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USS MCCLOY (FF-1038) - a Bronstein-class frigate

In Commission 1963 to 1990

FF-1038 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
AUG 1958 - Shellback Initiation - 1 AUG 1958 - Atlantic Ocean
SEP 1961 - Keel Date: 15 SEP 1961
at Avondale Shipyard
JUN 1962 - Launch Date: 9 JUN 1962
OCT 1963 - Commissioned: 21 OCT 1963
FEB 1967 - MAY 1967 Blue Nose - Arctic Circle
FEB 1967 - MAY 1967 North Atlantic
FEB 1967 - MAY 1967 Blue Nose - Arctic Circle
APR 1967 - APR 1967 Blue Nose - Arctic Circle
JUL 1968 - NOV 1968 UNITAS
AUG 1968 - Shellback Initiation - 1 AUG 1968 - Atlantic Ocean
APR 1969 - OCT 1969 Mediterranean
JUL 1972 - NOV 1972 Antarctic Circle
JUN 1976 - NOV 1976 Mediterranean
JUN 1977 - DEC 1977 Mediterranean
OCT 1978 - MAR 1979 Mediterranean
JUL 1980 - SEP 1980 Guantanamo Bay
FEB 1981 - JUL 1981 Mediterranean
MAR 1981 - SEP 1981 Mediterranean
MAR 1981 - SEP 1981 Mediterranean
MAY 1983 - AUG 1983 North Atlantic
JAN 1984 - MAY 1984 Blue Nose - Arctic Circle
SEP 1984 - DEC 1984 Antarctic Circle
JUN 1985 - OCT 1985 Grenada
MAY 1986 - SEP 1986 Shellback Initiation - Atlantic Ocean
AUG 1987 - DEC 1987 Guantanamo Bay
DEC 1990 - Decommissioned: 14 DEC 1990

FF-1038 General Specifications

Class: Bronstein-class frigate

Named for: John C. McCloy

Complement: 16 Officers and 183 Enlisted

Displacement: 2650 tons

Length: 371.4 feet

Beam: 40.4 feet

Flank Speed: 26 knots

Final Disposition: Sold to Mexico November 12 1993


McCloy was laid down by the Avondale Shipyards, Inc., Westwego, La., 15 September 1961; launched 9 June 1962; sponsored by Mrs. Arthur Winstead; and commissioned 21 October 1963 at Charleston, S.C., Comdr. Thomas Sherman in command.

Following outfitting and shakedown McCloy, assigned to Escort Squadron 10, reported to her home port, Newport, R.I., in January 1964. In October, after further specialized training, she commenced training sonar technicians. Employed primarily as a schoolship throughout 1965, she also tested new ASW weapons systems for the Operational Test and Evaluation Force. During this period she enhanced her training and testing capabilities as well as her operational abilities by participating in joint United States‑Canadian exercises in the spring and fall and in ASW exercises at the end of the year.

In 1966 cruises saw her in the Bermuda area for NATO exercises (April); off the New England and Virginia coasts for convoy escort and ASW exercises (June, July, and August); and in the Caribbean for fleet tactical exercises (November‑December). From 16 January until 24 May 1967 she participated in Match Maker 11. This operation, which took McCloy from the Caribbean to northern Europe, was conducted jointly by American, Dutch, British, and Canadian ships. In what was called Cross Pollinization, McCloy men transferred to the Dutch destroyer Limburg (D‑814) and the British frigate Berwick (F‑115) while men of those ships came on board the American escort vessel.

McCloy spent the last half of 1967 and the first months of 1968 at Boston, undergoing overhaul. She got underway again in March and sailed south, the next month, for refresher training at Guantanamo Bay. Returning to Newport in June, she departed again 8 July for another extended cruise. On the 11th she arrived at San Juan where she joined naval units of the United States, Brazil, and Colombia for UNITAS IX. On the 15th, they commenced a clockwise circumnavigation of South America which first involved ships and planes of eight nations in exercises in the Atlantic, then around the Horn to the Pacific for more of the same, and finally through the Panama Canal back into the Caribbean before the end of the year. She continues her operations in the Atlantic into 1969.

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