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USS Simon Lake (AS-33) keel was laid on 7 January 1963 at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington. She was launched on 8 February 1964 and after fitting out was commissioned on 7 November 1964

USS Simon Lake was named for Simon Lake (1866 - 1945), a naval architect, inventor and builder of an early submarine, Argonaut Junior, for the US Navy in 1894.

After a shakedown cruise to Pearl Harbor, HI in early 1965, USS Simon Lake transisted the Panama Canal in April 1965 and moved to her first homeport, Charleston, SC. There for the next two years she provided material support and technical expertise to the Atlantic US Submarine Fleet. In July 1966 Simon Lake sailed to her new station, Holy Loch, Scotland. In Holy Loch for nearly fours years, Simon Lake supported Submarine Squadron 14. In May 1970 she returned to Charleston, then on to Bermerton, WA for Overhaul and conversion to support Poseidon Missile Submarines.

Exiting the shipyard in March 1971, Simon Lake returned to Charleston in April and went back about the business of submarine tending there until departing for Rota, Spain in November 1972. After spending five years in Rota, Simon Lake returned to Charleston NSY in January 1977 for overhaul.

During the late 1970's USS Simon Lake remained on the East Coast of the United States porting at various times in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Kings Bay, GA; and Goose Creek/Charleston, SC.

USS Simon Lake returned to Holy Loch, Scotland in May 1987. With the fall of the Berlin wall and decline of the Soviet threat, Holy Loch was no longer needed. Simon Lake sailed in March 1992 for Norfolk, Va, ending the US presence at Holy Lock.

After being overhauled from March 1992 to March 1993, Simon Lake sailed for La Maddalena, her homeport for the next six years. She transited the Suez Canal and Red Sea in March 1998 to support of Operation Southern Watch in the Persian Gulf. In June 1998, she returned to La Maddalena, Italy. She continued living up to her motto, RESULTS NOT EXCUSES over the next year until departing for Norfolk, VA.

Decommissioned on 31 July 1999, USS Simon Lake is laid up at Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility, Portsmouth, VA

The USS Simon Lake (AS-33) operational history and significant events of her service career follow:

AS-33 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
JAN 1963 - Keel Date: 7 JAN 1963
at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Bremerton WA
FEB 1964 - Launch Date: 8 FEB 1964
NOV 1964 - Commissioned: 7 NOV 1964
JAN 1965 - FEB 1965 Shakedown Cruise to Pearl Harbor
APR 1965 - Panama Canal
JUL 1966 - MAY 1970 Crossed Atlantic to Homeport of Holy Loch Scotland
JUL 1970 - MAR 1971 Regular Overhaul
APR 1971 - NOV 1972 Homeport - Charleston SC
MAY 1971 - MAY 1971 Guantanamo Bay
NOV 1972 - NOV 1972 Change Homeport to Rota Spain
FEB 1978 - MAR 1978 Guantanamo Bay
JUN 1979 - JUN 1979 Change homeport from Charleston SC to Kingsbay GA
OCT 1980 - DEC 1980 Guantanamo Bay
JAN 1981 - AUG 1985 Kings Bay GA.
SEP 1985 - NOV 1986 Guantanamo Bay
SEP 1985 - SEP 1986 Regular Overhaul
OCT 1986 - DEC 1986 Guantanamo Bay
MAY 1987 - MAR 1992 Changed Homeport to Holy Loch Scotland
JAN 1988 - MAY 1990 Mediterranean
MAR 1992 - APR 1992 Blue Nose - Arctic Circle
FEB 1993 - MAR 1993 Changed Home Port
JAN 1994 - MAY 1999 La Maddalena Italy
NOV 1998 - MAY 1999 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
JUL 1999 - Decommissioned: 31 JUL 1999

AS-33 General Specifications

Class: Simon Lake-class submarine tender

Named for: Simon Lake

Complement: 1420 Officers and Enlisted

Displacement: 12686 tons

Length: 644 feet

Beam: 85 feet

Flank Speed: 20 knots

Final Disposition: Moored at Norfolk Naval Shipyard Portsmouth Virginia


Simon Lake (AS-33) was laid down on 7 January 1963 by the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Wash.; launched on 8 February 1964; sponsored by Mrs. Cecil Ford and Mrs. Herbert Diamond; and commissioned on 7 November 1964, Capt. James B. Osborn in command.

Simon Lake sailed from Bremerton on 16 January 1965 for Pearl Harbor on her shakedown cruise and returned to Bremerton on 17 February for a six-week yard availability period. The Polaris submarine tender stood out of Bremerton on 16 April and proceeded to Charleston, S.C., via the Panama Canal.

Simon Lake arrived at Charleston on 1 May and tended submarines there until 11 July 1966. On that date, she sailed for Holy Loch, Scotland, where she relieved Hunley (AS-31) as tender for Submarine Squadron (SubRon) 14. She operated from there until 24 May 1970 when she got underway for Charleston. In June, she sailed for Bremerton for her first overhaul since commissioning. The tender was in the yard from6 July 1970 to March 1971 and, while there, was also converted to Poseidon missile capability.

Simon Lake returned to Charleston on 3 April and tended submarines there until 19 November 1972 when she sailed for Rota, Spain, as the relief for Holland (AS-32). Into September 1974, Simon Lake is still operating from Rota.

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