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USS Ranger (CV-4) was the first ship designed and built from the keel up to be an aircraft carrier. She was built in 1931 and spent her first ten years in patrols and training exercises in the Atlantic.

World War II

  • Casablanca. Beginning Nov. 8, 1942, Ranger was part of an amphibious operation to overtake French Morocco. Ranger saw plenty of action, her planes destroying or immobilizing about 100 enemy tanks and military vehicles and nearly thirty planes. Though American forces suffered some casualties and several lost or destroyed planes, Casablanca surrendered after four days of attack.
  • Norway. After Germans attacked Norway, Ranger was sent to operate off its coast in October 1943 and to attack German shipping coming out of Norway. Her planes attacked many German ships, several of which they sank; Ranger lost three planes.
  • The Pacific. From August to Oct. 1944, Ranger was employed in the night carrier training operations off the coast of Hawaii.

In the final months of the war, Ranger transported cargo and military personnel around the Pacific. She was awarded two battle stars for her service and was sold for scrap in 1947.

CV-4 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
SEP 1931 - Keel Date: 26 SEP 1931
at Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. Newport News VA
FEB 1933 - Launch Date: 25 FEB 1933
JUN 1934 - Commissioned: 4 JUN 1934
OCT 1946 - Decommissioned: 18 OCT 1946
OCT 1970 - MAY 1971 vietnam conflict

CV-4 General Specifications

Complement: 216 Officers and 2245 Enlisted

Length: 730 feet

Beam: 80 feet

Draft: 22 feet 4.875 in

Flank Speed: 29 Knots

Range: 10 000 Nautical Miles