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The USS SEATTLE (AOE-3), a Sacramento-class fast combat support ship, was commissioned on 5 APR 1969. USS SEATTLE was built at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA and after fit out and shake down voyaged through the Panama Canal to her duty station at Norfolk, VA. January 1970 brought REFTRA in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and later that year she began her deigned task, refueling and replenishment of the deployed fleet. SEATTLE's first "Med" was followed by a career of deployment, maintenance and training. In the later part of her service life her routine Mediterranean cruise was extended in to the Indian Ocean to support the standing US Navy presence in the Persian Gulf. USS SEATTLE served her country for 35 years, 11 months and 10 days, until decommissioned on 15 MAR 2005. The hulk of the SEATTLE was scrapped in 2006-2007 by ESCO of Brownsville, Texas.

The USS SEATTLE (AOE-3) deployment history and significant events of her service career follow:

AOE-3 Deployments - Major Events

Add a AOE-3 Shellback Initiation Add a AOE-3 Deployment - Major Event
Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
OCT 1965 - Keel Date: 1 OCT 1965
MAR 1968 - Launch Date: 1 MAR 1968
APR 1969 - Commissioned: 5 APR 1969
NOV 1969 - NOV 1969 Panama Canal
AUG 1970 - MAR 1971 Mediterranean
DEC 1971 - JUL 1972 Mediterranean
OCT 1972 - DEC 1972 Mediterranean
JUL 1973 - DEC 1973 Mediterranean
JAN 1974 - APR 1974 Dry Dock
APR 1974 - MAY 1974 Guantanamo Bay
FEB 1975 - AUG 1975 Mediterranean
JAN 1976 - JUL 1976 Mediterranean
MAR 1977 - JAN 1978 Mediterranean
MAR 1978 - MAY 1978 North Atlantic
JAN 1979 - Shellback Initiation - 1 JAN 1979 - Atlantic Ocean
JAN 1979 - JUL 1979 Mediterranean
NOV 1979 - 1981 Dry Dock
MAY 1981 - DEC 1981 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean
JAN 1982 - JAN 1983 North Atlantic-Med-Indian Ocean
MAR 1982 - APR 1982 Guantanamo Bay
JUN 1982 - DEC 1982 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean
JAN 1983 - DEC 1983 North Atlantic-Med-Indian Ocean
JUN 1983 - JUN 1983 North Atlantic
JUN 1983 - DEC 1983 Grenada
OCT 1983 - OCT 1983 North Atlantic
APR 1984 - NOV 1984 Mediterranean
AUG 1984 - APR 1985 Mediterranean
AUG 1984 - Shellback Initiation - 8 AUG 1984 - Atlantic Ocean
AUG 1985 - AUG 1985 Guantanamo Bay
SEP 1985 - MAR 1986 Mediterranean
JUN 1987 - Shellback Initiation - 19 JUN 1987 - Indian Ocean
AUG 1987 - FEB 1988 Mediterranean
JUN 1988 - JUL 1988 Guantanamo Bay
AUG 1988 - FEB 1989 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean
SEP 1988 - Shellback Initiation - 15 SEP 1988 - Indian Ocean
MAY 1989 - NOV 1989 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean
JUL 1989 - Shellback Initiation - 23 JUL 1989 - Indian Ocean
OCT 1989 - Shellback Initiation - 17 OCT 1989 - Indian Ocean
MAR 1990 - JUL 1990 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean
AUG 1990 - APR 1991 Desert Shield
APR 1991 - SEP 1995 Desert Shield
APR 1991 - SEP 1995 Desert Storm
MAY 1993 - SEP 1993 Mediterranean
MAY 1995 - SEP 1995 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
OCT 1997 - APR 1998 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
NOV 1999 - APR 2000 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
JAN 2000 - JAN 2001 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
FEB 2002 - AUG 2002 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
FEB 2004 - AUG 2004 Mediterranean
JUN 2004 - DEC 2004 Mediterranean-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
AUG 2004 - Shellback Initiation - 14 AUG 2004 - Indian Ocean
AUG 2004 - Shellback Initiation - 16 AUG 2004 - Indian Ocean
OCT 2004 - Shellback Initiation - 18 OCT 2004 - Atlantic Ocean
MAR 2005 - Decommissioned: 15 MAR 2005
SEP 2011 - SEP 2011 Recommisioning

AOE-3 General Specifications

Class: Sacramento-class fast combat support ship

Displacement: 50561 tons

Length: 796 feet

Beam: 107 feet

Final Disposition: Disposed of by scrapping dismantling


The second Seattle, a fast combat support ship, was laid down on 1 October 1965 at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Wash.; launched on 2 March 1968; sponsored by Mrs. William M. Allen, Chairman of the Board of the Children's Orthopedic Hospital Association, Seattle; and commissioned on 5 April 1969, Capt. Bruce Keener III in command.

After fitting out, Seattle departed Puget Sound Naval Shipyard on 24 September 1969 en route to Norfolk. Seattle visited Long Beach, San Diego, Acapulco, the Panama Canal, and New Orleans, arriving at Norfolk, her designated home port, on 22 November.

Seattle left home port on 2 January 1970 for Guantanamo Bay and shakedown training. On 13 January, Seattle took attack carrier, America (CVA-66), alongside for refueling. She departed again on the 19th for more exercises and a visit to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, before returning to Guantanamo on 26 January.

Following additional exercises and battle problems, Seattle steamed for Mayport, Fla., and thence proceeded to Norfolk, arriving on 12 February.

On 26 February, Seattle was struck by a yard tug, puncturing a tank, and spilling black oil for almost two hours. The oil was quickly skimmed off the water, and no adverse reaction resulted from the mishap.

Seattle departed Norfolk on 27 August for her first overseas deployment. She entered her first European port, Lisbon, Portugal, on 6 September. On 8 September, she anchored off Rota, Spain. Passing through the Straits of Gibraltar the next day, Seattle loaded cargo onto Concord (AFS-5) and then proceeded to the eastern Mediterranean via Augusta, Sicily. The Jordanian Crisis had brought matters close to a boil, and Seattle served as the primary logistic support ship for Saratoga (CVA-60) and her escorts. Toward the end of the month, Seattle was one of 12 ships reviewed by President Nixon.

Seattle continued her support of Saratoga in the eastern Mediterranean until 20 October, when she arrived in Athens, Greece.

Leaving Athens on 29 October, Seattle replenished ships until 9 November, when she pulled into Augusta, Sicily, for another one-day fuel lift. She then proceeded to Taranto, the Italian Navy's largest base, arriving on the 12th.

Seattle departed Taranto on 16 November and continued replenishment of 6th Fleet ships. She spent from 25 November to 1 December in Naples. From 8 to 14 December, the replenisher was anchored in Barcelona, Spain; and ended the year at Villefranche, France.

Seattle got underway on 6 January 1971 for operations in the vicinity of southeast Sicily. On 17 January, she anchored in Naples, remaining there until the 22d. She operated in the Ionian Sea, the Algiers-Provencal Basin, and off Barcelona until 20 February, when she got underway for operations en route to Norfolk, arriving on 1 March.

On 10 August, Seattle departed for Puerto Rico, arriving at Roosevelt Roads on 13 August. She operated around Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guantanamo, and Haiti before returning to Norfolk on 11 October.

On 1 December, Seattle steamed out of Craney Island, Virginia, for a six-month deployment to the Mediterranean. The fast combat support ship arrived at Rota, Spain, on the 9th, and got underway on the following day for Augusta, Sicily, arriving on the 16th. On the 19th, she was en route to Naples, where she spent Christmas in port. On 28 December, Seattle ended her stay in Naples and was underway to Barcelona, arriving on New Year's Eve. At the completion of a seven-month Mediterranean cruise, Seattle returned to Norfolk on 29 June 1972. She operated out of Norfolk for four months, then departed, on 24 October, for an unscheduled deployment to the 6th Fleet. She participated in "Bystander" operations in the western Mediterranean and in exercise "National Week XIV" before returning to Norfolk on 19 December.

Seattle spent the remainder of 1972 at Norfolk and the first six months of 1973 in operations from that port.

[Note: The above USS SEATTLE (AOE-3) history may, or may not, contain text provided by crew members of the USS SEATTLE (AOE-3), or by other non-crew members, and text from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships]