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The USS Holland (AS-32) keel was laid on 5 MAR 1962 at Ingalls Shipbuilding Company in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Designed as the first submarine Tender to support Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines, Holland was commissioned on 7 SEP 1963, just one year, four months and four days after being laid down. Holland's first commanding officer was Captain Charles W. Styer, Jr.

After fit out and shake down, Holland sailed to Guantanamo Bay for training then took up station in her home port of Charleston, SC in November 1963. USS Holland spent April to November 1964 in Rota, Spain tending the "Boomers", then returned to Charleston.

USS Holland spent the next 12 years home ported in Charleston with brief voyages along the East Coast and an occasional deployment to Rota to relive a Sub Tender needing maintenance or dry docking.

In 1975 USS Holland moved her home port to Holy Loch, Scotland. She remained there until January 1982 supporting the Cold War "Boomers" operating in the North Atlantic.

After overhaul in Charleston SC, USS Holland sailed for Diego Garcia via the Suez Canal. Spending June to September 1983 supporting the US Fleet in the Indian Ocean, Holland returned to Charleston via the Panama Canal completing an around the world voyage.

After spending 1984 to 1992 home ported in Charleston SC, USS Holland steamed for Apra, Guam, her new home port, arriving 12 Jun 1992. Holland then passed nearly four years supporting the "Boomers", and any other fleet unit as needed, from her Guamanian station.

USS Holland was decommissioned in Apra, Gaum on 13 APR 1996. She was subsequently laid up at the Naval Inactive ship Facility in Suisun Bay, California.

The USS Holland (AS-32) operational history and significant events of her service career follow:

AS-32 Deployments - Major Events

Add a AS-32 Shellback Initiation Add a AS-32 Deployment - Major Event
Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
MAR 1962 - Keel Date: 5 MAR 1962
at Ingalls Shipbuilding Pascagoula MS
JAN 1963 - Launch Date: 19 JAN 1963
AUG 1963 - NOV 1966 Rota Spain 1963-1966
SEP 1963 - Commissioned: 7 SEP 1963
NOV 1966 - NOV 1969 1963-1966 Rota Spain
JAN 1967 - JAN 1969 Guantanamo Bay
JAN 1967 - JAN 1969 North Atlantic
JAN 1968 - JAN 1969 Sea Trials
JAN 1968 - DEC 1968 Guantanamo Bay
FEB 1968 - JUN 1970 Guantanamo Bay
JAN 1969 - JAN 1971 uss holland as32 charleston to amsterdam
OCT 1969 - DEC 1972 Homeported Rota Spain
OCT 1969 - Shellback Initiation - 10 OCT 1969 - Atlantic Ocean
JAN 1972 - JAN 1973 Mediterranean
MAR 1972 - Shellback Initiation - 5 MAR 1972 - Atlantic Ocean
DEC 1972 - JAN 1973 Return to Charleston from Rota
JAN 1973 - JUL 1974 SubRon 18 - Charleston
JAN 1974 - SEP 1974 Guantanamo Bay
JUL 1974 - JUL 1974 Panama Canal
AUG 1974 - MAY 1975 Dry Dock
AUG 1975 - AUG 1975 Panama Canal
NOV 1975 - FEB 1982 Homeported - Holy Loch Scotland
APR 1983 - OCT 1983 Circumnavigation
MAY 1983 - Shellback Initiation - 30 MAY 1983 - Indian Ocean
MAY 1983 - Shellback Initiation - 8 MAY 1983 - Indian Ocean
MAY 1983 - Shellback Initiation - 30 MAY 1983 - Indian Ocean
OCT 1983 - OCT 1983 Panama Canal
OCT 1983 - OCT 1983 Panama Canal
MAY 1992 - Shellback Initiation - 8 MAY 1992 - Indian Ocean
MAY 1992 - SEP 1996 home ported too Guam
JUL 1993 - Shellback Initiation - 28 JUL 1993 - Pacific Ocean
APR 1994 - Shellback Initiation - 15 APR 1994 - Pacific Ocean
SEP 1996 - Decommissioned: 30 SEP 1996

AS-32 General Specifications

Class: Hunley-class submarine tender

Named for: John Philip Holland

Complement: 1190 Officers and Enlisted

Displacement: 19000 tons

Length: 599 feet

Beam: 83 feet

Flank Speed: 18 knots


The third Holland was launched by Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp. Pascagoula Miss. 19 January 1963; sponsored by Mrs. John a. Stennis wife of U.S. Senator from the State of Mississippi delivered to the Charleston Naval Shipyard Charleston S.C.; and commissioned 7 September 1963 Captain Charles W. Styer Jr. in command.

Holland departed Charleston on 14 October for shakedown training at Guantanamo Bay Cuba returning to Charleston on 19 November. She commenced post-shakedown availability on 25 November.

While Holland is neither a submersible nor a combatant ship she will be a vital link in support of our Nation's first line of deterrance- the Navy's Polaris Weapons System. She is capable of making any submarine repair other than major overhaul including servicing and maintaining the nuclear power plants of Polaris-firing submarines.

The opening of 1964 found Holland at Charleston S.C. making preparations for deployment to the Polaris replenishment anchorage at Rota Spain. She arrived Rota 1 April and relieved Proteus (AS-19) as the FBM submarine tender shortly thereafter. Holland continued her vital service to the Polaris submarines until relieved 4 November 1966. Holland arrived Charleston 22 November. There she tended submarines of the Atlantic Fleet into 1967.

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