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DD-368 USS Flusser

USS Flusser was built in September 1935 at Kearny, New Jersey. She was commissioned in October 1936, and sailed from New York to her first shakedown cruise in the Western Mediterranean. Returning to the states, she operated along the east coast during 1937 for 5 months, doing patrols and escort services. In July of that year, she was sent to San Diego until 1939. After that, USS Flusser was sent to Pearl Harbor for training and then sent on an escort mission with USS Lexington, which put her at sea when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

She returned to Pearl Harbor and went back to escort duties in the South Pacific before being overhauled for the better part of 1942 and into 1943. Finally, Flesser went back to escort operations and then patrols within the Fijis and Samoa. She was involved in many bombardments during this time. USS Flusser had a brief overhaul in 1944 and then took part in training before returning to active assistance in the war effort. For the rest of 1944 and into 1945, Flusser performed escorts, patrols, and other missions throughout the Pacific. In December 1946, she was decommissioned at Norfolk and sold for scrapping in January 1948.

DD-368 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
JUN 1934 - Keel Date: 4 JUN 1934
at Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Company
SEP 1935 - Launch Date: 28 SEP 1935
OCT 1936 - Commissioned: 1 OCT 1936
APR 1943 - APR 1943 Guadalcanal Under attack by 100 planes landing troops& equipment
SEP 1943 - SEP 1943 Bombardment and occupation of Finschaven New Guinea
SEP 1943 - SEP 1943 Bombardment and landing of troops Lae New Guinea
SEP 1943 - SEP 1943 Action against Submarine as it tried to evac Lae NG
OCT 1943 - OCT 1943 Reinforced Finschaven while under fighter/bomber attack
NOV 1943 - NOV 1943 Bombarded ammo/supply dumps Madang NG
DEC 1943 - DEC 1943 Bombardment and Troop landings at Cape Gloucetor New Britain
FEB 1944 - FEB 1944 Bombarded artillary enplacements Hewarth and Singor NG
FEB 1944 - FEB 1944 Bombarded Pill Boxes Landed troops Los Negros Island
DEC 1946 - Decommissioned: 16 DEC 1946

DD-368 General Specifications

Class: Mahan class destroyer

Named for: Charles W. Flusser

Complement: 168 Officers and Enlisted

Displacement: 1600 tons

Length: 341 feet 4 inches

Beam: 36 feet

Flank Speed: 37 knots

Final Disposition: Sold 6 January 1948