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USS Siboney was commissioned as a displacement transport, weighing in at over 11,000 tons and slated to be used as a civilian passenger vessel. The ship was launched in 1917 as the S.S. Oriente, but underwent a name change in February 1918. She was assigned to troop transport operations across the Atlantic during the end of World War I.

The vessel made six total trips to France from the U.S., bringing thousands of soldiers to war. The great influenza epidemic of 1918 struck Siboney hard, killing 38 men during her 6th trip to France in October of that year.

Siboney was getting ready for her 7th trip to France, but the enemy situation caused her to change her plans. Instead, she took a group of Navy men and went to St. Nazaire, France, right as the Armistice was being put into place. Later that month, she returned to the U.S. with wounded soldiers, and was part of the home journey for the American Expeditionary Force, which consisted of 10 voyages with an average of 3,000 troops per trip.

She was decommissioned in September 1919 and was given to the U.S. Army. After a brief civilian job and a stint in Army transport, she was laid up in 1948 and then scrapped in 1957.

CVE-112 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
NOV 1944 - Launch Date: 9 NOV 1944
MAY 1945 - Commissioned: 14 MAY 1945
MAY 1945 - OCT 1945 Great Lakes
JAN 1948 - JAN 1949 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
FEB 1948 - FEB 1948 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
JAN 1950 - JAN 1950 Inchon Landing
FEB 1951 - APR 1951 Guantanamo Bay
JAN 1952 - APR 1952 Inchon Landing
JAN 1953 - APR 1953 Guantanamo Bay
NOV 1953 - FEB 1954 North Atlantic-Med-Indian Ocean
JUN 1954 - AUG 1954 North Atlantic-Med-Indian Ocean
JAN 1955 - JAN 1955 Guantanamo Bay
JUL 1956 - Decommissioned: 31 JUL 1956

CVE-112 General Specifications

Named for: Siboney

Complement: 1066 Officers and Enlisted

Displacement: 10900 tons

Length: 557 feet

Beam: 75 feet

Draft: 32 feet

Final Disposition: Scrapped 1971