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The USS ANTIETAM (CG-54), a Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser, was commissioned on 6 JUN 1987. USS ANTIETAM serves her country from her homeport of San Diego, California.

The USS ANTIETAM (CG-54) deployment history and significant events of her service career follow:

CG-54 Deployments - Major Events

Add a CG-54 Shellback Initiation Add a CG-54 Deployment - Major Event
Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
NOV 1984 - Keel Date: 15 NOV 1984
at Ingalls Shipbuilding Pascagoula MS
FEB 1986 - Launch Date: 14 FEB 1986
JUN 1987 - Commissioned: 6 JUN 1987
JUL 1988 - JAN 1989 West Pac-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
JAN 1989 - Shellback Initiation - 10 JAN 1989 - Pacific Ocean
JUN 1990 - DEC 1990 West Pac-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
JUN 1990 - Shellback Initiation - 31 JUN 1990 - Pacific Ocean
JAN 1992 - JUL 1992 West Pac
JUN 1992 - Shellback Initiation - 22 JUN 1992 - Indian Ocean
FEB 1994 - AUG 1994 West Pac-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
JUN 1996 - JUL 1996 RIMPAC
OCT 1996 - DEC 1996 West Pac-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
JUN 1998 - JUL 1998 RIMPAC
OCT 1998 - APR 1999 West Pac-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
JUN 1999 - SEP 1999 Western Pacific and Central America Counter-Narcotics Deploy men
JUL 2001 - DEC 2001 West Pac-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
AUG 2001 - FEB 2002 West Pac-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
DEC 2001 - OCT 2002 West Pac
DEC 2001 - Shellback Initiation - 27 DEC 2001 - Pacific Ocean
JAN 2003 - OCT 2003 West Pac
JUL 2003 - Shellback Initiation - 3 JUL 2003 - Pacific Ocean
FEB 2005 - AUG 2005 West Pac

CG-54 General Specifications

Class: Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser

Named for: Battle of Antietam

Complement: 33 Officers and 357 Enlisted

Displacement: 9600 tons

Length: 567 feet

Beam: 55 feet

Flank Speed: 32 Knots


The third Antietam (CG-54) was laid down on 15 November 1984 at Pascagoula, Miss., by the Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp.; launched on 15 February 1986; sponsored by the Honorable Beverly B. Byron, Representative from Maryland's 6th Congressional District, who christened the guided-missile cruiser on 19 April 1986; and commissioned on 22 May 1987, Capt. Philip J. Coady, Jr., in command.

The warship spent the remainder of 1987 fitting out and conducting her shakedown training. In January of 1988, she entered Todd Pacific Shipyards Corp. for post-shakedown repairs and alterations. Antietam completed the availability early in March and began operations along the coast of California during which she carried out two research projects for the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations in addition to the normal routine of refresher training, systems' tests, and readiness certifications. That summer, the warship participated in the multinational exercise, RIMPAC '88, the second phase of which took her to the Hawaiian operating area.

On 2 September, Antietam embarked upon her first overseas deployment, an assignment that first took her to the Far East and then, late in October, across the Indian Ocean to the troubled Middle East. After a tour of duty patrolling the Strait of Hormuz, the guided-missile cruiser headed back across the Indian Ocean late in December, and the last day of 1988 found her in port at Singapore.

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