the West Indies, Vreeland returned to Charleston to join Destroyer Squadron (DesRon) 4. She completed repairs in February 1971 and final contract trials in March and then began preparations for her first deployment to the Mediterranean area. The warship departed Charleston on 15 April and arrived in Rota, Spain, on the 25th. During the next six months, she steamed the length and breadth of the "middle sea" as a unit of the 6th Fleet. She visited numerous ports and participated in a host of exercises with American and Allied naval forces. She concluded that tour of duty at Gibraltar on 8 October when she changed operational control back to the 2d Fleet and headed home. The warship arrived in Charleston on the 16th and resumed 2d Fleet operations out of Charleston.

In the summer of 1972, the ship began preparations for another cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. That deployment, however, proved different than the previous one. Rather than deploying for six months and then returning home to Charleston, Vreeland received orders changing her home port to Athens, Greece. That assignment lasted for the next three years rather than the normal six months and included the relocation of Vreeland dependents to Athens-all as a part of the Navy's forward deployment program. During those three years, she performed the normal duties of a unit of the 6th Fleet, visiting ports, conducting exercises, and performing surveillance of Soviet ships operating in the Mediterranean.

On 1 July 1975, Vreeland was reclassified a frigate and redesignated FF-1068. Three days later, she departed Greece to begin her voyage back to the United States. The warship concluded that voyage and her three-year deployment at Philadelphia on 30 July. After post-deployment standdown, she moved south to Norfolk in September for repairs but returned to Philadelphia in October in time to participate in the Navy's 200th birthday celebration on the 13th. Duty as a surface warfare school ship and more repairs at Norfolk followed.

On 6 December, the frigate entered the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard where she spent the following year undergoing a major overhaul. Her refurbishing completed on 2 December 1976, the warship resumed duty as an active unit of the Fleet early in 1977. Refresher training and various qualification exercises out of her new home port, Mayport, Fla., occupied her during the first six months of 1977. On 25 July, she departed Mayport for a cruise to South America to participate in UNITAS XVIII, the annual series of exercises in which units of various South American navies join the United States Navy in practicing the skills of hemispheric defense. In November, she concluded her UNITAS cruise and reentered Mayport on the 25th. Leave and upkeep in port took up her time for the remainder of the year.

A part of January and February 1978 was devoted to a restricted availability for Vreeland. The frigate devoted the ensuing months to preparations for her forthcoming deployment to the Middle East. Vreeland departed from Mayport on 23 July in company with Mullinix (DD-944). Following fuel stops at Bermuda, the Azores, and Rota, Spain, the ships transited the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal and arrived at Port Sudan, Sudan, on 9 August. A turnover from Glover (AGFF-1) and Barney (DDG-6) was effected, and Vreeland joined the Middle East Force. The remainder of the year was spent in operations with that group. On 31 December, Vreeland and Mullinix retransited the Suez Canal on their return to the United States.

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